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Showing Kyou around Radiant Gardens what quite a hassle, not only did every guy in town basically fall at her feet with either gifts or marriage proposals or other idiotic things. To make things worse even Donald`s Uncle Scrooge offered for her hand in marriage, all in all within 20 minutes of walking into town Kyou had every guy and near as many girls hounding her.

The fact that is this bothering me so much you'd think that I'd fallen for her or something…but…well….truth be told...I DON'T KNOW! The second she came to town I've just been drawn to her, I don't know if it's because of that...sinful body of hers or if it's because she isn't like anyone I've met before...as dumb and obvious as that sounds but just her being HER, makes me want to do things...do things? what the hell am I talking about…..I'm only 18 sure I'm bigger and taller then I was when this whole ordeal started but it might not be so impressive to her and she must be way older than me what could she possibly want to do with someone like me?


Walking around this town has been quite interesting, not only have I been proposed to more than thirty times I've also started: 10 fights, 6 instant divorces, 10 break ups, and 4 life changing confessions, to say I wasn't highly amused would be a horrifically gigantic lie. I was having a blast and all this lustful energy floating around was just delicious. I can see that I won't be energy starved in this place.

We were heading back to Merlin's and I was just as happy as could be, although the only thing that's been bugging me is that fact that Sora looks so deep in thought over something that looks bad, judging by his face anyways. Another thing could be that Roxas, Riku, and Kairi haven't stopped glaring at the back of my horned head since they decided to follow me and Sora into town. Inhaling I can smell jealousy, envy, and lust radiate from the three of them although, inhaling again, I can smell murderous intent wafting off of Kairi. So the brat wants me dead huh, well go luck with that one squirt there's only one real way to kill a succubus and by the feel of this town it won't happen. Turning my attention back to Sora he still looked troubled so I did what any concerned female would do, I leaned over placing my breasts completely on his back and wrapped my arms around his shoulders and laid my head on his, the second I did so i felt the murderous intent as well as the jealousy increase behind me and it just left me smiling.


"What's wrong Sora? Why do you seem so upset?", even though teasing Sora so far has been a blast, Kyou was really concerned. She could smell the lust and want gently rolling off of Sora but what she really smelt was doubt with a hint of self-loathing, Kyou really didn't like it and really wanted to know why the teen was feeling this way.

As for Sora he really didn't want to tell her why he felt the way that he felt, mainly because his friends were right behind him as well as her being the main focus of his thoughts all he could do was blush and shrugged as he shook his head. Kyou sighed and figured that if she could get Sora alone he would tell her what was wrong, she sighed again and easily got in front of Sora and hefted him onto her shoulder, earning a yip form Sora.

Roxas, Riku, and Kairi instantly let out their key blades ready to strike her down as she did so that was until she turned to them and said, "Hey guys me and Sora need to talk real quick so we'll see you at Merlin's in a bit, Kay Bye!", and so she winked and vanished into thin air with Sora in tow, leaving a very disgruntled and dazed trio behind.

~Crystal Fissure~'

Sora nearly had a heart-attack when he and Kyou "POOFED" form the gateway to Merlin's house to the Crystal Fissure, he was pretty sure that his heart popped out of his chest and is now laying on the floor somewhere. Kyou on the other hand just sat him down on a nearby chest that was conveniently there and sat herself on one that just so happen to be right next to it, once she sat down she waited for Sora to stop hyperventilating and calm down, which took that boy a few more seconds to do in which he turned to her and started yelling.

"What the hell was that? How the hell did you do that and why the hell did you do that?"

Kyou just smiled, "Well doesn't someone know how to swear like a sailor, to answer your first question I teleported, and second all demons of a certain level can do so, and third because we need to talk short stack.

Sora was drastically confused, "Talk? Talk about what?" Kyou just tilted her head and smiled, "About your mixed feelings little one, on how you want to have your way with me and yet, you don't know if that's what you want or not." Sora gasped paling then turning a bright cherry red in less than 2 seconds, "Wwwhat are you tttalking about III ddon't have those type of feelings." Kyou just smiled brighter, "Oh yes you do, as a Succubus and a third generation descendent from the mother creator herself, I can effortlessly smell and feel emotions to know who will be my next target, so there's no point in lying, I'm not judging you Sora I'm actually concerned as to why you feel the way that you do, so just talk to me and maybe I can help you." Sora just stared at her for a few seconds trying to read if what she said was true, when finding that it was he just hung his head and sighed, "I do want you but I don't know why… it may just be because of your aura, or because of your body or just your personality in general but then there's..."

Kyou rose an eyebrow, "There's what Sora?" Sora sighed again, "I like two other people the same way as I like you and I don't know who I should go with or be with….. its so confusing, most of my teenage years was spent fighting heartless and nobodies as well as being asleep for periods of time, so being romantically involved with anyone has never really been important until…pretty much everything settled down and we all finally had time to just live and have fun, and that's when I started noticing how much I valued them more than everyone else and how much it would make me happy to be with just them and...It's just so odd to feel that way about friends especially….guy friends right?"

