Lord Of Time

Chapter 99

"Are you ever going to let anyone else hold him?" Myrtle asked in exasperated fondness, watching Harry walk around in a small circle shushing Sirius softly. "It's been over an hour now, give me a turn!"

Hadrian rolled his eyes, easing the baby over, "Fine, but five minutes then I want him back." Only to be met with a giggle from Myrtle, who was used to Hadrian's way. He'd been the exact same with Lucius when he was young.

"Are you going to be doing a naming ceremony for your little one?" Hadrian asked, to say he'd been ecstatic to hear that Myrtle was pregnant was putting it lightly. It wasn't widely known of course; it was her first pregnancy and they wanted to keep it quiet for a bit. Just to be on the safe side. Another term for the naming ceremony was Wiccaning or Saining, which is a Scottish term for bless, consecrate or protect. Which is exactly what Hadrian would do. He would protect his godchildren from everything even themselves.

It's primarily why the Pagan Naming Ceremony was held months after a child's birth. Back in the days when it began, they celebrated months and months later, to ensure the child would survive. It was something that was continued, in the magical world, with all the problems they had due to interbreeding they had done so long.

Some families elected not to have a Naming Ceremony at all, and not allow their child out into society until the first instance of accidental magic. Hadrian was slowly but relentlessly putting a stop to that.

Myrtle cooed lovely at Sirius, he was adorable, "Looks like he's going to have the customary grey eyes," she said in awe, "Probably, Jason is rather traditional, but I don't mind. I love the celebrations." She had loved them from the very beginning from the first ritual she'd been invited to by Hadrian and Tom all those years ago while still in school. She attended every single one she was invited to, the magic involved was…illuminating and the warmth just perfect.

If they did do this, it would be her first pagan ritual she'd hosted. Almost always, they attended the rituals at Peverell-Slytherin manor. Hadrian and Tom always hosted them. A tradition they began at sixteen and continued to this day.

Paganism was very important to the pair, and with the books that he'd written for Muggle borns coming into the magical world…it had become immensely popular, it wasn't taboo anymore. It wasn't considered 'dark' anymore. It was quite frankly

Jason Jugson had married Myrtle four years ago in a beautiful ceremony. Hadrian had of course, threatened him multiple times that if he did anything or force her into something, he'd kill him. Earning Hadrian's respect, for sticking around. He seemed entirely enamoured with her. Myrtle had grown into her looks and she was gorgeous. He had the money to make sure Myrtle had a life that wasn't one of constant struggle.

"Orion and Walburga have gone all out, it looks beautiful," Myrtle said, looking around at the tents, the lights, the food, it was extravagant to the extreme.

"Are you surprised?" Hadrian teased with a smile, as he took his godson back, well soon-to-be godson really. It was only a technical term, since 'godson' was actually a Christian term. A Pagan naming ceremony isn't a baptism. In which the 'baptism' was used to wash away the parent's original 'sin' ironic really since sex wasn't seen as a sin – if they were married – so the concept is actually insulting as well as unnecessary.

Sirius was dressed in a beautiful white gown, that had been used for generations by the family. Hadrian felt a sense of peace and calmness just holding him. Would he feel that calmness with his own child? Was it because he knew Sirius as an adult and wanted him to have a good life? As much as he had an advantage with being the Master of Death, it didn't suddenly make him an expert in his own feelings.

"Definitely not," Myrtle said dryly, since meeting and becoming friends with Hadrian, she'd learned a lot. Including just how wealthy everyone around her was, which did make her feel a little insecure and intimidated. The guys she'd dated weren't exactly rolling it in, so when Jason had begun expressing an interest in her she hadn't been sure at first. What on earth did she have to bring into a relationship? What if people thought she was only with him for his money? Those insecurities had faded away though, she'd fallen hard in a way she hadn't with her past boyfriends. She'd fallen head over heels in love. They'd married, permanently bonding themselves to one another, and had a child on the way. Which would be close in ages with Hadrian and Tom's child, she was so excited, imagining them being raised together.

