Notes:Attention all who read this fic this is merely a test of my own skills and a self challenge to work on some of my problem areas seeing as my first fic was years ago and kinda shitty. As in dialogue, situation planning, maeby lemon, characterization and overall writing.

So this may be bad so if you can do better prove it write your own fic. That is another reason I also want to try something new and start a fire many people don't think in out of the box too much so if you have a crazy fic idea write and see what happens you just may start something.

Heads up there is no plot here this more of a 4 panel highschool manga that you read for shits and giggles and no real plot. So if anyone has a funny idea or they want to see or a paring to happen shoot me a message and I'll try and write it I already have a few ideas.

Also I am disregarding much of the gods actual loar at times so they may come off you lore fanatics well heads up I don't care so tough. But on the flip side expect much of the personalities to come from the Percy Jackson books, my own opinion, marvle and whatever else I can think off that may fit with them. So maybe cat girls Nyaa

Note as well much of the game machines are going out the window to make this more like a real fight. So no shop,level ups, some powers go to the trash and some new ones may be thrown in.

Also not describing much about the gods but they are all in current skins unless i say other wise. because seriously there is like 66 of them

also please note FLAMERS WILL BE BANNED

Jutsu/ special attacks = Rasengan

Thoughts ='ramen'

Speaking = Fight

Biju talk = bijudama

Chapter 1

Academy never ends

Get up, go through the motions, get dressed go out to the lobby that that you think was designed by a stoner. Then proceeded to put up with bullshit from overly tall egotisical fukers and grab a tray. Till I finally meet the reason I get up in the morning ramen and a cyclopes (one of the few nice guys) that serves the holy food. From there I proceed to the one of misfit tables were all the strange,"ugly" and "weak" sit. I gaze up from my steamy food of "gods" at the various fractions that seem to alway be in a civil war with each other is most cases.

I sigh "How did I get hell did I get back to the academy"


Naruto Uzumaki a name that was a synonym with hero. A name that stood for bravery, honor and mercy. A name that was placed in the history books nearly 500 years ago. Placed in history books for ending the Fourth Great Shinobi War, bringing forth world peace and becoming the Nanadaime Hokage. Now he continues to walk the earth as all who knew him personally died as he looks back on the battle that robbed him of not only his best friend's life but also his life as a mortal.

On a scarred landscape that looked as if gods and demons did battle. With gouges of land torn out as large boulders seems to ignore the very laws of gravity. But in the midsts of the devastated battlefield three figures of unimaginable power stood.

First was Kaguya Ōtsutsuki a woman that fit the image of a old shinto goddess with horns upon her head that gave her the likeness rabbit. With hair that splayed out behind her much like a great pale sea, only to be tamed over her hime styled eyebrows. That rested above her pale pupiless eyes and sat on the sides of her third blood red eye in the center of her forehead. The eye was ringed, with each possessing three tomo each.

Across from her Sasuke Uchiha the last Uchiha, heir to the eldest son of the Sage of Six Paths Indra, born prodigy of highest pedigree and bearer of the Yin chakra seal. Stood tall and proud in his gray high collared Uchiha jacket. Chokuto in hand as his rope belt and black duck tail hair blew from the power of his foe. As he gazed at her with his eyes gifted to him from his ancestors; his right a mangekyou sharingan combined from him and his brother's ocular powers that formed a solid 3 pointed shuriken in the center of three intersecting ellipse. His right a purple version of his foe's all powerful third eye

Beside him, was his brother in spirit and in one life, blood. Deadlast of the 317th Konohagakure graduating ninja class, Jinjuriki of the 9 tailed fox as well as comrade to the all tailed beasts. Toad sage, heir to younger hardworking son Asura as well as bearer of the Yang chakra seal Naruto Uzumaki. He stood in a flaming coat of chakra as several Gudōdama formed a halo behind him, two forming rods in his hands acting as blades. His orange cross eyes locking on to his foe beside his battle brother

These remaining three ready to bring forth the final chapter of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. One planning to end it with eternal peace through a dream. The others only wished to avenge their comrades and end this fight for the good of the world

"So Teme you got a plan 'cause my head is running on fumes here" the blond hero asked moody companion "After all those last ditch, out of you ass plans over the years you now decided to come up short! " Sasuke Uchiha growled out at unbelievable timing of teammate.

