Sea, Foam and Dust


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Summary: A young merman falls deeply in love with a handsome Two-Leg whom he saves from a terrible storm. But, a much darker, more twisted being feeds on the pain of love denied. MM, Language, OC, Violence, WIP

Chapter Two

Prince Andrew was bathed, clothed in fresh linen, and put to bed with a light broth of chicken in his stomach. He had been given plenty of fresh water to drink and was told to rest. He was safe and his health was the most important thing in the entire kingdom. All the pretty maids and laundresses cooed to him so.

He was looking up at the high ceiling that had been painted to look like a living, thriving coral reef. That siren voice was still in his ears and that beautiful face was still gazing down at him right before his topaz blue eyes. He had never seen such long, dazzling hair. It had reminded him of rolling waves of fresh fallen snow under silver moonlight that he had seen while staying at his palace in the far north.

Had it been one of the sea god's nymphs? He just didn't know. Hadn't that wondrous voice been a little masculine?

It was mysterious and perplexing. What had it been?

The bottoms of his feet were itching to jump out of bed, run through the palace, and down to the shore. He didn't care if he had to shout until his throat was raw and hoarse. He wanted to find his rescuer.

He could still feel that gentle hand touching his face, caressing his jaw ever so tenderly. It had felt like the touch of a lover.

He had thought himself dead and in paradise when he heard the song and gazed up into molten green eyes. He wanted to feel those hands touching him again. He would never forget that magical touch.

He was so thankful to be alive and well. It would have been so lonely dying at sea. Would he have become one of those lonely spirits that haunted the waves, moaning and groaning until the end of tides?

It caused him to shiver just thinking about such a tragic fate. He was lucky and he knew it.

He had to find the person who had saved him from the chilly embrace of Lady Death and richly reward her…or him. But, how had this person saved him? He had been miles out at sea.

"Oh, Andy," Reggie had teased him. "Young ladies just don't go swimming around in the ocean rescuing drowning men."

"Who said it was a young lady?" He had retorted. "What if my rescuer hadn't even been human?"

His bath servants had giggled, calling him silly. He had clearly taken in too much seawater and was just seeing things.

Well, that was a rational possibility. He was just happy he hadn't wound up food for the sharks. He had been told they loved the taste of man.

But, it had been so real. The voice, that face, and the seductive touch. He couldn't have made it all up in his head. He just didn't have that kind of imagination. There was no way he could have been the creator of such perfect beauty. It just wasn't possible. He did have a wicked horny streak about him, but teenage hormones couldn't have invented that dream lover…could they?

He wished his parents were still alive. They would know what to do. But, then again, he would never have mentioned sex to them and he would never have been allowed to go on that ship. His mother had been too protective.

Since he had grown up in the palace his entire life, he had learned about sex from books and watching the animals doing it. He had learned that his right hand was a good friend indeed when things got a little to hard in a very big way.

He began touching himself, picturing that mythological face. He closed his eyes, pretending the hand stroking his long length wasn't his own.

He suddenly stopped what he was doing, feeling slightly dirty and ashamed. What if his rescuer had been a guy?

He felt slightly sick to his stomach. The hardness was painful, so he quickly tried picturing someone else. It failed.

That flawless face, sculpted from smooth white bone, came rushing back like a tidal wave. He silently gasped as spurts of pearly cream splattered his naked chest with gooey warmth.

"Oh, gods," he panted, looking at the milky slime on his bronze fingers.

He cleaned himself off, feeling slightly dizzy. What if he had just masturbated to a guy's face and touch?

He shook his head. He was too tired. There would be time to sort it all out later. Perhaps he would remember something in dreams.

"Please," he whispered. "If you're real, be a girl."

He quickly found a way to comfort himself. If his rescuer hadn't been human, then it didn't count. He was exempt from being sexually attracted to a guy.

That sudden epiphany was just what he needed in that moment. It caused him to smile with relief and sleep came to him much easier.

