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Ichigo and Candice would discuss life in the Wandenreich and make comparisons to Karakura Town while baking. Later the conversation would change to discussing the differences between pure and mixed blood Quincy with Ichigo learning of their supposed longevity. Back at Karakura Town, Uryuu would learn of the events he had missed out on, with the plan to keep the truth from Ichigo's friends and family. Later, Uryuu would return home to hear the story of how Ichigo's mother tied into the recent series of events. Back at the Wandenreich, Ichigo would meet the other female Sternritters, further lowering his opinion of the Wandenreich, before leaving, with Bambietta and Candice providing their personal insight on the next stages of Ichigo's journey to the others.

Disclaimer – I don't own anything from the Bleach anime/manga. All I own are my original characters and plot twists.



'Hollow, Inner Hollow or Zanpakutou talking'

"Hollow, Inner Hollow or Zanpakutou thinking"



Chapter 13 – Technique

When Bambietta arrived at the training grounds, Ichigo was sitting on the ground and seemed to be focusing on Reishi manipulation, forming various objects with his powers. Bambietta wordlessly made her way towards him and sat down beside him.

'You know, if I did have to have a stalker, I'm glad it was you.' Said Ichigo, remembering the first time he met Bambietta in a similar position.

'Again, a stalker wouldn't become your neighbour.' Said Bambietta.

'Actually, I think it makes perfect sense, short of moving into the same building, that's as close as you can get.' Said Ichigo, as he formed an apartment complex-like building with his Reishi.

'What's got you so moody?' Asked Bambietta.

'I'm starting to wonder if this was a mistake.' Said Ichigo, surprising Bambietta.

'What?' Asked Bambietta.

'Agreeing to stay here.' Admitted Ichigo.

'It isn't that bad.' Said Bambietta, only for Ichigo's Reishi construct to fizzle out.

'I've seen survival of the fittest at work, I went to Hueco Mundo and saw the Espada and other Arrancar, I get how rank can make a big difference in how people act towards each other, but this isn't that. Honestly, I feel like I should have just gone back home after finding out the truth about that bastard Tsukishima!' Said Ichigo.

'What's stopping you, His Majesty already said you could leave?' Asked Bambietta, genuinely curious why he was staying if he found the environment so intolerable.

'I could never do that to you, or Candi, besides, I said I would fix things and just leaving isn't going to solve anything.' Said Ichigo, surprising Bambietta.

'So you are putting up with being annoyed and uncomfortable for our sakes?' Asked Bambietta.

'Yeah.' Admitted Ichigo freely.

Bambietta leaned over and tried to rest her head on Ichigo's shoulder, but found herself slightly short, and instead ended up leaning against his upper arm.

'Are you okay?' Asked Ichigo.

'I'm trying to take comfort in your presence, why do you have to be so dumb sometimes?' Sighed Bambietta, as she leaned away again.

'I've never seen you need any kind of comfort.' Replied Ichigo, causing Bambietta to sigh.

'Plus you are always saying my flirting is me acting weird as well, but I was just hoping to relax a bit as well.' Said Bambietta.

Ichigo held his arm out and slowly wrapped it around Bambietta's shoulder and pulled her towards his chest.

'That's because I never think of you as the flirty type. It's weird when you try as it doesn't suit you.' Said Ichigo.

'So you are saying my flirting technique is that bad?' Asked Bambietta.

'Just when you try to copy Candice, you have your own way.' Said Ichigo.

Bambietta didn't know what to say to that, trying to think of any of her past behaviours that could have been confused for flirting and was drawing a mental blank. After a few moments of this, Bambietta just settled for taking comfort in Ichigo's embrace. Reluctantly, Bambietta decided she needed to address their last interaction in her room.

'Are you okay after meeting the others?' Asked Bambietta, and without looking up, felt Ichigo frown, as his body seemed to tense.

'I get that I probably don't know everything about you and Candi, but they make you two sound like scum.' Said Ichigo.

'Scum is probably generous, I was probably more of a sadistic psychopath, I can't really comment on what Candice was like, since we weren't even that close back then, but she had a wicked temper and a short fuse.' Admitted Bambietta.

