10:00pm. Quiet night and still streets, Luffy wide awake stared at the love of his life from his side of the bed. He watched her stroke the tiny face and soft unruly tangerine hair of a beautiful baby girl sleeping soundlessly beside her.

Every now and then, a smile would pull at the babe's lips and Nami couldn't help reaching over and kissing the child on her little nose and cheeks, grinning affectionately as the little one's hand clamped strong around her finger.

This child was their daughter and her name was Lucille.

Lu-chan/Luci for short.

Luffy and Nami had had 6 wonderful months being parents. Those months of course had their challenges but they were wonderful nevertheless.

Lucille's cheeks were round and plump like peaches. She wore warm clean clothing and a dry diaper. Was very much well taken care of and loved beyond measure by both her parents.

But instead of being caught up with their little wonder, Luffy's attention was on Nami. She proved everyday to be an amazingly fantastic wife and mother and he loved everything about her.

Bringing Lucille into the world single handedly was awesome but the way she fell into her new position as a mother to his child convinced Luffy that he was born under a lucky star that came around once every million years.

Nami was dynamic, indestructible and perfect. Everything about her was perfection and he couldn't be happier.

Nami gave their daughter another kiss and Luffy caught her gaze. Under the light, anyone could tell that she was a mix between tiredness and relief.

Lord alone knew how long she was forced to breastfeed but under her bags, Luffy saw nothing but a warrior and that excited him to no end.

Earlier he had to coerce her constantly to go take some time to look after herself and to unwind from mummy duties for a bit but in less than 30 minutes, she was back and ready to receive her child having already washed up, with clean perfumed hair. Even managed to brush her teeth but had done all in a flash so she could get back to Luci's side.

"Is she asleep?"

Nami nodded and sat up as Luffy carefully picked up Lucille and cradled her in his arms. She shifted a little and curled into his warmth.

Nami eased in close and placed her chin on her husband's shoulder and together they smiled down at the sleeping child.

"I still can't believe she's ours," said Luffy. And Nami wrapped her arms around him.

"She's definitely your child, Luffy."

Lucille ate like a whale. Just like her father.

Luffy snickered and kissed Lu-chan on the head. Both of them agreed that they liked it best when she was peacefully asleep apart from her contagious bubbly giggles and smiles that could light up a night sky.

"Tired?" Luffy asked and Nami responded, "No."

A long pause passed and Luffy left to put Lucille in her room and upon return his wife had ditched the hair tie and bit her lips in impatient anticipation.

As he got close, Nami got on her knees and kissed his lips and made herself at home in his lap.

Their kisses turned desperate and Nami released for air, turning her head to allow Luffy to plant slow warm kisses down the length of her neck and she sighed out loud. A long drawn out sound causing her husband to blink up at her breathless state not expecting to be awarded with a peck on his lips.

With her forehead leaning against his she said, "I love you." And shockwaves shot through every nerve in Luffy's body.

Her lips were his again and Luffy stopped to unbutton her nightie blouse carefully starting from the bottom to the top and shivers went around the length of his spine as Nami's soft velvety lips dragged across his neck and reddened ears.

"I love our daughter, Luffy but she can be so demanding to the point it drives me insane (Lucille began teething that week). And it's so hard when you're not around sometimes. She prefers you after all."

She shuffled off the blouse and closed her eyes basking in the feeling of the kiss placed on her shoulder and she leaned into him with soft pants as his fingers buried in her hair.

"Lu-chan's beginning to warm up to you. Everything will be fine."

"You really think so?"


Luffy's hands roamed about her body and pushing him flat on his back and to capture his lips again was all Nami wanted and that she did.

His desire and love for her grew during and especially after her pregnancy and Nami loved the attention.

"I'm surprised you still want me even though I look like this."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I look like I haven't slept in days..."

She pointed out other things like her stretch marks and even though she had lost the baby weight, she hadn't snapped back like she hoped but was getting there; her breasts were heavy and swollen with milk. And despite Lucille draining her dry every feeding session she had to wear nursing pads 24 hours a day. But she should have known. Luffy didn't care about that stuff.

"When I look at you, I don't see any of that," said Luffy, "I see the woman I fell in love with. I see you."

His words and smile that followed was game over for Nami.

There was no way she could love another like the way she adored her husband. He was the epitome of perfection and she was going to prove to him exactly how much she appreciated him at that very moment and for the rest of her life.

At 5:00am, Nami's rubbed her eyes awake and regarded the noisy baby monitor. Lucille was awake and kicking for her next meal and before Nami could drag herself out of bed, Luffy's arm around her tightened and she settled back down smiling when he kissed her hair.

"I'll get her. You should rest some more," he said.

And she heard him fit his clothes back on and heard him leave, quietly closing the door behind him.

On the monitor, she saw the exact moment Lucille saw her father. The fussing seized and turned into a fit of babbles and laughter when he lifted her up high and brought her back down to kiss her face a total of four times. Two for each cheek.

Nami had expressed some milk the day before and even though Lucille refused to take the bottle from her, with Luffy she did with ease.

Lucille was such a lucky child, Nami thought to herself, settling back to fall asleep. Her father loved her endlessly and he would do most anything to keep her happy and smiling.

But Nami did not envy her. How could she? Lucille may have the best father in the world, but Nami had the best husband.

-The End for real this time. Thanks for reading. :))