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~In a lower part of Merlin's house~

Kairi was upset, no not upset; livid, irritated, mentally and emotionally distressed would be more on the mark. Not only had she walked in on Sora with someone, but two someone's of the male variety. Roxas and Riku weren't exactly the best of friends to each other but to Sora they were secondary family, at least that's what Kairi thought.

How wrong she was.

Still looking into the room as Sora was led to a nearby cot and taken by Riku as he took Roxas, Kairi had to turn away, not caring if they heard the door closing behind her and walked back towards the others. The look of ecstasy that crossed the faces of the three boys kept digging into her mind like a serrated blade cutting through flesh.

Making it back up to the main floor Kairi wasn't sure how long she'd been in the lower level of Merlin's home but the tension in the room was no longer palpable. Cloud and Leon were sparring, Tifa and Yuffie were talking as Yuffie sharpened her throwing stars, and Vincent was leaning against the wall parallel to the couch Sephiroth was laying on staring at the prone form with a look of hesitance on his face.

Merlin nor his adopted daughter were anywhere to be seen. Kairi was set on walking over towards the group to tell them of her discovery when she felt a presence behind her. The blunt end of a tail grazed Kairi's right arm only to quickly wrap around the girls neck twisting her around while dragging her over to a dark alcove.

In the dark space the only thing that could be seen was the illuminated gleam of blood red eyes. Kairi fearing the worst tried to pry the tail away from her throat, air rushing from her lungs while almost none came back in, her fright slowly growing once she realized breathing was getting harder and harder to do.

The tail slowly brought the frightened girl closer to the gleaming eyes in front of her. Eyes wide in fear, body growing limp from lack of oxygen, Kairi couldn't do anything but let her fate be written for her.

"Listen carefully little girl, what you saw down below wasn't for you to witness, however, since you've already seen it there isn't much else for you to do but to except what has come to fruition. Sora loves Roxas and Riku and they love him in return. Love like that is hard to find these days and I'll be damned if you think I'll watch you try to destroy that."

Kairi's eyes had grown almost impossibly wide during the little speech. She tried to struggle more but with the lack of air in her lungs only a few twists and twitches were all she could do.

"Now what I expect from you little one is to leave Sora be and move on with your life. I would really love to have this conversation again, rage and hate makes a lovely additive to a bloody cocktail, and though you're missing the hate your blood still sings to me. I haven't had a blood sacrifice in ages I could go for one soon, so Kairi I give you a choice; leave Sora be and move on with your life, or try to interfere with his life and well I've already said what I'd do but I may draw it out a little the choice is yours."

Loosening her grip on the girls throat Kyou offered the gasping girl a few seconds to answer.


Gulping in on last breathe, Kairi surrendered.

"I'll leave them alone."

Kyou smiled, though she wasn't fooled, she could see it in the girls eyes and feel it in her aura she had yet to give up on her love for Sora. Though futile she had to commend her for her devotion.

"Good girl."

With that Kyou released her and turned to walk to the lower floor, tossing over her shoulder, "Remember what I said, I'd LOVE to have this conversation again sweet Kairi."

Kairi shuddered at how she said the word sweet, walking into the main room she found a spot by the fireplace, suddenly feeling cold; she sat and plotted how to get Sora to love her.

~Main Room~

Vincent couldn't stop looking at him, he'd known that there was something about Sephiroth that was just too familiar, and he suspected that he may have been the boy's father when he found out that Lucrecia was pregnant. He'd been having an affair with her while she was with Hojo and he knew that they weren't particularly intimate.

He'd been naïve, he had thought that love was enough to get the love of his life to love him back but as Hojo had said, "Once a scientist always a scientist."

He was just stuck on how much there could have been that never was that should have been his to have. Who knows what could have become of Sephiroth if he had someone to truly care for him. A father that not only fought for him when he was just a fetus but also as a new borne. He wanted to let his son know that no matter what he'd done or even what he will do that he will always have someone to turn to, someone to care for him.

Pushing off the walk Vincent made his way over to the couch, not caring that he was being watched by everyone as he did so. Kneeling in front of the sleeping man Vincent placed his forehead to Sephiroth's.

"I'm sorry, I was never there for you. I should have known from the beginning that you were my son. I fought so hard for you to be borne to have a normal life. While I was entombed I had hoped beyond hope that you would have had a normal life, I should have known that in a world like ours while still ensnared in the clutches of Hojo and your mother that that wasn't going to happen. I'm sorry my son for not trying harder and for not protecting you as a father should."

Throughout the speech Vincent never noticed the blue-green eyes open and staring at him with confusion and eventual recognition. Leaning back red met blue-green.

"There isn't much that could have been done to save me from the existence that I have lived. I know what Hojo had done to you as I know of my true mother's demise. There was nothing to save me so your apologies are for not."

Vincent just sighed, "That may be true, however, is it still too late for me to be a part of your life?"

There was a pause. Blueish-yellow green stared into red as Sephiroth sat up on the couch looking down at the still kneeling Vincent.

