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White Void

"Oooh, this one could be very fun."

I frown at that, "I know that tone of voice. I use that tone of voice! You're going to screw me over!"

"No, nooooo… well, potentially. This universe is probably one of the more dangerous places for you to go, but it's also not impossible to game. You just have to be a little smarter than usual. Maybe try for some subtlety instead of brute forcing your way through with mind control and overwhelming strength. Think you can do that?"

I scowl and cross my arms, feeling like every bit of the petulant child I must look like, "… Of course I can."

"Good! Because there are totally beings in this universe that could probably erase you from reality! Well, their reality. If that does actually happen, I'll just pull you back here and lock away access to that universe for ya. Kinda like an Iron Man mode of sorts!"

I nod slowly, "That's fine by me… you're not going to tell me where you're sending me, are you?"

"Haha, nope! That's part of the fun. Also, going to be changing things up a bit. First of all, there aren't any vampires or werewolves where you're going, and you've practically transcended both of those races by this point anyways. So, when you feed someone your blood and then kill them, they'll just come back as hybrids instead! Oh and I'm going to go ahead and nerf your compulsion a bit, because let's be honest, it became a bit of a crutch for you."

"So instead of being permanent, your compulsions will last a few days at best, and if you try to keep compelling the same person over and over again, they'll gain a resistance to it! Oh, and no more essay commands, let's keep it down to single sentence compulsions only. Just like that acronym K.I.S.S.! Keep it simple silly!"

I stare at the white void for a long moment, "… Are… are you on drugs? Can you even GET high? You can't possibly be able to get high. You're just fucking with me aren't you?"

"Partially, yeah. I'm also a little giddy though. My one true waifu is in the universe I'm sending you to! I'm quite confident you'll figure out who that is quickly enough, considering we're derived from the same base human!"

I blink at that, "Right… can I go now?"

"So impatient! But yes, you can go. Have fun.~"

I just shake my head as a portal opens before me. I waste no time in stepping through, if only to escape the Omnipotent version of me as quickly as possible.


January 2011, Virginia

When I came out of the portal, it was to find myself in an empty dead end alley. Exiting said alley casually, I quickly got my bearings and discovered that I was in Virginia of all places. That didn't exactly help, but finding a magazine stand did. On the cover of TIME was a Person of the Year that I recognized very well. Tony Stark's smug smirking face stared back at me and the caption to the side of him read 'Why Tony Stark Will Save The World'.

Well now, if that wasn't a clear indication of where I was, I didn't know what was. Still, the sun was beginning to set and I was beginning to get hungry. Wandering around for a little while longer, I discovered that there was actually a University nearby. More importantly, there was a night club near that that the university students frequented.

Grinning, I compelled my way inside and set about looking for a lovely coed to seduce, drink, and crash with for the night. Watching the groups of females like a lion hunting gazelle I was almost ready to walk up and pull one of the ditzy blonde bombshells away from her herd when my eyes fell on a familiar figure sitting at the bar looking around herself.

I can't help myself, smiling I approach and sidle up alongside her, "Well hello there. I couldn't help noticing you're my type. Thought I'd come and see if I'm yours. Can I buy you a drink?"

Darcy Lewis turns to me with an appraising eye and immediately does a double take, "What are you wearing?"

I look down at my Kemiya Armor and chuckle. I can see why it wouldn't exactly fit in here. Parts of it are made from materials that came back from other worlds after all, and the outfit is a combination of futuristic fashion and supernatural runes, "Why? Do you not like it?"

She snorts at that before eventually seeming to decide she at least likes what she sees, smirking ever so slightly, "Does that line you opened with ever work for you?"

I grin back, showing off my pearly whites, "Oh, all the time. And when it doesn't, I just resort to using my special brand of mind control to get my way."

This causes her to laugh, "Oooh, a man who takes what he wants are you? I suppose one drink can't hurt."

I order another of what she already has in front of her as well as one for myself and we begin to talk. She seems to enjoy my outlandish stories, so I give her more of that, detailing some of the crazier things I've gotten up to in my life.

It's clear she doesn't believe a word I'm saying, but she seems to enjoy my creativity, because five drinks later she places her hand over mine and leads me out of the bar without even being compelled. Darcy leads me back to her dorm, which it seems she has a private room in given the single bed in her room. Pushing me towards the bed, I raise an eyebrow as I sit down and she climbs into my lap.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she kisses me, and we begin to get into heavy foreplay. Just as I'm considering sliding my mouth from her lips down to her neck and quenching my current thirst, she pulls back from me and frowns as she looks at me.