Bambietta felt Ichigo squeeze her tighter for a moment.

'Is that still how you see yourself?' Asked Ichigo.

'Well, considering I've been restraining the urge to murder someone just to release a bit of tension, kind of.' Admitted Bambietta.

'You never had to do anything like that in Karakura Town.' Pointed out Ichigo.

'There weren't that many things pissing me off there.' Said Bambietta.

'Do you think you and Candi would be happier if we just went back?' Asked Ichigo.

'Probably, but this isn't about being happy. This is about surviving; this is about living somewhere other than the shadows.' Said Bambietta.

Ichigo sighed at this, before letting go of Bambietta and standing up, the girl righting herself, but remaining seated.

'Do you think you can make a ball of Reishi solid?' Asked Ichigo.

'That's literally my talent, but they usually explode.' Said Bambietta, creating a small ball of blue Reishi, about the size of a tennis ball.

'Can you make it bigger, like the size of a soccer ball?' Asked Ichigo, only for Bambietta's creation to expand.

'What did you have in mind?' Asked Bambietta, only for Ichigo to walk to a side of the field and shape his Reishi into a pair of posts.

'No height restrictions, but no powers either, fair.' Said Ichigo, as he moved to stand in front of the makeshift goal.

Bambietta grinned despite herself.

'Looking to get humiliated again?' Asked Bambietta as she stood up, the ball of Reishi still floating in her hand.

'If you think you are going to humiliate me this time, you've got another thing coming. I figured out you must have been boosting your strength that time!' Said Ichigo.

'True, but it wasn't by as much as you think.' Said Bambietta, letting her ball of Reishi fall to the floor, as she dribbled in closer to Ichigo.

'Then let's see what you've got.' Said Ichigo.

Bambietta smirked in response and kicked the ball high, far above any non-supernatural jumping height.

'Is that how you are going to play it?' Asked Ichigo dryly, as the ball bounced off the wall and returned to Bambietta's foot.

'No, just making a point that with the rules you set I can't really lose, but why don't we level the playing field and put a top bar on as well.' Teased Bambietta, to which Ichigo obliged, forming a crossbar.

The next kick was low along the ground but fast, meaning Ichigo had to dive and stop the ball with his body.

'Not the most graceful save, but at least you stopped it.' Said Bambietta.

'Three more then we swap.' Said Ichigo.

'In that case, I better make this one count.' Said Bambietta, booting one for the top left corner, the ball passing just over Ichigo's fingertips.

The next two Ichigo managed to save, leaving Bambietta at two goals out of five.

The first shot Ichigo kicked straight above Bambietta's head, but for a short girl, her jump was nothing to scoff at and she saved it with ease, with Bambietta holding a finger up as she threw the ball back to him. Ichigo frowned, before taking a bit more of a step back and shooting for the top right corner. Ichigo was sure even with her jump she wouldn't be able to reach it, so what happened next left him dumbfounded. Bambietta ran at the side pole of Reishi and swung around it, launching her into the air with her momentum and allowing her to catch the ball.

'That was bull!' Protested Ichigo.

'Nope, that wasn't anything Quincy related, just good old-fashioned flexibility and strength.' Said Bambietta.

'So can every Sternritter do that?' Asked Ichigo.

'Doubt it, could you imagine Gerard working a pole like me?' Asked Bambietta, causing Ichigo to cringe.

'Ugh, I did not need that mental image, just give me the ball.' Said Ichigo, rubbing the brow of his nose, before feeling the ball roll to a stop at his foot.

For his next shot, Ichigo went low, sending the ball to the right, only for it to seemingly curve to the left, getting past Bambietta, who noticed the curve too late.

'Cheap tricks aren't going to win this for you.' Said Bambietta, mildly impressed he managed to get one through after all.

'Curving the ball isn't a trick, you've clearly never seen a professional soccer match before.' Said Ichigo smugly.

'Well let me know when the next one is on, and we can watch it together.' Said Bambietta.

'Sure it's a date.' Said Ichigo, momentarily surprising Bambietta, only for the ball to pass her again.