"How's your course going?" Hadrian enquired, barely taking his eyes off sleeping Sirius.

"Oh, gosh it's exhausting, I'm already regretting it," Myrtle complained, not meaning it entirely of course. "I mean the amount of information they're expecting us to learn in six months to pass the Medi-Wizardry course is horrendous!"

"It's going to be worse when it comes to the healer part, but you get a lot longer to pass that one. It's a way to weed out those that aren't serious. Those spots are rather competitive they don't want someone taking a spot and just up and leaving half way through." Hadrian explained it, glancing around to find Tom, he was talking to Charlus, who was here without his wife, today.

"Too true, it happens all too often," Orion agreed fully, joining them, the proud father was beaming in delight, incandescent with happiness. It was little wonder; it had taken him and Walburga ten years to have a son. Put under severe pressure with Cygnus having only daughters. Not that he was ever going to be heir, but if he had a son and Orion didn't, his son would be made heir. Alphard had eased the strain somewhat, but there was no denying the sheer happiness felt when Orion and Walburga welcomed a son into the family. Alphard had been raised knowing he wouldn't be heir, and it hadn't bothered him, and if he was honest, he didn't want that sort of pressure he'd seen Orion endure, and thus had no desire to see his son become burdened under it.

"I wouldn't have thought anyone would quit, everyone in my class seems rather determined," Myrtle confessed, a thoughtful look on her face, she really couldn't see any of them doing it.

"The course is hard, not everyone is cut out for it, there was a time where they were worried, they'd have to stop the course. They weren't getting the funding they needed to continue. With people dropping out, the tuition missed out on was significant, it took a lot of fundraising to see to it that the course continues. That's when they really began to assess anyone that allied for the course and make them take a six-month Medi-witch course which is very intense but less costly."

"And those that want to continue have a good idea of how it will be…it's why there's a significant potion more Medi-wizards in the world opposed to healers." Hadrian agreed, whining a little when Orion lifted his son out of Hadrian's arms causing the father to laugh a little. "Merlin, help your kid, it won't ever be put down. You'll create an attention monster."

"Ah, but there will be a time where you wish you'd paid more attention, cuddled them more often when they're older." Hadrian said wryly, "There's nothing wrong with giving them physical affection so they know they're loved. It isn't demeaning, it won't stop them being strong characters, it just makes them think they're not good enough."

Orion frowned, "Not always, my father was never the most affectionate, my mother was the opposite. Ironically enough, my mother did the punishing and my father would have let us off." A fond smile on his face, it's the sort of life he wanted for his son. Walburga had been terrified of being a mother when they'd finally gotten pregnant.

"Different generation," Hadrian conceded. Children were still given corporal punishment in this time; children respected their elders because they were aware of the consequences of their actions. Yes, things were vastly different when he was first born. He knew the consequences of a child spoiled beyond reason. He'd had to grow up with Dudley after all. "It's difficult finding the correct balance without ending up with a spoilt teenager. Kids need to learn boundaries, respect, and an understanding that just because they have money…not everyone else does." It wasn't something he'd had to worry about with Fenrir, he'd already seen the world for what it was, how bad it could be. Hadrian had just protected that as much as possible while Tom and he coached him on how to best deal with it. Ingraining never to get pissed off then and there, to deal with anything later, to wait for vengeance or revenge. That family came first above all else, family and pack, which was intertwined.

Orion laughed, trying to remain slightly quiet as not to wake his son. It was true enough, hell, Hadrian often reprimanded Abraxas for going too soft on Lucius, he didn't condone magic being cast – even a mild stinging hex – or corporal punishment either. Abraxas had found that interference infuriating, Lucius was his son after all. Hadrian had made one very interesting point, he was Lucius' godfather, he was supposed to help raise him – with them – to be the very best version of himself. The whole it takes a village to raise a child was brought into it, the whole reason for the Naming ceremony.