The secret grotto in the coral was Mara's little getaway when she wanted to escape the company of her younger siblings. It was hidden and couldn't be discovered unless she allowed for it to be. There was a spell of illusion cast upon it, sealing it from the mundane. She couldn't help but smile when she saw the look of awe on her little brother's face. He had never really seen her do magic because she was so very secretive with her many special gifts.

"What is it?" He asked, following along behind her into the illuminated sanctuary that she treasured. "Did I do something?"

She spun around before him, giving him a pained look. "Why don't you just tell me, Coeur?" She asked him. "You and I are close."

"What is this?" He asked, changing the subject against her will. "The Two-Legs wear these on their feet, I know."

"It is a boot," she answered.

She did not go to the surface, but her tutor does. He is well versed in the ways and rituals of the humans. Her grotto was filled with many human devices in which she studied.

"And this thing here?" Coeur asked, holding it up.

"A brush," she lied, looking at the silver fork he was holding. The humans ate their food with them. "The Two-Legs use them to brush their hair."

He began brushing his long, luxurious locks with it. She couldn't help but giggle at how silly he looked. He was far too trusting. He couldn't even tell when someone was openly lying to him.

"Father would punish you if he knew you had all these Two-Leg things," he said, putting the fork back down where he had gotten it to begin with.

"I share a valuable secret with you," she told him, floating a little closer. "Please, tell me yours." She wanted him to tell her. She wanted him to be open with her.

His face was a vision of fear and a mask of longing. He really didn't know how to hide his feelings at all. They were so evident. He was so easy to read, too easy.

"I don't have any secrets," he said, lying through his teeth. He quickly picked up another human item. "What's this?"

"That is a red rose trapped in a sphere of glass," she told him. "It is a very special flower that grows Above. Two-Legs give them to the ones they love."

"A rose," Coeur said, smiling with even redder lips. They looked to have been carved from fire gems. The rose paled in comparison to their flawless symmetry.

She noticed that something new had been added to her collection. It was stuffed in the corner and it was very large. It was also covered with a thin net made from orange seaweed.

Now what in the Blue had Paralo given her this time? When had he brought it? He was always sneaking things in here to hide away from the Sea King. Her teacher was going to make her role her eyes right out of her head one day.

"Oh," Coeur said, noticing as well, swimming over to her. "What it this?"

"I'm not sure," she replied, pulling the seaweed away.

Both gasped at the same time.

It was a statue. It was a statue of a very handsome, but severe looking Two-Leg male. He was holding a shield and sword as if ready for a battle.

"Well," she said, smiling because she liked it. Paralo really outdid himself this time. A ship must have dropped it over during a storm or it sank right along with the wooden vessel. "He is rather scary looking, huh?"

She suddenly turned because her little brother was so very silent. He was looking at the stone monument with glazed eyes and his smooth flesh was glowing like light through precious crystals. His seductive mouth was partly open in a silent gasp. There were little bubbles of sound escaping.

She watched him reach out with a radiant hand, gently touching the strong cheekbones. She noted just how tender his touch was, like a lovers.

"Do the two of you know each other?" She asked, breaking the silence that would have lasted forever.

Her little brother seemed to freeze like a snail. If he had possessed a shell, he'd be trembling inside of it right now. She was sure of it.

"Long ago," she said, taking his hand in her own, putting it to her heart. "I fell in love with a Two-Leg, too."

She had never seen those stunning green eyes get so big in all her life. Coeur looked as though he were going to start crying or screaming.

He suddenly shook his head. He was terrified.

"Andrew!" He suddenly cried, pushing her away from him. He threw his arms around the statues, neck, sobbing hysterically. "What has my love done to you? Why did it turn you into a rock?"

Mara was too stunned to move. The only thing she could do was gawk at her little brother. Father truly did keep him ignorant.

Chagrin blinked. In fact, he blinked his violet eyes several times.

His little brother was obviously an idiot.