"What am I the only one who can think under pressure!" The irated blond shouted to his team mate who was trained under the most intelligent of the three sainine.

"..." The blond could only look a disbelief as his comrade just looked forward at the enemy. Well in retrospect if Sasuke could think under stress this whole thing wouldn't have started in the first place.

Tired of the of the two reincarnation of her grandsons bickering she did what every grandmother did in this situation. End It, with a heavy dose of pain and suffering. So she charged as the bones erupted from her palms for her to use as makeshift swords.

Leaping to the sides as she flew between them the two warriors prepared themselves for the fight once more. Naruto summoning forth a dozen seal-less clones, while Sasuke chanled lighting through his sword as he formed a second from the black flames of the Amaterasu.

Kayuga in an act of cruel irony summoned a single clone, it going after Naruto while she flew towards the Uchiha.

Locked in combat the duo dueled with with their respective foe. As the sound of blades clashed across the battlefield. Naruto faced of his opponent as he and his clones darted in and out against his her. But she slowly gained ground as each clone was taken out one by one as bones jutted out from random parts of her body to slay a clone. Till finley Naruto was left as he and the clone locked blades. He stared into her passive face as he snarled out"That all you got you spoiled Ica Ica princess". Taking the bait the clone broke away and attacked in a rage. Slipping underneath the obvious strike and into her guard as he drove his elbow into her chin snapping her head up giving him room to maneuver. Spinning away he connected his rods as he swung around and delivered a heavy blow with his new staff to to her temple dispelling her.

Not even having moment to breath he leaped back as spikes of earth rose. Mostly likely caused by a pist offed rabbit goddess from her clone's feedback. As the spears chased him he finally escaped as his back clashed with the back of his battle brother.

Only getting a moment share glance between two before a symphony of poofs surrounded them. As the smoke cleared it revealed a horde of Kayugas, all with an angered expression on their faces.

"Dobe what hell did you do to piss her off now "

"Oi! Why do you assume I'm the one who caused this"

"Your you, you piss everyone off"

"Oh Ya, Mr. Start world war 4…."

"So on a scale of 1-1,000 how fucked would you say we are right now" Naruto asked as he gazed around the dome of Kayuga covering the air and ground.


""That bad huh" Naruto replied as he broke apart his staff back into his two sword rods and rested one on his shoulder."Well then…..Bring It On ". As if his words were the spark that lit this cluster fuck of a powder keg the Kayugas attacked. The ones on the ground charging forward towards the dual wielding duo while the ones in they sky sent a barrage of hair senbon, All Killing Ash bones and whatever pinpoint Ninjutsus they had at them.

As the attacks rained down upon them in a show of skill, teamwork and sheer goddamned awesomeness. They stood in the center as they flowed like the perfect fighting machine as they dodged the attacks, struck any incoming clone that got to close and parried what they could back into the hoard.

Naruto brought up his Gudōdama to form a shield to block incoming fire and lightning jutsus as Sasuke rolled over his shoulders they slashed towards incoming clones. Grabbing the face of one Naruto slammed it into the ground as Sasuke stabbed it's skull. Forming four more arms at the back of his shoulders from his cloak Naruto grabbed a few Gudōdama forming more rods. Willing his new arms over and under Sasuke's pits he stabbed a clone as Uchiha's blades stabbed back and crossed into a clone in front of his comrade. The hero's counting their dance of death till Sasuke turned around with a double horizontal slash as Naruto ducked under and turned his head skywards and ROARED dispersing many of the clones bathing area in smoke by the sheer force of his mighty bellow. The clones using byakugan gazed at the two through the smoke as Sasuke falled back to a single sword as Naruto decided now was a good of a time as ever to go back to his roots for some good old fashioned Taijutsu.

As the two gazed out at the remaining half dozen or so. Naruto letting loose a small fanged grin as they came out of probably the biggest shit storm in the history. "Well I would say that deserves a SSS ranking. Eh, Sasuke" Naruto said as looked over his shoulder at his comrade. "Now is not the time for bloody arcade references Naruto. Right now we need to find were the original went" Kurama the nine tailed fox growled out from having to deal with his blond partner's idiocy. "Eh so you noticed you grouchy old fox. Oi! Teme you got a lock on the her yet?" As he finished his sentence remaining clones poofed as he traced the chakra flowing back to a rather large a growing source in the sky. "I do now dobe" As the two gazed at the Rabbit goddess high in the sky as she glowed in raw chakra much like a nearby star.

