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Naruto had been given an important job. A very important job. The most important job actually, and he wasn't sure why he'd been given it because it was incredibly important and he wasn't the most subtle person but maybe Sensei was busy with Ibiki and Shikako and Sasuke both had their own jobs so...

There was Hinata! "Hi Hinata!"

She turned bright red as he dropped down in front of her and wobbled backwards a step before swallowing and pushing her fingers together nervously. Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. Shikako had spoken to him about this. He wasn't supposed to randomly appear around Hinata when she was distracted. She was allergic to him or something.

Naruto was proud of himself for remembering that. Shikako hadn't said it, but Sakura had said that when you were allergic to something it meant that you got sick if you got exposed to it - sometimes very quickly. She'd stared at him when he asked if that was why Hinata was always fainting around him but had been called away before she could say anything. Naruto was sure he was right though. She turned red and blotchy and had trouble breathing and everything! There was no other explanation!

Of course Saskue had told him you couldn't be allergic to a person but what did the Teme know? Girls were weird!

"Na-Naruto." She smiled at him, he liked her smiles. "Were you looking for me?"

Naruto shook his head, his own smile stretching over his face in answer to hers. "Nope! Your cousin, Hoheto? Know where he might be?"

Hinata blinked at him before shaking her head rapidly. "N-No. Sorry Naruto! I thought he was still on a mission!"

"Eh," He fluttered his hand, in Kakashi-sensei's best it's all cool so don't worry about it gesture and shrugged. "It's fine! See you around Hinata!"

She waved goodbye as he jumped back to the roof and continued his search. Mission. Ok. Hoheto was on a mission. Were the other people on missions? It would make it a lot harder if they were, but only because it meant it was harder to make back up plans if things went wrong. And time, they didn't have much time! There must be a way to know who was out on missions and who was in the village! That way he wouldn't have to worry about looking for people who weren't here.

Hmmmmm. Iruka-Sensei would know!



Iruka choked on his drink. "Naruto! What have I told you about sneaking up on people?!"

Naruto shrugged and grinned. "I wasn't sneaking Sensei. You were just busy."

Iruka fixed him with a dark glare. It only rated a 3 on the Iruka-sensei scale though so Naruto ignored it until Iruka-sensei signed and slumped back into his chair. "What do you need Naruto? I thought you were busy today?"

Naruto shrugged. "How do you know who is out on missions Sensei?"

"Well you can always ask at the mission desk... They keep a record." He smiled fondly, "Why do you want to know? Got a mission?"

Naruto gave Iruka his best no-problem-here grin. He did after all, have a mission. "Yep, sure! It's an awesome mission and I can't tell you about it but it's going to be really really big! And important! Very important!"

His mind wandered to this Danzo guy and the level of hell that was going to be unleashed upon him soon. Kakashi-sensei and Ibiki weren't the kind of people to mess around and Tsuande wouldn't let him get away with this either when she found out. By the time those three were through with him there wouldn't be much left. He would deserve every bit of it Naruto was sure.

Iruka's smile turned a little strained. "Naruto... You know you're a Chunnin now. You have a responsibility to be a good example to the rest of the shinobi forces."

"Yeah yeah, I know." He waved him off, and turned on the puppy eyes. "Soooooo?"

Iruka rolled his eyes. "Alright, we'll go look together. But whatever you're planning, I don't want to know alright?"

Naruto grinned. "Thanks Sensei! And don't worry! You won't know until everyone else does."

Iruka shook his head with a fond smile. "If you say so."


Naruto hummed thoughtfully as he thought over the list of available shinobi Iruka had helped him get. Of the possible allies Kakashi had asked him to find, about 60% were out on missions or otherwise unavailable. That was a large number, although Iruka had told him that about half of those would be back by the end of the week. He wasn't sure if Kakashi and the others would want to wait that long. He didn't. He wanted this Danzo guy dealt with before he caused any more trouble for his village!

It hadn't been easy but, he'd got everyone in the village on Sensei's list. Everyone but one. He'd even managed to be discrete about it, sending each person to meet Sasuke-in-ANBU-gear so that he and Shikako could direct them to the real meeting place. Kakashi-sensei would meet them there and then they'd finally find out about what was going to happen. He couldn't wait! With Ibiki and Kakashi being all aloof and secretive and everything...

He dropped down with a grin to see the last person on his list. He'd left him for last because he should be one of the easiest. Well, assuming he wasn't busy. All his old classmates were so busy these days...


Naruto beamed. "Hey Kiba! I was looking for you!"

Kiba gave him an uneasy look. "You were? Why?"

"Just a mission. You free?"

Kiba grinned, his fangs showing briefly. "Of course! What's the job?"

Naruto beamed at him. "Come on! It's kinda complicated."

Kiba looked curious, but was perfectly happy to follow him back to where he had sent the others. Naruto was pleased with himself, he'd managed to time it almost perfectly. By the time they got there, Sasuke would be escorting Shikako back. They could meet up half way and head there together.

Then they'd get to the serious buisness.

He smiled again, a hint of teeth to this one.

Danzo was going down.