Kyou's ear perked and the mention of guy friends, "You like Riku and Roxas don't you Sora?" Sora nearly choked, "WWwhat how did you know?" Kyou smirked, "Let's just say I felt that something was different and by what I felt from them the feelings mutual." Sora's eyes widened to a comical level, "They do...are you sure?," a little irk mark appeared over Kyou's head, "Yes, high class demoness here of course I'm sure otherwise I'd be a very idiotic Succubus don't you think." Sora just sweat-dropped, "Oh right sorry, but how do I know if I like them or not or if I'm not confusing it for anything?" "Well there is a small way of knowing", Kyou started," You could try kissing them and see if, well to put it bluntly, you pop a boner." At the mention of kissing and boner, Sora nearly fell off the chest he was sitting on, "Say what now? I can't just sit them aside and be like 'Hey guys I need to kiss you so I know if I like you or not' that just sounds dumb all on its own", Sora huffed. Kyou chuckled, "Well you said you wanted me too so why don't you try it on me first hhhmmmmmm?"

Sora gapped like a fish for a few seconds at Kyou's suggestion, could he really kiss someone like her, "What?" Kyou shrugged, "Yeah it will help you out to know if your feelings are true or not so lets just do it, kissing that is." Kyou was having way to much fun with this but Sora did need help and it was an added bonus that he was so adorable. Sora on the other hand was a nervous wreck he'd never kissed someone before and just looking at the goddess before him he really didn't want to mess this up even if it was a test.

Looking Kyou dead in the eye Sora swallowed his nervousness and leaned over and pecked Kyou on the lips getting a light tingling sensation as he did so. Sitting back he licked his lips and had this weird puzzled look on his face. Kyou was a little shocked at the tingling feeling that little peck gave and really did want to try that again, so when she looked at Sora's puzzled face she couldn't help but roll her eyes as she grabbed his shirt and pull him in for another go, and all Sora could do was "eep" before their lips were sealed.

Like any other kiss it started off simple just the touch of lips together and slowly it evolved to a mashing and rubbing of lips. Where it in turn evolved into Kyou's long tongue coming out to play with Sora's lips which got him to open his mouth and receive her tongue. It was truly an amazing feeling Sora was instantly loved kissing and when Kyou's tongue entered his mouth even though it was his first kiss he handled it like a pro, wrapping his tongue with hers gliding, slipping and sliding across one anothers it was simply delicious. Kyou, Sora noticed, tasted like vanilla and cinnamon and Sora, Kyou noticed, tasted like sweet mint and salt.

They both moaned into each other's mouths this was just electrifying. Sora grabbed Kyou by the base of her neck and the back of her head and virtually kissed the daylights out of her, rubbing his tongue against hers, inside her mouth, over her teeth feeling her fangs, only to go back to her tongue and go from lightly to heavily sucking on it. Kyou was in frenzy even with being a Succubus she was never kissed like this; she was literally moaning her head off just by how kissing Sora felt. Sure they had only known each other for like a day the way they are going at each other it seems like they knew each other for years.

The kiss was getting very hot and both of them were extremely turned on, Sora shocked the living shit out of Kyou by lifting her up by those luscious hips of hers and placed her on his lap. "the kids stronger then I thought", she thought and mentally sighed proceeding to moan as Sora grabbed and started to knead her delicious ass. They moaned again with Kyou sitting directly on Sora's growing cock she commenced to rocking back and forth. She felt him grow more and more as she rocked until the head of his cock was pressed tight against her cunt.

Breaking every once in awhile to breath they both were panting and clinging to each other as Kyou continued to rock. Sora grabbed Kyou's hips and began thrusting onto her cunt driving them both insane with ecstasy, Sora brought up his left hand and pulled up Kyou's top revealing her oddly perky watermelons.

Instantly hypnotized he pinched and flicked her right nipple with his left hand and sucked, licked and lightly bit her left one. Kyou was in heaven no one had ever made her feel this way, God was this amazing.

"God Sora, what are you doing to me?" Sora's response was to take as much of her left breast in his mouth as possible while stimulating her nipples.

Kyou's whole body was on hum she was almost delirious with pleasure, "Sora...Fuck Sora." Both near their end and all it took to reach their peak together was Sora grabbing a handful of Kyou's ass and pile drive his clothed cock into her clothed cunt. They both SCREAMED each others name as their climaxes hit and slowly and steadily they both simply floated down from their high, Sora leaning against the wall, Kyou leaning on Sora, both trying to catch their breath as well as trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

When she finally caught her breathe Kyou looked into Sora's sex hazed eyes and smiled, "Well...that was unexpected." Sora smiled and nodded in agreement, then lowers her shirt and proceeded to draw Kyou closer to lay on him as they just relaxed on each other. Laying her head on his chest, mindful of her horns, Kyou closed her eyes and just sighed contently, "Well fun aside do you know your feelings Sora?" Sora placed his index finger under Kyou's chin and brought her face up to look at him, "I know who I want and as much as I want to want you, Roxas and Riku come first, I'm so sorry", he dropped his hand and looked away, "Do you hate me?"

Kyou grabbed his face and made him look her dead in the eyes; leaning his head down to hers she kissed him lightly again then lightly moved him back, "No Sora I couldn't ever hate you I knew that kissing me would lead for you to know who you loved but then we did this and well...as good no...as fucking Fantastic as it was your heart isn't mine and mine isn't yours." She kissed him then nice short and sweet again then laid her head back on his chest and again sighed contently, "We're now just very bonded friends."

Sora chuckled, "Yep we're bonded alright", he sighed contently and played with her hair 'til they both fell asleep, not knowing that they had an audience during the aftermath of their little sex spell.

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