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"Daughter….Your thoughts on today's match." called the voice of Ra from his throne, as he looked down at the bowed form of his child.

"Of course father," said Bastet as she rose to her feet to address her kings Ra and Osiris. "The Shinto is as every bit the warrior he is believed to be. He holds strength and skill that can compare to even the strongest. While his mind for strategy ...I can barely find words to describe it."

"Take your time sister," said Osiris as he leaned back into his throne that sat next to his father's.

"It is strange…. When he first offered his plan it sounded risky and foolish, as if he had truly no real sense of battle." Began the goddess before her tongue began to fail her. "But…?" began Ra.

"But he had planned out every possible detail as you saw. I do not know how deep this goes or how he would match wits with the wisdom gods like Thoth."

"What of his personality daughter, is he a warrior? A king? A scholar?"

For a time the goddess seemed to bare a look of unease, before simply responding "I do not know." Where she then hung her head in shame like a daughter who had disappointed her father.

With a sigh, the sun god went slouched into his throne before propping his head. "Very well, continue to observe the Shinto. You are dismissed," said Ra with a wave of his hand. With a bow, Bastet left the two kings to their rulings, as the heavy stone door was shut behind her with a thump.

Now free from the constraints of formality of Ra's throne room, the cat goddess allowed herself to go slack. With an air of depression and uncertainty, the goddess made her way to her room, thoughts filled with proceedings of the day's match.


"2nd Right Chaos Tower destroyed"

Now backed by the mighty siege beasts the whiskered blond and his team made devastating headway. With each lane backed by a pair of gods as they pushed ever farther and ever faster into the heart of their foe.

"1st Left Chaos Tower destroyed"

A speed that was only slowed by the barest of margins under the combined fury of the sons and daughter of the king of Olympus.

"GRRAGGH!" cried the god of war as his fury was accompanied by the thunderous roar of his half-brother Hercules as they moved forward to smash their foe.

Who only returned their call with cry not of pain but mocking laughter. "Come on you two you gave such a show earlier, what happened? Is your mother's pig blood slowing you down? " Chortled the blonde as he ducked and weaved between the two, forcing many of their large heavy blows to crash against one another.

"Or is it the cow blood? You know it's always hard to keep track of who came out of what with your father's preferences," said Naruto as he lept between two blows that would have torn him at the waist. With only a small poke from the blonde to send each of the brother's weapons into the flesh of their comrade.

"Gah You boar headed fool watch where you swing your blade!" said the hero of Rome Hercules.

"Only if you learned to fight with the tools of warrior barbarian!" said the God of war Ares.

The two already falling into a pattern of bickering, as the blond shinobi watched on before turning his eyes to his ally.

"Hey, Bastet you need help? Cause these do are kind of leaving me out of the job here," said Naruto as he thumbed his finger to the still bickering half-brothers.

"That is unneeded Shinto!" said Bastet as she parried a pair of arrows that would have gouged out her eyes.

The cat goddess crouched low waiting for the next move, as the goddess of the hunt Artemis watched down the point of her arrow at the cat goddess. Both their forms taught as they waited for the other to show a tell or weakness that they could capitalize on.

Both were driven to finish the other off as soon as possible so that both could move onto the blond. One for the simple reason that Naruto has besmirched her pride and needs to die by one thousand arrows to the groin which would then be shot into his head. The other to gain a form of favor to learn about the Shinto who had begun to make waves that had reached the interests of her pharaohs. But also to satisfy that corner of her mind of this fool who had dared to ignore the goddess of cats.

"Oh come on you guys keep hitting one another I may just play with the girls. Then I will at least have something prettier to look at."


With a war cry of the brothers a surge of earth and fire tore between the two goddesses. And they made their move.

Artemis struck first as a swarm of arrows flew from the fire and between the pillars of stone. Forcing Bastet to choose the most unconventional of paths, her feet were licked by the flames as she bounded from pillar to pillar to her foe.

But Artemis had prepared for that, for she stood at the ready arrows already set loose from her bow.

In an effort not to be made game by child Zeus, Bastet carved through each projectile with her knife splitting them in twain. Only to land in a trap within a trap. Vines sprung up from the ground capturing Bastet's form and made her vulnerable. An exploit that Artemis did not waste.


