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"What the bloody hell this world, it's like hella blue...", a girl said as she walked along vast blueness looking for some sign of life. She honestly had no idea how in the hell she had even got to this world, area, thing. One minute she was laying in bed contemplating whether to get herself another tattoo or just simply go stir crazy and go outside to a nearby village just to pounce on random people till her craziness was satisfied, when out of no where this black hole thing sucks her up in nothing but her spiked choker and wrist bands combo, her boy shorts, flimsy belly shirt minus a bra and into what she mentally dubbed the "Smurf" plains seeing how everything was flippin blue.

"UGH,...Everything here is blue the ground, the little rocks, the sky, though the only none blue things were the clouds they where this weird orange color even though the sun isn't out, at least from what I can see," she was literally huffing now steam puffing and everything, she'd been walking for what could be said to be hours but its kinda hard to tell time, "IF THE FUCKING SUN ISNT OUT."

She was literally fuming now, that is until a harsh breeze rolled by and sent her virtually naked body into shaking frenzy. "Ttthiiissss isss stttuuppiiid, wwhhherrree the hhheelll amm Iii and wwwhhyy ccaannnttt Iii fffinnndd annyyooonnee?" Meanwhile, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and fell down a hill. "FUCK...HOW DO YOU GO FROM STRAIGHT PLAIN TO RANDOM HILLS IN LESS THEN TWO SECONDS?", to say she was irritated, would be an drastic understatement but it wasn't until she looked up and saw one of the most, oddly constructed gothic castles she'd ever seen, she was beyond happy in the blink of an eye, "CIVILIZATION!"

Again not really paying attention until the last minute she almost fell off a cliff, "What's with the random surface changes," she gasped seeing how close she was to falling to her death, or at least a very bad leg or back break.

Sighing she backed up and slowly turned around only to be faced with another castle faced off in the distance that was a little more run down then the one behind her but it looked like it was up and running and hopefully had people near it, so with new hope in what she liked to call her crippled black heart, she made her way towards the castle and a very eventful life.

~40 minutes later~

Walking through an ice cold crystal like cave, with fragile looking land bridges, a very rough and jagged run down ruin type thing and up some hills, she came to a tall wall thing with a large crack in it where the castle could be seen not too far behind.

"Fucking finally, man am I tired, where ever I am its very irritating and very cold," she sighed as she walked up towards the crack when what sounded like sirens went off, "What the hell now?"

Not long after the words left her mouth glowing spheres appeared before her, and quickly advancing towards her, and not really looking to friendly at all, so being whom she was, moved to defend herself; the closest ball thing received an excruciating Axe kick which left a three yard long dent in the ground, the next two she soccer kicked up and in hand smashed together. While dealing with said spheres she didn't see the fourth behind her which promptly electrocuted her, freezing up in slight pain she looked down at it(A/N: poor thing actually sweat dropped), and again soccer hiked it up in the air a perform a rather quick hook kick which literally sliced it in half.

Now too long after the last one was sliced the sirens stopped sounding and as she turned round she saw a red, black, and yellow flash, rushing towards her. If it wasn't for the fact she turned when she did, she wouldn't have been able to jump out of the way in time as well as make sure her chest was covered and yelled out, "HEY HEY HEY! WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?"

Seeing a rather weird blade in the shape of a key, being wielded by someone near a foot and a half shorter then her,said someone still was coming at her so shooting her hand up and stopped the swing with two fingers, "YO!Twerp do you not understand English? Hold up a fucking minute, why the hell are you attacking me?" Not only was our little keyblade wielder shocked but so was the rest of the now arrived, what could very well be assumed, keyblade wielders friends. Some chick with really huge tits looked bug-eyed and stuttered, "D..id she just catch Soras attack with two fingers?..."

"Sora so that's this little twerps name hhhmmmm... kinda cute"

Sora now coming out of his stupor, looked the new found not exactly enemy up and down only to blush, and withdraw the keyblade when finally taking in her appearance.

She was tall round 6'0 with a bronze, almost caramel skin, she had a really toned body that would belong to a swimmer or a dancer but she wasn't really thin or lean more along a healthy plump size.