"Alright big boy, this is the point where you ravage me. Frankly, your flirting was weak. Only reason I brought you back here was because of that dangerous glint in your eyes. If it turns out you're the soft gentle type, you can go, I've got pillows who that act just as well."

I blink at that, before raising both eyebrows and placing my hands on her hips, drawing her a bit closer as I stare into her eyes and speak with a low growl undertoning my words, "And what exactly would you like me to do to you sweetheart?"

She grins back at me and speaks as sultry as possible, "I want you to wreck me."

I laugh and in a flash she's laying on the bed and I'm standing over her. Things after that proceed much faster, as my clothing comes off faster than should really be possible, and I set about tearing Darcy's apart to get at her beautiful soft body. Tearing her panties with my teeth, I pull her hips up and dive in to her wet cunt, my tongue working skillfully to bring her to a quick and vocal climax.

As she's recovering from that I get on my knees and pull her legs up further, resting them on my shoulders and pulling her ass slightly off the bed as I line up and press my cock into her ready and waiting entrance, plunging in with abandon and doing my best to give the raven haired coed exactly what she asked for.

One hand groping her breast and the other frigging her clit, Darcy looks up at me with an almost permanent O face as she orgasms again, my thick prick hitting her insides in all the right places to send her over the edge repeatedly. Eventually I pull out of her and paint her heaving breasts and stomach with my seed, string after string landing on her as I let her legs fall to the bed.

She just lays there panting, eyes still wide as she stares up at the ceiling, "H-holy crap…"

I just smile and grab her hips, turning her over onto her front and pulling her to her hands and knees. She moans as I do so, looking back and managing to give a grin through heavily lidded eyes, "Mmm, ready for more already?"

I answer her by slamming my still hard length home into her tight passage, going into round two with gusto even as she groans and lays her head down on the pillow in front of her, letting her front rest on the bed as I plow into her raised ass.

Leaning over her, I take a handful of her hair in my hand and suddenly pull, bringing her up with me and placing her back against my chest as I plunge into her from below, the hand holding her hair transitioning to her chin, a finger slowly pushing between her lips. She sucks dutifully on it, even as I lean in to her exposed neck.

As my fangs come out, the hand on her chin is suddenly covering her mouth and I'm biting down, drinking her blood even as I continue to fuck her. She of course screams in pain, but my hand muffles that even as I drink my fill of her. I stop well short of killing her and pull away from her neck to nibble at her ear, still holding my hand over her mouth.

"Shhh, it's okay darling. You're okay. You did want me to ravage you after all. Here, drink a bit of this."

Pulling my hand from her mouth for a single moment, I bite my finger, drawing a bit of blood. Sticking the finger into Darcy's mouth, she chokes a bit but is forced to drink my blood, causing her to regain any of the color she'd lost and go back to panting from pleasure instead of fear as the bite on her neck heals up easily.

I grin and let her fall back onto her front, even as I pull out of her and cover her back in another load of my cum. I'm such a generous lover. Leaning over her exhausted body, I murmur in her ear, "Thank you for the service Darcy. I hope I didn't fail to deliver that danger you were looking for."

Slowly coming off the bed, I dress casually and then take the time to tuck Darcy in before heading out for the night. I'm not much of a cuddler.

I barely get out of the dorm when I'm jumped by special forces. What I can only imagine is tranquilizer or some sort of knock out drug is injected into my left arm even as a black burlap sack is shoved over my head from the right. I go slack and allow myself to be dragged away, having plenty of experience in playing dead.

I wasn't expecting SHIELD to be so on the ball, but it appears they noticed my arrival as quickly as I expected, and moved to deal with me far faster than I had expected. I was happy either way though, this had the potential to be incredibly fun.


Undisclosed Location

It couldn't have been more than a day before I arrived where ever it was they took me. I was hoping for Helicarrier, but there was no ship and no air travel. All of it had been by car, with me laid in the back seat like a sack of potatoes.

It could have been worse, they could have dumped in the trunk. I wasn't entirely sure why they didn't, but in the end, that was fine. I wasn't a fan of coffin like spaces. Carried into whatever facility they'd brought me to, I was pretty sure I should be waking up soon, so I began pretending to do so.

It seemed I got it right, as they didn't tranq me again even as I began to moan and flop a little bit. Instead, they dragged me down a hallway and into a small closed off room, before pushing me into a chair. The sack on my head was pulled off even as my hands were cuffed to the table in front of me and I made a show of blinking as light shined down on my face.

Even as my draggers, who turned out to be big burly muscly types, took up positions along the wall, a man wearing glasses and carrying a clipboard sat down in the chair across from me.