Bastet did not know what hurt most, her chest which had been forced to play target dummy to an arrow infused with the explosive wrath of a goddess, or her pride for not expecting a fellow hunter to place a trap to catch prey.

Her head rang and her chest felt like it had been wrapped in chains but still, she stood to fight her opponent. Only to immediately fall into a roll to dodge a trio of arrows, her eyes forced past the smoke and dust barely making out the form of her foe. The enemy goddess's bow following Bastet like her own tail through the smoke, never giving her the moment to recover. Leaving her only a handful of options, fight with pride, run like a mouse, or to call for help like a child.

"Shinto!" her thoughts of victory outweighed her pride of possibly losing the match.

"On it!"

Like his namesake, the blond left the spiteful brothers reeling with the aftermath of a paper bomb, as he set upon the Huntress with the force of a storm. Within moments the goddess was on her back foot as she was forced to contend with the tireless assault of the shinobi with the lacquer of her bow. All while he smiled up at her face. "So you having as much fun as I am. Cause I definitely got to say you're at least better looking than your brothers."

With a cry worthy of her more barbaric brother she pushed the blonde back and sent him spinning fully exposing his back to her. An opening Artemis was fully intent on exploiting by beating the blonde over his head with it until his thick man skull caved in.


Immediately the goddess fell to a knee as a foot gave out beneath her forcing her to stare not at the Hori covering the back of the man who has humiliated her and her family. But rather a feminine one with thin deep tanned fur. A site that would be her last as a dagger found its way through her throat and into her brain.

Artemis has been slayed

Not even savoring her victory of her fellow goddess Bastet cracked her whip and summed forth her guard of panthers, her eyes narrowing in on the remaining children of Zeus. Who rather than returning her glare met the blue eyes of the man who had toyed with them only moments ago.

"Well, gentlemen your sister seems to have left us. Care to show us what the bottom of Zeus's saggy scrotum can do? "

As one expected from such a place of origin the two gods charged the Egyptian and the Shinto.

"Come on now more shouting~" groaned the blonde as he longed for an opponent that at least had the intelligence of half a bandit. So at the very least, he could be regaled with idiotic bluster as they charged headlong into the Shinigami's arms. "Seriously you would think they would have raw throats by now." further lamented the blonde as launching himself off a panther that had clashed with Aries. His knee finding a place in the war god's face.


"Burn you goddamn Zombies come back when you're an idol group!" Cursed and swore the great wolf of armageddon as the twisted monsters of Bakasura swarmed him and Nox. While twisted demon of gluttony moved about the battlefield being the utmost pain for the two, as he leaped in and out from the jungle striking amidst the chaos. "Die!Die!Die!Die!Die!Die!" as one can hear from Fenrir as fire and runic energy enveloped his claws and his foes.

"While I must conquer with your sentiment- By the Fates why is there no end to you!" snapped the goddess of the night sky and as she finally reached her breaking point with the seemingly endless spawn of regurgitated minions. Her candles burning ever hotter and her shadows longer as she burned them with her ghostly flames and skewered them with her shadow that came alive with the fury of the Nara clan wives.

With their skills trained by their blonde comrade, they fought a near stalemate against the corrupted hoard it was only by the saving grace of the fact that they had only one truly godly foe to contend with. This proved to be a boon once more as the dark stomach acids that made up their foes took their tole on them and eroded them before the Order Team.

"About goddamn time!" cried the wolf in jubilation as the hoard turned to mush before him. "Now where is that godforsaken born from the ass of a fire giant-"

"I believe-" panted out the exhausted night goddess "- That the scourge has once more fled to feed and come for us one more."

"Son! Of! A! WHORE!" roared Fenrir before falling into depression "That's what the sixth time!"

"Ninth I believe," said Nox as the Wolf fell once more into a fit of rage. "Our minions also seem to have been picked off by the demon," she said as she looked at the lack of archers in their company. "And I do believe it will take quite some time before more comes."

