Some of you guys might remember this story from about a year ago but if you dont, WELCOME TO THE CRAZINESS!

ANYWHORE! Down to business, Im rewriting this by myself, Im changed a few things, such as: Lyra is gone, because I dont talk to the person she belonged to anymore, and Mel has been changed to Abby because even though I still talk to the girl she was based off of, we dont talk enough to write this story over again, so im all on my own, but dont worry, I wont change to much, and Im going to split what was Lyra's craziness between Alex and Abby.

I love you guys, hope you enjoy


Hey there people, the name's Alexandria but, you know, I don't really like my name all that much, so everybody calls me Alex. I'm the head of this little psycho group, I personally think that I have more problems than both my friends put together but they don't seem to think that. I'm nineteen, and the Itachi lover of the group, as in you-can't-have-him-he's-mine.

I have a cocky type personality, meaning I'll boast about how bad I can kick someone's ass if I know I can, and trust me, I will, especially if they're talking shit about my friends. So yeah, I'm protective of what's mine, and those Bitches are mine, so don't touch them, end of story!

I'm also the shy/emo type, and yes I do cut sometimes, but I I don't do it that often anymore.

Oh! Important information for this little story of our's, about me, I'm a Wiccan, meaning yes, I do spells and all that stuff. Go ahead, judge me if you want, but I'll warn you now, if you do I'll break your fucking face in.

I also have a slight cussing problem if you haven't noticed already, but mostly it only comes out when I'm really pissed off, other than that I'm really quiet. (I think, anyway.)

Now I think that's enough about me, don't you think? And if you don't- oh well. It's time for you to go meet my sister and see how fucking crazy she is.


Hello unknown people of fanfiction. My name is Abagail, as you can (hopefully) see... Or read.

Okay... Now you know my name, let's get to my NICK-name, and how I like it to be used. Nickname is Abby. A-B-B-Y, Abby, good? Okay. Now I don't want no damn stranger coming up to me calling me by my nickname or I WILL come over there and slap your ass senseless.

Now that you have my name down, let's get to my personality and how I run this street. Number one, don't talk shit about my sister. The first thing I'm going to do is put whatever I'm doing down, look at you, then punch you when you aren't expecting it. Got a problemo with my sister?

You got a problem with me.

Once these five fingers right here make a mark on that face, it's on. Then when you walk home, everyone will know that those finger marks on your face is my signature saying "I made this bitch my bitch today!"

I'm a fun girl and all, I can easily make friends. I'm pretty sure that every group of friends need someone to back them up. That's what we're for, but when you start getting on MY bad side, you better watch your mouth toward me and or my sister. You got that?

Alright. That's how I am when I'm angry. Now, onto my happy side. I love listening to soft, calm music while walking somewhere peaceful, like the park or something like that without my friends near. Or, I'll invite them over to my house, and we can watch some Naruto, read and write some fanfiction, argue over which Akatsuki member is better. Pfft. screw y'all, Deidara's the shit! Anyway, yeah, I'm a Deidara lover. Everything about him just makes me want to just scream and jump in his arms sometimes. I'm actually 33% of my top three favorite characters. I'm 33% Hidan because I'm always end up cursing someone out, 33% Itachi because I'm calm and mature, but I'm actually 34% Deidara because I love art so much. Actually, I've won several art contests. Yay me...


So... That's our group, we're pretty crazy, you'll find that out even more so later on.

And by later on, you're now going to read our tale of how we got into the most badass organization in the fictional universe.

The Akatsuki.

*Throws cookies* REVIEW! PLEASE?

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