Justine sat in a state of shock. Tiny little bits of what happened were slowly coming back to her. They had blown that dust into her face, causing her to black out after that terrible woman used the sharpened rock of a claw to go inside of her. There in front of the entire village the one thing she had been able to keep to herself was revealed. Beyond humiliated and scared, she whimpered in pain as a dull cramp over came her as warmth dribbled down between her thighs. She remembered being taken into the hut, and there being older village women everywhere.

They were all chanting, pushing the men away and out the opening as they laid her down. The woman with the claw continued to chant over her waving an old twisted walking stick as the women mixed together paint and began to make symbols on her. Laying there, unable to focus she laid there as they sang, keeping the men at bay. She understood that they had a purpose for her. The moment they stared at her dark hair, and then discovered she was pure, she knew a fate more terrible was awaiting her.

After the storm cleared the women lifted her off the table in just her bra and panties. She felt weak, and barley able to see straight. Whatever that dust was, it was ten times more powerful than the darts they used on all of them. Her large green eyes gazed upward as they handed her over as she was led back to the cage and to her friends. Nearly collapsing, she sat down hard as Lars and Daniel held onto her, helping her sit.

"Justine! What did they do to you?"

Lars asked, his eyes wide as she continued to stare off into space. She knew she hand' been raped, not yet at least, but she felt violated nevertheless. Sitting there, her large hazel eyes blinked slowly.


Lars' face dropped as he eyed Daniel. Instantly his warm and comforting hand slipped into hers and gripped firmly and tenderly. Sitting there she stared at him feeling drugged, and trapped under water. All she wanted at this exact moment was to be home. Safe and sound in her little sheltered life. The last time she felt this far removed from reality was when her mother died three years earlier. Sitting there, she slowly began to come out of it as she heard Daniel from across the cage talk to Alejandro.

"Alejandro, you know what they are going to do to her…"

Justine listened as Lars' free hand gently began to stroke her hair back out of her eyes.

"They are going to cut her. She's either going to bleed to death or die of infection."

Alejandro glanced over, completely unconcerned.

"There are worse things…"

"Who the fuck are you man?"

Justine's heart began to hammer in her chest. Images of her class two weeks ago flashed before her eyes. Feeling sick to her stomach, she gazed up at Lars and Daniel as he approached, squatting down beside her.

"Are they…going to…really do that to me?"

Her voice was broken up as she stared up at them. Amy sat not saying a word a few feet away. Sighing, Daniel simply rubbed her arm as Lars' grip tightened on her.

"There is a way they won't touch her."

Daniel and Lars glanced over their shoulders over at Alejandro who sat back, glaring back at them.

"If she's not pure, touched by a man. They would need to see it, but that's the only way."

"Bullshit man!"

Lars snapped before Alejandro held his hands up in defense.

"Hey, I'm just speaking facts. Justine, unless you want your very own lady bits hacked off with a sharp stone, you better spread those pretty legs of yours and allow us some release."

Lars' entire face crumpled up as he went to lunge across at him. Grabbing his arm, Daniel the voice of reason held him back.

"Don't, this is what he wants…"

Alejandro laughed lighting before licking his lips like an animal at her.

"I know you fancy me, or at least you did. Hey, if we're going to die we might as well die having a little fun."

"Shut the fuck up!"

Lars snapped at him, turning and blocking Justine's view of him with his body. Reaching up, he gently rubbed her bare shoulders.

"Shhhhh…don't listen to him…"

"Is it true?" Justine asked, looking up at Daniel. Instantly she saw the look of regret fill his eyes as he rubbed his beard and sat closer.

"I know very little of these people's legends and ways, but they won't complete the ceremony if you…"

"Have sex?" Daniel dropped his eyes, more embarrassed than her.


Looking out towards the people and their hunts, Justine broke out in goosebumps as she huddled closer to Lars. The very idea of this happening made her more terrified than anything that she had seen so far.

"But if i'm no good to them in that way, won't they just kill me?"

"They might kill all of us, unless we escape, or Samantha really did get away."

Amy glanced over before returning to picking at her nails. Sitting there, Justine nodded.

"I…can't let this happen…what do I do?"


"No, I can't. I rather die. I gotta do this…"

"Step right up than little lady." Alejandro motioned to his crotch, smiling from ear to ear. Her face crumpling, Justine grasped Lars' arm.

"Fuck you."


Justine felt rage bubble up inside her before she gripped Lars' tighter.


"Huh?" Lars turned, looking over at her confused. Her lip quivering, Justine held onto him tighter. She had never seen him before on campus until just a few weeks ago. He was completely the opposite of even the type of guy she would even hang around with, yet since the accident she had seen a different side of him, a sweeter, and more protecting side. Something oddly about him made her feel safe.

"Help me."


"If it's the only way I rather get it over with, either with you or Daniel. Please."

Daniel and Lars exchanged concerned glances before Lars' shook his head.

"Justine no…"

Croaking back a sob, she stared at him as her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Please…please help me. I don't want this to happen to me." Looking completely helpless, Lars simply stared into her terrified and lost hazel eyes.