Raising an insufferably smug teen with an attitude problem means he'd be without real friends and think himself entitled just because of who he was born to. Which could lead to real criminal sort of trouble when he got older. That had Abraxas firming up, those little glimpses Hadrian gave of the future were taken very seriously indeed.

Myrtle just giggled herself, shaking her head, as the rest of the Black's descended on Orion, all of them wanting to see the baby. Despite the fact they'd already seen him dozens of times since he was born. Moving the necklace of crystal beads that had been given to her at the entrance. All a sign of positive energy for today. Letting them hang across her chest, she hadn't wanted Sirius to be pressed against them. They were different designs and colours for everyone. No single two were the same.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming today, to help us celebrate our sons naming ceremony." Walburga was now holding Sirius, a delighted small smile on her face. Orion next to her, Hadrian glanced to his side in surprise, bloody hell he hadn't even seen him leave. Flashes of light, indicated the guy he had chosen to take pictures of today was doing his job and doing it well. "I hope you enjoy the festivities." She set Sirius down in his basket, which was surrounded by pouches of money, and had small bags hanging from the basket, inside were herbs, all of them with importance to his particular ceremony.

Hadrian had every intention of making a baby book filled with positive quotes and pictures so that Sirius knew how loved he was. How celebrated his life was, so that in the tough days he had something to look back on and make it better. Hopefully prevent Sirius from ever wanting to leave home. He was pretty sure he had already changed the future but it never hurt to be careful.

"What happens to the money pouches?" Myrtle asked curiously, as Tom wrapped his arms around his husband causing her to smile. Even after all these years they were still touchy feely. Having no qualms about asking Harry, who basically re-wrote all books to make them understandable and exciting to Muggle borns in their world.

"It goes into his trust vault; they'll open one and set a direct deposit to be deposited in every year for him." Hadrian explained, leaning back into Tom, "He'll get his key the day his Hogwarts letter arrives and he'll be able to become more independent." Its why Hogwarts was so popular, a boarding school was a chance for a child to spread their wings, find their own way in the world.

"Normally money is only given to children with medical difficulties, at least that's what's implied." Tom pointed out; he had memorised every single word of Hadrian's books. Through reading the first draft – when it was complete – to the published book.

"Back in the day, yes, that was done," Hadrian agreed fully, "Now it's just a new tradition. It also helps struggling parents to buy what they need for their child or to put it into a vault for them when they're older."

"It's something the Weasley's are going to have to do at this point," Alphard joined them, "Three children, the money they have won't cut it between them all. There are rumours that Ced is pregnant again." A Black female having three children wasn't unusual, she had three boys, Lord Black had been disheartened and had contemplated the mistake of pairing Walburga and Orion instead of Cedrella and Septimus.

"She's not," Lucretia rolled her eyes, "She said she wasn't having another child after Arthur was born."

"Keep an eye on him for love potions," Hadrian said suddenly, "In seven years, don't force a marriage upon him." Molly had spoken of it, in a joking manner…but what if she hadn't been joking? Better safe than sorry right?

Lucretia's eyes narrowed in anger at the thought of anyone messing with her family. Normally Hadrian didn't say anything unless someone directly involved was there in front of him. "Do you know who?" she demanded to know.

Hadrian paused for a second, before shaking his head, no point to making waves between the Prewitt's and Black's and Weasleys. Especially on something that might have been a joke, seven children would be one the line if he screwed up. If not, Arthur would be safe. They'd watch over their youngest family member. He may hate the youngest two with all the strength of his young heart, but that had faded with time and genuine friendships he had here in this time.

Tom tightened his hold, pursing his lips, he still held anger towards the Weasleys knowing what they had done to his husband. Still had decades to go before his anger was sated. "Are the Weasley's here tonight?" he asked with mildness.

