Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

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This is a very heavy chapter, in the sense that one of the major events that sets off a series of events begins here. This is when things start to get gritty and serious, even though the setting is quite ludicrous and the jokes are still very Total Drama-esque.

A lot of you may be upset with me by the time this chapter ends. You may not. Let's find out!

Now, sit back and enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed writing it!




Finders Creepers

(Narrated by Chris McLean.)

Last time on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island...

Thirteen dumb dudes and dudettes duked it out in a deleterious debacle of danger!

Why all the "D" words?"

Deylanie showed that perhaps she isn't exactly the best kind of girlfriend to have after she unknowingly confessed to cheating on Aidan with... that's right: Duncan! And Deylanie was done!

Meanwhile, Viktoriya and Xena have been getting closer. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Aria and Daniel are getting at each other's throats. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful conflict?

Twelve contestants get closer to one million dollars! Could this be the beginning of an awesome compet-ish? I'd say so! Hahaha!

And now, tonight's challenge is about fear, and everyone knows that fear is a dish best served in the dark! Muhahahahaha!

[Chef Hatchet appeared next to Chris in a peacock-theme bikini. Chris frowned, disappointed. "Huh? Chef!"]

[The large cook shrugged. "Wardrobe was all out of vampire costumes," he explained before walking off.]

It's all scary! ... Other than that. Right here, right now on Total... Drama... Revenge of the Island!

Theme Song Is Played.

The night sky was dark and the air was cold and damp. It was calm and peaceful at Camp Wawanakwa, where twelve teenagers were asleep in their respective cabins.

In the Maggot's cabin, Daniel was fast asleep in his bunk, snoring loudly with his arms wrapped around the headboard. Below him, Aidan was spread out like a starfish, with his blankets a disheveled mess. Though the cool night air covered his body in goose bumps, he did not seem the least bit affected by it. Lucian slept with his headphones on, his music playing silently, though he was asleep all the same.

On the girl's side, Aria's head was covered by her pillow, and she was curled up in a fetal posistion. Her knife was tucked away between the side of her bed and the wall, though it was somewhat visible. Above, Holly had seemingly passed out while playing her video game, as the device's screen was still lit up. Across the room, Georgie was hugging the pillow and her blankets covered her whole body.

The Toxic Rats were fast asleep as well. Shaylie slept with her soccer ball tucked between her arms, and she appeared to be sleep kicking. This did not wake up her team mates, however. Viktoriya was snoring quite loudly, with her right arm hanging over the side of the bed. Xena was sitting up straight, with her back pressed up against the wall. This, along with the book next to her, suggested she had fallen asleep reading.

On the boy's side, Xavier was in an awkward posistion, with his rear pointed upwards and his arms folded. Drool dripped down out of the corner of his mouth and onto the floor. Zane slept carefully, with layers of pillows covering his crippled legs as to avoid further injury. Perhaps the only person sleeping normally was Jerome, who was smiling sweetly.

About five hours had passed since the last challenge's elimination, so nobody was fully rested just yet. Nevertheless, three excruciating challenges in a row had left them exhausted, and they were relieved to finally be getting some rest...

Chef Hatchet grinned widely as he approached the cabins. He reached into a pocket in his apron, and pulled out an air horn. The cook wore a large pair of noise cancelling head phones, as did Chris, who stood next to him. Chef turned to Chris, who gave him a thumbs up in response. He pressed the button on the air horn, and the quiet that once surrounded the island was now dead.

"RUN!" Chris screamed at the top of his lungs. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

Startled and afraid, the contestants spilled out of their cabins, still dressed in their pajamas.

"What's going on?!" Aidan cried, nearly tripping over the stairs.

Daniel jumped over the railing. "Is this a drill?" he asked, looking around suspiciously.

"Move out of my way!" Shaylie barked as she shoved past Zane. The wheelchair-bound teen nearly flew out of his chair, but kept his grip. But that didn't stop him from stumbling down the porch.

"The socialists are coming!" Xavier declared loudly as he pushed through the crowd.

All of the contestants had exited the cabins and grouped in their respective teams. Their fears and concerns faded when they saw Chris and Chef Hatchet looking smug and sadistic as ever.

Chris tapped Chef on the shoulder, and the air horn ceased. Both men took off their noise cancelling headphones. "Thanks, Chef!" the host said loudly.

"My pleasure," Hatchet replied with a toothy grin.

A dark-haired intern wheeled out a large television, and then walked away without saying a word. The television displayed a bird's eye view of Wawanakwa Island, as well as several icons - six green skulls, one large purple spider, and three orange question marks.

"Challenge time!" Chris declared, smiling.

Before the host could say anything else, Lucian spoke up. "Wait, we're going to do it now? But it's so early in the morning!"

Shaylie snickered. "Aww," she mocked, "does the baby need his beauty sleep?"

The mocha-skinned teenager rolled his eyes. "No, but you do," he retorted. "You've got some pretty nice bags under your eyes!"

"Shut up!"

Daniel snickered. "Watching them argue is some of the best entertainment on this island," he whispered to his girlfriend.

"I can't wait for them to give up and make out already," she remarked. Aidan and Daniel gave her a strange look, and she tried to look as innocent as possible. "What?" she defended, holding her hands up. "The sexual tension is all over them!"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Please. They have about as much chemistry as Aria and me."

The trio looked over to Lucian and Shaylie, who were still arguing.

"Yeah? Well your face is ludicrous!" the DJ sneered.

"So is the thought of you getting a record deal," the blonde athlete shot back.

Lucian gasped in shock. "You take that back, Andrews!"

"Make me, Rodgers!"

Chris coughed loudly. "As much as I love drama and conflict," he said, "this is my camera time!" He turned to face the rest of the contestants. "Your challenge: a scavenger hunt for three creepy souvenirs. Their locations? A haunted forest, a scary pet cemetery, and an extra spook-tastic cave.

"First team to each location gets a special clue. But watch out for booby traps. I really went to town with them." He laughed sadistically. Several of the contestants exchanged nervous looks. "So move fast and stick together! You'll be penalized for each player you lose."

Holly raised her hand. "Um, why is there an icon of a spider on the screen?" she asked.

"Because there's a giant mutated spider running around loose on the island," Chris replied as if someone had asked him what the time was.

Horrified, everyone started shouting and protesting at once, but Chris just laughed. Xavier swallowed nervously.

(Outhouse Confessional)

Xavier tugged at his collar. "Look," he said to the camera, "I'm only afraid of two things: liberals taking over the country with their liberal values, and spiders." He shuddered. "They're just so creepy!"

A spider dropped down near his head, and the conservative teenager screamed like a five-year-old girl.

Chris now held the air horn. "There's nothing to fear but mortal terror itself!" he proclaimed proudly. "Get dressed into your regular clothes, and then on with the challenge! Talk soon!" He sounded the air horn, and the contestants scrambled back into their cabins for a quick change.

