A Starfy Short Story: Konk visits Ruby

By Bonboon228

NOTE: Still do NOT own any of the characters listed in this story. No profit is made off of this story, and it qualifies as FAIR USE! Alright, let's dive in, shall we?

It was a normal day in the Pufftop Kingdom. Not terribly hot, nor to chilly. Konk, the Sea Whelk was planning a surprise for Ruby the Zebra Turkeyfish, who lived in Coral Coast. He had a present, and a box of chocolates for her. With that, he headed out of the clouds and into the water of the Soda Sea below.

Ruby was washing up dishes in her sink when she heard the door bell ring.

"Well now, who could that be?" She wondered.

She headed to the door and opened it. There stood Konk in his spinning Conch Shell, holding something behind his back.

"Konk? What are you doing here?" Ruby asked.

"Uhhhh…happy KONK birthday, Ruby. KONK, KONK!" Stammered the blushing Sea Snail.

"OH! My birthday! I totally forgot 'bout mah own birthday! This was a mighty fine thing 'yall did." Said Ruby.

"If you thought that was KONK fine, you'll love this! NOW GUYS!" Called Konk!

From behind Konk, All of Ruby's friends popped out from the coral and yelled, SURPRISE!

There was Starfy, Starly, Moe, Herman and his Brother Herbert, Jojiro the Snark, Mama Star and Papa Star, Lovely and her Sisters, Savako and all six of the Jelatto sisters!

"I would not miss out on your birthday for the world, Ruby!" Said Moe

"Phiii!" Starfy Called.

"Happy birthday!" Everyone else Called!

The party was awesome, the cake was top notch and all in all, Ruby was glad to have such good friends.