"Yeah, the only people that didn't come that were invited was Dorea and Eileen Prince-Snape I think Orion said," Alphard told them, "I supposed she could still get here later." It was rude to show up late towards a celebration of any kind without a good reason.

"She just gave birth, so it's very unlikely," Hadrian offered up an excuse for Eileen. "To a son, Severus Snape. They've both been disowned so you really shouldn't be using the Prince name." a vicious look of anger on his face.

"So that's why they weren't invited," Alphard murmured, the Prince's were pureblood's, but Orion and Walburga had stricken them off the list, refused to entertain the idea of inviting them. Ironic really, giving that their own family had disowned Marius Black a squib. He was the brother of Dorea, Pollux and Cassiopeia.

With news of the book and where Muggle-borns come from, they'd often thought of Marius. Which reminded him, "Do you know a good…investigator? One that would be able to find someone in the Muggle world?" he was a pureblood, he had never interacted with a Muggle in his life, and would never be able to navigate the Muggle world. The Muggle studies class he took was pathetic, it didn't help anyone navigate the magical world, except how to dress.

Hadrian startled, glancing at Alphard, frowning, "Who exactly are you looking for? A Muggle born that's returned to the Muggle world or…?" perplexed.

"Excuse me!" Myrtle said, quickly waving towards a crowd of people, looking excited to see them.

Alphard leaned in, "Marius," he whispered quietly, so nobody else could hear. "Dorea and I got talking…she'd like to see her brother I think her impending birth is making her more emotional and she wants her child to know its Uncle."

"Bloody hell," Hadrian said in surprise, "Um, how does Arcturus feel about that?"

"It wasn't Arcturus that disowned him, it was Violetta and Cygnus, his parents, they're dead. Pollux and Cassiopeia were already married and Dorea was taken in by Arcturus and basically raised with Lucretia and Orion." With all the inbreeding they were aware of why their lives weren't as long as other wizards and witches.

Hadrian nodded; he was already aware of that part of the Black family. The family was massive, too many to count, with both sides of the family continuing to marry it was impossible to figure out how they were related. Technically Orion was Sirius' father/uncle, and Walburga mother/aunt it was enough to confuse even the smartest of people. "But how would he feel with you poking at that particular secret?" which wasn't really a secret, but it wasn't so widespread. Wondering if he'd attempted it in the original timeline and that caused him to be cut off from the Black family. Not something he should wish with a family of his own now.

"I haven't said," Alphard admitted, his brow furrowing showcasing his worry.

"Then I suggest you get his opinion first," Tom said before Hadrian could open his mouth. "You have a wife and child to support, you have to think of them first. Despite the changes the Black family has undergone some…prejudices have remained. Acknowledging that it wasn't Marius' fault he was born a squib isn't the same as being a family again."

"His child or grandchild hell even great-grand child could end up with magic." Hadrian pointed out, "Depends if another squib ends up in the line." Which he had definitively proven after a decade of research. One parents DNA wasn't enough to produce magical children. There had to be at least two squibs in the line to begin the process of magic popping back up. Not necessarily married together, that was something else they'd need to test by having two squibs actually have a child.

"If he's survived at all," Tom pointed out solemnly. "He may have been able to find his footing in the Muggle world before the war…if he was lucky enough to find a way to make himself money. That's not to say he survived the…actual war."

"Tom's right, it will take years for any Private Investigator to find Marius. There's little doubt he probably changed his name." Hadrian conceded.

"If they find him at all," Tom added, "What age will he be?"

"In his forties," Alphard said after a few minutes of calculations.

"He could have been drafted into the war," Hadrian confessed, "I mean world war two claimed the lives of seventy five million people, many more of them military of course than Civilians…we have no clue how many of them were actually magical…" the magical world wanted to pretend they weren't affected but so many magical children were bound to have blackened lines through their names in the book of magic's all over the world.

