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~The Borough~

The walk to Merlin's was…eventful. Not only did they get dirty looks from Sephiroth but most of Kyou's fans went poof and stayed clear of the man with the murderous intent (very little due to Kyou) walking behind their love. Sora was worse for wear, for some reason he just kept spazzing and looking back at Sephiroth whom wouldn't look back at him. Kyou just couldn't help but get so giddy throughout the whole walk home.

"Oh come on you guys this isn't that bad and Seph how long has it been since you had a friend?"

The question sure did shell shock Sephiroth, he actually stopped mid step and stood there looking off into the distance. "Friend…have I ever really had a friend?" Dark foreboding energy wafted off of Sephiroth, Kyou felt dumb the second she asked the question; she had already asked what the whole deal with Sephiroth was and after getting an earful from Sora weirdly enough without Sephiroth's knowledge.

"Am I dumb or what?"

"Well whether you've had a friend or not I'll be your friend and so will this one…." She grabs Sora, whom blushes like crazy.

Sephiroth just stared at the two with one silvery eyebrow raised at them. "Are they serious? This makes no sense after everything that I have done…..why?"

"Why are you doing this you don't have to be nice to me if anything why am I even following you?

Kyou paused letting go of Sora and looking dead at Sephiroth, "I know what its like to be alone, and I don't care what you've done in your past I just care what you do with your future; and I know exactly why you're following me/us now that your purpose is finished you want something else to keep you tethered here. You're more human than you think you are Sephiroth, you just keep forgetting you are. You want to exist, to live, and you don't want to just disappear; you had reason with Cloud but now that you two are separate you have near no meaning to continue, hence to why you pitifully attacked Sora. You want a reason to live and I'm giving you one, live to live, as simple and easy as that and the fact that you are drop dead gorgeous does help in matters you know."

With that said Kyou turned and walked away leaving Sora and Sephiroth behind as she walked into Merlin's.

Sephiroth just looked after her as Kyou went inside, absorbing her words looking up towards the sky.

"You know….she's putting a lot of faith in you?"

Looking over to Sora, Sephiroth raised his eyebrow again.

Sora just sighed, "She's something isn't she? In less than a day she got me to know myself better then I ever would have if left alone, you should heed what she says, she may be young, to you anyway, but she's not without wisdom."

Turning Sora followed Kyou's lead and walked into Merlin's house leaving Sephiroth to think.

"Live to live….better to exist not knowing the future, then to not exist knowing only the past,"

Gathering himself Sephiroth walked over to the front door of Merlin's house, paused then grabbing the door handle turning it and walking in.

~Inside Merlin's~

The moment Sephiroth walked through the door of Merlin's house all hell broke loose. Everyone had either their; keyblade, buster blade, fists, throwing stars, guns, and whatever else ready instantly to take him down.

Ignoring the impending "doom" that would have scared the living shit out of any other person Sephiroth just walks over to Kyou, whom was standing near a couch with her arms outstretched waiting for a hug, which she was given much to everyone's shock….minus Sora…sorta.

"Expected as much…" Kyou smirked as Sephiroth virtually fell into her arms,relaxing as he did so. Wrapping her arms tightly around him Kyou nuzzled into Sephiroth's hair and lightly hummed into his ear. Moving closer to the couch they both collapsed on it.

"I wonder if he has ever been held like this, this poor man may have done much wrong but has probably never seen or done much right to begin with."

Squeezing him tighter to her with one arm the other went up to tangle itself in Sephs long silver hair. There was a collective haze of confusion that floated around Meriln's house as they watched the being that was nearly as hard to get rid of as Omega, fall into the arms of a woman they just met.

They stood there for what felt like hours as Kyou slowly rocked Seph back and forth never letting go of him. Sitting down on the couch nearest them Seph put his head in her lap as she played with his hair.

Everyone just stared on dumbfounded, weapons still in hand, it was quite until Cloud broke it.

"Kyou do you have any idea who that is?"

"Why yes this is Sephiroth Cresent, Son of Doctor Lucrecia and ex-Turk Vincent Valentine, he was once a general of SOLDIER and your superior, I know where you're getting at Cloud and yes I know what hes done but when the two of you split so did his irrationality he inst the same anymore he doesn't have that Mako junk to make him insane anymore or the creepy Jenova person whispering bullshit into his head. He's different Cloud and as long as I'm here no one will lay a fucking finger on him or they will suffer a wrath they have never seen before got it?"

They all nodded their heads quickly, even Cloud hesitantly nodded his head. They all but their weapons away and just stared as Kyou who hadn't stopped petting Sephiroths hair had lulled the man to sleep.

"This poor man has been forced to live a life he had no control over; every thought, every move, every choice, he's ever made was pre-made for him. He was a robot with a soul, and now that that robotic exterior is gone the real healing can be done. Now, however, seeing as I can tell that most of you don't want to get into this I will gladly be the one to do it. He's mentally younger then he appears he just needs to know what a true life is and people to share that life with."

Everyone was silent now, no one had ever really thought of it that way before. Not saying that it explained everything and made the things that Sephiroth had done completely forgivable but it made them a little easier to deal with and mull over in their heads.

Slowly everyone went back to whatever it was that they were doing before Sephiroth walked in the door. Everyone every once in a while looking back at him as he just laid there on Kyou's lap with almost not a care in the world. While looking at him in such a state of peace on his face what Kyou said completely struck home, he even looked younger then they could ever have recalled him to look and he seem, dare say it, innocent as he slept on the demoness's lap.

Cloud was the main one that stared the longest, Tifa would catch him from time to time and just sigh. Cid would notice to and just mumbled off about something and go back to his computers. It was Leon that helped shed some light on Clould's behalf.

"Its almost surreal isn't it?"

"What is?"

"That Sephiroth is here and is NOT a threat."

"Yeah it is, here it is I think I've finally gotten rid of him and here he is again back in my life being coddled by Merlin's adopted daughter."

Leon chuckles, "This is what makes life worth living, to see all the miracles and shocking turn of events that always tend to happen around our little family."

Now it was Cloud's turn to chuckle, "What doesn't happen around our 'little' family I don't know, if it's not one thing," looks at Sephiroth, "Its another."

~In a lower part of Merlin's house~

Three figures are huddled around each other, all three of them were fidgety but the one in between the two of them was even more so. To the left you have Riku, and to the Right you have Roxas and in the middle you have Sora. Sora looked like he had just been given a life or death task that only he could do as he stared at his two closest friends. Making up his mind, he sits up straight and looks them both in the eye...,

"Ok Riku, Roxas it has come to my attention that you both have feelings for me and yes before you ask Kyou told me as well as she helped me see which one of you I have feelings for also..."

Both boys swallowed hard waiting on Sora's answer.

"So the truth is I have feelings,...well very strong feelings for the both of you and if you guys can except that then maybe no one has to get hurt, I know that its selfish but..."

Sora was interrupted by two pairs of lips, one on his neck and another on his lips. Moaning Sora wrapped his left arm around Riku as he licked his neck, and fused his right hand into Roxas's hair as he continued to play tonsil hockey with him.

When Sora and Roxas broke apart for air, and things started to get a little more heated he couldn't help but comment on the situation.

"So does this mean I can have both of you?" he asked.

When the two looked at him as if he was just asked the dumbest question and went back to disrobing themselves and him, they said in unison...,

"Shut it Sora!"

Sora just chuckled and went with the flow as his two new lovers had their way with his body, not noticing that they were angrily being watched.

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