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Yagi Kaneie and Hano Tomeo were both policemen that had worked together for years, to the outside world, they were just two guys who were trying their hardest despite the mistakes they made in the past, to get by.

Little did anyone know, those mistakes were on purpose.

They were spies.

They were spies for Mister K, they provided information to make sure Mister K always stayed one step ahead of the police while the police were too trusting of their own members to ever think there was a mole in their group.

Secretly they had received missions, such as tampering with evidence or letting a criminal walk free.

Their newest assignment was to arrest a man call Milagro Johnson because of 'Information' that has recently come to light, they had pretty much barged into the man hotel room and seeing that the man wasn't there, they tried to see if they could steal something valuable for themselves but were caught by another man.

Haze, something, they forgot his name and was immediately question on what they were doing in Milagro room which they proceed to tell him, the lie that Mister K had come up and let's just say the account manager wasn't pleased to hear what was coming out of the two men mouth.

How dare they make such false claims!

Before Haze could open his mouth and demand they show him proof, his employer arrived back from visiting his cousin and telling him the good news.

The two policemen instantly didn't like the man known as Milagro Johnson, the way he carried himself made it look like he was someone important when from the false information they were fed, he was just an assistant and because of his looks, they immediately thought he was Japanese.

The man didn't protest when they told him to come down to the station for questioning and were smirking inwardly at the idea of taking the guy down several notches, nobody liked a pretender especially them even though they were one themselves.

Maybe if they were lucky Mister K would reward them with the guy very fortune as soon as he is locked away.

Milagro found himself being harshly shoved into a rundown looking car and cuffed like he was some criminal before being taken to the station, where he was uncuffed and told to turn any electrical appliance off.

The moment, he sat down in the interrogation chair.

He was bombarded with false accusation left and right, telling him to confess and they would get his a good lawyer that could lessen his sentence and they would even personally pay half the fee to hire one.

It was then, at that moment, he concluded that these people were.


Ch 9: The untouchable Milagro.

"Not saying anything?" One policeman sneered as Milagro just kept his mouth shut.

Suddenly the door opened and in came a smartly dressed man, with short white hair and grey eyes, the man looked to be in his late forties and was an okay height for his age, the man briefcase flashed when the artificial light hit it.

"Mister Johnson, you are free to go," The man said, walking in like he owned the place.

"Who are you? How did you get in here!?" One policeman demanded ready to get security, the man simply ignored him.

"So Sorry, I'm so late, Mister Johnson. I came as soon as I was informed" The man said, in fluent English, suggestion this man was a foreigner.

"It's okay, Mr Latham. How are your wife and children?" Milagro asked smiling and the man smiled also.

"My son is healing fine from the operations, thanks to you" The man whose last name was 'Latham' said, with grateful eyes and Milagro just waved it off as nothing.

"Dam it, why hasn't security arrived yet!?" One policeman said, wondering where the guards were and the man, Latham immediately straightened to his full height and turned towards the two.

"The reason why they haven't arrived is because they let me through," Latham said, with a cool edge to his voice.

"And who are you?" One of the policemen asked, with narrow eyes.

"My name is John Latham and I am Mister Johnson lawyer" The man introduced himself and the familiar fear, he know all too well flashed across both of their eyes. "Do you have any idea what you're doing is illegal and you yourself can end up in Jail?" he asked.

"How dare you!" One shouted, standing up to his full height. "We just wanted to question you client on some rumours we've heard, there is nothing illegal about that" and the other one nodded in agreement.

"Yes questioning my client is perfectly legal," Latham said and both men looked smug before he said. "However" their smile dropped. "As a none civilian of this country, you should have questioned him at his place of residence instead of forcing him to come with you and be taken to the station and as an honoured guest, he shouldn't have had to deal with such language from both of you"

Both policeman understandable paled, they hadn't been given enough information to know that Milagro was not Japanese and was, in fact, an investor for the FFI, if they had, they would have treated the man much more better and have shown a lot more respect.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" A man voice called out and they all turned to see a man in his 50's with brown hair and tanned skin, he wore yellow trousers with a cream coloured shirt and forest green coat, this man was none other than the detective Onigawara Gengorou and he was higher ranked than the two police officers. The man turned to a very surprising sight and said. "Why is Milagro Johnson at the station!?"

"Mr G-Gengorou" one of the policemen stuttered.

"It's nothing sir, we were just asking Mr T-Thompson some questions, policeman," The other said and the man eyes narrowed, he know something was up with policemen, the moment they enrolled into the force.

"Is this true?" Gengorou asked, turning to Milagro and his lawyer.

"This is not true" Milagro spoke for the first time, he wasn't going to let this one event slide, he was going to send a message and he was going to make sure it would stick. "This gentleman over" pointing to the two and the policemen belched. "First stormed into my hotel room without permission and then when Haze caught them and asked them what they were doing, they quite rudely stated their intentions and made a big show out of it. Then when I appeared, they approached me with the same attitude and ordered me to come down to the station with them where I have spent the last two hours being silent and having them treat me like some sort of criminal just because of some rumours with no truth behind them. I did not know that there existed such rude and loud behaviour in the Japanese, aren't you famous for how humble you are?"

All colour drained from Gengorou face while the other two looked like they were wishing for the ground to swallow them up.

There was a long dead silence before Gengorou slowly turned to the two and said. "YOU DID WHAT!" they both flinched back. "Under what authority did you have, to drag this man here!? Who did you ask to take such a drastic action and with no proof! Do you realise who this man is? The whole FFI cup would have been disbanded if it wasn't for this man!"