"Want me to run over to the mess hall and get us some waffles?" Chef asked.

"Heck yes!" Chris beamed. "As long as you don't cook it!"

Chef frowned, offended. He punched Chris in the arm, sending the host falling to the ground. Chef chuckled sadistically and made his way over to the mess hall.

"Put whipped cream on mine!" Chris requested, still lying on the ground.

(Outhouse Confessional)

Aidan sighed deeply. "Okay, you're all probably wondering exactly what went down with Deylanie and me," he began, "so here it is... After she regained consciousness, I asked her why she kept on saying Duncan's name. At that point, I was like ninety percent sure I knew what was happening, but I had to be sure." He sighed again. "At least she was honest about it. Well, needless to say, we're not together anymore... and now she's been voted off."

He looked straight at the camera. "But you know what? I'm going to prove her wrong. She thinks I'm boring and weak? I'll show her! I'll prove her wrong and I'm gonna win this show!"

The contestants were now dressed in their regular clothes. They ran through the woods in search of the challenge area with their respective teams. Due to the fact that the competition was a race (and because he was one if the nicest people on his team), Jerome offered to push Zane's wheelchair.

"How are you holding up, buddy?" Daniel asked Aidan.

Aidan shrugged. "I'm trying to stay strong, ya know?" he replied. "I'm gonna show her that I don't even need her!"

"You're darn right you don't!" Georgie agreed. "We're your friends, Daniel and I, and that's all you need!"

Holly was not the most athletic person in the world, so she was having a hard time keeping up with the rest of the group. Jerome seemed to notice this, and stopped for a half a second so he could run alongside her.

"Um, what do you think you're doing?" Zane objected, his arms crossed over his chest.

"I'm just going to talk to Holly," Jerome replied, shrugging.

Zane's eyes widened. "Um, why?" he stammered. Does he know that we've been searching for the immunity idol? Is he gonna talk to her about it?

The gamer girl smiled when she saw Jerome. When they were side-by-side, they continued running.

"How's it going?" she asked sweetly.

Jerome shrugged as he continued to push Zane. "I'd be fine it if weren't for Chris and his insane wake-up schedule. What's the deal with that anyway? Does he even like getting up this early?"

"It's a small sacrifice for him to pay to see us suffer, I guess," Holly joked.

Good, Zane thought, mindless chit-chat.

"So," Jerome began, "have you been looking for that immunity idol or whatever it's called?"


Holly's eyes bugged out. "What?" she sputtered. "Oh, that thing? I wouldn't even know where to look."

The break dancer smirked. "Really? I thought you'd find it easily, what with your gamer knowledge. Aren't there a lot of secret hidden treasures in games?"

Holly nodded. "Yeah, but there aren't any floating yellow question mark boxes in the air," she joked.

"Wouldn't that be useful?" Jerome replied, laughing.

Thank God, Zane though, relieved. I was right about the mindless chit-chat.

Also desegregated were Xavier and Aria, the latter of whom seemed to be slightly irritated.

"Okay, so are you going to tell me what's been bothering you lately?" Aria asked her boyfriend. "Did a pro-immigration bill get passed in the States or something?"

"Thankfully no," Xavier grumbled, "but that's not it."

Aria frowned. "Then what is it, Papi? You know I don't like to see you like this... actually I do. You're hilarious when you're angry. But right now you just seem to be cold and distant."

Xavier clenched his jaw. "We'll talk later, okay? I just want to focus on winning this challenge."

"Good luck then, Papi," she smirked, playfully punching his shoulder. "You'll need it."

He did not return the playful jab, leaving Aria confused and upset.

(Outhouse Confessional)

"Screw 'later'," Aria grumbled, "I'm going to find out exactly what's bothering my Papi now!"

Daniel was the first to spot the loudspeaker wrapped around the large tree. He ran over to it as fast as he could. Shaylie noticed him, and began running towards it herself. The hostile athlete was faster, however, and she tagged the tree first. Despite it being unrelated to the challenge at hand, she beamed with pride over her "win".

The loudspeaker turned on, and Chris's voice filled the air. "Welcome to the haunted forest! Your clue can be found at the base of this tree!"

Daniel smirked and stepped in front of Shaylie. He reached down into the hole in front of the tree and reached for the clue. The fighter howled in pain.

"Inside a bear trap!" the host cackled.

"What does the clue say?" Daniel asked his team as he desperately tried to pry the bear trap off of his arm.

Before any Mutant Maggot could read the note, Shaylie snatched it out of Daniel's hands.

"We were here first, pal!" she snapped at him as she read the note. "'Inside a knot is a a nest. Your souviner lives with a pest. Find Polaris to travel northwest.' Polaris? That's a snowmobile company!"

Xavier smacked his forehead. "Well, don't read it out loud. Now the other team just heard you!"

"They would have followed us anyway!" Shaylie argued, poking Xavier in the chest.

Uncomfortable with all of the hostility, Xena spoke up. "It's also the North Star," she told her team.

"Is that it?" Zane asked, pointing to the star bigger and brighter than all the others.

Xena nodded.

"Stop giving away our information!" Xavier shouted. "Do you want us to lose?"

Jerome groaned. "Let's just go," he grumbled, "so Donald Frump here doesn't explode."

"I told you," Xavier said with a grin, "I take that as compliment. He's a great man!"

The break dancer rolled his eyes. "If you say so..." he scoffed.

Zane looked around and his eyes widened. "Hey, where did the other team go?" he asked.

The other Toxic Rats looked around and saw that indeed, the Mutant Maggots were nowhere to be found.

Xavier glared at Shaylie. "I told you!" he snarled. "We gave them away our clue, and no they're ahead of us! We're going to lose because of you!"

"Quit your complaining," the blonde athlete retorted. "If anything, we're going to lose because your nonsense slowed us down!"

Viktroiya coughed loudly. "How about we get our butts in gear so that we don't lose," she suggested, annoyed.

Everyone quickly followed her suggestion, and ran (or wheeled) as fast as they could in the northwest direction.

Far ahead of their rivals, the Mutant Maggots sprinted through the dark forest. Though it was hard to see, the path was wide enough that the Maggots were able to run without issue.

Daniel, at the front of the pack, stared straight ahead. "What do you guys think that means, 'inside a knot'?" he asked, his eyes not diverting.

"Maybe it's a rock formation shaped like a knot?" Georgie suggested. She turned around, "What do you think, Aidan?"

There was no response.


Georgie turned around and her eyes turned wide. Her loud gasp was enough to make Daniel and the others turn around.

"Where the heck did he go?" Lucian exclaimed.

"Maybe he had to pee," Daniel suggested. "The dude has a bladder the size of a walnut."

Holly swallowed nervously. "Could the spider have gotten him?" she trembled. "We get a penalty for each lost player."

"Then he's fine," Aria said, "because there's no way Chris would allow him to actually get eaten, right? Without us, there's no show!"