"Then we push onward with the siege beast"

"Fenrir is that really the best idea-"

"The boss got three gods bearing down on him and only a useless Kat to keep him company…. Now I don't know you toga heads do things but us Nords, We always go straight into battle no matter how battered we are and claw out a victory worthy of ballades." With his path laid out before him, Fenrir began to walk forward only to stop and thrust out a thumbs up. "But not only am I a Nord, nor just a man but I am a loyal hound and his boss has requested a job to be done-" with one last burst of bravado the hound retracted his arm and pointed at himself with his thumb "- A job that this hound will fulfill!"

"My, my Fenrir quite the speech makes me want to come along" Praised the goddess as she gave a little clap. "But I can't help but wonder if you ripped that out of Crows or a Yakuza game"

"NO~~~" denied the wolf as he gave a wide sweating stricken smile. 'Damint! How'd she know I thought she was only into shojo and horror'

"Well, anyways Nox We have the battle to win onward!" Charged the wolf leaving the goddess with a Cheshire grin on her lips she was left in the dust.

'Oh, Naruto the company you keep are always quite the spectacle, always trying to prove themselves to you, be it the worth of their deeds or their devotion to you.' Thought the goddess as her form already began to weave forward on a wave of shadows. 'But I guess I am no different beloved.' A grin forming on her face as she chased after the wolf.

"Damn firebird! '

Fenrir was already cursing up a storm as the goddess of the night came to assist him, for even if they had pushed to the Phoenix in such a short amount of time the Siege beast had fought off wave after wave of minions and two towers in a single go. Leaving a near-dead husk of a monster as valiantly tried to battle the firebird as it bathed it in flames. Flames that run off onto the hound dealing damage to him as he at the very least tried to stem the tide of angry minions

"Fenrir blast from below." Without hesitation, the hound responded to the warning and leaped high into the sky as survival instincts honed from a desperate need to live through training with the Shinto kicked in. His head already turning downwards to add fire to fuel the widening maw of unstable darkness.


The red minions now blown into giblets, Fenrir sent himself into a fiery Tsuga while still in the air into the enemy phoenix.


But it was for not, the battles took their toll and with the Order team's Juggernaut. It stone-like body falling to pieces, the archer atop being smashed underneath the rock. With its foe destroyed the final guardian of titan turned its fiery gaze towards a wolf far too close to it.

"FUCKkkkk!" With a curse and cry of pain rolled into one Fenrir did his best to leap from the beam of pure fire but he could not fully escape its wrath. Nor the arrow that followed.

Skidding on his side that was un-violated by wood and steel could only glare hatefully back as from behind the Phoenix came a huntress with a stony frown.


"I believe you are missing a 'Son of' before that word dog."

"Ohh so now the cunt thinks she's funny." grumbled the wolf as he ripped out the arrow from his shoulder.

"You must admit though it is quite the step up from her normal sadism," said Nox.

"Guess Naruto must be rubbing off on the cunt." said the wolf before a grin stretched across his muzzle and shouted, "SO Has Naruto got you off yet!"

An arrow and just an arrow was his reply.


More followed.

But as much fun as Fenrir and by extension Nox was having at the expense of the most admit virgin goddesses another cloud would pass their parade. As from behind a massive splat and crazed demonic chittering and with one look they knew that they were surrounded. One side a crazed demon and his small army of abominations and the other a near all-powerful bird of fire with an angry huntress ...who now sported a killer boar.

"Sssshhhhhiitttttt" Yep Fenrir summed it up pretty well.

"Plans Nox?"

"Run like we are sparring with a Naruto?"

"Naruto and Kurama tag team?"

"Yes that seems appropriate…." and with her final piece said she bolted into the demon army, Fenrir hot on her shadowy trail as arrows rained after them.

"SERPENTİNE! SERPENTINE!" cried Fenrir as more than a few arrows went in his direction.

"Nox go ahead I will buy time for a return!" said Fenrir as his wounded form was covered in flames as his steps grew heavier with each step.

"Fenrir but-"

"Go! We came too far for us just to get back on the rear foot!" roared the wolf with his powers unleashed.

Corrupted minions were purified by a wave roaring flames of Armageddon or simply torn to shreds by the monster. Bakasura felt neither of these as he was crushed between the jaws of the wolf like a squirrel, leaving the remains of his army to fade into nothingness and an unobstructed path was cleared.

Bakasura has been slayed

"You will not escape you kurr" screamed Artemis as her arrows flew at the duo only to be caught by the bulk of the wolf, leaving Nox unscathed.

