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As soon as we're alone, and we do end up alone because I'm certainly not trying to bring Brunnhilde or Sylvie into Hela's chambers on our first night together, the Queen of Asgard takes control. I'm expecting it, of course, but I must admit… I'm not expecting her to be quite so pitiful in the attempt.

"Lay down on the bed."

As she speaks in a domineering and haughty tone, I raise an eyebrow and quirk up the side of my mouth questioningly.

"Should I remove my clothes first, your majesty?"

She hides her moment of embarrassment quite well, but I have incredible perception and notice the way her eyes widen for just a second at her misstep. Covering it up with a scoff, Hela waves her hand dismissively.

"Of course. I do hope you're not simple, Consort."

Chuckling, I shake my head and move over to the bed. Rather than go through the usual rigmarole of removing my clothing, I simply have the stones store it for me, something that I find the Space Stone I've just picked up facilitates even better than the Reality Stone. While Reality could have made my clothes no longer exist or simply substituted them with air for the time being, with the Space Stone I have access to a multitude of pocket dimensions that I can stuff my clothes into.

I do so and turn to face Hela, giving her a broad smile. I'm well aware of my masculine appeal, and not at all shy about it either. Still, once again to her credit, the inexperienced Queen doesn't hesitate for long. She doesn't stop and stare for more than a moment, and she successfully turns that moment into a wolfish gaze that travels up and down my naked body before she advances on me.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I crawl back as she advances, allowing her the momentary feel of being the predator and me being the prey. In all honesty, it costs me nothing to play into Hela Odinsdottir's fantasies for the moment. After all, she might be a thousands-year old evil in this universe, hell bent on conquest and murder and mayhem… but she had nothing on me.

Over four thousand years of rule. Over four thousand years of blood and tyranny. Oh sure, sometimes I'd ruled with a kind, even hand, taking a generation or two off from being the antagonistic megalomaniac douchebag to lead my Empire properly… but most of the time, I was a dick for the sole purpose of being a dick, because it inspired others to rise up against me, and that was so much more entertaining than being a responsible adult.

All this was to say, I carefully kept the triumphant smile from my face when Hela stopped her predatory crawl, slinking up the bed like some big cat, down between my legs. Rather than covering the full length of my body with her own, she stops down there with her face mere inches from my cock. Looking up at me for a moment as if continuing the metaphor and 'securing the kill' so to speak, Hela's nostrils flare after a beat and she finally stares upon my cock directly.

Reaching out with her hands, she takes ahold of my cock none too gently. I don't let any of my reaction show though, even as I subtly bolster myself with the Power Stone. She's not what one would call… hesitant by any means. Indeed, if I was expecting Hela to be some sort of blushing virgin in the bedroom thanks to her inexperience, I could throw that right out the window because she was definitely still very much trying to take charge.

Her hands slide up and down my length inexpertly but efficiently enough for me to grow hard under her ministrations. As she stares upon my growing cock with an equally growing degree of satisfaction, I chuckle lightly, causing her gaze to snap back up to my face and sharpen.

"What? What is it?"

Just smiling casually, I shrug my shoulders.

"I was wondering if you intended to divest yourself of your clothing at any point in this… exploration, my Queen. Unless you'd like my help with that."

Again, I notice how she has to cover up her momentary jolt behind a scoff as she pulls away from me, kneeling there on the bed between my legs.

"Of course not… I can do it myself just as quickly…"

Muttering that last bit, she proceeds to run her hands down her body, and as her fingertips ghost across her armor, it dissipates, folding back and disappearing into seemingly nothing. Soon enough, the dark-haired Queen of Asgard is completely bared, her high cheek bones ever so slightly rosy as she kneels there over me, her pale body on full display.

I don't leave her waiting for a response for long, knowing that rather than squirm in embarrassment the longer I stayed silent, Hela was more likely to turn homicidal. Grinning at her, I speak completely honestly.

"You are absolutely gorgeous, Goddess of Death. The only way I could imagine you looking better was bathed in the blood of our enemies."

That, it looks like, is decidedly the right thing to say, because Hela's lips quirk into the most honest smile I've ever seen on her. Her eyes dance with mirth as she crawls forward, this time half-leaning over me with one hand reaching back down to stroke my shaft while her face resides mere inches from my face.

"Our enemies, Consort? Do you have many enemies that you intend for me to fight?"

Chuckling, I take a risk and bring my hands up to run along her sides. She stiffens initially, but then relaxes into my touch, allowing me to grope and molest her as we stare into each other's eyes.

"None that you do not wish to fight, my Queen. My enemies are my problem to deal with… but if we are to become joined at the hip, so to speak, I know that we will end up facing a number of adversaries together. Indeed, if we are to conquer the universe in your name, our enemies will be too numerous to count."