"Any man that would fight for a child he wasn't sure was his own only for him to be tortured and experimented on I would honored to have in my life."

For the first time since anyone had known him, Vincent smiled a truly beautiful and dazzling smile and slowly leaned in and hugged his son for the first time. Hesitantly Sephiroth returned the hug, after so long apart father and son had finally been reunited.

The group in the room just let the two be and slowly went back to whatever they were doing.

~On the lower floor~

Riku collapsed on Roxas as Sora collapsed on Riku, after many different changes in position and arrangements the trio had finally tuckered themselves out.

Roxas panted as he moved down a bit to lick off the cum from Riku's stomach tasting himself from earlier there as well. Riku squirmed a bit while he did so his cock twitching as he did so.

"Roxas, we've gone six rounds you can't still be horny?"

Licking the last of the cum from Riku's chest he slid further down Riku's body simultaneously pulling himself out of boy as well while still licking more cum off his chest. Sora moaned as his cock sunk further into Roxas's still tight heat.

"If he doesn't stop moving I sure as hell while be."

Finally stopping in his quest for more, Roxas fell onto of Riku again, gaining a grunt in response as he did.

"As much as I'd like to I'm too tired to continue, Riku is just very tasty, almost as good as Sea Salt ice cream."

The other two chuckled at that as they snuggled into the tired blonde. Suddenly they heard the door to the spare room they were in open and Kyou walked in and sat down on a nearby chair.

"And here I thought you three would never stop, and might I say Riku, you little minx, if I didn't know any better I'd say you've done this before."

All three jumped up and tried to cover themselves, well the red faced Riku and slightly blushing Roxas did Sora kinda sat there chuckling a bit.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

"Now Sora do you take me to be some kind of voyeur?"

Sora just raised an eyebrow while crossing his arms over his chest.

Sighing in defeat Kyou raised her hands and leaned back in her chair, "Okay, you got me but outside of my voyeuristic ways I come here bearing news."

Roxas covered up to his liking responded, "What kind of news."

Kyou just smirked, "Well my little Lemon Drop, our dearest Kairi had walked in so to speak ."

All three boys stared at her eyes wide.

"No worries my lovelies I took care of it for the most part as for now all we can do is wait and see what she does. Although Sora you could confront her as another option but just so you know, I can only be held back for so long then it's my turn to dish out some hurt on the poor twat."

Sora sighed and just nodded as he fell back onto the bed, covering his face with his hands.

"Who knew that love could be this complicated?"

Chuckling Kyou got up from her seat and flopped onto the bed, startling the other two boys as she did so.

"To be honest, no one but then you add in emotions and well anything can turn into a shitstorm, however, the only thing that I can offer for you three is to stay strong and believe in your love, for its pretty much set in stone that love like yours will receive some grief and trouble along its growth."

They were all silent after that.

"Well not meaning to crush your after sex glow my loves just wanted to pass on my words of wisdom before feeding you to wolves that are your friends upstairs and that crazed out fangirl of ours Sora."

They all nodded and silence resumed.

Realizing that it was up to her to bring a more pleasant mood to the room Kyou decided to do was she does best, make others feel uncomfortable. Standing from her chair, she started taking off her clothes much to the amazement of Sora and the shock of Roxas and Riku.

While in just her underwear, Kyou leaned over the still naked Sora, "Well now I have an actual visual of the part of you that got me off earlier…"

"WHAT!" Came the cries of the both Riku and Roxas.

Ignoring the two, Kyou laid herself completely on Sora placing a light lick to his bottom lip. Sora just smiled and gave her a quick kiss as he sat them both up.

"As much fun as we both had Kyou, all my parts now belong to these two."

Looking over at the flustered duo, Kyou and Sora couldn't help laughing.

"Yeah yeah figured as much, anyways seeing as how everyone upstairs was getting all anxious with Sephy and Vinnie getting all father and son like on the couch and whatnot I thought I'd slip away and come bug my favorite threesome, however, with such a energy overload I'm suddenly tired, mind if I crash with you three?"

Snapping her fingers the boys were wearing boxers and pajama pants.

"How'd you do that?" asked Riku.

Smiling Kyou answered, "I'm the adopted daughter of a multidimensional and nearly all powerful wizard, I'd be ashamed to have not picked up how to do simple magic. So can I stay?"

A shared glance with the other two, though hesitant, a yes was given. Squealing in happiness Kyou launched herself in the middle of the bed and wrapped herself around her now dubbed Lemon Drop, whom flailed around a bit until she started to stroke his hair in a very soothing manner. Shaking his head Sora curled around her as Riku curled around him. Another Snap and a thick blanket covered the group and the lights turned off.

~In another room in the house~

"It's perfect! I know exactly what I need to do to get Sora to love me, and there's nothing that She-Devil can do to stop me."

"What was that Kairi?"

"Nothing Tifa nothing"

A giggle was left drifting in darkness.

Now what's going to happen in the morning…

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