(Outhouse Confessional)

Chris did not say anything, as he was in a fit of hysterical laughter upon hearing Aria's suggestion. He sat up and wiped away a tear, but did not stop laughing.

"Of course you would have no concern for our team mate," Daniel scoffed. "You're probably the one who pushed him into the spider's clutches!"

"Yup, that's exactly what I did," Aria deadpanned.

"Aha! So you admit it!"

Lucian rolled his eyes, annoyed by his team mates' arguing. He glanced over to his left and gasped. There was a gigantic tree with a hole in the middle several yards away. There were two streaks of red and green spray-painted across the trunk. Lucian ran towards it, leaving his team mates to bicker.

"This must have been what the note meant by 'knot'!" he exclaimed.

His team mates quickly ran over to join him, to see what he was talking about.

"'A knot'," Aria repeated. She smacked her forehead. 'Wow, I feel dumb. How could we not see that?"

Georgie cleared her throat. "Guys," she said, "before we go any further, I really think that we should go and look for Aidan!"

"Yeah," Holly agreed, nodding, "even if he's not in any real danger, we still get a penalty for every player we lose."

"We can worry about that stuff later," Aria said, "we should just focus on completing the challenge right now!"

Daniel cracked his knuckles, approaching the tree. "I guess the nest is inside that hole?" he thought out loud. "I guess there's only one way to find out!"

The athletic teenager jumped and grabbed onto the tree. He shimmied his way upwards until he was level with the knot. He peered into the dark hole, searching for a nest. His eyes widened with terror when he saw another, larger and red eye staring back at him. He didn't even have time to react before a large tentacle wrapped around his body.

"What the heck?" Lucian sputtered. "Is that a giant octopus in the tree?"

"Somebody help me!" Daniel managed to say. The mutant had started to tighten its grip, and Daniel was struggling to breath.

Frantic, Holly grabbed a stick off of the ground and threw it at the mutant. She missed completely, and was barely able to dodge the second tentacle that shot towards her.

The tentacle suddenly grabbed Aria, and the oracle was hanging upside down with her face inches away from Daniel's.

"I'm supposed to eat calamari," Daniel cried, "not the other way around!"

Aria scoffed as she struggled to free herself from the mutant's grip. "Whining won't do anything," she scoffed, "we have to think of a way to get out of this!"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

Georgie bit her lip nervously. She quickly scanned the area around her, looking for something, anything that could help her. Her eyes lit up when she saw a large stone jutting out of the ground. She ran over to it, and picked it up. With all of her might, she chucked it at the beast.

The stone struck the eye. The mutant octopus screeched in pain, and its eye shrunk back into the knot. The tentacles retracted as well, releasing its victims. The two of them landed on the ground with a thud.

Daniel immediately sprung back up and started to climb the tree again. When he reached the knot, he dug around inside until he grabbed something. He pulled his arm out, revealing a golden key.

"Sweet!" he cheered. Suddenly, a web shot out of the sky and lifted lifted him up. He screamed. Though the key fell to the ground, Daniel was nowhere to be found.

Lucian, who had witnessed the whole incident, gasped. "Did anyone else just see that?"

"It must have been the spider that captured Aidan!" Holly cried.

Aria rolled her eyes. "Everybody just stay calm, alright? This isn't a mutant spider that captured them, it was one of the interns!"

"I don't know," Holly sighed, "we do get a penalty for every player we lose. And we're down two!"

The Toxic Rats arrived to where the Maggots were standing, with all of their team mates still together.

"Where'd Daniel and Aidan go?" Jerome asked, looking around.

"The spider got them!" Holly cried, waving her hands around frantically.

Xavier dove behind Zane's wheelchair. "Where? Where?" he screeched. He looked up at Shaylie, who was laughing. "Kill it!"

Shaylie rolled her eyes in disgust. "I swear to God, you're like a five year old girl," she scoffed.

"Not true," Viktoriya said, grinning, "a five year old girl would have much more composure over a spider she can't even see."

"Where Aidan and Daniel are is none of your concern," Aria said sharply. "We're going to go and finish the rest of the challenge, if you don't mind!"

As the remaining Mutant Maggots took off, Zane called to them, "I do mind, actually! I'd very much like us to win!"

"Now where's that 'knot' at?" Jerome asked, scratching his forehead as he scanned the area. "And there's a nest inside... Hmm..."

Xavier scoffed. "Wow, the big man can remember a simple rhyme," he sneered, "I'm so impressed."

Jerome furrowed his brow, and carefully and lightly touched Xavier's neck. The conservative mistook the sensation for that of a spider creeping on him and he flipped out.

"GAAAAAAHHHHH!" he screeched, with his pitch rivaling that of a tea kettle.

(Outhouse Confessional)

"Jerome thinks he's so tough," Xavier snarled, his arms crossed over his chest, "but we'll see who ends up getting a job in the future!" He seemed content with this, but an intern handed him a piece of paper from off-camera. He stared at the paper and blinked. "What the hell is 'affirmative action'?" He reads another card and gasps in shock.

"I think it might be this one," Xena suggested as she approached the large tree with the spray paint streaks of red and green.

"There's the knot!" Jerome exclaimed as he ran to the three. "Who wants to climb?"

Xavier rolled up his sleeves and cracked his knuckles, grinning widely. "Obviously, I'll be the one climbing," he scoffed. "We can't risk you being an awful climber like you were in the last challenge!"

"Um, last time I checked, you didn't even climb at all," Jerome shot back.

"There's no reason to bring up the past, Jerome," Xavier snarled as he spread his arms around the tree. "I know that's what you people love to do. Oh, and I know about affirmative action and I am not happy about it!"

Jerome exchanged a confused expression with Viktoriya. She shrugged, and folded her arms. The two of them then watched as Xavier attempted the challenge.

Xavier was reasonably in shape, so he climbed the tree with relative ease. When he approached the knot, he reached in, digging around for the key. Seconds later, his hand emerges with the key. But suddenly his eyes widened with terror, and Xavier jumps off the tree as if his life depended on it.

"Gah!" he screeched as he flailed his arms like a maniac. "Get it off me! Get it off!"


"Well, don't just stand there!" Xavier snarled.

"Um, what are you talking about?" Shaylie asked, both annoyed and confused. "You just started going insane for no reason."

Xavier looked at her as if she had four heads. "Um, you're insane if you didn't see the giant spider!"

The hostile athlete raised a brow. "What?" She narrowed her eyes until she noticed what he was talking about. The smallest spider she had ever seen was crawling on Xavier's chest. A light smile formed around her lips, and then she howled with laughter as she picked the spider off his chest with her fingers.

"Just what exactly do you find humorous about this situation?" Xavier snapped.

Shaylie faked wiping away a tear. "Oh, it's just that you're talking about the tiniest spider in the world. Ha!"

She presented the spider to her team, who had with mixed reactions.