A shiver runs through Hela that makes it clear she's enjoying my words. Apparently, this is her version of dirty talk. Discussing enemies and conquering the universe and bathing in blood. Yeah, she was getting more and more aroused as I spoke, and I could feel her nipples hardening beneath my hands even now.

"Tell me more…"

Her voice husky and low, Hela stares into my eyes as I stare back into hers. Reaching up, I take ahold of her sharp chin in my fingers, noting the way her inviting, oh so kissable lips are mere centimeters from my own.

"Hela… the entire galaxy will bend or break before your might. We will show them that their petty notions of freedom and liberty have been nothing more than a lie, perpetuated by your worthless fucking father for all the centuries he kept you locked away. We will show them, now that you're out… that they belong on their knees before their one true Queen."


Sensing the time is right, I reach up, lace my fingers through the back of the Goddess of Death's dark locks, and bring her in for a kiss, practically smashing her lips against mine as we begin to makeout heatedly right then and there. She growls heatedly… but then melts into the kiss, becoming almost submissive as I don't quite dominate her mouth, but instead guide her in how to properly kiss someone else.

Which is good, because it's a moment of weakness I'm more than willing to exploit. I've actually been influencing Hela with the Mind Stone all this time. Nothing too deep, nothing too expansive, but I haven't exactly been idle in making sure that my position in her mind as an ally, friend, and more, is fucking secured.

Still, I can't do too much without risking her noticing and while I might be able to take her, I don't want to have to end the Queen of Asgard when we've just met. She's far too fun for such a thing. Indeed, I'm more than willing to take it slow…

Which is why, when I'd prodded her to give me a blowjob a bit ago and it hadn't worked out, I'd backed off. Yes, when she'd initially stopped between my legs, it had been because I was trying to convince her to go down on me and give me head. Instead, she'd decided to jerk me off with her hands, showing just how strong her will was.

Honestly, as things had turned out, I was perfectly happy that she hadn't taken me in her mouth earlier, because now that we were kissing, this felt far better. My cock still in one of her hands, I plunge my tongue into Hela Odinsdottir's mouth, and she plunges her tongue right back into mine. Our tongues wrestle and duel with no one quite coming out the victor… but I like to think I pull a little ahead on account of being the teacher, the mentor, while she is little more than the student.

Her lack of experience in these matters is downright obvious to both of us, and I'm quite grateful for the Mind Stone because I can see from what little access, I have of the Goddess of Death's mind that she would happily slaughter me after we had coitus in order to keep the nature of her first time a secret forevermore.

Luckily, I'm able to temper such murderous impulses, at least where I'm concerned. Whispering sweet nothings into her mind with the Mind Stone about how she definitely DOESN'T want to kill me like some sick Preying Mantis or Black Widow is effectively the full extent of my current ability to influence her. But over time, I expect to gain more access. It truly is… only a matter of time.

Still, amusingly enough, while I do not, Hela does still need to breathe. And so, we finally come up for air as she pulls back from me, her pale features a bit redder, her lips parted and slightly puffy from all the kissing. Her tongue traces out and licks at those lips as her eyes flash with something that would be unidentifiable if I didn't have my foot in the door of her mind. She was horny, and more aroused than she'd ever been in her life. She just didn't know what to do about it.

Sliding my hands down her body, I grip the Queen of Asgard's hips and pull her fully into my lap, my cock sliding up against her slit and hot-dogging it as her eyes widen slightly at my presumptive actions. I just give her a knowing grin and a wag of my eyebrows, and she scoffs haughtily but doesn't rebuke or resist, instead shifting slightly to get a better position.

Of course, the better position in this case is obviously impaled on my cock, so in the interest of helping the virgin monarch out, I lift her up and slam her down with no further foreplay or fanfare, simply penetrating her from below right then and there.

There is no hymen, no sign of a virginity, nothing to tear through and make her bleed, nothing to mark me as her conqueror as her virgin's blood coats my shaft. Hela Odinsdottir has been a warrior for as long as she's been alive. Her body has been shaped by war… and thus it hadn't been a man that had taken her hymen, but the physical rigors of the battlefield.

Or so I assumed, because she certainly reacted like a virgin as I impaled her upon my cock, her eyes widening, her mouth dropping open, and an exhale of air like I'd just punched her in the gut and knocked the wind out of her sails leaving her lips. I just hold her steady as she clings to my shoulders for dear life, her sharp nails digging furrows out of my flesh that are rapidly healed as soon as they happen.


"Hm? My Queen? I thought you would appreciate if we stopped… beating around the bush. Isn't this better?"

Quivering slightly, Hela finally gets herself back under control, sniffing delicately as she arches her spine and shifts back and forth upon my member.

"It's f-fine…"

I happily pretend not to have heard the ever so slight crack in her voice and watch in amusement as she slowly starts to raise herself up and down. I'd known from the start that she was going to want to be on top, and also that this was far too early in our relationship (and far too early in my influence of her with the Mind Stone) to possibly expect anything different.