There were tattoos on her wide hips of cobras that wrapped down her long luscious legs down to about mid thigh, as well as a flaming butterfly rising up her pubic bone towards her belly button, she had tribal dragons on both arms that travel from her forearm to her shoulder towards her chest and rested on her chest and laid almost between her breasts, she also had a delicate but strong swan neck that was covered by a spiked choker and wrist bands and what looked to be boy shorts yet her breasts where only covered by a flimsy tank top that ended just below her breasts.

HER BREASTS WERE HUGE! They made Tiffa's look like A cups, and her hair was the strangest blue black ever the tips were black but as you get to the roots it fades into a mid dark blue, and those eyes. People think Saix had some creepy eyes hers were a bright bloody shade of red that just screamed she's not afraid to kill. There was something else there in her hair, at first glance you wouldn't notice but when really looked at you'd see they were what looked to be...HORNS...SHE HAD HORNS...and ELF-LIKE EARS…AND IS THAT A TAIL?

After seeing the horns, tail, and ears, Sora stepped back a little with eyes wide, our girl grinned but sighed at the same time and just shook her head, "Listen twerp as much fun as its been to see you scan me over, like the horny teen I think you are, it'd be nice if you'd not attack me again and help me find some clothes itsKINDA cold out here."

Snapping back to reality, Sora looked her dead in the eye and saw nothing but amusement and slight irritation. blushing again, Sora offered her his coat which barely covered anything but was better than her own top. Sora turned to his friends and sheepishly smiled as everyone eyed our girl. "Uh guys I think she's ok,...uh mind if we take her back to Merlin's?" The gang seemed nervous and looked her over most of the gang blushing including the girls, they all slowly nodded and turned and headed towards Merlin's.

Our girl looked down at Sora and Sora looked up at her and blushed while scratching the back of his neck, our girl chuckled and smirked as she bent over nearly exposing her breasts completely, "Lead the way twerp" Sora sneered and walked with his head held high as our girl followed not too far behind with a smirk on her face and a mischievous shine in her red eyes.

~At Merlin's~

The trek to Merlin's was quite and nearly uneventful except the near crowd of horny men that followed the group. Evading the hordes of men once they reached Merlin's the second our girl saw Merlin's house, her mind went blank and ran for the door pushing the rest of the gang out of the way and barged into the house and literally tackled the wizard to the floor screaming, "OUTOU-SAN!". When everyone was inside they all screamed, "WHAT?" while looking at both her and the wizard, the wizard looking sheepish and our girl just looking cozy in the wizards lap. Merlin cleared his throat and poofed over to his chair with our girl still in his lap, "well everyone I didn't know if I was ever going to tell you this but this is my adopted daughter Kyouran."

Everyone just paused and stared as the half naked if not more so woman snuggled closer to the wizard. "Well its kinda a long story, but the shorter version is when I was back in my world I liked to time travel to all sorts of times and places, and I arrived in Japan in what was called the mid 1900's. In that time I saw this little one, well now big one, here all alone and fending for herself so, taking it upon myself I raised her until she hit maturity and her demon instincts took over. Yes she's a demon, a succubus to be exact and when she didn't really need me anymore I slowly stepped out of her life. Although, of course I checked on her from time to time, but mainly let her live her life the way she chose to. Then when the whole heartless thing happened I thought I'd never see my little girl again."

When he looked down and finally took in his daughters near naked state he gasped and slightly started to blush, "Oh this will not do at all Kyou," he waved his "magically" appearing wand and poofed a kimono like top and jeans with large platform boots onto her, "Much better," Merlin mumbled.

Kyou looked at herself and was happy to be clothed again, "So now that you've been assured that I'm not going to attack you can I get some intros here?", she smirked as everyone tensed when she looked at them.

Sora introduced himself, then Donald, Goofy, Riku, Cloud, Roxas, Leon, Tifa, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, and Kairi. "Well its nice to meet you all and sorry to make such a scene, but...when you're sucked out of your home half naked, you'd probably make a scene too, especially with a keyblade being swung towards your head," she looked dead at Sora when she said it causing him to blush.

Getting out of Merlin's lap she stretched and headed towards Sora, "Well Sora since you have such a big interest in my body why don't you show me around here then hun?" Sora blushed scarlet and slowly nodded, some of the others laughed except Riku, Roxas, and Kairi, which Kyou did notice…

"well this will be fun..."

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