"What are we supposed to be looking at?" Zane asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Is that what you freaked out about?" Viktoriya laughed.

"I sense as though it actually fears you less than you do it," Xena observed. "Interesting."

Jerome laughed loudly. "Big Bad Xavier is scared of a little spider?" he cackled. "Oh, that's just rich."

"You know what else is rich?" Xavier hissed. "Me. And you're poor. So shut up!"

"So do you have the key or not?" Viktoriya asked with a sigh.

Xavier held up the golden key, and his Russian team mate snatched it out of his hands. "Let's head in the direction that they just went," she ordered, "they can't be that far behind!"

"I'll push Zane," Shaylie offered, "since I'm the strongest and the fastest."

She looked around for her team mate, but he was nowhere to be found. After looking a second time to ensure she wasn't just seeing things, Shaylie realized that Zane was gone. She groaned loudly and kicked a rock.

"This is just perfect," she mumbled, "the cripple's gone. And we get a penalty for each lost player."

Viktoriya shrugged. "They clearly lost Daniel and Aidan, so we still have a lead. And who knows? Perhaps they've already lost more."

"Or they could have found them," Jerome suggested.

Shaylie shook her head. "Regardless, let's get going! Penalty lead or not, they're still physically ahead of us. Now let's go!"

Those who remained of Mutant Maggots sprinted as fast as their legs could carry them. Georgie was the most athletic out of them, and was naturally at the head of the pack. Behind her, Aria and Lucian were running at around the same speed. Holly was at least ten feet behind them, and was breathing very heavily.

"Where the heck is this pet cemetery?" she managed to say in-between gasps for air.

Lucian didn't look behind himself when he replied, "It can't be that far. The island is only so big."

"And I don't remember any pet cemetery from watching the first season," Aria mused, her eyes focused on ahead. "I'm not even sure where it could be."

Holly groaned. "Well, it better come up soon!" she complained. "My feet are killing me!"

Georgie's eyes widened and she came to a screeching halt. Lucian and Aria weren't able to stop in time, and they both slammed into her. The three of them fell to the ground. Before they could get up and before Holly could react in time to stop, the gamer girl tripped over them and went flying onto a mysterious clump of dirt...

... She was sent flying several yards into the air, screaming. The mysterious clumps of dirt were covering a series of mines, spread out across the open field. When she landed on the ground, she set off another mine.

"Ouch," Lucian cringed sympathetically as he watched her set off mine after mine.

Georgie and Aria similarly watched as their team mate suffered the mines, but were unable to do anything. At least the explosions appeared to be minor enough that they weren't causing any serious or fatal damage.

Holly finally landed on the ground with a thud, with all of the mines having been set off. Ash covered her entire body, and a few locks of her orange curls were singed. She moaned in agony as she struggled to get up.

"Jesus, are you okay?" Georgie asked as she, Lucian, and Aria approached her fallen team mate.

Aria nodded, concerned. "Yeah, you set off all the mines!" she exclaimed.

The gamer girl coughed rapidly for a few moments before she composed herself. "Ugh... so that's what pain tastes like..."

Lucian grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up. She was scrawny and light, so he was able to do so without much issue. He threw one of her arms around his shoulder, and Aria did the same. The two of them began to walk, carrying her. Georgie was about to follow them, but was stopped when a web shot from the trees and snatched her.

Her team mates her her scream, and immediately turned around. They all gasped in shock when they saw that she was gone.

"Another one?" Holly trembled. "That spider is out there somewhere... hunting us down!"

Lucian swallowed. "And that's half of our team mates gone, too."

Aria bit her lip nervously.

(Outhouse Confessional)

"Okay," Aria began with a sigh. "Maybe I was wrong about 'looking for our team mates later'." She rubbed the back of her head nervously, and then let out another deep sigh.

The remaining three Mutant Maggots passed through the entrance to the graveyard. It was a dark and dreary sight, with several dozen gravestones spread out through the cemetery. "Welcome to the Wawanakwa pet cemetery!" Chris announced through the loudspeaker.

Lucian ran forward and flipped open a wooden coffin lying in the grass. "The clue must be in here!" he exclaimed. He took out a tattered piece of paper lying in the middle of the coffin and showed it to Holly and Aria. The piece of paper contained three rows of random numbers, but there was a red six in every row and a red eighteen in the last one.

"Maybe it's some sort of code?" the mocha-skinned teenager guessed.

"What if it's telling us where the next clue is?" Holly suggested, taking the paper from Lucian.

"Let's spread out and look for it," Aria declared. The three of them ran in separate directions, searching for the clue.

The Toxic Rats were racing through the woods, doing their best to try and catch up with the other team. Shaylie was, naturally, at the head of the pack. Viktoriya, Jerome, and Xavier were in a row behind her, running at about the same speed. Xena was in the back of the group, though she wasn't behind by much. As a generally athletic group, they were running pretty quickly.

"Where the heck is this pet cemetery?" Xavier complained.

Viktoriya shrugged. "It could be anywhere. It might be one of those things that Chris builds for one challenge, like the dodge ball arena from season one or the snowy area from the last challenge."

"I don't know why he picked a pet cemetery, though," Jerome mumbled. "That's not creepy, it's just... depressing."

Xena shook her head. "Do not worry, my team mates. I sense that there are no actual deceased animals in this cemetery."

Xavier snorted. "Oh, you sense it? Well, la tee freakin' da! We're safe now!" he mocked.

The oracle hung her head low, and let out an embarrassed sigh. Viktoriya noticed this and shot daggers at the Republican teenager.

"Don't be a jerk, man," she hissed at him. "She's just trying to make Jerome feel better."

"But I was being truthful," Xena squeaked, though her words went unheard.

Xavier cut her off. "By telling him nonsense and giving him false hope?" he sneered. "What if there is a dead animal in there, huh?"

"Just leave her alone, okay?" Viktoriya barked at him.

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

Finally, they had arrived at the pet cemetery. Chris's voice filled the air once again through the loudspeaker. "Toxic Rats, welcome to the Wawanakwa pet cemetery. You better get your butts in gear, because the other team got here a while ago! And since they still have the paper of the clue, I'll be nice and tell you what your looking for: something with a six, a six, an eighteen, and a six."

"What the heck do those numbers have to do with anything?" Xavier complained.

"Six, six, eighteen, six? Maybe it's you?" Viktoriya sneered. "Three sixes are usually associated with evil."

Xavier scoffed. "And what about the eighteen? Huh?" He poked her in the shoulder. "Yeah, think before you talk! ... Jerk."

Shaylie rolled her eyes. "It's obviously the date on one of the tombstones."

"That's actually a pretty good idea," Jerome said with a smile.

"Um, of course it is. It was my idea."

Xena nodded. "I sense that she is right," she told her team. "I sense a lot of negative energy coming from the tombstones. Perhaps that is where Chris hid the next clue?"