"Ah hell" the blonde stated as Kayuga covered the skies and the front over them in portales all appearing as if the abyss itself was looking at the duo as the world seem to still.

Then hell rained using the powers of her third eye she brought forth floods of acid, a rain of all killing ash bones and a hail of Gudōdama rods that erupted into black death when they struck the ground with the force of small star. The heroes as they gazed out at the storm of death. They decided for the first time in their lives, to things by the book for once and in the book of the shinobi it sated for a situation like this.

"FUCKING RUN FOOLS" Kurama shouted. And run the those two did as pillars of acid fell as they swerved in and out of Gudōdama rodes, bones, jutsu and the occasional kitchen sink. This continued for what felt like hours to the two and just ran and ran. Till at last another wall of portals appeared before them. "Shit! dobe we need a shield"

"Can't she's messing with the Senjutsu in the air I can barely keep them stable!" as he charged through a block of ice "Feel like pulling a portal out of that fancy eye of yours"

"Can't with all these portals it would take all my concentration just to make on the other side of this. Even then I would need time to make it so we don't' turn into mush half way through "

"Fine! I'll cover you" channeling as much of Senjutsu he had in his body he could to his hands Naruto snached out two incoming Gudōdama rods and began to parry everything he could, to give Sasuke the time they needed.

"OI! Teme you done yet! She's getting impatient and just want to kill us right now!" Naruto roared over sound of a few thousand attacks that rained down upon him. Sasuke turning around to shout at his comrade the portal was ready he noticed at the corner of his vision was chakra gathering ready to open more portals around the blond. An on instinct much like years ago he moved.

Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder before he was ripped from his spot and tossed into the portal. "SASUKE!" Hoping to avoid the fatal deja vu Naruto launched out a chakra claw in hopes to save his friend. It worked but as Naruto drew his friend in a stray bone nailed him in the knee.

As two crashed on the ground at the other side of the portal the battle seem to settle as if to give the hero time to grieve. "Damn it Sasuke why!"

"Hn who else would save your orange ass dobe Arggg" The Uchiha tried to get out his smartass remark as his lower half body and soul began slowly and painfully began to disintegrate from his kneecap. "Calm Sasuke you can't die yet. We going to put an end to this together"

"Ya well scaredy cat looks like you need do it yourself " he said as he clasped left hand with that of his brother. "So take my chakra then you might be a good enough ninja to get this job done." With this final action the lineage of Indra came an end. Leaving a man to crouched over the ashes of his best friend, a comrade and his brother.

"Well that one annoying weed removed from my nursery. Now boy give me your chakra and I may let you live the rest of your life in a dream" The mother of chakra demanded of the young man as he began to rise off the ground as flickers of chakra swirled around him.

"Give up? GIVE UP! YOU SHOULD JUST GIVE UP ON ME GIVING UP!" Naruto said with a roar as he rose up and was encompassed by a pillar of gray chakra

For the first time in many years Kayuga felt fear. For she was a goddess above all mortals. But now standing across from her was something that even gods fear. The Devil.

Gone was the young short haired man and now stood being of raw power with it's sole purpose being to end Kayuga. Naruto Uzumaki now stood at height of 6'9 garbed in black hakama pants and sleeveless white kimono top over his ashen skin. Gray greeves adorned his sandaled feet as bracers now adorned his clawed hands. As he wore a frayed steel gray trench coat adorned by a mighty white sun surrounding a black crescent moon. His wild hair falling to the bottom of his shoulders now bleached to silver. On his face his once soft whiskers became deep gouges across his hardened face as his teeth sharpened to that of beasts. Horns sprouting from his brow, as his eyes now now sporting metallic Rinne Sharingan as his pupils became slitted as the tomoe began to furiously spin as they settle on a target.

With a roar that split both the earth and the heavens the devil charged fully intent on destroying his foe. And when they clashed the world was BLINDED.

Back to original flashback

After that first blow everything became a blur to him. One moment he was filled with power and fighting Kaguya, the next he woke up otherwise back to normal if a bit taller in Konoha's hospital 5 weeks after the fight. They found him knocked out a good ways away from the roots covered in blood and in possession of what best he could describe as overly large black eye with a white pupil. They destroyed it soon after although the reason was for it seeming to move a try too look up Mizukage's dress...ya it didn't last long, probably a good thing. After that Naruto was groomed to fit the Hokage position by Tsunade Senju. Eventually he was married to the love of his life Hinata Hyuga and help make the closest anyone has ever gotten to true peace.

