Sorry for deleting my last story, but I have now dicided that I am going to write 1 chapter stories form now on! So to start off, why not write about my favorite anime called FairyTail! Lets BEGIN!


Magic! The one thing I adore and the one thing I wish for! Magic is like a light that started to lead me though the dark cave called life, but that small flicker from my lantern just wasn't bright enough to show me the way to happiness. But when I found the show FairyTail, my lantern's light grew into a brilliant flame that led me out of my despair!

FairyTail, a show filled with magic! The thing that added more light to me lantern. I've always wanted magic. I always felt that magic was somewhere, deep inside my soul and if I was able to find it, I could unleash a great power that could bring the darkness to it's knees! I felt like the anime FairyTail inderstood me in ways nobody else was able to!

When I first watched this show I thought it would just be another show filled to the brim with humor, but it was more than that. When I saw people using magic to save others, I found the show to be my bestfriend! When the T.V. first flickered different, beautiful, bright colors I knew they where the colors of real magic! Not the fake magic that let people pull bunnies form hats. Real magic, soaring through the air. That was when my favorite color turned to red, I knew that red would be the color of magic deep inside my soul. And that fire would give me the power to protect my dearest friends and family from harm even if it ment getting severly hurt in the process. Thats when I knew that I had finally reached the end of the cave of despair and found my happiness!


Sorry that it sucked, but it was the only thing I could think of. Well please review and favorite me! Hugs and Kisses!