Coeur continued to weep over his beloved Andrew's statue not know that it was such. Mara continued to stare debating with herself on if she should tell her brother the truth or leave him ignorant.

She couldn't believe her father could leave him so unknowing of things above the surface. Sighing she knew that she had to do something in case Coeur got himself in some type of trouble dealing with the above world. What's the worst her father could do banish her like he did…Him, she was already loveless and refused to love again so again, What could he do?

Making up her mind she reached out for her youngest sibling, drawing Coeur out of his mourning for a moment.

"Coeur, this is not your beloved, this is a statue or monument made in the likeness of your beloved. There is much that father hasn't told you about the world above and if you would like to listen I could teach all that I know about that world."

At Mara's words Coeur's glow began to shine again, "So this isn't, Andrew?"

Mara shook her head no.

The glow came back tenfold, causing Mara to shield her eyes not only her but Chagrin as well.

Chagrin wasn't happy at all, well he hadn't been happy in years, but he was worse of now. Of course his oldest younger sister would take it upon herself to take to wondrous ignorance away from his prey.

"Why must she get in the way?" Chagrin muttered swimming back and forth around the glowing orb that showed him his younger siblings. "She mustn't interfere or I'll have to take care of her as well."

A small fragment of what was once Chagrin ached at the thought. She had gone through the same as he had, he knew of Mara's betrayal, he knew how she felt yet why was she still able to live on almost happily as she was.

As intelligent as Chagrin was he just couldn't figure it out. Maybe it was that she didn't have her father tear her love apart that kept her still happy. Or perhaps its that her father hadn't banished her from home for trying to find a love that family couldn't fill.

The corners of Chagrins mouth formed into a twisted smile, she may have lost her love but she didn't lose it like he had. So she wasn't worthy of his forgiveness for interfering. Swimming back to the orb he watched as Mara instructed Coeur on the world above.

Chagrin's twisted smile took on a more evil appearance, as thoughts of ways to get even with his meddling sister took up root in his head.

Coeur couldn't believe all that he didn't know. All of previous instructors were heavily influenced by his father so any mention of the above world was connected to danger and death and warning.

His respect for Mara grew exponentially; she had to be the most knowledgeable mer he'd ever known. There was so much to know from what a fork actually was to what statues symbolized, and so much more.

Mara had so much to tell and Coeur was eager to listen, that is until he felt as if his head was about to explode.


Stopping her explanations Mara looked at her little brother concerned, "Yes Coeur, are you ok?"

Rubbing his forehead Coeur replied, "Yes just there's so much to learn and now my head isn't feeling up to learning anymore, can we take a break please?"

Smiling at her cute sibling Mara nodded, "Go rest Coeur its been a long day for you, however you mustn't tell father or anyone about what I've told you or this place ok."

Coeur nodded and swam over to his sister, giving her a long tight hug before swimming out of the grotto and back towards the palace. Hopefully his father wouldn't still be looking for him.

Mara was cleaning up smiling as she did so feeling accomplished at educating her brother when she felt it and she knew instantly who it was. Turing around and looking at nothing in particular she knew she was staring at her oldest brother from where ever he resided.

Chagrin was shocked speechless when his sister looked him directly in the eyes.

"I know you are watching Chagrin, from where I don't know but I know that it is you. Whatever you have planned, I'll be waiting, we may not have been able to hold onto our love it doesn't me he or anyone else must share our fate either."

Her eyes never left his as she said those words. Chagrin actually felt a bolt of anxiety shot threw him as her eyes flashed and then his orb went white. Concentrating on his sister he couldn't get the orb to show the grotto.

Screaming out in frustration Chagrin tossed the orb against the nearest cave wall. Panting he swimmingly paced the cave. "When did she get so powerful as to almost match me?" Panting turning into slight heavy breathing, "She will be a major problem if she makes him aware of my existence. I must get her out of the way…"

Chagrin paused mid-pace and that sinister smile returned, "And I know just how to do so."

To be continued.

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