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Chapter 2

Man's new best friend

Following my morning routine I get ready to leave but I stop. Catching a gleam from the corner of my eyes I turn to see my reflection staring back at me. 'Why did I ever come here again?'

Looking back I remember how hopeful I was in coming here with a chance find solace in another pantheon and maybe finding friends. Unfortunately by the time I came here, my old rep had already spread of me. As a result I became what was already. A tool with it's only purpose is to be unleashed on my pantheon's enemies. To be nothing be more than a means to win more territory for my pantheon.

Eventually I realized the truth of the world for people like me. The truth being the people like me have no place in the light and our only place is the darkness that surrounds me

Walking out of my room I moved towards the serving cyclopes scaring away all who would be in my path with a hard look and a flash of teeth. Finally I made it to the server and grabbed my slab of meat before going back to my table in it's little area far away from everyone else.

Digging into my meat I let the world fade out as waited for the only thing that would talk to me and call me forth to the battlefield.

"Mind if I sit here?"

'What?' Looking up I saw him. He was blond and rather on the short side clothed In an a black jacket with orange stripes with a red scarf. The pants he wore were rather baggy black cargo pants with the leggings stuffed into his steel toed boots. On his hands he wore blue fingerless gloves with a metal plate on the back, each adorned with a different asymbol; his right a circle and the left a black crescent.

I stared at him for a while as tryed find my voice again after so long of not really talking to anyone outside of a growl. Eventually I gave up and just nodded and in return he gave me a rather toothy grin that seemed to chase away the shadows around the table.

For some reason my heart felt lighter than it has in years as if it knew the future was going to finally get better.

My lips began to curl slightly as I watched this new guy sit across from me.


Getting up from my bed I worked through my mental checklist to see if any of the other Bijuu were beginning to reform. Feeling Chomie was getting close to reforming he went over the mental blueprints of his new home.

After the entrance It lead into a fairly large room complete with a desk, couches , shogi board near the center of the room next to the kotatsu. A bookshelf, and scroll shelf off to the side of of the room and a large flatscreen on the other side perfectly position so all the seats could get a perfect view. Near the back another door was there led to a large circular room much like the gods logging area with ten doors, nine of which had a number over them while the 10th on the far right had the Uzumaki Spiral on it. Focusing I went over each room.

With room-1 he saw a vast desert of sand with a overly large shogi board fit for the giant tanuki and life size model of the village in the sand in the distance Opposite to it a massive bookshelves stood across next to a large recliner of sand that held the dozing one tail.

In room-2 he saw a large cat paradise full of bells, feathers,scratching posts, a large cat bed with an oversized window letting a beam of sunlight hit it. Along one of the walls it was lined with shelves of….well…..bijuu sized feminine pleasure products. Ya don't look into what Matatabi was doing.

Room-3 Held a sandy island full of rock outcropping and massive palm trees surrounded by a blue ocean full of coral reefs teeming with aquatic life and massive underwater caves that held the 'meditating' Shrimp turtle.

In Sun Goku's room was an active volcano off in the distance pumping out smoke into the sky over the jungle full giant beast ready to fight all they come across. Truly a room fit for a jungle king with the stray taverns dotting the area. With one containing the king as he drank away.

In room-5 vast planes of wheat and brown grass swayed in the breeze around a small stable next what one would assume was a traditional farmhouse that melodic humming and the scent of fresh apple pie came from .

The six tailed slug's room one would call it a relaxation paradise full of baths steam rooms and all manor of spa like equipment as she rested her Chomie's room he created an odd combo of rainforest, forest, sea,vast sky and mighty mountains all teaming with bug life.

In Gyuki's room one could say was a homage to his former home. With great mountains that were struck by lighting. As they came to jagged cliffs overlooking stormy seas with a beach. On the beach rested something that looked oddly like and oversized boom box near some equally odd rocks shaped like dumbbells. A room over he found monstrously big forest full of equally big rabbits. What? A fox need something to occupy his time since I can't get any fights.

Finally I came to my room a rather large but simplistic bedroom with wooden floor boards, closet and a space where I switch out the beds to whatever I feel like. Be it a simple futon ro an overly large mattress that could hold at least three generations of my family at once and still have room to spare.

Feeling satisfied with my room check I went through my routine before heading out to train and later get some food. "Well you seem to be in a good Aye Ruto?" Kronk said he he loaded up my tray with a more modern breakfast of pancakes, egg, sausage and milk. "Ya another of my friends is coming back and well she was always going on about how lucky she was"

"Well who knows, you may get that fight you're always after" they cyclopes said as he waved a spoon between my eyes. "Ya ya, whatever you say big guy." Turning away from the cook I scanned over the dining hall looking over the many fighters before my eyes settled on rare site. A single God sitting by himself a rather odd occurrence since most gods have at least one other comrade to sit with. Feeling his rather depressed mood I walked over to him.