'That was so a cheap trick!' Shouted Bambietta, as Ichigo beamed at her smugly, having tied the score.

'No it wasn't, because I meant it, you were the one who got distracted. Now are you ready for the last one?' Asked Ichigo.

'Bring it.' Said Bambietta, squatting down slightly.

Ichigo pulled his leg back and smashed the ball as hard as he could directly at Bambietta. The slender girl smiled, knowing she could stop the ball easily, only to find the ball pushed her back slightly, her arms bringing the ball to her chest to secure it.

'I win.' Said Ichigo, causing Bambietta to look at him in confusion.

'No you didn't, we tied.' Protested Bambietta.

'Look at where your feet are.' Said Ichigo.

Bambietta looked down and to the sides and found she and the ball had been pushed through the goal.

'That doesn't count!' Protested Bambietta.

'It does actually, like I said, we need to watch a proper game together, but I win.' Said Ichigo.

'Don't you know you are supposed to let the one who is feeling down win the game?' Asked Bambietta.

'Would you really want me to hold back against you? Doesn't this mean we just need to have a rematch later?' Asked Ichigo.

'You better believe it does.' Said Bambietta, crushing her Reishi construct into nothingness.

Ichigo walked over to Bambietta as the goal posts also dispersed.

'Are you feeling any better now?' Asked Ichigo.

'I was until you pulled those cheap tricks on me.' Huffed Bambietta, only for Ichigo to smile.

'I'm glad, it doesn't suit your face to look sad. Bored, grumpy, and apathetic sure, but not sad.' Said Ichigo.

'Are you insulting my face after beating me with underhanded means. Is this what they call adding insult to injury?' Snarked Bambietta.

'I didn't think it was an insult, just that you look nicer when you aren't sad.' Said Ichigo.

'Most people do.' Said Bambietta.

'True, but I don't want to see you looking sad if I can help it.' Said Ichigo.

'You better have been serious about that date.' Said Bambietta.

'Of course, I need to make sure you know how to play properly after all, for next time. Don't want you making any more excuses.' Said Ichigo with a smile.

Something suddenly seemed to click for Bambietta.

'Wait, you asked me out on a date.' Said Bambietta.

'Yeah, is there something wrong with that?' Asked Ichigo with a raised eyebrow.

Bambietta tried to put her thoughts together as she adopted a thoughtful expression.

'Wait, so that's what you think of as my flirting technique?' Asked Bambietta.

'You're a competitive person, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you can't act like someone like Candi, only that it doesn't seem to suit you as well as just having fun and being energetic.' Said Ichigo.

'So were you flirting as well then?' Asked Bambietta.

'Uh, I didn't think that I was. Did it seem like I was?' Asked Ichigo, only for Bambietta to laugh.

'I mean you did ask me on a date.' Said Bambietta.

'Well I do like spending time with you as well.' Said Ichigo, causing Bambietta to huff.

'And you don't consider that flirting either?' Asked Bambietta.

'Uh… no, I was just being honest, you're fun to hang around with when you are in a good mood, even more fun when you are feeling competitive.' Said Ichigo.

'In that case, we need to work on your flirting technique because how else am I supposed to know if you are into me?' Declared Bambietta.

'I thought I just said that I was?' Questioned Ichigo in confusion.

'As a friend. You don't flirt with all of your friends, do you?' Asked Bambietta.

'Well if complimenting them counts as flirting, then maybe.' Said Ichigo in confusion, causing Bambietta to slap her face in frustration.

'Fine, tomorrow, me and Candi need to teach about flirting. Can't believe this is the lesson you need to learn at this stage.' Grumbled Bambietta.

'Why do both of you need to help?' Asked Ichigo.

'Because you can clearly tell when Candi is flirting with you, but not when I am, so you need to compare and contrast.' Said Bambietta.

'Wait, Candice has been flirting with me too? I thought she was just teasing me.' Said Ichigo, causing Bambietta to slap both of her hands to her face.

'Fuck me! Are you seriously telling me you had no idea both of us were into you?' Asked Bambietta.

'Umm, I mean I could tell we got along well and liked spending time with each other.' Said Ichigo, causing Bambietta to sigh.

