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Chapter 2: The beginning of the FFI

Dressed in a white shirt with a navy blue tie underneath a navy blue like cardigan jacket with grey suit pants being held together by the signature Texas belt with normal business shoes and his hair was short and a mixture of spiky and curly with dark shades over his eyes, he was never one for showing off his wealth and was tempted to go on a normal plane but his accountant had told him, it would be much harder to spot him if he came with the rest of the population.

Tonight was the night where the sponsors for the Football Frontier International were flown in from all over the world, he could already see some other private planes on the ground, surrounded by people with camera's meaning one thing.

The horror of every celebrity and self-made rich people out there.

The Paparazzi.

People like him needed to be extremely careful around people with large camera's when even one of them could either make you or break you, publicly of course.

Dread welled up inside of him as his plane landed, attracting the attention of the Paparazzi and he put on his business smile while the door opened and he was lead to his doom, his accountant manager Hazel Fischer was right behind him, extruding the usual, calm and in control aura.

How the man could be so calm, he would never know.

He continued smiling as the first wave of flashes came, almost blinding him the process as him escort saw him and led them inside the airport.

Thank god for him.

"Mr Johnson, we are so happy to have you here in Japan" The man said, in heavily accented English, shocked that the person he was sent to escort was so young, when he heard he was escorting a rich Texas billionaire, most people would assume that they will be escorting a man in his late forties with a white suit and ten gallon hat.

"Well I'm happy to be here, after all it's not every day, I can journey out of the country to participate in something so grand as this" He said, with the Texas accent, ignoring the attention he was getting from people who just happened to pass by.

" Indeed it's not every day, you attend the youth version of the world cup," Hazel said, in English.

There was a black taxi waiting for them outside with the taxi driver opening the door for them as soon as he saw them and put their bags in the trunk of the car with a kiss up smile, making him want to roll his eyes and even Hazel gave the man a certain glance as the door was shut behind them and at the same time, many others were doing the same thing.

They drove for hours as he opened up his phone out of boredom and smiled seeing a Text from both of his parent, wishing him well in Japan, he know that his parents would be demanding details from him as soon as he got back.

The car stopped and he looked out the window to find a very impressive looking hotel, mostly likely only built to satisfy the people funding the tournament, meaning a whole lot of kiss up will be done.

The door opened and their luggage was brought out by what they assumed was a bell hop who carried their luggage inside with a smile while the taxi driver and their escort drove off and they followed the man up the grand stairs into the building itself.

Milagro couldn't help but gasp at the beautiful Japanese culture paintings on the high dome of the ceiling while Hazel remained uninterested in the whole sceptical.

"What do you mean you don't have Dolphin!?" A fat man spat out at the poor counter lady. "This is Japan, right!?"

"S-sir, we don't really eat Dolphin. If you like, we can import some from other countries" The counter girl manage to squeak out, extremely polite knowing the man could very well, have her fired and make sure she could never work again.

"WHAT!" The man yelled, face red. "Useless Japanese, you can't do any-" he was cut off as Milagro decided to step in.

" Mind if I cut in?" Milagro asked, in Japanese with a slight accent in his voice, while his account manager was shooting him looks that said 'what are you doing!?'. "That's no way to treat a lady, even if her job is to serve you" making the girl behind him blush.

"Who are you?" The man spat out, looking at him up and down. "What are you doing dress like that? Are you the person that is finally getting my Dolphin meat? Finally the Japanese seemed to be good something! Off you go and don't come back without my meat" mistaken him for one of the employees instead of a fellow investor.

"How dare you" Hazel ejected, "Do you know who this is?" and judging by the look of confusion he did not. "This is Milagro Johnson, a Texas billionaire that could easily end you and your business. In fact, he can make sure you can't even find job,"

The man understandably paled and the surrounding investors were now paying close attention to the young man that they thought was just another help around the hotel, some of them were looking at him interest, no doubt wanting to be friends with him due to profit.