"Mind if I sit here?" He looked up from his meal just staring at me as he seemed to try comprehend my question, eventually he nodded. Taking my seat I mentally imagined a bar stool as it rose from the floor. Planting myself I gazed across to him in his large oaken chair. "So got a name?" I asked him a his little curl of a smile turned into a rather wolfish grin. "The Mighty Fenrir Bringer of Ragnarok. Who might you be shrimp?"

Giving him a rather foxish grin I returned his jab "Naruto Uzumaki heir to The Sage of Six Paths. Got it memorized dog breath." Somehow I had a feeling This was going to be a great friendship.

"So what's your story? Besides whatever the hell Ragnarok is." Surprised dotted his face as looked at me. "How the hell do you not know me? Even new gods at least have little info on what I am."

"Ya well I not exactly a god" baffled by my response he nearly choked on his meat. Honestly I wondered if this would count against me if I caused a god to choke on his food.

After Fenrir finally dislodged the meat chunk he just looked at me with rather confused expression. "So what pantheon then?"

"Shinto" I responded simply my voice even as I expected things to start to go down hill. "Well that explains a lot then" the wolf said as he looked at me with a rather neutral expression. "So still want to hear my story then?" Surprised I just nodded internally glad that he would let me stay. "Well it started when my father Loki the god of tricksters had me and my siblings." "I have a feeling the phrase family trouble coming up lot here"

"Not really between me and my siblings I actually got along great with my younger sister(s). But with my father and his father Odin the Allfather, things were always rather tens mostly with Odin favoring my uncle Thore."


"Big guy with a hammer"


"He is the one with a beard"


"Big blond guy in armor next to the man in the eyepatch"


Solemnly he continued "So as a result there came about this rumor I and my siblings would rise and kill Odin in the name of our father. Fearing for his life my siblings and I were scattered. Eventually I was put into chains only to be used as a weapon for the Allfather before being sent back into chains. Thankfully my sister when she was born was just given an out of the way duty where she directs the dead to various realms if they have not died in battle." Seeing a little grin work it's way across his face showed how much he cared for his youngest sibling as he talked about her.

"Eventually I was released and brought here. Honestly I was glad even if I was just seen as a tool by Odin I hoped to find comrades with in the other pantheons."

"I take it didn't work out"

Shoulders slumping Fenrir continued "Yes. I was not brought here till much later after the start of this arena. And by That time word of me already spread. I'm sure you have heard of normal treatment of monsters."

"More than you would think. "

"I beg your pardon? The only way a human could get here was if he was some great hero."

"That is true, I am now called a hero more times then I count these days. But there was not always a time I walked in the limelight of a champion of the people. Before when I was born many saw as nothing more than scum beneath their boots, a thing that would kill their children when they misbehaved. To them I was no better then a demon. "

'Fuck, Fuck, FUCK. This is NOT GOOD first friend I ever get and I bring up bad childhood. Ok I need to figure out how to divert the conversation' Quickly his eyes darted over his friend finding something talk about, "SO! I noticed your gloves have different symbols any reason why?"

'Good job Fenrir when doubt ask a warrior about his armor as he regales you with old war tales of glory' letting a mental cheer of victory as his friend turned his attention from his past to his gloves.

"Ya the circle is a reputation of the power of the sage of six paths body and chakra which I embodied. While the crescent is to remind me of the sages spirit and eyes. But also" 'Ah crap' " But also the sacrifice my brother made for me" 'shit Shit SHIT'. By this point Fenrir was sweating as everything that seemed to come out of his mouth seemed to make the situation worse.

His own past he could deal with but making someone else remember their own always ended up with someone ending up depressed and walking away. He needed a distraction and fast but he couldn't think of anything. 'If there is a god that will get me out of this I will build you a shrine'. But it would seem he would be building a shrine to Naruto as he himself bounced back. "Well enough about me what bout you I heard you had a sister."

"Uhhh aren't you going to go and grieve or something?"

"Let me guess first time in an actual conversation with someone?" Naruto said as he looked now blushing wolf of armageddon.

"That obvious huh" he said as he scratched his cheek."Meh take it from a guy who has been there once or twice. So you said you had a sister she here or not?"

"Yeah she's here but I try and stay away from her I don't want to cause her any trouble by associating with me."

"Let me guess it' Hel" surprised took over the face of the wolf man as he never mentioned the name of his darling little sister. "In every match you have with her you stick to her like glue fighting any who try to harm her. Or if you're on opposing sides you are always in another lane then her despite how you could destroy her in seconds."