"Only one way to find out," Viktoriya said, running off to check the tombstones.

Aria was walking by herself through the cemetery. She was actually quite glad to be alone, since it would give her some time to think without any interruption. Her thoughts were first of how she could turn Daniel's attention away from her and onto someone else. She got lucky with Deylanie's cheating, she had to admit. She doubted anything like that would happen again though.

Then she thought of Xavier, and the recent awkwardness that was between them. Aria didn't understand why he was acting this way, but she was about to find out. Xavier told her that he wanted to focus on the challenge and talk later, but Aria was never one to wait. Instead of searching for the clue, Aria decided to look for Xavier once she found out that his team had arrived.

"What the heck is Xavier's problem, anyway?" she mumbled to herself. "I know we didn't talk a lot in-between seasons, but we're still together."

She heard a weird noise, and instinctively turned around. She thought she saw something moving in the shadows, but when she looked a second time, there was nothing there. She shrugged and continued walking.

"And since when is he won to want to push confrontations to later?" Aria continued, talking to herself. "He always argues with Jerome and Viktoriya, but he won't have a serious conversation with his girlfriend?"


"What the heck?" Aria shouted, looking around like crazy.

She saw someone (or something) walk past her with her peripheral vision. She turned around and tackled the figure to the ground.

"Okay, what do you want?" she yelled. When she saw who it was, her eyes widened and her cheeks turned a bright red.

A chubby intern with glasses was underneath her, and looking absolutely terrified. He sniffled. "I... I was just putting this in here! Chris told me to for part of the challenge..."

Aria looked to her left. A bucket of some strange liquid had spilled all over the ground. She looked back at the intern, who was crying.

"Y-you're that crazy girl who killed people!" he squeaked. "Please don't kill me! My life expectancy as an intern is short enough!"

Aria immediately stood up, and helped the intern up. "I'm sorry!" she said quickly. "I thought you were... I don't know what I thought you were, but—"

"Just let me live!" the intern whimpered as he poured what remained of the strange liquid into an open grave. After he finished that, he quickly ran away.

The Hispanic girl sighed deeply, and continued her search for Xavier.

Viktoriya and Xena were in the same general area, looking at the dates on several of the tombstones. The tombstones were very old, some of them at least a century, so reading the dates on them proved difficult.

"December 31, 1999?" Xena said loudly so Viktoriya could hear her.

"March 15, 1973?" Viktoriya responded, just as loud.

This continue for some time. "August 31, 1818?"

"November 5, 1955?"

"September 1, 1885?"

Frustrated, Viktoriya kicked the tombstone she was looking at and pouted. "This is taking forever!" she complained. "Where the heck is this stupid tombstone? June 6, 1806 is the date we should be looking for... just where is it? How many tombstones even are there in this dumb cemetery?"

"We should keep looking," Xena said, "and quickly. I sense that something with a lot of negative energy is coming our way."

Viktoriya never felt the web tangle around her ankles. She only noticed something was happening when the ground rushed up to meet her face. When she was about to yell, another web wrapped around her mouth. Her cries for help were muffled. When she tried to squirm away, a third web wrapped around her torso and started to carry her off.

Xena turned around just at the right moment. "Viktoriya!" she gasped, running towards her team mate.

Just then, another web wrapped around her own body. She yelped and struggled to get out of its entanglement, but to no avail. Soon, the web lifted them high in the air and they were nowhere to be found.

"I wonder if Xena and Viktoriya are having any better luck?" Jerome asked his team mate. He was bent over and looking at a gravestone, trying to make out the date. The gravestone was old, and covered with dust and dirt. It didn't help that it was nearly pitch black out as well.

Shaylie was a few yards away, looking at a gravestone of her own. "They better be," she scoffed, "since we aren't having much luck. By the way, is Xavier with them? I haven't seen him since we split up."

Jerome shook his head. "Nah," he replied, "I think he went off on his own."

The hostile athlete rolled her eyes and scoffed. "It figures," she mumbled, "the idiot doesn't even know how to cooperate properly."

Is the pot calling the kettle black? Jerome thought, smirking. "If you're looking to vote him off, I would be more than happy to help you out with that."

That caught her attention. "Really?" she asked, her eyes lighting up. "Hmm, well, well well, Jerome, my dear. We might have to converse about tonight's elimination ceremony, should we lose."

"Oh, most definitely."

Xavier trembled as he walked through the pet cemetery, constantly looking over his shoulder for any mutant spiders that might be around. Every so often he would hear a noise and shriek like a girl, causing those nearby to yell at him (and in some cases, throw rocks). Xavier was quite grateful of the immense control he had over his bladder.

"Why did it have to be spiders of all things?" he whined as he slumped down the path.

A finger tapped on his shoulders, causing him to completely flip out. When he realized who it was, he calmed down a little bit.

"Oh," he sighed in relief, "it's you."

Aria nodded. "Yeah, of course it's me, Papi. Who else would willingly engage with you?" She laughed, playfully punched his shoulder. When he didn't respond with a jape or a furrow of his brow, she frowned. "What?"

"Look, Aria..." he began. "I told you that today, I just wanted to focus on the challenge. Can we please talk later?"

"No," she snapped, "you're upset about something and you're going to tell me right now."

Without another word, Xavier walked away.

"Get back here!" Aria yelled, her face turning red.

Before she could go chase after him, Aria suddenly heard Lucian's voice. "Hey, Aria, Holly! Get over here, guys!" She sighed and ran to where she heard the voice.

The two girls raced over to where Lucian was. He was knelt over a gravestone with a skeleton face design. The epitaph read: "Rest in peace Scruffy. June 6, 1806".

Holly gasped in delight. "Oh my gosh, is this it?"

Lucian pointed to the date. "June is the sixth month of the year, it's on the sixth day, and the year is eighteen oh six!" he declared.

"And there must be where we have to use the key," Aria said, tapping on the skeleton.

The DJ inserted the key into the hole, and was immediately sent flying. A wooden coffin was hidden in the ground, and sprung up as soon as Lucian turned the key. He moaned in agony, the pain surging through his body.

As her team mate was just starting to stand up, Aria opened the coffin. Inside was a shelf with six flashlights. Aria grinned and grabbed three of them, then closed the coffin. She shoved the coffin cover closed, and then pushed it back into the ground. "We should hide it so the other team doesn't know where to look," she said.

"Good idea," Lucian told her, offering a thumbs up.

"Let's go to the cave and win this thing!" Holly cheered, smiling.

The remaining Mutant Maggots ran off.

Shaylie watched from behind the nearby tree, grinning. She cleared her throat and called out to her team. "Guys, get over here! I've found it!"

Xavier and Jerome looked up from where they were looking and quickly ran over to her.

"Sweet!" the break dancer cheered, smiling. "I guess you were right about the date, Shaylie. Nice work!"