'Well this does explain why neither of us made any progress with you, now I don't feel so self-conscious anymore.' Mumbled Bambietta.

'Is everything okay?' Asked Ichigo.

'It will be, after Candi and I knock some sense into you. Come on, let's go find her then go to your room.' Said Bambietta.

'Well don't just stand there, do you want other people finding you out here?' Said Bambietta rhetorically, grabbing Ichigo's hand and dragging him away.

As Ichigo let Bambietta drag him away, he realised that this was the first time Bambietta had held his hand.

'Is this flirting?' Asked Ichigo.

'W-what?' Asked Bambietta in confusion.

'You're holding my hand; you've never done that before.' Said Ichigo.

'Seriously, that's all I needed to do, unbelievable. No this wasn't flirting; I was just trying to get you out of there as soon as possible. Grabbing something else would probably be considered flirting.' Said Bambietta.

'You can't do that in public!' Whispered Ichigo in embarrassment.

'Well who knew, you do have dirty thoughts after all, but I actually meant grabbing your arm, or something like touching your chest. Grabbing your third leg is a bit too heavy to be considered just flirting.' Said Bambietta.

'Oh, sorry for jumping to conclusions then.' Said Ichigo, picking up his pace so Bambietta wasn't dragging him so much.

Finally arriving at the door with the stylised "T", Bambi quickly knocked on the door.

'Candi, let us in already.' Said Bambietta, only for the door to open moments later, with Bambietta barging into Candice's room.

'Geez, what's the rush?' Asked Candice, as she closed the door, before watching as Bambietta manhandled Ichigo and shoved him into one of the armchairs.

'He still thinks we are teasing him!' Said Bambietta.

'I mean we were at the start.' Said Candice.

'Not at the start, now, he still thinks we are just teasing him now.' Said Bambietta.

'I think he's figured it out by now though. Ichigo, when we were talking earlier, you know I was flirting with you, right?' Asked Candice.

'You were?' Asked Ichigo in confusion.

'Ichigo, if a girl as good looking as me offers to show you her tits, you better believe that means they like you… and didn't we talk about settling down together after that as well?' Asked Candice.

'I thought you were asking me to set you up with Chad when everything was over.' Said Ichigo.

'A bag of rocks would have picked up on the fact that I meant I wanted to settle down with you after everything settles down.' Said Candice, palming her face.

'See! At least he realises when you are teasing him though, whenever I try to tease or flirt with him, he just says I am acting weird.' Added Bambietta, somewhat calmer now that it seemed he had even missed out on some obvious cues from Candice.

'Hmm, this is a problem. Ichigo, what do you think is the difference between teasing, flirting, and showing that you like someone?' Asked Candice.

'Well teasing is obviously when you talk about taking your clothes off. From what Bambietta said on the way here, I guess flirting is when you make contact with someone. I'm not sure how to show someone that you like them, kissing them I guess.' Said Ichigo.

'Oh, is that it, then that makes things easy.' Said Candice, before walking over to Ichigo, straddling him, and pulling his face towards her as she locked lips with him.

Ichigo felt tingles over his skin at the intimate gesture and had to wonder if Candice's powers had anything to do with it. As the kiss started to deepen though, Ichigo felt something within him awaken and kissed back with a ferocity, surprising even Candice as he lifted her up, never breaking his lip lock. Candice for her part wrapped her legs around his waist so he didn't drop her on the floor, before feeling his right hand softly comb through her hair, while his left wrapped around her waist. Eventually, the need for air became too much and Candice pulled her head back, looking dazed but pleased.

'Why didn't I do this earlier?' Asked Candice, as she let her legs unwrap and stood on her own two feet again.

'Hey, I'm right here, what about me?' Asked Bambietta, only to see Ichigo turn an almost predatory glare on her that made her shiver.