"By the Allfather I must be pathetic if you can read me so well"

"No not really but over all the only one who actually can hid some of their emotions from a ninja of my caliber is the quiet guy next Odin"

"Ninja? what is that some kind of diplo-"

"Attention all combatants. the teams for the next match are about to be announced"

Soon everyone became mute as many of the gods waited in anticipation or neutrality as robotic dispatch voice reads out the name of the fighters

Team Chaos:

Sun Wukong

Guan Yu




Team Order






Match type Assault

"Teams report to match pad."

"Well it look like you're up man. Come on I'll walk you to the portal and cheer you on man." Naruto said as he got and walked to the portal with the wolf man coming up behind him shortly after.

"Thank you Naruto" Fenrir said as he look next to him only to find air. "Down here man and please no short jokes" Blushing from his mistake Fenrir decided it was best to keep walking towards the portal.

Arriving at the transport area Naruto saw it was from what he guessed a quarter turn from where he entered a month ago. Looking out he saw a rode branch off into two walkways one red the other blue. Turning to his friend he clasped his shoulder "Alright you big ball of fluff your sister is on your team and as the duty of her big brother to keep her safe. So go out there and KICK SOME ASS!" All he got in return from his motivational speech was a roar that covered him in drool and wolf with his eyes literally on fire. Seriously Naruto could feel the heat from Fenrir's determination.

He watched as his new friend charge through the portal nearly knocking off the lumbering god of earth. Deciding his work was done he turned around to head back and watch the match. Hoping his new friend eats that bitchy ginger 'Toads and foxes are too mighty beasts ya bitch!'


Well his buddy did in fact win although barely after losing both towers and their phoenix. But on the bright side the ginger got eaten along with her boar. Mostly due to the fact Artemis had almost zero respect for the less...covered hunting moon goddess. Which then led to insulting ones hunting ability, a cat fight (there were a lot of nosebleeds when that happened) till eventually Fenrir showed up and killed them both and their pets.

Yep a good day for Naruto. But in the end Naruto was back at the table with Fenrir who looked liked a kicked puppy more than a fierce bringer of armageddon.

"Naruto! I'm Sorry! I didn't mean to almost lose the match please don't leave me I'll win next time " said the siffling and now bowing wolf as his head rested on the table.

"Fenrir I'm not mad at you because you almost lost the match. And I won't stop being your friend" palming his face at Fenrir looked up as tears ran down his eyes. 'Oh for the love kami he looks more like plushy then wolf'.

"You promise"


Almost as if by magic he sprang back up his tail wagging as he panted in excitement "..."

"Alright now that this over let's go over the fight and from what I can gather you like most of the gods don't really know how fight." Already predicting the out burst Naruto decided to cut him off. "You have power but your unrefined Fenrir. You like most gods wouldn't last long where I'm from or at the lease reform a lot."

'KamiI just feel bad looking at him seriously this is who the leader of the Norse thought would kill him' Naruto thought as he gazed at the sad wolf with eared lying flat against his head as gazed at the floor. "Which is why I am willing to to help you" seeing Fenrir's ears perk up Naruto continued on with his explanation "but first we need to go to the gym"

"We have a gym?"


"Yes we do."

Fenrir looked in wonder at how they gym was laid out. Near the front was a multitude of weights and what he guessed were exercise machines although a few looked like they were more designed for 'other purposes'. After that came a large track and in the center was a bunch of mats. Behind that was three doors with the left saying pool, the center fighting area and the one right saying sports. Looking back towards his friend already ahead of him. Quickly he snapped out of his browsing of the gym he jogged to catch up to the blond.

Eventually they went through the center door and came to what in many ways would be a war gods wet dream. there was a multitude of arenas that each held a different field type along with a multitude dummies for both long and short range combat . While the walls were lined with EVERY single type of weapon imaginable from size to region lined the walls along with protective gear.

"Come on we're heading into the basic ring" Naruto said as he led the wolf to a large circular stone ring that big enough it would take at least ten of his leaps to make across. "Ok Fenrer I seen how you fought while good for you gods with your rush and swing tactics. But real life were against humans who can stand at your level in power you would be slaughtered. Now to get a better feel with what I'm working with I need you to come at me with intent to kill" Naruto said as he took up a stance.

"Ahhh you sure Naruto because your huamin I don't know if the whole response thing works on you."

"Trust me it does, NOW! Come at me your oversized ball of fluff!"

"Alright you asked for it." Charging it with a flying leap, jaws open with claws in front to ponce on the blond with full intent of finishing the fight quickly and proving he was a great fighter as bringer of Ragnarok. Well that was the plan at least.

