A Ghostly Burn Note

When you watch the first season of Burn Notice in a weeks, a FanFic is guaranteed to be created. In this case, a Danny Phantom + Burn Notice Crossover seemed a good idea. However, everything goes wrong after the first scene. Tell me if you see anything that could be improved in a review. Without further ado, let's begin.

Prologue –The trailer

An elderly woman standing outside her door, a rarity for her, sees a glow emanating from her living room. "Oh now what in the world is it now." She opens the door and takes few cautious steps in. Reaching into the closet. quietly as she could and pulls out a shotgun "Who's there? Speak up or shoot you." She chides herself mentally for not saying, 'or I will call the police.'

Who ever it was bought it "Okay, okay. Don't shoot me." the voice was clearly young enough to be a teen.

"How'd you get in? The back door was locked and I was standing by the door."

"I came in through the chimney." He replies with a grin.

"You couldn't have. You're too clean for that."

"I could have cleaned up a bit."

"But there is no mess to say you have."

"I could have tided it up." The teen banters.

"Enough. Why are you in my house? If it's money you want to find, I'll help ya look." she says and down goes the shotgun. She manages to get a good long look at the teen before the weirdest thing happened.

He started to glow. In a flash of light, the kid changed his appearance to the look of a ghostly vampire. It sounds weird but how else would you describe a teen with red eyes, pale green skin, fangs and a neon green glow?

In her distraction, the young man flies through the wall, leaving Madeline Westen in a state of shock.

Between Miami and Amity Park

Well, here we go off to Miami to help a paranoid woman overcome her fear of ghosts. Apparently she got spooked by a specter and called Fenton Works. The ghost hunting owned and operated by Jack and Madeline Fenton. "Don't worry, kids, we'll be there soon!" His dad says. That's my dad, Jack Fenton. He's loud, kinda obnoxious and loves fudge. That's why he's tried almost every weight loss program out there. And failed them all.

"Dad! We aren't kids anymore." Jazz says looking up from her book. "I'm a month from applying to a university. And Danny's graduating high school." She's studying to apply for a university. She could get into any university with the intellect she got from our mother.

"Jack, you have to admit they aren't kids anymore, they scared off Inviso-Bill after all." Maddie Fenton, mother of Jazz and myself, orange hair seems to run in her side of the family. Jazz got mother's hair and an even brighter intellect. I got dad's hair. Thank goodness I didn't get anything else from him...

And I'm Danny Fenton. The most boring of the four. Yet most interesting. I am, after all, half ghost. After I stopped the Guy's In White from destroying the ghost zone, me and a few of the key ghosts the live there made an agreement to not invade either world, ghost hunting has become a thing of the past. Mostly. Other than calls like these from paranoid old people who suspect that ghosts are the reason they can't find their keys. So I gave up being Danny Phantom, ghost hunter supreme, at least for the most part. Logically, which is unusual for my parents, mom and dad figured that my friends and I scared myself away. But that isn't the case, I just haven't had to go Ghost recently.

Not to say I didn't train though.

So apparently the client, Mrs. Westen, says she saw a ghost lurking about her place. I doubt it's a major one. Because Vlad's trapped in the Ghost Zone for siding with the Guys in White and the major ghosts would have given me a call first to announce their entry into this world. I'm hoping it's an ecto-pus. They aren't that difficult to get rid of and are a bit entertaining to fight. "So what does she know about this ghost?"

"Well, she says it's got black hair and red eyes and looks like a vampire but with green skin." he must have drained a few shades of color because his mother asks "Danny? Are you alright you look rather pale."

"Oh no, mom. I am fine." he tries to hold back the quivering in his voice. That matches near perfectly with the description of the arch-nemesis of the entire Ghost Zone. Vlad Masters. You know the one trapped in the ghost zone? Yeah that one. But it's only his ghost half that looks like that. If Vlad has escaped, this peace isn't going to stay.

Jazz looks up from her book and shoots a glance at me, You think it's Vlad, don't you?

He responds with a shrug. I don't know, but I hope not.

Vlad once was a decent man. But his obsession with my mother, disgusting I know, drove him to do desperate things. Like tell the GiU exactly how to blow up the entirety of the Ghost Zone. I stopped him and the ghosts handed him over to Walker. Not a ghost you want to be handed over to. Anyways, if he's out there'll be Hell for him to pay up.

"We're in Miami! Let's Celebrate. Bring out the fudge!"

"I'm going for a walk. Where does Mrs. Westen live again?" After a piece of paper is handed over he starts walking. I need to find her before Vlad gets any bad ideas. I'd tell you to run Vlad, but that won't help you.

Prologue End.

So how'd I do? If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them I feel I should continue this as long as I can. If you are wondering, yes I am using a different timeline. No Phantom Planet. Instead the GiW were going to blow up the Ghost Zone. Thanks to help from Vlad. This would have triggered a series of events that would have ended the world. Short version done.