Alphard flinched, "You mean he could have died as a result of those…those bombs?" shuddering at the thought.

Tom tightened his hold on Hadrian, once upon a time it had been one of his greatest fears. He rather disliked remembering that time in his life, it's a horror he wouldn't wish on anyone. "It's possible," he agreed fully with Hadrian.

"There is a way, use Dorea's blood to find out, it will at least let you know if he's alive." Tom pointed out.

"And a live tracking rune…" Hadrian murmured, he knew it was a thing, he knew the spell, knew the rune. He'd been curious about the Marauders map, and had figured out how his father and friends created it.

"There are no live tracking runes…" Alphard frowned, "If they did Arcturus would have been droning on about it, for months." He absolutely loved runes, had every book on the subject. The Black library was always full so much because they all had their individual strengths.

"Hadrian created one," Tom said smoothly, "Just a week ago actually," a wry smirk and a pride glint in his eyes. It always amused him when Hadrian used someone else's work. He certainly would be doing it all the time if he had the knowledge in his mind. He would certainly have more than a dozen books under his belt, but no matter, it was entirely Hadrian's prerogative. He could feel Hadrian's sheepishness, but as always, he would help anyone that he cares for.

"I did, I'm in the progress of writing my next book," he confessed, lying through his teeth. The cat was out of the bag on that particular rune, might as well roll with it. He would need something to do, he couldn't brew potions anymore. Which actually made his approach of Eileen a natural one. So writing would get him through the months where he couldn't use magic as well, once he reached the point of no return. He wouldn't risk hurting anyone with his magic wonky. Vividly recalling Walburga's incidences, she was a scary woman pregnant.

"Arcturus will love it, wait until he finds out, he'll talk your ear off…" Alphard grinned, "I'm surprised, I didn't realize you had an affinity for Ancient Runes in one form or another. You haven't mentioned the subject much since we left Hogwarts." He had taken it through, like the rest of the Blacks. They weren't wasting their time on Divination so had taken Arithmancy and Ancient Runes.

"It's not one of my favourite subjects, I'll concede, but none of my books are all the same." Hadrian pointed out wryly, he had a many varied subjects, all different.

"True," Alphard agreed, most of his books were on different subjects, although it couldn't be denied he had more Defensive spells under his belt than any other subject.

"It's time," Orion made his way closer to Tom and Hadrian, before he moved to find the others they had chosen.

"Just talk to Arcturus get his opinion, actually get everyone's opinion before you come to me, not only is it highly unfair to Marius to dangle false hope of family again…but it would be highly unfair on all of you." clasping his hand on Alphard's shoulder.

Alphard nodded grimly, understanding what Hadrian meant all too well. They'd already devastated Marius, he couldn't put him through that again…but push come to shove, he'd visit him in secret.

Tom and Hadrian weaved through the crowd, making their way to the alter that had been set up. Hadrian and Tom took the place in the centre beside the parents and Sirius.

Everyone else began to form a circle sunwise, without having to be told, well aware of the rituals by now. With the baby being a boy, Walburga was in charge of the proceedings, as tradition dictates. Girls would be overseen by the father – or any other male family member – to be blessed.

Then Walburga began speaking, her entire attention focused on her son. The love clearly written across her face, and Hadrian once again, wondered what on earth happened to turn that love to hate…or had it been absent entirely? Had he changed the world for the better that much? Hadrian liked to think so.

"We gather today to bless a child,
A new life that has become part of our world.
We gather today to name this child.
To call a thing by name is to give it power,
and so today we shall give this child a gift.
We will welcome him into our hearts and lives
and bless him with a name of his own.

Together Orion and Walburga turn to the guests in the circle and begin speaking together.

"To be a parent is to love and nurture,
to lead a child to be a good person.
It is to guide them along the right path
and to both teach them and learn from them.
It is to rein them in, and to give them wings.
It is to smile at their joy, and weep at their pain.
It is to walk beside them, and then one day allow them to walk alone.
To be a parent is a great gift we have given ourselves.
and the greatest responsibility we shall ever have."