Xavier snorted. "Yeah, yeah, she figured out the clue, so what? We've still got the challenge to do!" He picked the key out of his pocket and inserted it into the skeleton hole. Shaylie was about to warn him of the spring-box coffin, but decided against it. She grinned widely as she watched him fly backwards onto the ground.

She grabbed the remaining three flashlights off the shelf and handed one to Jerome. "Pick yourself up there, champ. We've got a challenge to win!"

(Outhouse Confessional)

Xavier scoffed. "Shaylie thinks she's just oh so clever, tricking me into getting... box-springed like that," he he mumbled. "But I'll show her! If we lose the challenge, I'll convince everyone to vote for her!" He smirked. "She won't like that!"

The Mutant Maggots managed to reach the dark cave. On either side of the entrance was both team's flags. Chris's voice filled the air once again through the nearby loudspeaker. "Welcome to your final destination! Muhahahahaha! The clue is just inside the entrance... and down the tunnel into total darkness. Good luck! You'll need it!"

Lucian and Holly both swallowed nervously, but Aria didn't seem the least bit miffed by Chris's words.

"Just ignore him," she told her team mates, "it's just a stupid challenge. It's not like we can actually be seriously hurt down there."

The three of them walked into the cave, turning their flashlights on. Aria was at the front of the pack, her flashlight illuminating their path. It shined on a skeleton dressed in an intern's shredded clothes. They all gasped in shock.

"Oh my god," Holly squeaked, "did the spider get that poor intern?"

Lucian swallowed. "Maybe it's not real?"

Aria rolled her eyes. Then she noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the skeleton's shirt pocket. She picked it up and read what was written on it. "By hook or by crook, the end is near if you look."

"What the heck does that—" Lucian started to speak, but was cut off by the webs that wrapped around his legs. He flailed his arms around in a panic, until they were constricted as well. Aria and Holly screamed in terror as they saw him being lifted into the air and out of sight.

"HOLY /censored/ IT'S REAL!" Aria shrieked.

"I knew it, I knew it!" Holly trembled.

The two girls held onto each other as they continued to run down the cave, screaming all the way.

Xavier, Shaylie, and Jerome all stood outside of the cave's entrance, holding their flashlights. They heard Chris's sadistic voice in their ears. "Welcome, Toxic Rats, to last place! The other team is ahead of you, once again. But it's not over yet. The final clue is somewhere in this deep, dark cave. Good luck! Muhahahaha!"

The trio entered through the cave's mouth, with their flashlights as their only source of light. Shaylie led the two boys, as she was the bravest of them all. Her flashlight lit the dirt path, stooping them from tripping over any stones or cracks. It was a while before they saw anything else, but Shaylie stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what was ahead.

"What the heck?" she shrieked, observing the large web in front of her. She focused her flashlight on it, and when she did, she wished she hadn't. The skeleton of an intern in tattered clothes was tangled in the web.

"Oh... jeez..." was all Jerome could say.

Shaylie bit her lip. "I hope this wasn't one of the guys I knew... then again, I haven't seen Josh in a while..."

"Is that the clue?" Xavier asked, pointing to the paper in the deceased intern's pocket. He pulled it out and read out loud, "By hook or by crook, the end is near if you look... What's with all the riddles, anywho?"

Jerome shook his head. "No idea," he replied. "But we don't have much time, let's go!"

When Lucian regained consciousness, it took him a few moments to compose himself. He looked around, expecting to find himself in his own bed in the cabin. But when he saw that he was tangled in a giant web, he screamed loudly. He looked around further and saw that the majority of the other contestants were with him as well.

"Lucian?" he heard Aidan say. "Is that you, bro?"

He nodded. "Yeah..." he swallowed. "Where the heck are we? What happened?"

"I think it's either part of the challenge... or a mutated spider has kidnapped us and plans to eat us," Zane mumbled. "Either way, I want out of here."

"Well, who else is all here?" Lucian asked aloud.

"Me," Daniel said.

"Yo," Georgie replied.

"I'm here, too," Viktoriya told him.

"As am I," he heard Xena squeak.

Lucian sighed. "So then it's just... Holly and Aria on my team, and Shaylie, Jerome, and Xavier on the other team."

"They better get here quickly!" Daniel said, frowning. "All of the blood is rushing to my head."

Aidan snickered. "Hey, Viktoriya, is the blood Russian to your head?"

"Oh my god," Viktoriya groaned, rolling her eyes. "That may have been the worst pun I've ever heard in my life."

Below, the five remaining contestants who hadn't been kidnapped had finally arrived. Aria and Holly arrived screaming and holding each other for dear life, while Shaylie, Jerome, and Xavier arrived seconds later.

Shaylie's flashlight revealed a rock-shaped skull jutting out of the ground. Six silver hooks were sticking out of the top.

"That must be the last souvenir!" Jerome declared, shining his flashlight on the silver hooks.

Xavier pointed his flashlight upwards. "And there's everyone else!" He shined his flashlight a few yards to the left. "And there's the mutated spider!" His eyes widened. "The mutated spider?" He screamed like a five-year-old girl once again, and dove down to the ground in a fetal posistion.

"Quit your whining," Shaylie snapped at him. She ran towards the skull shaped rock, with Jerome following her. "We've got to get the hooks!"

She tripped over a small rock, causing her to fall to the ground. Jerome didn't have time to react, and tripped over her as well and landed on top of her. The spider sprayed its sticky web, entangling the two of them.

"Uh..." Jerome and Shaylie said at the same time, feeling awkward at how close together they were currently forced to be.

Aria quickly ran past them and grabbed two of the hooks. "Holly, baby!" she called to her team mate. "Let's get going!"

Not moving, Holly bit her lip nervously. "Shouldn't we grab our team? Remember, we get a penalty—"

"—A penalty for each lost player," Aria finished. "Yeah, but the Rats only have one left! If we go now, we can finish before him!"

"But we still have to rescue them!" Holly complained as she ran towards the giant web.

"Holly!" Aria shouted.

The gamer girl picked up a small rock and threw it at the web. It struck Zane in the temple, causing him to cry out in pain. Another one struck him in the nose, and then another in the stomach. A fourth one hit him in the crotch, causing him to let out a devastating whimper.

"What are you doing?" he snapped at her.

"Trying to knock you guys loose!" she explained, throwing another rock.

Several rocks hit her fellow contestants, causing them to yelp in pain. Aidan suffered a rock to the eye, Georgie was struck in the shoulder, Viktoriya's glasses were knocked off, Xena was hit by a stone in the mouth, Daniel had a large rock strike him in the side of the head, and Lucian got hit in the nose.

"This clearly isn't working for you!" Viktoriya yelled. "Do something else!"

"Holly!" Aria yelled again.

"Just help me, okay?" Holly yelled back

Aria sighed, but complied. "Fine," she said, running over.

Xavier was still cowering on the ground. He was sucking his thumb, trying to forget the situation he was in.

"Get your butt in gear, Chavez!" Shaylie shouted at him.

