Author's Note: Ok, I have always wondered about what ever happened to princess Calia Menethil, so I decided to write a story about her. By the way, I realised that I've been writing Lord Daval Prestor's name wrong. I will try to rectify the mistake. It is of course Non-Canon and AU, since no one knows the poor princess's true fate and wareabouts.

Tragic Wedding

Fighting for my life again. It seems to be a norm noways. Just when I think that I am safe, that everything is going to be alright, tragedy strikes. How many times has this happened before? Three? Four? Five? Definitely more than what a single person should ever experience in a life time. That is if your name is not Calia Menethil. Since my eighteenth birthday, all I ever do is count the tragedies that have struck my short life.

It all started with my wedding. I had caught the eye of the heir to the throne of Alterac, Lord Daval Prestor. He was not the legitimate son of King Aiden Perenholde, the ruler of Alterac who had sired a daughter Mia, now married to Genn Greymane, the king of Gilneas. It came as a surprise to everyone when Prestor appeared at my father's court three years prior to our wedding, claiming to be the long lost bastard son of the king of Alterac. The aged king's mind had started to deteriorate rapidly after his wife's death five years ago, and he couldn't admit nor deny the young noble's claim. The Priests' and Magi's spells confirmed Prestor's paternity, but the lords of Alterac would still not accept him, since ruling in Perenholde's place, had filled their gold chests to the brim. Father offered him sanctuary and agreed to help him reclaim his throne. During his time at the palace of Lordaeron, the twenty year old noble had pursued me relentlessly, until I succumbed to his advances and agreed to become his wife.

On my seventeenth birthday, I was walking down the isle of the Lordaeron Cathedral of Light, my right arm wrapped on my brother's elbow. Arthas was very nervous, he was only fifteen, it was the first time he ever took part in a formal ceremony, and didn't want to fail Father who was sitting on a throne next to Mother, both looking very regal and proud for my choice. After what seamed like hours, Arthas presented me to Prestor and glared at him. He didn't like him one bit, he could see what I, Father and Mother failed to see back then. He was an impostor, and not even Human. The wedding was a blur, the reception, even more so. And then came the wedding night. And reality struck. I was a sheltered, pampered and spoiled Princess, I only knew what my mother allowed my healer to explain to me. It sounded degrading and somewhat disgusting, but the Priestess assured me that the initial pain and discomfort gave way to pleasure. And babies came out of that. Prestor was very gentle and considerate, he eased my way to the world of adults, and nine months later, my son was born. Edmond had inherited Prestor's black eyes and hair. We had long since moved to Alterac, Perenholde had died at the age of one hundred, and the Alterac nobles scattered the moment they heard that the deceased king's son and his royal consort were coming to rule Alterac accompanied by five thousand Lordaeron Paladins, Warriors and foot soldiers. Mother travelled with us to provide support during my first pregnancy and be there for the birth. Father and Arthas came much later and left immediately after Edmond's naming ceremony, whereas mother stayed until he became three months old.

Alas, she should have left with them, they would have provided her with proper protection. But she had decided to tour all the major towns on her way back. While travelling towards Tarren Mill, her caravan was ambushed by Ogres, who killed off all the guards and abducted the rest. Ogre captivity was notorious, those who were not strong enough to work in their mines, were slaughtered and eaten by them. No one expected to find any of them alive. Only a very young squire survived by climbing up a tree and crawling into a cavity large enough to hide her and small enough for them not to notice it among the branches and the foliage. She waited for them to head towards the Hinterlands, then climbed down and run to Tarren Mill to sound the alarm. But it was too late. Lord Uther and his Paladins, Prince Muradin and his Warriors, and an entire regiment of Rangers led by Lorthemar Theron himself, courtesy of King Anasterian, combed the Hinterlands, even ventured as far as the Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, but found no trace of them. I was devastated, Arthas more so, but we understood. Short of committing genocide against every Ogre in the Eastern Kingdoms, there was no way to discover what had happened to our mother. So we endured the pain, and it eventually dulled a little.

Time passed and I was now twenty years old. The kingdom prospered under Prestor's rule and my counsel. Edmond grew strong and beautiful. We were happy. I dared to hope that this bliss was going to last forever. I was wrong. They came from the North. They were many and massive. They wanted Prestor, only Prestor to surrender to them. The rest of us were of no importance to them. How can someone deny hundreds of fire breathing dragons? Prestor went out to meet them.

"Leave!", he shouted at them, "I am doing nothing wrong here, I have gotten better, I have a new human family now, and people to rule. We are all prospering, we have no need of your interference". The leader of the group, a massive red dragon shook her head and transformed into a horned High Elf. She approached Prestor and put her hand on his shoulder.