But it wasn't till his 60th birthday that he came upon mankind's most sought treasure and his greatest curse. Immortality. It was then he began to slowly suffer as he watched his wife and eventually his great grand kids die. But it wasn't till he his 338th year on this world that he decided to leave gather all he could of the dying art known as the Shinobi. He visited the bijuu from time to time but only Kumara stayed with him, waking up every 50 years or so. But one day as if the world itself called him. He found himself on top of some no named mountain, in some no named area somewhere near the center of the Elemental Nations. As he thought back on how he became like this as he sat in an orange shirt under a black hoodie, with black pants and steel toes boots. Along with his old sage cloak and the red scarf his wife knitted him.

As he looked across the land as it was painted a glorious color of orange by the setting of sun. He saw a white portable open up as the feeling he had be following for the last few days seemed to scream at him to go through the portal grabbing a large scroll with the words shinobi on it. As he slipped on the scroll much like his old master once had his he tightened his headband and scarf as he moved through the portal .


"Maybe that wasn't the best idea" Naruto said he now stood in vast expanse of white. "Well I would surely hope not after all went went through the trouble of calling you here" melodic voice as behind him. As Naruto turned around the best he could describe the figures behind him godly.


"Oh sorry should probably introduce us I'm Amaterasu" the black haired sun goddess sated said in pure white kimono "Over there is my brother Susanoo" she said pointing the large bearded samurai in a deep blue yukata.

"Hello Uzumaki-san it please me greatly to meat a warrior of your skills in person"

"Uhh nice to meet you to?"

"Tsukuyomi is the one in the corner over there" the sun goddess said as she continued introductions as she pointed to her other sibling.

"nobody loves me" sated a...rather depressing young man in a half white half black hoodie and gray sweats as he laid in a random spot behind the gods. "Next him is Yami my one of my older brothers" Amaterasu sated rather tensely.

"you got that right you little crybaby...Sup Bitches!" shouted a rather evil looking man with an open blood red kimono a spiked geta and black face pain as he went back to insulting the pathetic moon god.

"Sorry Yami is naturally evil and Tsukuyomi...well my Otōto he's been in the lows since the whole evil moon thing in during the last war"

"IT WASN'T MY FAULT! WAHHHHH" shouted the now crying moon god hell even Yami backed off abusing the god from sheer patheticness of it. "*Sigh* sorry Susanoo could you please"

"Yes sister" as the large samurai went to go and console the young god. "Sorry."

Naruto couldn't help but feel ashamed at the rather sad sun goddess for whatever reason."It's fine really" Naruto stated as he gazed at Susanoo now rocking the moon god in his arms as he cried into his yukata."Well counting introductions over there at the desks are King Yemma and my oniisan the Shinigami " As Naruto looked over at two work desk plied high in paperwork on the right was the rather familiar form of purple skinned reaper of death. On the left was rather large red skin man with a beard and horns wearing a purple striped suite. He watched for a few moments as the two signed and shifted paper between each other. "Oniisan! be polite we have a guest...well say something"

"Sup" the death god stated in rather blunt tone not even looking up from his work. "Sup! that's all you say to child of prophecy who you little watched over his birth, before sealing the nine tailed fox into him, the sole receiver of your personal blessing in how many bloody billion years!" the disgruntled sun god shouted.

Looking up from his work before snapping his fingers causing a great flash revealing all 9 tailed beasts in various states of alertness in horsed sized form. "Wake up you bloody bakas! There now we start" the death god said now leaving his sister to deal with ten confused beings in a meeting of godly importance. "ONII-SAN! *sigh* well let's start anyways well first we let's just establish were gods she said to the rather confused crowd " only receiving a few nods here and there the sun goddess took as a go ahead to continue. " Alright right now we have assembled all wellllll….we need a favor" sated a rather nervous Sun goddess.

"WHAT" was total rebuttal towards the sun god

"Ummm...well… you see" the nervous sun goddess stuttered out

"Your gods how do you expect us to deal with shit you can't handle " screeched a rather crazed Tanuki.

"Now now, I'm sure if you just calmed down she will explain it to us" stated the rather motherly 5 tails as she tried to give her younger brother an affectionate nuzzle to help calm him down.

