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It was pretty late when Coeur arrived back at the palace. Looking around the front of the palace deeming the coast was clear he j slipped back into the palace, everything seemed ok no one was looking for him and since it was time for sleep he, as quietly as possible, swam to his room. Safe behind his bedroom doors Coeur let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

However, it seemed that it was too soon to think that he was safe for sitting on his bed was none other than his mother, Calypso.

Calypso was a rather breathtaking creature, the most elegant and gorgeous of all Mers even though she originally wasn't a Mer to begin with.

Calypso was and still is the sea.

She was the initial wave that sparked all waves, she was; the tsunami, the whirlpool, the tidal wave, the hurricane, she IS the sea. Neptune was a pawn of hers that she never expected to "feel" for. He was the embodiment of her will but not her power.

Everything was fine until that day of no moon nearly centuries ago when Calypso was separated from the sea by a powerful wizard that wanted to harness the elements for his own gain. Severely weakened and irritated Calypso was rescued by Neptune but has a weakening of powers every time there is no moon every fifty years. Through it all Calypso was infatuated with Neptune. Though she maybe infatuated she wasn't ignorant enough to think she "loved" Neptune. She would never to go so far as to give him more power just a "Higher" ranking among the sea dwellers as Sea King.

As 'Mighty' as he loved to portray himself, he still knew he was just the pawn to her all encompassing power, never the less they made a family together, they had eight children together; Chagrin, Mara, Andria, Arista, Attila, Adela, Alana, and Coeur.

Calypso loved her children her two boys more so, they had her spirit as well as her curiosity. She was outraged when Neptune both mentally scarred and banished her first born, it was on the day she was weakened and that infuriated Calypso even more on the day her powers weakened that her love would do such a wrong to her beloved eldest son. Calypso knew that Neptune had inherited most of her personality but he inherited her anger tenfold.

There was nothing to be done about what her fool of a love had done to her child. Try as she might from afar she couldn't heal her sons broken psyche or heart. Since the banishment Calypso knew where her beloved son was but vowed to never interfere in the matters of the heart directly this was something her son had to overcome. Even knowing her youngest son was soon to swim right into the whirlpool she had to turn a blind yet still vigilant eye only able to help when the right time presented itself.

Speaking of her youngest, little Coeur had just returned to his room, where she sat in wait for him. He hovered shocked by his room cover.

'My poor little minnow ', thought Calypso as she raised her arms in wait for he sons next move.

Coeur had always loved his mother, more so than his father. She was kind and loving almost everything that his father wasn't. Anyone could tell from the look in her eyes that she knew more about the world than anyone and held more power behind her gaze then his father did in his whole being.

Rushing into her welcoming arms, all the stress of the day's events just melted away, leaving Coeur relaxed and finally able to breath. Resting his head on his mother's ample bosom, Coeur sighed and held his mother tighter as she stroked his luscious blonde hair that was so much like his fathers but almost as long as hers.

"Why does he hate me so much?"

Never pausing in her movements Calypso sighed, "Your father is a very complicated mer, he's been this way since the beginning of his existence, my little minnow, you mustn't take what he says to heart."

"I can't help it, why couldn't I be born like Mara, she's smart and beautiful and more suited to rule then I ever would." A tiny pearl slipped from Coeur's eye, and not going unnoticed by his mother.

"My little minnow, you are an amazing Mer in your own right. You don't need to be like your sister nor anyone else. You are perfect as you are never again let the blowhole of you father tell you otherwise. That idiot lets his anger from past endeavors blind him from seeing the harm his is doing to others."

Silence reined over the two. Coeur let the words sink in thinking about what could possibly cause his father to be the way that his is.

"Why do you love him?"

That brought a pause to Calypsos motherly movements, "Its complicated my love, there was a time where love was something that I wasn't really into believing existed or that I was capable of feeling, that is until your father saved me one day and what I thought was love I felt for him it really wasn't love just undying trust and deep caring that held for him."

Coeur looked up at his mother confused. Calypso smiled then continued, "However, I do know love, that was the day I became a mother, my children became my heart my love my reason for being here in this form the eight pieces that makes up my entire being, without you I would never know love."

It took a second for Coeur to grasp what she said, 'eight…there's me…Mara…' "I have another sibling?"

Calypso smiled again, it was time to tell her minnow about her first born.

"Yes, you have an older Brother named Chagrin, you two could actually pass for twins except his hair is fiery red while yours is pale yellow. He was just like you in every way, so curious and beautiful just like his mother." Calypso winked down at Coeur chuckling when he blushed, which earned him a giggle.

"Where is he then?"

Face becoming somewhat downcast Calypso hugged her youngest closer to her almost afraid to let him go in fear that he will disappear like her first born.

"He was banished from the kingdom."

"What…why why…"

"For loving a male two-leg."

Coeur froze; his older brother loved a male two-leg too, and then was banished for it.

"What happened?"

Sighing Calypso bowed her head, "My precious minnow, I truly don't know what had caused the whole disaster to happen but in the end you brother was a shell of what he was before and your father was a closed off and tyrannical mer. I do know that he fears that you will end up the same as your brother which is why he pushes you the way that he does, just know that if you need advice I'll always be here to help and shut your father up as well."

Getting off the bed Calypso drifted over to the room cover followed by her youngest. Giving her on last tight hug she left.

As she leaves she runs into Mara.

"Does he know?"

"Not the whole thing, just what I know minus some of the darker pieces."

Nodding Mara looks towards he youngest siblings room, " I believe that is best, he's strong in mind and body but not that strong...not yet anyways and I fear for what must happen to him to have that strength."

Sighing Calypso wraps her arms around her oldest daughter, "There's much I would love to shield all my children from but that would deprive you all from becoming who you can or would be. Just like I know that if it wasn't for that wicked witch you wouldn't have become the strong spell caster that you are now."

Jumping slightly out of the embrace, Mara looked at her mother in fright.

"How do you know of that?"

Calypso just smiled warmly, pulling her back into her embrace.

I always know when my children or near the surface, the waves tell and show me more then they will ever show your father, they know who has the true power and isn't just a privileged child on his high sea horse."

Mara just smiled slightly at that, pulling away again she looked her mother deep in her eyes.

"Chargin is planning something for Coeur."

Eyes widening slightly, Calypso grabbed Mara's wrist and swam them both to her chamber which almost encompassed the entirety of the caves under the sea kingdom. Once in the middle of her chambers Calypso released Mara only to start pacing, looking both irritated and sad at the same time.

"Are you sure of this?"

"I felt him as I was explaining to Coeur what was truly on the surface, and once I delivered my threat I felt the presence leave."

Pausing mid pace Calypso met Mara's eyes.

"We wait."


"We wait, Mara, I know what must be done if anything should be fall Coeur or anyone else at the hands of Chargin but I want to find a way to get my son back not just send him off to die alone when there's something I can do to heal not only his wounds but to lessen Coeur's at the same time."

Mara paused her retort as she thought about it.

"We have to know what truly happened that day, father won't talk about it and you only know the end result we have to know what both caused father's actions as well as lead him to banishing Chargin in the first place."

Nodding in agreement, Calypso thought as to how to get answers when only one option came to mind.

"Well Mara we're in luck I know just the being that can give us our answers but she's not the nicest of Mers…she's almost not a Mer at all…"

"Who are you talking of mother?"

"My dear child, we're going to go see a Sea Witch the proclaims to be my sister, we're going to go see the Sorceress Ursula."

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