"No Neltharion, you are not well yet, you are coming with us. We are going to help you, my brother. The black dragonflight has been corrupted by N'Zoth, but we will cure you from it.", she said. Prestor pushed her off him.

"NO, ALEXESTRAZA", he roared, "I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH YOU, AND STAY AWAY FROM MY BRETHREN", he transformed into an even larger dragon than his sister, but black of color, and flew high and away towards the west, the rest of dragons chasing after him. I was shocked, we all were. My husband, the ruler of Alterac, the bastard son of Perenholde was not even human, let alone the heir to the throne. He was a dragon of all things. 'But how could he possibly sire Human children?', I wondered out loud. Arthas just shrugged his shoulders. He run to my side the moment I sent my father the news. The answer came from Prince Kael'Thas Sunstrider, the Kirin'Tor and Quel'Thalas representative, who travelled to Alterac along with other representatives from the neighboring realms to offer their support.

"Dragons are very powerfully magical creatures, your Majesty.", his calm, cultured, and pleasant voice filled the throne room, where I sat on the throne my husband sat only a week ago. Arthas was standing next to me holding my hand. "Neltharion is the leader of the black dragonflight, the aspect of Earth. He is over twenty thousand years old, he has sired thousands of children with dragons mostly, but with many other races as well. Magical cross breeding is obviously not beyond the aspects' grasp. Your son has dragon's blood running through his veins, he is bound to become very special.", he explained.

"Do you believe that he might grow to become dangerous, Prince Kael'Thas?", Arthas asked.

"No one can know that, Prince Arthas. One usually becomes dangerous and perhaps evil if he or she is not brought up right. Nurture plays a very important part. I am certain that Queen Calia will raise the child right, and he will grow to become a great champion of the Eastern Kingdoms. Corruption from outside influences could also affect the person, but a proper environment should protect him or her, and prevent a bad outcome. After all, Neltharion used to be good, until he was corrupted by the old god N'Zoth. That is why he is better known now as Deathwing. But with the proper guidance, Edmond will not follow his father's path. By what the Queen, the nobles and people have told us, it appears that Neltharion was trying to redeem him self for his past sins. His rule over Alterac was exemplary, and so was his treatment towards the Queen and his son.", he told my brother, trying very hard to hide his dislike for the "bratty whelp", as he called him when he was surrounded by his closest friends. How could he not, Arthas has stolen from him the only Human female he had ever loved. All of Kael's previous lovers had been Elven females from all class specializations and stations in life. Jaina was an huge exception for him. Her extraordinary beauty, her superior intellect, her superb magical talent caught his attention. And her sweet innocence and kindness sealed the deal for him. The more he got to know her, the more infatuated he became. But she was only sixteen, a mere child, and he was several centuries old. That caused him to fall into great self doubt. How can he fall in love with a mere child? He loathed him self for that. But he loathed Arthas even more, because he, unlike him, could court, touch, kiss, and even bed her, without being branded a sick bastard. Of course I didn't know all that then. To me he was just a kind and very helpful High Elven gentleman who offered his knowledge and assistance to everyone who required it. And he wasn't bad at all to look at either. In fact, he was the most beautiful male I had ever laid my eyes upon. His eyes had large pupils just like all Elves, and they were of the bluest kind I have ever seen. They gleamed like saphires. His hair was even more golden than mine and Arthas', long straight and silky, framing his perfect face and falling gracefully down his shoulders. He was tall, but not as tall as Arthas, or as bulky. Arthas was huge, even for Human standards, Kael was lean and tall, but not lanky and awkward like the Darkspear Trolls, but muscular and elegant. Arthas noticed that I was gawking at him and coughed lightly. I recovered quickly, and spoke.

"Thank you Prince Kael'Thas, please join us for dinner and stay a while. My people will have many questions and it would be best if an expert explained it to them. I believe a month should do, or perhaps longer", I graciously offered hospitality to him.

"Thank you, your Majesty! I will be happy to remain here and offer my help for as long as it is needed.", Kael bowed his head and smiled at me.

I like Elves, I have always found rapport with them. I showed great talent in archery from a very early age, so Father brought the best Ranger instructors from Quel'Thalas to tutor me and even sent me to the Farstriders' retreat for many summers to learn from Halduron Brightwing himself. And I excelled at it, Halduron was very proud of me. Even Lorthemar Theron was impressed and told Sylvanas Windrunner, the Ranger General about me. She observed me very closely, tested me to no end, until she finally approved. I could be a Ranger were I not Human and a princess from a different realm. Nathanos Marris was enough for one life time. A second Human in the Rangers ranks would cause a riot. But I parted from them with the title of "Honourary Ranger Captain", and with great gifts. Sylvanas gave me a bow, the likes of which I have never seen or used before. It was a masterpiece, a powerful relic from the past made for high ranking Rangers! Lor'themar gave me a beautifully crafted quiver, magically enchanted to never run out of arrows. It was filled with the most beautiful and deadly arrows I have ever seen.