Walburga turned to face her chosen guardians, "You stand beside us, for the love of this child. Will you tell the gods who you are?"

"We are Hadrian and Tom Peverell-Slytherin, chosen to be Guardians for this child." Hadrian said calmly and firmly.

"Do you know what it is to be a child's Guardian?" Walburga questioned, acting as the priestess.

Tom and Hadrian proceeded to recited the words they knew by heart.

"It is to love and nurture,

to show guidance and counsel.
It is to help the child make choices
should she need assistance.
It is to be a second mother and father
and to be there when called upon."

Sirius was once again put down in his basket on the altar. The blessing oil was retrieved by Walburga, the only sound to be heard was the clicking of the camera as the professional continued to take pictures. Orion and Walburga traced a pentagram (the reality was the pentagram had no real use in the magical for except for this occasion) on Sirius' forehead, saying:

"May the gods keep this child pure and perfect,
and let anything that is negative stay far beyond his world.

May you always have good fortune,
may you always have good health,
may you always be joyful,
and may you always have love in your heart."

Sirius began to fuss as Walburga traced the oil onto his chest, as she began to recite the next part. Her voice seemed to calm Sirius considerably as he quietened down. The gown had been removed before they begun, the last thing they wanted was to get oil onto the precious heirloom.

"You are known to the gods and to us as Sirius Orion Black.
This is your name, and it is powerful.
Bear your name with honour, and may the gods bless you on this and every day.

I honour you, Sirius Orion Black."

Walburga passed the child to Orion, who kissed the child on the forehead, before passing him gently to the first person in the circle who had come to celebrate Sirius' naming day. As each guest held the baby, they murmured their blessing.

Each guest finishing it with a kiss on the forehead, before carefully passing to the next guest. Then after that they drank wine from the cup passed around, regardless of how much someone drank, it refilled.

Arcturus was last, as Lord Black gave the baby a blessing before handing the child to Hadrian and Tom Peverell, as tradition dictates. He looked a little tired around the edges, but he had been the babysitter of quite a few children last night, he'd barely gotten any sleep. He took a big deep drink of the goblet presented to him, barely reacting to his wife's exuberant laughter. Pride was almost swallowing him whole, to see his entire family together and happy, the next generation born.

He was determined that the Black family would continue to thrive for generations more. He was thinking of stepping down as Lord Black, let Orion take over, perhaps in a year? Until he got used to being a father? No need to overwhelm him entirely. He would like to live what was rest of his life without the worry of running an estate and keeping his entire family happy.

"One more year," Arcturus declared, wrapping his arms around his wife, "Just one more year, Mel,"

Despite not explaining, Melania glanced at her husband in pleased surprise. "Good," she declared, leaning into him, they might have betrothed while they were in diapers, but they had grown very fond of each other, and in the last few decades that fondness had grown to love. Arcturus had been stubborn, headstrong and a very strong personality that she hadn't been able to keep up with while young. It had taken her years to stand up for herself, and her belief's. It made them clash heads a lot in the beginning too. The stubborn seventeen-year-old had grown up into a wonderful man, one that Melania was proud to say she was married to.

He chucked at that, "I thought that would please you," he murmured, running an estate was a full-time job, always someone wanting something from him. So, he was often busy, one would think it would be smooth sailing but the reality wasn't quite so tidy. Turning back to face his son and niece, and grandchild, he smiled contently.

Hadrian and Tom dutifully recited their last words of the ritual.

"Welcome, Sirius Orion Black, to our family and to our hearts.
Your parents love you, and we thank them
for giving you the gift of life.
We ask the Gods to watch over you, Sirius Orion Black,
and over your mother and father,
and we wish your family love and prosperity."