"S-so Sorry Mister Johnson, sir," The man said, weekly, it would have been funny if not for the case that nobody dared to laugh. "I did not know who you were, I hope I didn't spoil your evening." the man trotted off in shame, no doubt going to keep his head down for a couple of days until he wanted back to his country and then he could act like the arrogant bastard he was.

"Was that really necessary?" Milagro said, in English in a resigned tone.

"Well I wasn't going to let my employer be walked over," Hazel said, feeling completely justified. "And besides what I did to him was nothing to what you planned to do to him if he crossed a certain boundary. Honestly, I think you get that scary and manipulative side from your mother" he shuddered, as he remembered that one dinner party and he saw the monster that is Milagro mother in all her glory.

Milagro shuddered to, as he remembered the same dinner party, no doubt he had been scarred for life and smiled weakly forcing his thought somewhere else and found that they were in front the counter and had yet to check in and said. "I'm so sorry for that, the level of arrogance really astounds me sometimes. My name is Milagro Johnson and this is my associate Hazel Fischer, I believe we have a reservation" giving her a smile and the girl seemed to snap out whatever daze she was in and blushed at the smile directed at her and forced her eyes to look at the screen and find out which room they were in.

"Yes, Mister Johnson and plus one. Mr Johnson you'll be staying in the penthouse while Mr Fischer, you'll be staying the room next to him" The girl said and just as that came out of her mouth, it solidified people conviction to make friends with him and gave him both keys.

Damn it! He ordered a regular room not the penthouse!

He just smiled and took the keys while Hazel trailed off him, ignoring the looks they were getting from the rest and were lead to the rooms and Hazel said goodnight to him and they both parted their separate ways.

He was itching for a cigarette, if his parents ever caught him smoking, they would kill him and instead chose to take off his jacket and observe the extremely nice looking room, the bed itself felt like he was being smoothed with extremely soft pillows and the lightening in the room was stunning.

Who know Japan could produce such a place, as he went on the balcony and looked over the whole city and the beautiful night sky with a glass of campaign in his hand, that was bland to his county taste buds.

This was the country where the dead Xavier Schiller was born and grow up in, how ironic that the moment he left the country, he was killed.

He was in the country where the Schiller family where and that filled him with unease.

He just hoped he wouldn't run into one of them, it was going to be incredibly awkward for him.

With that last thought, he went back inside and turned the light off before drifting off to sleep.

# The Next night#

He was decked out in a checkered suit ready to go to the meeting were all the investors were invited too, Hazel said it wasn't his place to go and decided to spend his time in his room, going over funding and the stock market to make sure, he was still earning and that he doesn't go over the budget that was set for him.

Milagro ignored the predator looks he got from old women who were after a one night stand with him, his shades completely gone, exposing his unique green eyes that he got from his father making some of them blush.

A limo pulled up, ready to take him to the party, he found a mini fridge and more tasteless Champaign bottles again which he didn't touch and got out of the Limo as soon as it stopped and immediately was meet with the red carpet and the Paparazzi from both sides, he put on his business smile and walked as quickly as possible into the building where the others were mingling with each other and he too was forced to mingle as well.

Anything to stop himself from getting bored even if it meant he was constantly harassed by rich old women who thought the fact that he was young was a nice contrast to the old men that were packed into the hall.

Finally, all the guests had arrived and the lights dimmed as all attention was turned to the stage when a man in a tuxedo came up, obviously bit intimidated by the powerful man and woman in the room.

" On behalf of the Japanese Government and the rest of the other Governments that have joined in for this historic event, we thank you all for your generous donations and finding the time to come to Japan to oversee this event. Your effort is very much appreciated" smooth-talking them all. "Now without further delay, we announce the Football Frontier tournament international to begin!"

All around the world, teams were being set up to compete in the tournament.

The last to form was Inazuma Japan.

The Tournament had begun.

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