Ichigo moved over to Bambietta and leaned down as he wrapped his arms around her back and angled her head up, planting a searing lip-lock on the girl. Bambietta felt all the tension in her body fade before something else started to emerge. Bambietta then pulled Ichigo down further, throwing him slightly off balance as she pushed his head back and tried to dominate him, only to find them both at a stalemate. After a few moments, Bambietta just decided to surrender to the bliss she was feeling and wrapped her arms and legs around the body of the Karakura native, loving the closeness. Eventually the kiss broke, but Bambietta had lost feeling in her legs from how tightly she had been holding on to Ichigo, so she needed to be carried across to the sofa.

'That was…' Started Ichigo.

'Electrifying?' Supplied Candice.

'Explosive?' Suggested Bambietta.

'Nice.' Said Ichigo, causing both girls to laugh.

'Well, I guess that is true.' Said Candice, with Bambietta nodding in amusement.

'Why the sudden change?' Asked Bambietta.

'I have a hunch, but I'm not sure… I'll need to check something later… so both of you like me… how is that going to work?' Asked Ichigo.

'We can share, even though Bambi hates sharing.' Said Candice.

'Yeah, knowing you, if we don't, you'd reject us both because you wouldn't want to hurt one of us over choosing the other.' Said Bambietta.

'Am I really that obvious?' Asked Ichigo.

'Well, if we are going to be your girlfriends, it would make sense that we know how you think.' Answered Candice.

'I have to ask though, why me?' Asked Ichigo.

'Oh man, seriously, can we just have sex already, how many more obvious questions are you going to expect answers for?' Asked Bambietta.

'Fine, one question that isn't obvious. Did you mean that, or was that flirting, or teasing?' Asked Ichigo, causing Bambietta to open her eyes and sit forward.

'Probably was all three depending on your answer.' Said Bambietta.

'In that case, can we maybe start slow. I'd probably prefer to have a date or two before we get to something like that, especially since I've only found out today that you both like me more than friends.' Said Ichigo nervously.

'That's fine with me, besides, you've already made our first date.' Said Bambietta.

'Well I mean that was supposed to be a friend date.' Said Ichigo.

'There isn't that much of a difference, but expect a lot more touching and kissing.' Said Bambietta.

'You've got a date planned already, what about me?' Asked Candice.

'I mean you could join us I guess, but we were planning to watch soccer.' Said Ichigo.

'Hey, no doubling up, or are you trying to get to the fun stuff even quicker!' Protested Bambietta.

'Yeah, I don't think I'd enjoy watching soccer for an hour and a half and probably spend the time trying to make out with you. Can we have a cooking and dinner date instead, you've not tried anything other than my baking so far?' Asked Candice.

'If that's what you want, sure.' Said Ichigo, causing Candice to smile.

'Hey, what about you, this isn't just about us, what do you want to do with your girlfriends, other than have sex with us at some point?' Asked Bambietta.

'Well, considering what we're leading up to, could we just do something simple like a sleepover and some board games or something. I've not really had the chance to spend too much time with either of you just relaxing, it's always been school, or fighting, or something else.' Said Ichigo.

'Well I don't wear a top when I sleep so my hair doesn't get caught.' Said Candice.

'And I don't wear underwear, I don't like being all tied up.' Added Bambietta.

'Um, can we work up to that first. I already know both of you are good looking and was hoping we could focus on other things first.' Said Ichigo.

'I guess we can make some concessions if we both get to sleep over.' Said Candice.

'Well that's what you do in a sleepover.' Said Ichigo.

'In the same bed though, right?' Said Bambietta, causing Candice to nod.

'If you promise to wear clothes then.' Said Ichigo.

'Deal, but you're not allowed to wear a shirt.' Said Candice.

'Can I wear my singlet then?' Asked Ichigo.

'I'll allow it.' Said Bambietta, after sharing a look with Candice.

'So now that all of that is sorted, why don't I take you to your room, although I guess it will be our room tonight.' Said Candice.

'Tonight? I don't have anything ready for a sleepover yet.' Protested Ichigo.

'Today can be an actual sleepover, just sleep. The feeling of your arms around me was electric, I've never felt so alive.' Said Candice.

'To be fair, even just being held by you was an amazing feeling, like all the tension that had been building up just faded away to nothing.' Added Bambietta.

'Well I guess I can't really say no to that then.' Conceded Ichigo.