"Not trying to woman! WEEDO! "

With fire pouring out a wounded eye seeing the arrow around it Fenrir charged on in a Berserk rage, uncaring for it and the other wounds on his body as he clashed with the great Boar. Fangs met hide as tusks tore into his stomach, as they struggled for dominance as the near-dead wolf fought against his foe fresh to the fight. But sadly it was not just one foe for much like her father Artemis called forth a storm, not rain thunder but one of steel and death.

This was how Fenrir met his end protecting a comrade and killing a foe as thousands of arrows riddled his back. Treating Artemis with the fading gaze of the wolf's dead eyes. Eyes that never lost their fire and promised he would be back to kill her.


Fenrir has been slayed

'Damn it Fenrir. You were a good man.' thought Naruto as his blade held back the slab of metal that was Aries sword.

"Proof you godforsaken mortal that your kind should not step towards his betters. For YOUR ONLY-GAGCK"

"Do you ever stop talking you, insufferable blowhard." said the blonde as he tore his blade from newly opened ventilation hole Ares now sported. "Seriously I don't think I was even this bad to Iruka."

Ares has been slayed

"Bastet!" called the blond as he already had his head racing how to deal with this upset. He had hoped that by playing with the two brothers they would have bought time for the other to push towards the enemy titan. But it seems that with the death of Hercules they had grown cocky with Aries and allowed for their enemy to gain footing back at the edge of defeat.

"Bastet! We need to get back to base and recharge shits going to get hairy soon." With a simple nod, the two vanished in godly light to the bluestones of home and the upset face of a goddess.

"Naruto I must aplog-"

"Nox don't you did nothing wrong shit happens." began the blonde as he set a hand on the goddess's bare arm. "Not everything goes to plan, I mean back home we had the saying "man plans, gods laugh." and with my track record, I bet I was a riot for the Shinto." Confessed the blonde as he tilted her head to look him in the eyes. "So do this mortal a favor and give me at least a smile." She did give the blonde a smile for his kind words, even if she was completely red-faced while doing so.

"Thank you. Alright, we lost our momentum" began the blonde as he switched back to business, ignoring the slowly forming puddle of goddess behind him.

"Chaos siege beast spawned."

"Scratch that on the back foot." sighed the blonde before renewing the fire in his eyes. "But we got two towers and a siege beast. Meaning the enemy will go after our beast first, this gives us a chance to push back."

"So then what is our plan then Shinto," said Bastet

"We buy time and then bum rush them, where we will then hit their titan until it dies."

"That is the plan."

"Yes Bastet, what's not to understand?"

"We buy time and rush them."

"Then hit the titan till it dies, yes."

"Yes, I see…."

"Great then let's get to work."

"That you are truly a fool, and that your last plan was nearly a fluke."

"Oy! My planning got us this far with a bunch of glass cannons and no heavies!" fired back the blonde. "So unless you got a better idea we play it my way." The cat goddess now cowed the blond began outlying his plan into the dirt.


"2nd Left Order tower destroyed."

"Brothers they are falling back into their habits," said Artemis as once more she had seen the blond hero and goddess of the night retreat back into the woods with taunts echoing behind them.

"Do they take us for fools!"

"Me not likely, you two on the other hand..." snarked the goddess as her brothers predictably raged as a result. "So we must simply stay our course and we shall win." said the goddess as she planted an arrow in between the eyes of another minion. "Besides, we only need to win this battle to prove that this so-called hero is nothing more than a fool playing god and his first fight was a fluke."

"Yet you still seem to get killed as often as brother Ares sister," remarked Hercules. "Perhaps you watch the rear so that you can warn of the opposition when you die." said the god with a smile as he refused to let his sibling hold her head over him.

"Says the Brute! Who hasn't even gained a single kill!"

"You bloody wretch! I should wr-"


"Your family is the poster child for family counseling if I ever saw one," said Naruto as once more tore into the group of gods before making his way towards the siege beast. "I mean seriously I can't leave for five minutes before I need to remind you you're fighting me. But I guess that's what happens when you carry stupid in your genes."

"Mortal!" With the dumbest of the Greeks leading the charge, Ares swung his sword at the blond with reckless abandon fully intent on killing the blonde ignorant of his swings and the bloody swath he left as he cut open his own minions.