I kept up the act for a bit longer, affecting a fearful attitude as I glanced at the room's occupants, "What's going on? Where am I?"

The man across from me is a bit full of himself as he clears his throat, "I'll be the one answering the questions here Mister Doe."

I furrow my brow in confusion, "Doe?"

My interrogator raises an eyebrow, "Unless there's another name you go by, John Doe is what we're going to be calling you."

It's an obvious attempt at fishing for information, but I have nothing to hide so I tell the truth, "My name is Vali Masters, look I'm just a college student man, this has to be a huge misunderstanding. You've got the wrong man!"

The bespectacled man across from me writes down the name I've given before pushing his glasses up his nose, "No we don't, and no you aren't. Vali, if that is your real name, we know that you appeared under mysterious circumstances using unknown means in an alley earlier today. We know that there is no record of anyone bearing your face across the entire world. You don't even exist. You certainly aren't a college student."

I sigh and fall back in my chair, dropping the act and smiling, "Ah well, it was fun to play. You've got me, I'm not a college student. I won't lie, I wasn't expecting SHIELD to react this fast to my arrival. I mean, I didn't really have any plans that you ruined, but still, under a day has to be a record for you guys."

The interrogator pauses for a moment before speaking, "… Yes, well we aren't in charge of defending the world for nothing."

But I've already caught the pause, saw the way his eyes flickered at my accusation… he's lying to me. He isn't SHIELD. I haven't been grabbed by SHIELD at all.

I frown and catch his eyes, compelling him even as I ask, "You aren't SHIELD at all. Who the fuck are you?"

He answers easily, standing up, "We, Mr. Masters, are something much more dangerous. We are Hydra."

I stand as well, hands still chained to the table as I get angrier, "Hydra?! FUCKING HYDRA?! How the fuck did you lot find me fir-"

I cut myself off even as I figure it out, "… Winter Soldier."

All three occupants tense up noticeably at that, and the man in the glasses looks at me sharply, "How do you know those words?"

But I'm not listening to him, still talking to myself, "I never fucking watched Winter Soldier! God this is so embarrassing!"

I abruptly break the handcuffs on my wrists and cause both of the guards to draw their weapons, even as glasses guy widens his eyes and steps back behind them.

I sigh as I run a hand through my hair and gesture with the other at them all, "Look, I'm really sorry about this. I have a friend who's told me I need to work on what he calls my stupid moments. This is clearly one of them, where I went in full cocked and ended up looking idiotic for it. Now, I know this sucks, but I'm going to have to kill you all. This is too embarrassing for me to let get around."

This causes the big guys to finally open fire, but I'm already across the room breaking their necks with two easy steps. The third guy clearly has no weapon, but as he tries to open the door and escape he finds it locked. I smile as I step up to him and he turns to look at me with fear. I just chuckle even as I reach past him, "Here, let me try."

Pushing him aside, I reared back and kicked, hard. The metal door buckled visibly, but it clearly wasn't very strong given they hadn't realized exactly what sort of problem I truly was. Another slam of my shoulder and the door was on the ground. Outside in the hallway I found several machine guns pointed my way.

Pulling the interrogator in front of me, I let him get perforated with bullets even as I zipped forward and began to put the truth to what I'd said. I wasted no time playing around, moving through the facility in a flash as I tore off heads, pulled out hearts, and if I was feeling remotely merciful, sometimes just snapping necks.

Eventually, there wasn't a single breathing soul left in the facility, which was admittedly rather small to begin with. Heading for the entrance which I'd found about halfway through my massacre, I prepared myself for having to re-assess everything and find a new path. Before I could step through however, a vaguely familiar electronic voice rang out, "Leaving so soon Mr. Masters?"

Slowly, I turn halfway back and raise an eyebrow at the one security camera visible to me, "That was the plan yes. Now, I know you're not here, because I was very thorough in killing everyone here. If you could just tell me your location, I can come by and kill you too, so that nobody knows I confused Hydra with SHIELD like a dumbass."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so worried about that Mr. Masters, many people are making that mistake these days. Where I am, is not important here. What is important is your interest in SHIELD, and my interest in you. If you would perhaps consider continuing this dialogue, I believe we both can be very helpful to one another."

I consider the offer for a long moment before turning from the door and looking fully at the security camera, "And who are you, that you can be helpful to me?"

"Why, I'm the person who can be the most helpful Mr. Masters. I'm the man behind the curtain. I'm the one pulling SHIELD's strings."

A wide grin slowly spreads across my face at that. He already had my attention. Now he has my interest.

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