'Fine, let me get some clothes and things packed, then we can head to Bambi's and go to your new place after.' Said Candice.

'Okay then.' Said Ichigo, sitting on the armchair across from Bambietta.

'You know I bought lace underwear for you.' Said Bambietta as Candice packed her bag.

'W-Why?' Asked Ichigo.

'Did you already forget the first time I tried flirting with you? You thought I was acting weird; I was trying to make you notice my sex appeal.' Said Bambietta.

'Oh, sorry. I was confused at seeing you wearing something like that.' Said Ichigo.

'Well now that you know I was flirting, what did you think?' Asked Bambietta.

'About the clothes?' Asked Ichigo.

'About me!' Stressed Bambietta.

'I mean, didn't the kiss explain it?' Asked Ichigo.

'Sometimes it is just nice to hear things being said out loud.' Said Bambietta.

'Oh, well I definitely noticed more of you that day, I was just confused as to why, but I'll admit I was surprised at what you were managing to hide.' Said Ichigo.

'Good things come in small packages after all.' Smirked Bambietta.

'Yeah, yeah, short and stacked, like a bunch of pancakes.' Quipped Candice.

'Don't be jealous you look like your letter, top heavy and long.' Retorted Bambietta.

'Jealous? I happen to like looking like this, it gives me more to show off. Most models dream of a figure like mine.' Said Candice.

'Yeah and most models have half a brain.' Retorted Bambietta.

'Well you seem to be managing okay, so why can't they?' Teased Candice.

'Um, before things get too heated, is there a reason the two of you insult each other so much, you are friends, right?' Asked Ichigo.

'It's just banter really, we aren't pushing any real buttons, Gigi or Lili are usually the ones who do that.' Said Bambietta.

'Yeah, I mean if I really wanted to insult Bambi, I'd say something about her abandonment issues.' Said Candice.

'And I'd say something about how Candi's hair is the same colour as toxic sludge.' Added Bambietta.

'But we're not really trying to piss each other off right now.' Finished Candice.

'I don't understand this at all… but maybe I should just focus on the difference between flirting and teasing for now. Seems like I've got enough issues there.' Said Ichigo, shaking his head in confusion.

'That's the smartest thing you've said today. Now let's get going.' Said Candice, a small suitcase in hand.

'You need that much stuff for one night?' Asked Ichigo in disbelief.

'Hey, it takes a lot of work to look this good.' Said Candice.

'I mean, I'm sure you'd still look good without a suitcase worth of things.' Said Ichigo.

'Oh you sweet talker, I can't wait until we get up to more fun things to do, I'll remember this.' Said Candice, sending Ichigo a wink.

'Geez, you just throw compliments out to Candice, and I have to specifically ask for them, what a bad deal.' Said Bambietta.

'I mean, I did say you look very nice when you don't look sad.' Said Ichigo.

'That isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of my looks you know.' Said Bambietta.

'Would it help that on the first day we had you over I didn't have any unpleasant dreams that night?' Asked Ichigo.

'Unpleasant? So, you mean you were having bad dreams and I made you forget all about them?' Asked Bambietta with a smirk beginning to form.

'In a way.' Replied Ichigo.

'So what did you dream about?' Asked Bambietta.

'Nothing crazy, just the two of us playing soccer and enjoying each other's company.' Admitted Ichigo, causing Bambietta's smirk to fade.

'That isn't really a dream then, you were just remembering what happened.' Said Bambietta, sounding slightly disappointed.

'No it wasn't, it was a dream, because some details were different.' Said Ichigo.

'Like what, you actually winning?' Scoffed Bambietta.

'No, you were still playing in your other outfit.' Said Ichigo, causing Bambietta to laugh.

'Well now I'm glad that I kept it. If you liked it that much, I'll wear it to our date.' Said Bambietta as Ichigo nervously scratched his cheek.

'I mean, you did look good in the singlet and shorts too, probably anything you wear would look good.' Admitted Ichigo.

'Well now I feel much better about myself, and you said you didn't know about flirting.' Said Bambietta.

'I was flirting? I was just being honest though.' Questioned Ichigo.