"Really that's all you can call me? Kami I am starting to miss my old enemies. I mean they were hard to beat and had plans within plans but at least they said more than one word." lamented the blond as stuck Aries's side with his sword once more. "I mean we would get into all kinds of discussions as we tried to kill each other from philosophy to their ambitions but now…. "


"Can't even get more than a few words out of them. What I wouldn't give for a bandit with a big ego doing the whole "I am great you shall not beat me" bit."

"Then try my strength mortal!" shouted Hercules as he brought his club down on the blonde, only to be greeted with a swarm of splinters.

"I could….. But like your wife, I am still unsatisfied." Now that got a reaction out of the god of strength as with a roar that could shake the very heavens Hercules forwent his club and dug his fingers into the earth and with a mighty heave tore the land a bolder.

"DIE!" and threw the hunk of rock at the blonde.

With speed befitting Mercury Naruto ran. To the left. Right into the jungle and out of the path of the bolder leaving it to smash right into Aries and their siege best killing the smarter of the two.

"Brother! When I get up I'll-"

Right Chaos Phoenix Destroyed

Order Siege Beast Spawned

Panic immediately gripped the siblings as the announcement echoed across the arena with such attention being on the blonde and pushing their advantage that they had forgotten the others who had been absent the last few ambushes.

Artemis was the first to find her voice "Quickly return to base we cannot let them win!" only for a shuriken to graze her cheek, forcing her eyes to bring back her attention to the blonde who emerged from the jungles once more. Who stood there with sword in hand and another shuriken dancing on his fingertips.

"What makes you think I would let you?" Finished the blond as he tossed his shuriken that soon evolved in hundreds. It was endgame and the blond was tired of saving strength as he flashed his Rinnegan eyes.


Nox, Fenrir, and Bastet stared into the depths of the enemy encampment at the base of the corrupted tower with a flaming axe wielding titan staring back, daring them to enter its sacred ground. And Bakasura teething on its mace.

"How long do you think the Shinto can keep the three of them busy?" asked Bastet.

"That would depend on whether or not the siege beast would come to our aid or beloved's," answered Nox as she impaled the next set of minions on her shadows.

"Ya if the boss gets it Artemis would stick around to try and kill it, but if not miss arrows will come stomping over to fight us since Naruto boss got the two dumbasses too worked up to leave."

"Then it looks like we will have the huntress to deal with soon," said Bastet as she spied behind the minions charging with their flaming weapons the lumbering form of the siege beast.

"Well, then Lets Rip Nd TEAR!" charging with his armageddon form beside the caption minion. Fenrir's flaming form leading the charge as he crashed headfirst into Bakasura's minions as his fellow gods brought forth death unto them. The armies clashing with Bastet's panther guard tearing into corrupted minions and titan alike as the two gods split their attention between the ever-hungry maw of Bakasura and the flaming titan. While Nox sent forth spell after spell between her two battlefields killing the spawning minions to keep their forces on schedule and aiding her allies.

"Come here you little mouthy shit" roared the hound of Ragnarok as he slashed at the nimble form of Bakasura who leapt out of the swipes doing its best to avoid becoming the wolf's chew toy.

"Dog deal with the titan I shall handle the monster! ``As from the side came Bastet as she sunk her knife into the demon's side, their bodies side hitting the dirt as the wolf turned his flaming form to the titan. "Just deal with him, kat!" responded Fenrir as he charged into the titan with Tsuga.

Flipping off the monster she called back "Only if you can do the same mutt." Readying her knife and cracking her whip she turned her attention to her foe "Now foul being, prepare to -what in the PITS!" Screamed the goddess as Bakasura simply leaned backward, stabbed its spikes into the ground, and began scuttling towards her as its large torso tongue began to lash about like a scorpion tail while the mouth at the head chittered. "Die DIE STAY AWAY YOU FOULING THING." she screamed as her whip snapped against the unholy form that was Bakasura. Only for it to leap from its prone form over the whip and attempt to fall onto goddess to either impale her or eat her.