Their eyes widened and turned to Milagro who was giving them a cool look, they had heard the rumours of a man stopping an out of control ball from reaching the investors section but they would never have thought that this was the man, they were sent to arrest.

"Please, Mr Johnson. Please humbly accept my apology for my subordinates actions" Gengorou humbly bowed.

"Why are you bowing?" Milagro asked with a raised eyebrow. "Aren't your own Subordinates supposed to take responsibility for their own actions. Isn't that right, Latham?" and the man nodded.

"It's true sir," The man said and all eyes turned to the still men who had yet to say a word.

"We are very sorry, sir," The both said, in unison and Gengorou smiled at the two, they could change their ways.

" I want their badges taken away from them" Milagro said, much to the shock of all except for his lawyer, the man know his employer had a special insight into people and he could read what was underneath the surface and what was underneath usually meant that these men weren't sincere at all and that meant they were likely to do this again. "If you do not fire them, I will press charges"

"M-Mr Thompson, please be reasonable," Gengorou said, wondering what was going through the man's head, his two underlings made mistakes but they usually made up for it.

"It's funny how the two have suddenly become silent," Milagro said with a sharp edge in his voice that made the two policemen and detective flinch. "Let me guess, you were fully expecting you're superior to bail you out of trouble like he no doubt, done before. Not only did you ruin my good mood after I discovered family but you had the nerve to humiliate me in front of my follower investors. From your treatment alone, I have every right to sue, isn't that right, Latham?"

The man looked up and said. "Yes, sir. It is well within your right's to do so"

"Can you imagine if it gets out that I am suing the Japanese police?" Milagro said, "Wouldn't the rest wonder why, I'm suing the very organisation that keeps foreigners like me safe."

Everyone could very well picture how that would end and none of them liked it, two men could very well trigger shaky relationships with other countries and the allies they've gained may choose to break off, leaving Japan economy much worse than it was already.

"Please, Mr Thompson there must be another way" Gengorou pleaded on his underlings behalf, he had brought the lies that both of them fed him, he believed that they were barely getting by thanks to this job and had large families to feed.

Milagro turned to Latham and said. "How much can I sue the police for?"

Latham got out a calculator and started doing maths and said. "Well, Mr Thompson, for the abduction of a none civilian, for the less than welcoming treatment you received considering who you are, for the half-hearted apology from the perpetrators, for acting under rumours alone and having the supervisor cover for a fault that was clearly the subordinates. That amounts totals to 724,000 yen which is basically 6000 US dollars"

"It seems, I'll be coming home with slightly heavier pockets," Milagro said and by his eyes alone, everyone could tell that, he fully intended to sue the police, there was no pity or remorse in his eyes and the policemen and detective shivered.

Gengorou eyes widened, there was no way, the police could afford to pay such a large sum, forget the backlash on the investors side, he had no choice but to fire them and turned to two stunned men, who still expected him to save them.

"Please hand in your badges," Gengorou said, it hurt to do this but Milagro had left him no choice, the two men looked genuinely shocked.

"Sir, you can't do this" One protested.

"What are we going to tell our families?" The other said.

"What families?" Latham said, with a raised eyebrow. "I just did a background check on both of you and you don't even have girlfriends"

To say Gengorou was shocked was an understatement.

He had been used!

Gengorou ripped the two badges off the men with a hard look in his eyes, how dare they play with his emotions and yelled. "OUT! I DO NOT LET ME SEE YOU IN THIS BUILDING AGAIN!" the two quickly scrambled away, afraid of the old detectives rage and as one passed Milagro, Milagro whispered.

"You better tell your boss that he failed to paint me in a bad light. Tell him to stop trying to control me, I will come after him"

Let's just say Mister K was less than happy to hear that his two spies had been sacked and Milagro was aware that he was being watched.

He would back off.

For now.

Latham followed Milagro out of the building having received a formal apology from the detective and promised to deal with the backlash of the media finding out, he had been arrested.

"Latham, you can go home, now. I'm sure, your family is waiting for you" Milagro said, turning to his lawyer and the man gave him a weak smile.

Latham had quickly rushed all the way to the police station, when he was informed that his charge had been arrested and had left in a hurry, only barely remembering to say goodbye. "Thank you, sir," the man said and called a Taxi. "I do hope, that this experience hasn't ruined your time in Japan and by the way, your mother has been calling Haze none stop since your cell phone was off"

Milagro sighed, a mother instinct was a scary thing, indeed. He know he would have to call her later to confirm that he was alright and as he watched Latham get into the cab and drive off, his phone went off in his pocket, he got it out and was surprised to see the name 'Hiroto Kiyama' on it.

"Yo, Cousin. What do you need?" Milagro said, answering the phone.

There seemed to be a long pause at the end, probably from the shock of what he just called him, it was usually 'Kid'.

Hiroto cleared his throat and asked. " Milagro-san, do you have anything planned for tomorrow?"

Milagro rose an eyebrow and said. "That depends on the time"

"What about the morning?" Hiroto asked his voice sounded nervous and Milagro eyes narrowed a bit.

"Yes, I'm free then. Get to the point" Milagro said, with a certain edge to it his voice, he did not like it when people stalled, even if Hiroto was his cousin, they didn't have years of trust behind them so it was understandable if he was completely in a family mood when he was around Hiroto.

There was a long pregnant pause before Hiroto said.

"My sister wants you to meet my father in Prison"

And scene.

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