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Bent, but not broken

Chapter 1

Brandt ran as fast as he could, legs feeling like jelly and chest burning so much it seemed it would explode.

The dimly lit corridor felt infinite and the analyst's ears were pounding from the rapid flowing of his blood and the stomping of his leather boots on the cold, cemented ground.

'Damn it!' He thought and looked behind him to see if his persecutors were still following. The man could no longer hear sounds of other boots except his own and decided to stop for a moment. Brandt sucked in large breaths of air as he supported his hands on his knees; his head was spinning and white spots danced across his vision, making him groan

'Keep it together! I can't pass out now!'

The man stood straight once more and willed his aching legs to move, thus he was running once again.

After what seemed like hours, which were probably minutes, Brandt saw a light at the end of the tunnel; finally he was reaching an exit!

A bright light engulfed him as he reached an enormous, stark white and extremely clean lab. It was completely empty except for a large, metal table at the center.

On the table was a man.

Brandt walked towards it, shoes loudly screeching on the waxed pavement. He couldn't tell who the man on the table was, as he was still far away; but, as he reached it, he wished he hadn't: his best friend, the person he loved the most in the entire world, was lying supine on the cold table, completely naked and seemingly asleep.

What made Brandt dismiss the idea of him sleeping was the fact that the man wasn't breathing, and, on his torso, jagged words were written with what would have probably been a knife.

He wasn't even bleeding anymore.

The analyst touched the swollen words lightly, feeling the world disappear around him.

He choked a sob, grabbing the man's shoulder and shaking it slightly

-Benji… - He hiccupped –Benji, wake up –

The blonde on the table, obviously, didn't move.

Brandt felt tears begin to leek from his eyes.

Suddenly his knees weren't able to hold his body upright and he slumped to the ground, hands clawing at his scruffy hair.

It was his entire fault, just like the words on Benji's torso said. If he had run faster, if he had been stronger, if he had been a better friend, a better lover, maybe all this wouldn't have happened.

Brandt screamed as he sobbed, various emotions overriding his every sense: helplessness, fear, rage, complete and utter sadness and finally, guilt.

Brandt woke up screaming.

The man gritted his teeth and clutched at his arms, trying to suppress the violent tremors that shook his body. The night was cold and the thin sheen of sweat covering him wasn't helping.

Suddenly, two warm arms wrapped around his shoulders and the analyst felt his back come in touch with something dry and apparently safe. It felt like another body.

Brandt choked back a sob as he felt the man behind him rub his arms soothingly.

-Hey, Will, it's okay you're safe… -

Brandt sighed shakily and turned to face the man, clutching at his shirt tightly and inhaling deeply.

-It's okay Will… It was just a bad dream –

-Y-You… dead… I couldn't… - Brandt felt disgusted with himself; he couldn't even form a proper sentence.

-Shh, don't worry about it just breathe and relax –

After a few more minutes Brandt finally stopped crying and let go of his lover, embarrassed for creating such a scene over a simple nightmare.

-I'm sorry, Benji – He mumbled

-For what? – Chuckled slightly the technician –Everyone has bad dreams, there's nothing to be ashamed of –

Brandt looked at the blonde sadly. Immediately Benji became serious

-Will; don't even think about it –

-You don't have to pretend it's not my faul… -

Benji grabbed Will's biceps, giving him a stern shake –Listen closely Will, what happened back then was no ones fault, especially not yours! You understand? –

The other man nodded –I was just so scared –

-I know, I was too –

-Well, you had a reason –

Benji eyed his lover warily, who just stared at him with a sad look.

-Can I kiss you? – Asked suddenly Brandt

Benji laughed lightly –I thought we were past the part where you had to ask for permission –

Brandt shrugged and huffed, a small smile adorning his face.

-So, can I? –

Benji laughed and leaned towards his lover, catching his lips with his own. Brandt shifted position until he was straddling the other man and kissed him passionately. After a full minute make-out session they separated to catch a breath.

-Wow, you should wake up in the middle of the night more often – Teased Benji as he lay back on the bed, Brandt smirked and snuggled on his lovers chest, enjoying the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

-It could become a nightly thing – He sighed at Benji's steady threading of his hair, finally relaxing and closing his eyes –I really like it –

Benji smiled as he heard his partners breathing become steady while he fell asleep once again.

Brandt had been having nightmares for almost a week now, a week and a half since that incident.

The British sighed to himself and pushed away a pang of painful memories. He was going to be strong for Will, at least in the parts where his lover had fallen into a dark hole and couldn't stand up.

'At least I can try' grimaced to himself Benji; he too hadn't been having the best week of his life.

Finally, watching Brandt sleep peacefully, the tech felt his eyes droop and not much time later he too was sleeping soundlessly.

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