But already moving Bastet easily dodged the lunge and threw her blade to sever the monster's tongue for the second time. In a fit, it tried to lunge at her once more only to find it was stuck to the ground looking down to find its shadow acting abnormal and with a long tail that led to a rather cheeky mother of the night. Capitalizing on her target she called her guardians to latch onto the monster's limbs and back leaving it wide open for her to sink her blade into its brain, finally killing the damn thing.

Bakasura has been slayed

With herself now free the cat goddess looked towards the main objective only to see Fenrir's form be batted away by the titan and forced to shrink back into his normal form. "Mutt it seems as though you still underperforming, shall I aide you?"

"I'd like to see you do bett-Ahhhgghh!" began Fenrir only to be interrupted by a trio of arrows that had found his side. "Bitch!" he snarled as he looked towards the woman in question, her form scuffled and bruised. "Well look who showed up and shooting first when you're about to lose must mean your boar is busy with boss or dead and you can't summon him yet." Seeing her flinch only confirmed the wolf's acquisition and put a grin on his muzzle.


That just became wolfish. "FOR THE WIN!" called the hound as he charged at the goddess claws aflame as the thundering of giants echoed behind him.

Arrows came fast at traps littered the area before him but Fenrir burned through it all fully intent on taking the huntress's head. And in moments he was upon her claws smashing her bow down into the ground forcing her to take a desperate stab with her knife, only for it to be caught between the beast's teeth leaving her liver to be pierced by Fenrir's claws.

In retaliation the goddess brought up her knee into the beast's chest, winding him enough to allow for a chance to backpedal in an attempt to gain ground and even managed to fire a shot into Fenrir's chest. But like the human followers of the Nord's he charged in undeterred by a mere flesh wound he met her with two more swipes first spilling her guts to the floor and then the second tore out her throat. Grasping both cuts Fenrir dug his claws in her fingers grasping at his arms and with a heave, he tore her head off. Her face in locked in shock.

Chaos titan slain

Victory Order team

For she could only watch as she was torn apart as her titan was beaten.


The homecoming had been what was expected the friends had met one another not long past the gate their greetings joyous and full of comradery. Soon they filed out towards the Shinto's room giving at least four different flavors of fuck off fingers between them towards the mighty Zeus as they passed. Leaving Bastet to the grilling of her Kings that once ended left her alone in the halls as she made her way towards her room near the front of her pantheon's segment. However, as she reached for the handle she caught the sound of panting and soft rampant thumping.

Being the goddess of all cat she naturally followed the sound and came to find the topic of her discussion with her kings, as he danced about a rapidly bouncing ball as it ricocheted across the room.

Noticing her presence the blonde snatched the ball out of the air. "Yo Bastet! What are you doing out still the matches for the day are over most are back in their rooms by now? "

"I was simply on my way and I heard a strange sound and here we are. But I would say the bigger question would be-" began the goddess as she strutted up to the blonde, "-What are you doing here? Should you not be with your friends?"

"Scylla is on a SMASH rampage and I rather not get killed again but freaken Olimar."

"I see..."

"That and I could use some peace and quiet."

"Odd. You seem to be someone who would revel in such festivities."

"True but not when I am the most responsible one in the room and it's my room."

"Then perhaps you would care to join me in mine?"

Blinking at the bold offer Naruto was stunned for a moment "Thanks, but I only needed moment t myself right now." Replied blonde as he pocketed his ball. "That and I need to make sure they don't reck my room." he sighed.

"I see." her ears drooping ever so slightly.

"But maybe another time that it would be rude for me not to extend the olive branch back and offer you a spot in my personal madness." grinned the blonde as he extends his arm toward the cat goddess. "After all anyone who shows up in the name of friends and company is welcomed." he finished with a dazzling grin. For a moment the goddess considered his offer and like lightning, the image of her kings flashed before her mind.

With a smirk, she intertwined her arms around his and pulled him flush ageist her side. "That idea sounds rather grand." her grin stretching to a Cheshire as small flush passed over the blonde's face.

"Right. This way." as the blonde pulled the goddess along as he freed himself from most of her divine body save her hand which still intertwined with his. While the goddess still smiled at the opportunity that had landed in her lap.


"Oh are we getting another join me and Medusa beloved."

"What are you do mean joining me and YOU.!"

"Great another walks into this web of madness."


"What! Time out. Time OUT!"


Personal Madness indeed.



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