"Oh yes well ya see"

"Why don't you go help Tsukuyomi calm down I'll handle this imoto." The death god stated as he made his way around the desk and behind his sister. "now you want to help...Fine" the sun goddess said as she moved to help her still wailing brother. "Now down to business. Let's start at the beginning shall we" the death god stated

"That would be a good of place to start as any" the Ushi-oni as he gazed at the only god that looked like a god. "Good. Now in the beginning the multiverse was rather small and not many real gods… but as they number of worlds grew so did the number of true gods. Eventually we came to war with the other pantheons for the blank dimensions in hopes of establishing dominion over them as to increase our power and our worshipers of said pantheon….yes Goku?"

"Why not just make more Kaguya could make rather simplistic dimensions in an instant why not do the same?" The red ape king asked. "Yes… well that is true it takes much more energy than even gods have. Thus only primordials can perform that without leaving themselves open against the other pantheons . As I was saying. Eventually a Primordial not much unlike the Jubi created a world for gods to fight…..Yes Isobu"

""What is a Primordial? you talk as if they are higher than god's" Three tailed shrimp turtle asked. "In a way your right primordials are naturally higher than god's it's one of the reasons Kurama gave such trouble because he at full strength. Since he is the largest part of a primordial" he said looking at a rather sumg looking kintsu. "Well continuing on the pantheons now had a safe heaven to dish out our aggression without destroying prime dimensions and that is why we want you to fight in the name of the Shinto pantheon"

"What why me I humain who just killed other humans not real gods!" The blond hero shouted out. "Yes that is the second reason the truth is..." "The Shinto pantheon as of late is considered the weakest of all of them by those other fukers beacuse our mortals are all getting stronger then us especially here in this dimension." The god of darkness cut in.

"What! How the hell can humans surpass go..."

"Edo tensei"


"Madara coming back to life twice and the reaper death seal"

"What about"

"Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki blew up the dam moon, defeated a primordial god which is stronger than us. Then reamakng the fucken moon and proseded to spread the powers of one of the strongest beings ever across the world. It then that 35 years he basically killed moone boy over there then brought him back to life before he gave chakra to all of humanity to basically become low tier demigods at birth! At that was before your ass came along and did what he couldn't do kill a primordial bare-fucken-handed! " Finished a rather flushed god of darkness as he panted out steam.


"You done brother?"


"Good. Now Naruto Uzumaki will you help us."

"Are you sure I can even be of help I don't really know what I am getting into here?"

"I'm positive Naruto-san for while those that receive my blessing are always dealt a paralis life by the end of they will always come out strong." The death god said as he laid one of his clawed hands a gave a rather odd, but comforting smile that suited his fanged purple visage. "Alright I will do it but what about the rest of you knuckleheads " The blond asked the tailed beasts.

"Humph who else would watch your sorry ass gaki'

"Why not been bored without Bee rapping"

"You're going to need luck there so count on Lucky Seven Chomi to be by your side"

"I would like to come too...if it isn't too much trouble"

"I would be honored if I could accompany the successor of father "

"What kind of king would Son Goku be if he didn't help his comrade"

"Hmmmm could be interesting my dreams have be boring lately zzzz"

"It would be my great pleasure to help you after all who some one needs to get you out of your dry spell~"

"As long as I get to show these fools the King Of Desert!"

"Well then Shinigami-sama you have our answer we will fight for your patheon and restores it's glory." Naruto said he he was glomped by a rather wet and snotty projectile "Thank you soo much I'll best the best moon god ever Naruto-sama in your honor WAHHHH" cried a rather thankful moon god. As the gods sweatdropped at the youngest brother's antics.

"Very well Uzumaki-san you have given us a great boon. may Izanagi guide you" the Shinigami sated as his younger siblings tried to pry off his youngest sibling from Naruto before the snot stains set. Once removed the death god snapped his fingers twice. One returning the beasts into Naruto and another opening a portal directly under the blond sending him hurtling towards the Battleground of The Gods.



As I crashed landed from the other side of the portal I immediately address where the hell I am, ending up face to belly button?

"Hello Mr. Uzumaki! I am Grong your personal cyclopes to help you settle in and if need be I will offer conciliation after a loss or party with you in a victory" stated a rather TALL and chubby one eyed man in a loin cloth. "Umm Hi" 'KURAMA! What the hell is that, where are we and is everyone ok?'