"They are made of mithril, but are coated with pure silver that never rusts or becomes blunt, just in case you run into Worgen.", the gorgeous Elf winked at me.

"What is a Worgen?", I asked confused. Halduron snorted.

"Pay no attention to him, little huntress. Worgen were creatures created by dark Druids many thousands of years ago right before the "Sundering" to battle the demons of the Burning Legion. They were half Elven and Half Worg. They helped a lot against the demons, but eventually became too difficult to control, and started to attack the Kaldorei as well. They were eventually put down and their creators were severely punished. But that threat ended ten thousand years ago, there are none left anymore, they have long since died.", Halduron explained to me.

"Indeed, you do not need to worry about them anymore, young Calia, Lor'themar, is just trying to be funny in his own strange way.", Sylvanas piped in and smacked her husband's shoulder affectionately. Lor'themar let out a fake grunt of pain and rubbed his shoulder. Halduron's gift was even more precious to me. He went out in the Eversong Woods by himself when I first started my summer apprenticeship with him, and caught a pair of springpaw Lynxes. Part of my duties was to tend for these animals, raise and train them. And five years later, he presented them to me as his parting gift.

"Take them, little huntress. They are yours, you raised them, you trained them, you hunted with them. They recognize you as their true mistress. Treat them well and you will have their unending love and loyalty for the rest of their lives. They will bring you many more cubs in the years to come, and soon you will have a whole pack to breed and train. You will find them very useful.", he told me.

"Thank you Halduron, I love them both, I am very honored that you actually entrusted them with me.", I hugged him, reveling at his awkwardness. He disliked Humans with a passion, he regarded them as unworthy to join the ranks of the Farstriders. I was the only Human he liked and tolerated having around. He patted my head and I let him go.

"Yes, well, let me escort you to the portal chamber, I am certain that your family is eager to see you again.", he smiled softly, and mounted his Hawkstrider. I mounted one too, and we rode back to Silvermoon city, our conversation revolving mostly around archery, hunting tips and proper Lynx maintenance. I stopped by the throne room, and payed my respects to King Anasterian, thanking him for allowing me the opportunity to train and ride with the Farstriders. He smiled at me and told me to give his regards to my parents and Arthas. I then took the portal home. Six months later, I was married to Prestor and three months pregnant, leaving all thoughts and dreams of creating a Human Ranger order in Lordaeron behind me.

It was a week after Prestor's disappearance that I received the grim and devastating news. A destroyer from Kul'Tiras ventured too close to the Maelstrom, and the sailors witnessed a great battle raging between dragons. In fact there were many red, blue, green, and bronze colored dragons attacking a very large black one. The black one was severely injured, he was bleeding profusely from many different wounds around his body, the most severe one being his jaw, which was almost gone. Unable to continue to fly and fight, the injured dragon spiraled down the sky out of control and plunged in the middle of the Maelstrom with a blood curling wail of pain. I was devastated, no one could survive that, not even a dragon. So I was a widow! My husband, my king, the father of my child was gone. I felt like someone had thrown buckets of ice water at me. I could not breath, I felt like a noose was constricting my neck. But I could not fall apart right now. That would come later. I was the Queen of Alterac, and my people were going to look up to me for support and guidance. So I steeled my self, sat up straight on the throne and accepted the condolences that poured in from the nobles, my people and from every realm in the Eastern Kingdoms. Arthas was my rock during that time. He stood right next to me, his large form and Light filled aura providing me with all the support and comfort I needed to get through those dark days. In the night, after everyone would leave, and after I kissed my son goodnight, I would always fall apart in my bedchamber. But Arthas was always there to pick me up, carry me to the bed and hold me as I sobbed my self to sleep. He would then cover me with my blanket, kiss my forehead, and prop himself on a chair next to the bed, watching over me as I slept. Kael'Thas stayed during these dark days as well, providing his help and support any way he could. I really appreciated that, he was such a noble soul. I was very touched when he became cross with one of the nobles who came to challenge my reign as the Queen Regent for my son. Unfortunately, the noble was right. We held no real claim to the throne, Prestor was an impostor, and a dragon aspect. It was up to Queen Mia now to come her self or send one of her children to rule Alterac. But no one came. They preferred the isolation of Gilneas. And Mia was disowned when she chose to follow her husband, when he seceded Gilneas from the old Alliance and built the great Greymane wall. So a Viceroy took the throne. He did not rule for long.

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