Walburga took Sirius back, laughing a little at the pout, Hadrian had held the baby more than she had today. He was very attached, that's how she knew she'd done the right thing in naming Hadrian and Tom, Sirius' magical guardians, and on official paperwork godfather, except Gringotts, they put magical guardian down.

The world was changing, soon the term 'godfather' would probably fall into obscurity in the magical world.

Walburga and Orion raised Sirius in the air, allowing the gods to see him clearly. As one everyone spoke the last words in the ritual together.

"Gods of our home, gods of our hearth,
today we present you with someone new.
He is a member of our family,
and this is his new home.
Watch over him as he grows.
Watch over him as he lives.
Watch over him with love."

"Can I see him?" the excited ten-year-old Arthur Weasley begged of his parents. "Please?" he was the youngest, he had the least experience when it came to babies, his elder brothers had naturally been around babies far more often.

"Of course, let's ask go see," Cedrella laughed lightly, inhaling sharply and smiling. When the current Lord of the family, Arcturus had taken over the family, she had been welcomed back despite her father – who had passed away and shared the same name as the current Head of the family – disowning her for marrying Septimus who was considered a 'blood traitor' but blood wasn't as important as it used to be. She would always be grateful to be included in the family again. Her husband, who she loved fiercely, didn't make enough money for them to live comfortably, with three children, but being welcomed back into the family opened doors that had been previously closed. Which included a stipend which allowed them all to live more than comfortably.

Arthur did indeed get to see Sirius, and was so gentle and loving with him. Beaming with delight at getting to hold him, gushing to his mother that he wanted to a baby and he wanted to do the pagan rites.

Cedrella just smiled fondly down at her youngest, "Your time will come," she informed her son. Love shining in her eyes, she loved all her three boys equally. But Arthur was very gentle and loving compared to his roughhousing brothers. More like Septimus actually.

"It certainly will," Hadrian murmured quietly, he hadn't spent a lot of time with Cedrella, wrong generation, but they knew each other at least. Arthur had two brothers he hadn't known about in his time. Nobody that called Arthur 'Uncle Arthur' so no children, wasn't even a single picture of Arthur's family up, not even his parents. Perhaps the brothers had died in the war along with Gideon and Fabian Prewitt.

Cedrella beamed, she couldn't wait to be a grandmother. Septimus couldn't wait to be a grandfather. Soon her eldest boys would have jobs and soon have wives of their own. She'd have Arthur all to herself, her baby boy, who brought her injured animals looking to her to fix them all.

"Alright, hand him over, let Sirius spend time with his magical guardian!" Hadrian declared, making grabby hands for Sirius, who hadn't been put down much at all today.

Tom laughed, shaking his head, as did many others.

"Merlin help you, you're going to need it," Orion laughed good naturally at Tom, patting him on the back.

Tom snorted, "I think you might be right," he declared. His friendship with everyone around him had disappeared in the other time. Many agreeing with his goals but not his actions to acquire said goals. They'd sat it out, but the talk of the good old days, had enticed their children and grandchildren to join the war. His Knights smart enough to where it would lead, but the generation after all? All young and impressionable…he reckoned Orion had died cursing his name and the day they met.

All these Black's just…gone, it hurt to think about. He didn't particular care about them individually, although occasionally Hadrian's fondness bled into the bond and he felt it. However, each of them was magical, he'd wanted to protect the magical world and its people and he'd failed. He'd gone so far-off track that it was horrendous. He rarely thought about it, he didn't see the point, the world would never experience that madman. Orion was so proud of his family, and that once proud house was reduced drastically with nobody to lift it back up by its bootstraps.

Thanks to one determined Lord of Time, everyone had gotten their wishes.

Except for Dumbledore, of course, but who cared about that?

Clasping hands with Hadrian, acknowledging that in eight months' time Hadrian would be holding their child.

They'd get to see distant family flourish over the generations…they were after all…Lords of Time.

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