He continued sucking his thumb.

"The quicker you get out of here, the quicker you avoid the spider!" Jerome pointed out.

"And we'll win!" Shaylie added in.

Xavier swallowed nervously. He looked up at the spider, which was currently dodging rocks that Holly was throwing at it. He looked over at the zip-line several feet away from him, and then back at the viscous spider.

"For the GOP!" he shouted in a battle-cry, running over to his fallen team mates. He snatched the hook out of Shaylie's hands and dashed over to the zip-line.

"My Papi is getting away!" Aria pointed out. "I love him, but I won't let him win!" Not while it's me on the chopping block, she thought.

Holly paused for a moment, and then threw a rock that struck the spider in the temple. Dazed, the spider fell down into its own web, sending its victims falling to the ground along with it. They screamed as the ground rushed up to meet them, and then again when they hit the solid ground.

"Thank us later," Aria called back as she grabbed Holly by the arm and raced towards the zip-line.

She held onto the hook as tight as she could as she attached it to the zip-line. She made sure Holly did the same before leaping off the cliff to ride the zip-line.

After what seemed like an eternity in darkness, the remaining three contestants finally made it to the end of the zip-line. Xavier was the first to abruptly fly out and land with a thud on the ground. Aria and Holly landed right on top of him, merely seconds later. They moaned in agony as they struggled to get up.

Chris McLean approached them, grinning widely. "Well, well," he said, "both teams made it to the finish line!"

"But I got here first!" Xavier declared triumphantly.

"... But the Mutant Maggots are today's winners!" Chris finished.

The two girls cheered loudly, high-fiving each other.

"What?" Xavier screamed, his face turning as red as his sweater vest. "No way! I got here before they did!"

"True," Chris admitted. "But remember when I said to stick together, because you'll get a penalty for each team member you lost? Yeah, you lost five. The Maggots only lost four. So they win!"

Xavier stomped his foot on the ground. "Are you kidding me?" he screeched. "I faced my lifelong fear of spiders... for nothing?"

The sadistic host laughed. "It's just so terrible, isn't it?"

Back in the cave, the nine kidnapped contestants were in the process recovering from their fall. Daniel was in the process of trying to free Jerome and Shaylie from their web, Georgie was helping Aidan stand up, and Xena was assisting Viktoriya in searching for her lost glasses. Zane was struggling to lift himself up, but Lucian was kind enough to try and carry him.

"We need to get out of here before the spider wakes up!" Aidan cried out, as he grabbed Georgie's hands.

The spider twitched, causing everyone to scream loudly.

"Ugh, did I hit my head?" the spider moaned.

Everyone looked at each other as if to ask, "Did you hear that too, or am I going crazy?"

"What the heck?" Lucian gasped, nearly dropping Zane.

"I didn't know spiders could talk!" Daniel gasped, both curious and terrified.

The spider took off its head, which caused everyone to scream. They stopped screaming when they saw a human head pop out of where the neck was supposed to be.

"I guess this means I lost?" Jamie sighed, snapping his fingers.


"What the /censored/?" Daniel shouted.

The twelve contestants, plus Chris, Chef, and Jamie were gathered outside the mess hall. Jamie had discarded his spider costume, and all of the contestants had received bandages for their injuries.

"So why is Jamie here?" Lucian asked, confused.

Chris smirked. "He was one of our most popular contestants, among critics and fans. People were devastated that he got eliminated so early. So, I cut him a deal like Shaylie's from last season. If he was able to capture all of the contestants before the end of the challenge, I would allow him to return!"

"But... he didn't," Daniel pointed out.

"Correct!" Chris replied, nodding. "But I'm still letting him come back!"

Jamie's face lit up. "Really?"



"... As an intern!"

Jamie's face fell apart. "Um, not thanks," he replied dismissively.

The host stopped him. "Yeah, no. You have a contract! You have the exact same one as Shaylie, so just how she was forced to be an intern, you will be too! But don't worry, all of the challenges are totally and utterly painful!"

"That doesn't make me feel better at all!" Jamie cried out.

"I know," Chris laughed. As he started to walk away, he looked back at the Toxic Rats. "I'll be seeing your butts at the elimination ceremony. Oh, and I want everyone to be there!"

(Outhouse Confessional)

Jamie sighed. "Great, so I'm an intern now, huh?" He rolled his eyes. "Whatever, at least I already have a million dollars." He smiled. "But at least now I'm back with Zane and my kittens!"

Xavier exited the washrooms and was making his way to the outhouse confessional to cast his vote. He felt a hand touch his arm and stopped. He turned around and saw that Aria was tapping her foot with an annoyed look on her face. He sighed and pressed his fingers against his temple.

"Okay, I promised you that I'd talk after the challenge," he began.

"And it's after the challenge, Papi," Aria replied, frowning. "Now come on, tell me what's bothering you!"

He sighed deeply once more. "I just... I can't anymore."

"What do you mean?" the Hispanic girl replied, confused.

"I can't," he repeated. "I can't anymore."

"What can't you do?"


Aria shook her head. "No... what do you mean!"

"Don't make me say it," Xavier mumbled.

"You were never one to avoid confrontations, Papi," Aria scowled. "Now just tell me what's on your mind! Tell me what you can't!"

"I can't be in this relationship anymore!"

Aria didn't say anything.

"I didn't sign up for this," Xavier snarled. "I mean, when I met you, I though you were this smoking hot, fun girl who would keep me in line! But then I go and find out that you're a serial killer?"

"My parents—" she started.

"—Made you do it," he finished. "I know! You don't think I know that? I don't... blame you for the circumstances to which you were born! I know that's ironic coming from me, since I despise all social programs, but it's true! I don't think it's your damn fault you were raised by psychos! But you know what? That still doesn't sit well with me! I can't go on knowing that you've killed people, whether it was your fault or not!"

Jamie exited the confessional with an embarrassed look on his face, aware of the situation. He tried to leave as discretely as possible.

"If it was self defense, it might be a different, but it's not!" Xavier continued. "I know it's not your fault, but it still doesn't make me feel better! I'm just not strong enough to handle that! I'm sorry, but I'm not! I tried to! I tried to push aside your past, but I couldn't! Not with me knowing... what was going on up there... or not knowing what's going on up there, I should say."

Aria did her best to hold back the tears.

"Look, I think that you're a... nice girl," he sighed. "But you need help. And I can't be the one to help you. I don't know if you're coming to me to fill some void you have inside from not having a good family... but I'm sorry! I'm not strong enough of a person to fill that void! I'm sorry!"

He stormed off, trying to hold back tears of his own. "I'm sorry..."

When he was out of sight, Aria kicked the confessional as hard as she could, sending it toppling over on its side.

Both teams were gathered around the campfire on the tree stumps, clearly separated from one another. Chris stood at the front with a tray of five marshmallows, while Chef Hatchet stood beside him with a radioactive box, dressed in his hazmat suit. Jamie stood in-between them, now wearing a crimson intern shirt.

