Saying Goodbye

Denny stood outside the gates of the cemetery and zipped her hoodie up. Her backpack was on her bag, she was ready to see the world. There was one special person she needed to see before she left the Bay to see the world. Pushing open the gate, she walked through it and walked up the gravelly path, looking at all the different graves.

She stood still as she came to the one that contained her only boyfriend.

"Casey Braxton"

Brother, son and uncle"

"Gone, but not forgotten"

Denny knelt down in front of the stone and started to clean it up a bit, it looked neglected. She shook her head, she would have thought Kyle and Ricky would have been, especially as Ricky's son was named after him. Denny found it hard to look at the child at first, as she could see Casey's cheeky nature in him, but she soon got used to it.

"Case" She spoke softly, feeling silly for talking to a stone. "I'm leaving for a while, and I just wanted to say goodbye" She could feel the tears falling down her cheeks but didn't bother to wipe them away as she knew as soon as she did, more would fall.

She stared at the stone, as rain started to fall and she knew that she would have to get back to the farmhouse otherwise Hannah would worry about her. No, she found goodbyes too painful, so she decided she would just leave, she'd let Hannah know in the morning that she was safe.

She stood up again, and pressed her fingers to the stone, it was cold and she shivered, like it was some kind of sign. "I'll see you soon" She whispered.

As, she left the cemetery, she was unaware that a ghostly Casey was looking over her: he whispered.

"I miss you too, Denny"

Just a little something I wrote while I was lying in bed tonight. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Did I do the relationship between Casey and Denny justice? Let me know as I didn't watch the show when the two were together. I really liked writing it. Thanks for reading.