'Careful, you'll make Bambi get a swelled head if you keep complimenting her like that and she won't be able to fit through the doorway.' Teased Candice.

'There is only one head that is going to get swelled if this keeps up and it won't be mine.' Said Bambietta.

'Well in that case, we should probably get Bambi's things before she jumps on you and has her way with you.' Said Candice.

'What, why would she do that?' Asked Ichigo.

'Well Ichigo, there is only so much sweet talking we can endure before we need to repay the favour.' Said Candice.

'But you did say you wanted to take things slow, so we can wait.' Added Bambietta causing Candice to look at her in shock.

'Wow Ichigo, you've made the most impulsive girl here learn restraint, I didn't think it was possible.' Joked Candice.

'Laugh it up, let's get going already.' Said Bambietta, jumping out of the armchair.

The trio then exited Candice's room with the girl locking it behind her, before they made their way to Bambietta's room. Bambietta grabbed a small bag from her bathroom with some toiletries and rummaged through her closet for a white singlet top and a pair of blue shorts, along with a set of blue underwear.

'Let's get going then.' Said Bambietta.

'That's it?' Asked Candice in disbelief.

'Sorry Candi, some of just naturally look good without needing to put in so much extra effort.' Teased Bambietta.

Candice growled momentarily, before giving a huff and turning her head away.

'So where to from here Candi, since you are the only one who knows where Ichigo's domain is?' Asked Bambietta.

'Yeah, follow me, and trust me, we are going to want to be quick.' Said Candice.

The trio made their way to an area the female Sternritters did not have reason to go to before.

'They gave you a domain near "K", for Kurosaki I'm guessing. Hope you get a better place once you get a Schrift.' Said Bambietta, as the trio quickly entered the room and locked the door behind them.

'Why, is there something wrong with this area?' Asked Ichigo.

'Just that it's too close to Sternritter L.' Said Bambietta.

'What's wrong with them?' Asked Ichigo.

'Remember that guy and his two friends that we beat up that one time?' Asked Candice.

'You mean Yamada?' Asked Ichigo.

'Didn't bother to remember his name, but probably. This guy is like him, but his power can help him back it up.' Said Candice.

'What, he has a power that makes people like someone who acts like an idiot?' Asked Ichigo, causing Candice to laugh and Bambietta to snort in amusement.

'Unfortunately pretty much. Gigi hates him because his power can override her power to an extent as well.' Said Bambietta.

'Okay, last time I'm going to ask this, but seriously, does anyone here actually get along?' Asked Ichigo.

'Depends what you mean by getting along. If you mean not wanting to kill each other, yeah, most of us get along, but we aren't all friends with each other either.' Said Bambietta.

'Yeah, honestly, your best bet is just being on your guard until you get to know someone first. I'm more surprised how well you get along with Gerard, he is kind of a weirdo really and doesn't talk with the other Sternritters much.' Said Candice.

'Why's that, Gerard seems like a fun guy to hang out with?' Asked Ichigo.

'Well, you kind of hit the nail on the head, he is a guy. There is also a secondary reason we stick with Bambi, and she is our unofficial leader?' Said Candice.

'Unofficial?' Questioned Ichigo.

'It'd be fair to say that Bambi is the strongest out of all of us individually and she holds the most respect here. So, by being a part of her group, we are protected, that's why all the girls here stick together.' Said Candice.

'Most of the girls.' Corrected Bambietta.

'Oh yeah, there are a couple of others out there, but they have their own deal.' Agreed Candice.

'Is there like a regular meeting or something or a place where I will meet the others?' Asked Ichigo.

'Well, you'll probably see most of them at breakfast tomorrow. At least most of the normal ones.' Said Candice.

'Yeah, but like we said, you should probably keep your guard up for now. Even though you didn't get off to the best start, you can trust Lili, Gigi and Meni as well… I suppose for you at least you can trust Gerard, and Haschwalth seems to actually find you interesting, but everyone else you should be careful of.' Said Bambietta.

Ichigo frowned but nodded.

'So what now then?' Asked Ichigo.

'Bedtime.' Said Candice and Bambietta in unison, causing Ichigo to blush.