"Shut up Gaki! And in order and if you listened he is your helper basicly a very ugly one eyed Shizune. Next I would guess the arena where we fight, which so far is underwhelming. How the hell are we supposed to fight in a big ass black space looking at pirling colors! Finally I would say ok is relative I'm fine but Gyuki is in the middle of reforming at will be ok in a few months. Everyone is more or less dispersed and will take awhile till they reform." The fox snarked back.

'Thanks old buddy and DON'T EVER COMPARE THIS THING TO SHIZUNE-NEECHAN' "So where exactly is here Grong?"

"We are at the moment at the landing pad were new fighters arrive if you follow me we can begin the tour". Nodding I began to follow that fat rolls of my assistant away from black pad that juted out into what I guess univers clusters.

"Here is the main room, this is where most of the fighters spend there time." said the cyclopes as he gestured the rather huge room with a spinning galaxy on the floor. "Over there is the cafeteria section and were Kronk works he can make any food you want." as he pointed to an area of metal tables and large hole in the wall leading to a closed of kitchin. "Where are the seats?"

"Because of some of the fighters unique body types seats are created when someone tries to sit at the table " the cyclopes explained as he pointed to another part of the room that had a large floor to ceiling screen going roughly 20 feet in each direction that was surrounded by couches, chairs, sitting pillows and even a huge kotatsu "Over there is viewing area for those to watch who is fighting at the moment". As the Cyclopes continued on he came to a large hallway splitting of into a 'T' junction with signs pointing down each "Gym" on the left and "Lodging" on the right" "As you can read the left is the gym why we have that I don't know no one ever uses it anyway"

As they continued the tour heading down the right hallway the came to a large circular room with seven hallways each with a different symbol over it. The only one he recognized was 神 for Kami. "Down the center as you can tell is your section which leads to your room. Which is your dominion where you can change it to fit your preferences. So it can be big or small as you like, and if you're into it, a large forest or a lake. Now any questions?"

"Ya where is everyone"

"At the moment they are all asleep we just came in were most gods retire to run their realms they control from their rooms or to sleep"

"Ah second question what is with everything being so overly large?" That was one question that has been bugging him since he got here. Honestly he felt like he was kid again with everything this big.

"That is because your on the rather small side of godly spectrem most gods are around my height."

'Well Shit, it's definitely like I'm a kid again'

"Now if you have no more questions here is pamphlet explaining the basics of the fights, the current fraction. Also if you need more assistance just say help whenever you are outside of your room. Also one more thing No fighting outside of the arena or you will be punished" The cyclopes says as he pull a small booklet from somewhere before he faded into golden sparkles.

After that I decided to enter my room….which was just fairly large white room. Did I mention bare of anything even a door to the bathroom.

'Yeash, my old apartment had more than this. Honestly with with it being a room for gods I expected it to be more like everything painted in gold and silver or something' as if by command the room began to shimmer and began to be replaced by a perfect replica of his first apartment. With the sole exception that everything was now gold and silver. Sweat-dropping at what the cyclopes ment by changing it to fit his preferences he began to set himself to work making his room and future rooms for the tailed beasts.


I finished my routine and headed out to meet my fellow fighters leaving Kumara to sleep in his oversized forest. Stepping out into the main I took in the colorful characters around the room all at least looking godly. And to my relief I wasn't the absolute shortest here, while they were an old man, some kids in a creepy guy in a mask and a monkey. But hey when your waist height with most of the gods and chest height with a good chunk of the the goddesses you take what you can get. After grabbing a tray I headed up to a rather fit the lunch cyclopes wearing gold bands, a blue and gold totga. With some sort of headpiece that had a little pole sticking up towards a half sun looking thing.

"Rice, grilled fish, Miso soup and milk please" Naruto said his head just breaking the counter as his as he slid his tray up "Vamana that you little buddy?" said the cyclopes as he learned over the counter to gaze at Naruto. "Sup name's Naruto" I said as lifted up a hand to shake. As his hand grabbed mine I felt a tad peaved as his hand consumed both my hand and wrist. "Names Kronk nice to meet you. You know we don't get too many new guys here Haha . But I can already tell we will be good friends. Say I know I can make anything you want lickty split but I am rather proud of my spinach puffs you want to try some."

"Thanks but I'll take what I ordered maybe for dinner. But what can you tell me about the other gods" I said as some of my old ninja habits begin to show again.