What the great wolf got instead was the small blond catching his wrist with one hand as the other was used in a palm thrust straight to his lower jaw that rattle his teeth. Following up the blonde used the momentum to slam the wolf back first with enough force to cause the godly stones to crack. As Fenrir tried to comprehend how much pain he was in kicked away with a powerful shot to the ribs. "Full of mistakes Fenrir you charged head first at an opponent you know nothing about leaving your self completely open. Hostaly I am amazed you can keep your sister safe with this level of skill. Now again!"

Growling Fenrier charged his claws with his destructive power before swiping at the blond causing a destructive shock wave of his energy to lash out. Naruto didn't even move his feet as he bent back at the knees completely dodging it. Cockly the blond smirked "Next". His temper rising the wolf unleashed a flurry of slashes each sending another wave of destruction.

The blond moved smoothly between each slash, not a single one nicking him as he closes in on the mad god. Finally in range Naruto's fist lashed out smashing right between Fenrir's eyes dazing him as the ninja wound up another punch that drove the wind out him. Next Naruto lashed his left leg out to kick the his foe's head as it hooked behind his head. before ending the combo with his legs momentum to drive his opponent head first into the ground. While normally such a combo would cause lesser man to fade into unconsciousness. But Fenrir blearily got back to his feet as he shaked the ringing out of his ears while Naruto walked back to center of the ring.

Quickly he focuses back on his target he called upon his power as his rage fueled him allowing him to go to what Naruto would call Ragnarock mode. As he grew many times his size along with his collar of fur as blood red flames covered his form along with strange helm of black steel. Together it all made him truly monstrous and ready to bring about the final war. (1)


"RAAAHHHHH" losing a mighty bellow that shook the very air He charged forward fully intending to crush the bond between his jaws. As the wolf neared Naruto held up his hand as gray chakra began to swirl around his hand. Once the wolf was upon him Naruto jumped up just as the burning beast's jaws bit through the ground. Now above him he drove his attack into beasts back. "Odama Rasengan! " In the middle of driving the attack into the beast he was knocked away by it's tail just before his attack detonated.

"Damm I may need get a bit more serious" Naruto said as he stared at the his sparring buddy as he shook off whatever damage that was done to him. 'Well at least I know where things sorta stand now on power level.' Broken from his thoughts at the sound of thumping Naruto saw his opponent once again began to charge him. Moving quickly Naruto began to strafe to the side as he began to pepper the beast with Suiton: Suidan no Jutsu (Water style: Water Bullet).

Hoping it would at least slow down the beast as steam began to cover the area. 'Now where are you ' sensing something behind him he turned around to meet a swinging claw the sent him flying across the ring . 'Fuck he got faster and he hits harder the Sakura-chan! With that last attack he took out at least 5 ribs' Reorienting himself he began to analyze his opponent once again. 'his flames look duller he must be losing steam. Speaking of which'

'Futton: Kairiki Musō (Boil Release: Unrivalled Strength)' Naruto thought as he charged at the weakening beast sensing he was about done Fenrir let a massive blast of fire from his maw (2) in a last ditch effort to win the fight. Jumping over the flames as steam began to radiate from his in possession he brought his fist down with force of an angry Sakura on top of the wolf's head covering the arena in a cloud of dust.


"Ugh my head feels like Kumbhakarna sat on it" Fenrir said as he sat up off the magically repaired stone as he woke from his unconsciousness state. "Sorry about that but I needed to prove a point" Looking over he saw the blond with a cup of tea and tea set. Not questioning he decided to get down to business. ""So what are my results personally I would say badass"

"Over all you suck" the deadpan response was met with a face fault courtesy of Fenrir

"What! How I know I didn't get that many hits in but still..."

"Still... you suck. Fenrir you just charge in with overwhelming power and just whale on them like a beast."

"But I am one"

"Physically yes. But in a fight that is one of the worst things you can do. You have zero style and tactics, seriously how you haven't been killed constantly every time you do that jump of yours is nothing short of miracle."

"So What. I have been protecting my sister just fine with how I'm fighting now" Fenrir grumbled as he looked at his tea

" True...But with training you can make it so No One gets close to her in a fight." As if contemplating his option the Wolf man now looked to the ceiling as if it would bestow upon him the wisdom of the cosmos. "You sssssuuuure this will help?"

"Positive now I'll be training you in a style from a friend of mine and hopefully you will be able to reverse engineer a few of the moves. Now the first move is called the Tsuga. This move can be used in a …." As Naruto went on about Inuzuka fighting style both felt a bond forming one that could very well change the entirety of the gods battle ground


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