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Chapter 2

Three weeks earlier

-Come on! Why should I stay at base? –

Brandt huffed as Ethan barley gave him a second glance, reading a message left from IMF that gave him the details for the new mission.

-Benji's skills are needed for the mission –

-Well, can't he do that on the computer in the base while we go and kick ass? –

-No, we need Benji to hack some computers… Furthermore, I think it's better for you two to separate a little… Emotion doesn't blend well with missions… -

The analyst covered his blush by smirking and crossing his arms –How would you know how close Benji and I are? –

Ethan looked at him, unfazed –Really, Will? You've been together for three months… Besides, this crap apartment has paper walls! I'm surprised Jane hasn't already complained for the racket you make while having sex –

This time Brandt became even redder than before –Mind your own business, "team leader"! –

With that he stormed out of the living room, leaving a grinning Ethan behind.

About a month ago the team had moved to a small and cheap apartment, where they were well hidden and under cover from any enemies. They had to stay for five months, checking for any terrorist movements and anything that could be related with the hitch with the nuclear missile and Kurt Hendricks.

About a week before IMF had discovered a secure facility in the suburbs of Boston, where a man called Ewan Cross was sending strange data files to weapon factories in Russia. That had set off a lot of alarm bells thus organizing a simple inspection mission.

Benji sighed as he closed his laptop. Another afternoon wasted trying to get some info for next weeks' new mission: Ewan Cross had only been spotted once on a street camera, but then had seemed to disappear and was using the code name Joshua Higgs. An import of 15.000 dollars had been made in his name from a national bank; though it wasn't known for what it was for it all led to the facility in Boston.

The tech jumped as Brandt entered his room, mumbling to himself and slamming the door closed once again

-Will? Are you okay? – He asked

-Yeah, peachy! I can't help with the mission and Ethan keeps complaining that we make too much noise in bed –

Benji flushed a deep red but immediately burst out laughing.

-Well, you could tone it down, Will – He laughed good-naturedly

-Oh, so I'm the loud one, huh? –

-I'm just saying! – Shrugged Benji, a grin adorning his face.

The analyst huffed although smiling and sat near his lover -Have you found anything? – He asked eyeing the computer on the bed.

-Not really… A bloody waste of my time if you ask me –

-Well, at least you're doing something – Sighed Brandt –I guess I'm going back to being the helper –

Benji laughed –Well, if you ask me, I'm a bit nervous for this mission –

-Oh really? Why's that? I mean, after our last mission, I don't think we'll ever do something more difficult or dangerous –

-I don't know… It's like a gut feeling, warning me something will go wrong –

Brandt's grin faltered a moment; he knew well not to ignore gut feelings and decided to keep an extra eye out during the mission.

-Nah, don't worry it'll be fine! – The analyst strained a smile –It's just a scouting mission, what could go wrong? –

-You know, I think working with Ethan Hunt has something to do with it – Joked the tech raising the gloomy mood that had befallen. Brandt smiled and pulled the other man into a hug.

-Don't worry, I'll be right here watching out for you –

A week later Ethan, Jane and Benji found themselves standing in front of the large building in the suburbs of Boston. The structure was impossibly big and stood out greatly from the other buildings; it was an ugly grey color and looked like an industrial factory.

-Well, this place seems nice – Sighed Benji already dreading the moment they would have to sneak inside.

-Don't worry, it's a simple mission, we'll be back at the apartment in no time – Smiled Jane patting him on the back.

Ethan shushed them and they stealthily ran to the back of the building, where the emergency stairs were situated. Fortunately the building wasn't guarded on the outside nor were cameras positioned since it would attract unwanted attention so slipping up to the roof was relatively easy as long as the group avoided any large windows.

-Ares, we've reached the roof. Report on the cameras inside, last floor. – Spoke briskly Ethan on his comm.

Brandt didn't miss a beat in answering -Let's see; you have a camera at three o clock just at the ending of the first hall, I'm taking it out. After that you go in the first door on the left. That's the computer room. -

-Copy that –

The team did as instructed and entered the building. Inside the halls were poorly lit and the walls grey and dirty.

Ethan went in first and signaled his team members to follow. After not long they were inside the computer room.

-All right we're in – Said Ethan –Hermes, you know what to do –

-Yeah sure – Benji cracked his fingers and sat down in at a desk full of computers and electronic machines –Let's get this show on the road –

After some typing the screens came to life, showing a multitude of folders neatly organized. Jane stood at the door, guarding it while Ethan stood near Benji, looking at the computers intensely.

-Are those the files? – He asked

-Just a minute, let's see if I can decrypt them –

The tech furrowed his brows as suddenly, all the screens went blank, and the power shut down.

-Shit! Ares! What happened?! – Hissed Ethan on his comm.

-I don't know… The power just shut down automatically! –

-This may only mean one thing… - Said Benji

Suddenly Jane rushed inside, slamming and barricading the computer rooms' door –Guys, we have men approaching fast! –

The team heard distant voices coming from the hall.

-Okay, abort! – Ordered Ethan –We're getting out of here! –

The team members ran to the end of the room, where a small window was positioned. Ethan smashed the glass and directed Jane to climb out. The woman struggled, as the window was quite narrow but managed to slide out, dropping to the small ledge below it.

-What's happening guys?! – The comm. suddenly screeched as Brandt's worried voice filtered through

-They knew we were coming! – Panted Jane as she waited her team members –Zeus and Hermes are still inside –

The problem was, the two men were having a little bit of difficulty passing through the window, as they were both broader than their female member.

-Shit! Ares, you have to create a distraction somehow! – Hissed Ethan as he heard men banging on the rooms' door –We can't fit through the window and need to find another escape route! –

Brandt sighed; Benji was way better at this than he was. Remembering some old tricks he hacked into the camera that was positioned in the hall. At least a dozen men were surrounding the computer rooms' door. Two of them were ramming into it loudly. Not knowing what to do, the analyst tried moving the object, trying to attract the men's attention. It worked with only one of them; the guard looked at the camera intently but decided to shrug it off.

'Damn it!' Brandt had never felt so useless in his life.

-Zeus, I'm sorry, I can't do anything! – Spoke Brandt on the comm. rattle clear in his voice.

Ethan nodded to himself –It's ok. Ares, we'll find another way out –

The man looked around and an idea popped into his head –Athena! We're taking the guards head on! You return back to base and wait for us there! –

Ethan scurried away from the window with Benji on his heels before Jane could even protest.

-Zeus don't! There are at least a dozen of them out there! – Cried Brandt on the comm.

-Back down, Ares. We have no other way out – Spoke Ethan and waved Benji to hide behind the computer desk.

-Ethan! – This time Brandt pleaded. It was too risky; those men would bring them down in a second.

The older man didn't respond.

-Benji! Say something! – The tech couldn't help but flinch at the scared tone n Brandt's voice

-Don't worry Will; we got this trust us –

The comm. line went silent, but Benji knew the other man had understood: Brandt knew there was no other way out of this, so he decided to remain silent. He wasn't going to distract them in any way, and just hope for the best.

-When they open that door, I'll shoot first, then you back me up – Whispered Ethan. Benji nodded and gripped his gun tightly; he was going to see Will again.

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