That was fine though, because I had thousands of years of experience taking subtle control in any situation and any position. Even as she rides me, I'm thrusting up into her from below and working my fingers into her flesh, rubbing circles into her hips with my thumbs. In short order, I have Hela Odinsdottir, Queen of Asgard, moaning rather wantonly on my cock, clearly loving every last moment of her first time having sex.

Grinning, I pick up the pace and to her credit, Hela responds positively, bouncing up and down on my cock harder, riding me faster. Tossing her head back, her long black mane following her, she cries out and clenches down on my shaft, clearly enjoying the sex more than she ever could have imagined. I push up into her deeper than ever before and deliver the final blow that sends her over the edge as the tip of my cock hits against the entrance to her womb.

With that, the Goddess of Death experiences her first orgasm… or at least, her first orgasm at the hands and cock of a man. Crying out, she climaxes upon my member and knowing that she wouldn't accept anything else besides a 'mutual defeat' here, I allow myself to cum as well, filling her to the brim as we experience the throes of pleasure and bliss at the same time.

Slowly, we both begin to come down from our pleasure highs and as Hela leans against me, I look at her with a smile.

"I do hope that I've impressed, my Queen. After all, as your Consort, it is my duty to make sure the Queen is… satisfied."

Silent for a moment, still recovering, Hela nevertheless manages a haughty sniff after a few seconds more.

"I am… content for the time b-being. But do not think this alone will be enough to satisfy me."

And indeed, she's already slightly moving her hips back and forth, as if to test me. Smirking, I easily grow hard again inside of her, causing her eyes to widen once more in surprise.

"Any time, any place my Queen. I'm always available for you."

Seeming pleased with that, Hela lets the matter lie for the time being, and in an expression of pure vulnerability that I doubt would be possible without the little influence over her that I'm exerting with the Mind Stone, she lays her head on my chest and proceeds to drift off to sleep. It's a total royal move, using me like a bed and objectifying me as she simply passes out right atop me, but it's also adorable in a way that I would never have expected from her. Amusing, to say the least…

Of course, I was well aware of what tomorrow would likely bring from this little 'adorable' hellion. Now that she had access to the Bifrost left, Hela would not be denied any longer. Tomorrow… the conquest of the Nine Realms and then the Universe could begin in earnest.


Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, had spent the last twenty-thirty years running from one fire to the next, doing her level best to fight injustice and inequality wherever she found it, on an intergalactic scale. After all, when you had power to the degree that she did, how could you not use it to fight evil in all of its many and varied forms?

One of the… slight downsides to this one-woman crusade that Carol was on, of course, was her saving people's thing. The need to always be there when those she'd helped before needed her help, when only she could save the day… it had always been strong in her. Indeed, she liked to leave ways to contact her with those who might one day require her aid.

Obviously, the most famous of those people was Nicholas Fury, back on her home planet of Earth. Part of Carol had been waiting all these years for his call, hoping that he would contact her on her pager. But it had never happened. Even as she'd flown from war to war, from battle to battle, from fight to fight… her home planet had never called her back in all this time.

And, so it would seem, it still hadn't. But someone else was calling her, and on something a bit more technologically advanced then a pager from Terra. Seeing the call coming in from the head office of Nova Prime Irani Rael herself, Carol lifts a single eyebrow and answers the call, watching as the hologram of the Nova Prime crystallizes into being in front of her.

"Irani. I suspect this isn't a house call. What's up?"

Before the female Xandarian can even answer her, a massive explosion sounds from Irina's side of the comm call, shaking the entire hologram and making her duck and cover her head with her hands. Eyes widening, Carol leans forward as Irani almost immediately straightens back up, nevertheless looking quite strained and worried.

"Captain! We are in dire need of your help! This message is a recording being sent as a last ditch effort to reach you, as our long-distance communications have been knocked completely offline! Xandar is under attack, and by the time you're seeing this, we may already have fallen. You must know, we are being attacked by the-kzzzzt!"

And with that, the recording cuts off, the hologram puttering out as another explosion seems to end it completely. Carol's jaw has dropped open and she just stares for a moment before scrambling to check how old the message is, how long it took to get to her. Only two days… but that's still too damn long.

Trembling with emotion, Carol considers for maybe half a moment whether it's even worth going to Xandar at this point, whether she'd be better off approaching this with a slightly more level head and seeking answers through some of her other sources.

… But no. A friend has asked for her help and she's already two days late. There's no time to waste and no time to be spent on gathering intel. She knows where the fight is, and she knows where she's needed. In the end, that's all that matters.

Leaving her domicile as quickly as she entered it, Captain Danvers blasts off into the cold dark of space once more, flying across the stars towards Xandar with a single-minded ferocity and focus that most would consider terrifying.

… If only she knew the enemies she was soon to be facing.


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