"Huh you're the first fella who asked me that but it's odd that you don't know where the other fractions most everyone knows about each other more or less" The cyclopes said back to the shinobi as he cooked the meal. "Ya well from what I can gather is I'm from deep in the Shinto fraction so we only knew about the Shinto gods"

"Oh that mean your so what are you the god of?"

"Not a god, immortal human"

"Ohhh sorry buddy you're going to have a tough time here, most gods here look down on humains since most places gods are the top there. Then there is the fact your shinto they didn't leave here with their heads held high".


"But don't worry you'll have me in your corner there little buddy Now about those fractions" Kronk began to talk about how each fraction was lead by the leaders Zeus for the Olympian fraction, Odin for the Norse. While The Mayans, Chinese, and Hindu being more of just people under the same banner. With finally the co leaders Ra and Osiris the egyptian fraction.

Moving to the tables with my tray I decided to wing it and give them the benefit of the doubt and attempt to sit with the Olympians. It didn't go well

"Mortal what do you think you are doing" Zeus the fraction leader called out as he pointed his sparking finger at me.

Not well at all "Was hoping to sit here you now begging the new guy just trying to fit in. It's not a problem is it."

"Yes it is Boy, we of Olympus have standards and one is that we don't share our space with the ravale. Hercules remove him" the god of thunder said with a dismissive wave

"Yes father" as a rather large and very muscular man with a lion head over his shoulder grabbed Naruto by his collar before carrying him rather roughly before dropping him on his ass a fair ways from the table. Getting up he eventually began his quest to find a table where he could sit with someone. It proved to be in vain some plightly turning him away be it either pride or fear he might not fit in with their rowdiness and ruin the whole group dynamic. Others threatening to turn him to stone or eating one table full rather lovely ladies turned out to be full feminists man haters, rather harsh feminists man haters.

And thus I ended up sitting at a table near some corner, alone…..fuck


Over time and a few more failures I decided to waite it out and prove them wrong in the arena. But it never came the intercom didn't call my name during the radome selections, preventing me from earning a place here th. But I was not idle during this time I watched and I learned and from what I gather each match was one of five types; Conquest, Arena, Assault, Sige and the rare Joust

Conquest: a 5v5 team to kill the enemies titan aka the final boss. The conquest map that involves 3 lanes and between them what are called Jungles and inside them there are camps were fighters go and kill monsters for status boosting skills (Strength,speed,magical power). Cyclopes and harpies guard them along with two big neutral foes; the fury giving long term gold boost and the fire giant giving a massive combat power up to whoever kills them. In each lane there are two towers to help guard the titian along with a phoenix which is basically a tower 2.0 and like the tower it will attack all with in it's range. To help along the way are minions which are basically the cannon fodder of the fight they throw themselves at the all forms of hostiles and help with fighting the towers. The minions fall into one of three categories; melee, ranged and Centurion which is the chunin of the minion if gods were jonin

Arena; 5v5 fight to see who gets the most kills or leads the minion into the opposing portal in a large coliseum with 6 buff camps, three on each sides. Guarding them are basiliscus for mana, Lions for power and boars for speed

Assault; 5v5 fight team fight on a single lane and push towards the titan

And Siege a 4v4 fight similar to conquest you fight to kill the titan but in a two lane field with a middle jungle with two towers guarding. An added bonus is if you kill enough and gather a 100 points they can summon a siege beast a huge stone behemoth to help fight with you with gods 5 points, minions 1 points and camps 9. Or you could kill the the wild beast in the center of the map immediately spanning a beast.

This marked his routine get up, eat, train and study the fights picking out each god as their own exploitable quirks for example Aries favors his left ankle how Ra will willing let Isis die showcasing an old grudge towards the goddess. Or the most amusing is how Artemis rubs her back after each re-spawn much like an old woman a times.

As so he practiced the most important skill a ninja has patience to wait for the perfect moment to strike the mighty blow to those who looked down on him.


'At this rate that day may never come' sighing I placed my tray in the pick up area as walked out towards the gym. "Going to train Kronk" I took one last look over my shoulder gazing out at the lunch room. Looking at Aphrodite hang off the muscle head war god. Bachus passed out over the table. Sighing once more he thought back to this life of all these total dicks, all those stuck up chicks, all these superficial and immature jackasses.

"Dear Kami the academy never ends"

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