"Mmmm," Chris hummed, grinning. "The tension tonight is so delicious, I could kiss someone! But not you guys, Xavier and Aria. There sure as heck won't be any kissing from you guys anymore!"

"You know what you can kiss, McLean?" Aria hissed, holding up a fist.

Chris wasn't finished. "Or maybe Jamie and Zane want to kiss? Now that they're reunited?"

"Just shut your mouth!" Jamie snapped.

"But kiss or no kiss," Chris continued, "we still have one unlucky Toxic Rat to send flying home! You've all cast your votes and made your decision. When I call out your name, you will receive a marshmallow. But if you're the last person called, the marshmallow that you'll be given is not one you want to eat! You must report to the Dock of Shame and ride the Hurl of Shame!"

All eyes were on one person.

"The first marshmallow goes to Shaylie!"

She caught her marshmallow, grinning.


The Russian girl sighed in relief and swallowed her marshmallow.


Xena smiled and caught her marshmallow. She shared a hug with Viktoriya.

"And... surprisingly, Zane!"

The schemer perked up, shocked that he wasn't in the bottom two for once. "Wait, seriously?"

Chris looked between Jerome and Xavier. "My, my. I believe we were in a very similar scenario last season, weren't we, Jerome?" the host smirked. "Could this be the end of your tenure on Total Drama? Or is Xavier's past finally going to catch up to him? Who's it gonna be? Well, I know who it is! And that person is...



















"... Xavier!"

The conservative teenager stood up, furious. "What?" he snapped. "You've got to be kidding me! I can't go home fifth! I'm supposed to make it to the end!" He was just able to dodge the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom, which hit the ground and was dissolving into the dirt.

"It looks like you've been impeached," Jerome mocked.

Chris smirked. "And as much as I would have loved to see you and Aria duke it out more, now that you've been eliminated... unfortunately, the people have spoken... unanimously! Maybe democracy ain't it's all cracked up to be, eh Xavier?"

Xavier sneered. "Whatever!" He turned to his team. "Is this seriously because I broke up with Aria? You guys know—"

"That's not why we did it," Shaylie told him.

"Oh?" he blinked. "Well, then you can't really blame me for losing the challenge! Shaylie told me to go on without—"

Viktoriya shook her head. "That's not why we did it, either."

"Then why?"

His team exchanged a knowing look, and then each and every one of them smirked.

"Well, you're kind of a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, bigoted jerk," Jerome said with great pride.

Xavier snarled. "You know, this is a violation of my freedom of speech! You can't just vote me off for disagreeing with you! The first amendment—"

"—Says that your government can't arrest your for saying something that isn't a direct threat," Viktoriya told him. "But we can still call you our for being an idiot."

"Whatever," he mumbled.

Chris chuckled. "Wow, you're going out with quite a bang, aren't ya? You were a lot less hostile last time."

"Let's just say I've had a rough day," Xavier said under his breath.

Xavier stood in the center of the catapult, his arms crossed over his chest. The eleven contestants, Chef Hatchet, Chris McLean, and Jamie were all gathered around to see him off, most of them eager to see him off. His former team mates were gathered at the front of the pack, though the Mutant Maggots were not far behind.

"Any last words before we send you back to where you came from, my foreign friend?" Chris asked, poking fun at his American citizenship.

The Republican said nothing, but spat at the dock where his now former team mates stood. He looked over at Aria, bit his lip for a brief moment, but stood tall. He looked back at his team mates with a stern look.

Chris turned to Jamie and said, "Okay, intern. As your 'initiation', I'll give you the honor of sending him flying!"

"Gladly," the aspiring writer replied, grinning widely. He pulled the lever without hesitation.

Whoop! Xavier's body was launched into the sky, but he did not scream. He would not give them the satisfaction.

"So..." Georgie began. "Not that I didn't totally love seeing Xavier launched into the sky, why did you call us to come here anyways?"

"Oh, I nearly forgot!" Chris gasped with faux-surprise. "I'm switching up the teams a little bit!" Everyone gasped with actual shock. "Yup! Holly and Xena are switching teams!"

Xena looked at Viktoriya with a sad look. She sighed deeply, disappointed at the loss of her one true friend. Holly looked at her former team mates and for a brief moment looked disappointed. Then she looked over at a smiling Jerome and waved back to him, smiling.

"Aren't I just full of surprises?" Chris asked rhetorically. He turned the camera and grinned. "What will happen now, what with the team swap? How will Aria deal with her break-up? How will Zane deal with Jamie back on the island, even if he is just an intern? What crazy challenges will I force these kids to do? Find out the answer to all of these questions, next week on... Total... Drama... Revenge of the Island!"

(Voting Confessionals)

Xavier grinned smugly. "Am I worried?" He scoffed. "No. I've already got Shaylie to agree to vote for Jerome with me. Nobody else dislikes me that much, aside from Jerome and Viktoriya. Trust me. I'm not going home this week!"


Shaylie snickered. "Xavier thinks I'm voting for Jerome. As if," she said. "He's annoying as heck, and his girlfriend being on the opposite team is distracting him. Adios, amigo!"


Jerome waved to the camera, grinning widely. "Is it finally happening? Are my dreams coming true? Has God heard my prayers? Xavier is finally going home! I've got the whole team to vote with me... not that it took them much convincing. Zane was the only one not to already be voting for him."


Zane shrugged. "Eh, I was going to vote for Viktoriya, since she kind of hates my guts," he began, "but Jerome made a very compelling argument as to why Xavier would be the best choice. So, I vote for him."


Viktoriya smirked. "I was going to vote for Zane, but then I realized that Xavier was a lot more annoying and a much bigger threat. Bye, bye, you racist jerk!"


Xena sighed. "I feel as thought voting for Xavier would not be good for him, considering his recent break up with Aria. I feel as though they need to patch things up... but then again, he's mean to my friends, so what do I care?"

Elimination Order: Emma & Walter, Jamie, Deylanie, Xavier.

Remaining Contestants:

Toxic Rats: Shaylie, Jerome, Viktoriya, Zane, Holly

Mutant Maggots: Daniel, Georgie, Lucian, Aria, Aidan, Xena

Author's Note: So... this was a pretty big chapter. Two huge break-ups right in a row, huh? Xavier was also a pretty major character in the first season, and now he's one of the first few eliminated? Oh, and Jamie's an intern now. (I don't know why I'm saying all of these things, you already know them.)

Xavier was eliminated because... he was getting somewhat stale to write, and his humor was getting repetitive. I honestly regret "reforming" him last season for an episode, partially because it was rushed, and partially because when I "developed" him, I didn't have a second season in mind.

His break-up with Aria will serve as a major part in Aria's development. What does that entail? Well, you'll have to read to find out!

Until next time, thanks for reading the chapter!