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Chapter 1: The Girl Next Door

The car drove up the street, shining it's lights straight into the window. The girl at the desk sighed in frustration, looking down at the photographs that she had placed on her desk. She had been going through them, picking out the ones she wanted to take with her. Usually, the lights didn't bother her, but tonight they did, because this would be the fourth night in a row that she went out.

She was Naomi, goddess divine, a golden angel, the temptress and the devil, all rolled into one.

Actually, that wasn't quite accurate. She was just the girl who lived next door. Just a normal girl, who had flaws and faults. God knew she had her faults, but it seemed as if everyone overlooked them. No one ever wanted to point them out for fear that she would disappear.

'No one ever saw the real Naomi.' She thought, as she watched the girl herself walk out of the house, turning around to say something to her mum, before sashaying down the path to where Lisa waited, leaning against the bonnet of her car.

Lisa was a tall redhead, with green eyes and was, in Naomi's own words, drop dead gorgeous. Lisa was slim and built, with legs that went on for miles, but the girl wasn't impressed at all with her.

Naomi brought Lisa home to meet her mum about three months ago, but she knew that Naomi had been seeing the redhead for almost a year.

The longer Naomi and Lisa were together, the more it bothered her. She didn't like anything about Lisa, not the car she drove, or the job she had. Nothing about Lisa's body excited her and she hated that smug look of satisfaction on the redhead's face. In fact, she was pretty certain that she hated Lisa, full stop.

She continued her own certain brand of torture by watching Lisa grab Naomi roughly and pull her in for the filthiest kiss she had ever witnessed. And that's saying a lot, because she'd been stealing her best mate's porn stash. Well, it's not really stealing if he knows she takes it, but Cook never says a thing about it, so she doesn't either.

After what seemed like hours, but was in fact only a couple of minutes, Lisa allowed Naomi to come up for air, and she ushered Naomi into the car.

She stood up from her desk, leaving the photos and walked over to the window, placing her palms flat against the pane of glass, leaning forward so her forehead rested against it as well, and watched as the woman of her dreams drove off down the road. She stood there, like a pathetic lovesick fool, until the tail lights disappeared around the corner.

She sighed again, as she continued to look out the window, pulling her gaze from the street, back over to Naomi's house.

Naomi's bedroom was right next to hers, and when she was little, her and Naomi would sit in their open windows and talk about the future. Naomi was a few years older than she was, so she would listen to Naomi talk all about school, then college, until finally Naomi went to Uni.

It was during one of those talks, oddly enough, when Naomi told her that she liked girls. Naomi's confession made her heart jump, because she knew she'd had feelings for the blonde, when she was about twelve almost thirteen, she just knew. She had all these grand plans about telling Naomi how she had felt, but then Naomi dropped her bomb.

She had met a girl that first week at college. Sophia. Naomi was so happy and she glowed. Everything was Sophia this and Sophia that. For months, Sophia was all Naomi could talk about. They dated the whole time they were in college, while she was still in secondary school. And while it pained her to see Naomi with someone else, she only wanted Naomi to be happy, so she never said anything to the blonde.

Once or twice, she almost let it slip, but she knew to reign in those feelings, because Naomi was older and she didn't want the blonde to laugh at her. And she thought she might've had a chance when Naomi came home one day, early in the morning during her last few weeks of college.

She had been sitting at her desk, when she saw Naomi stagger up the pavement, hair all over the place, and tears streaming down her face. She jumped up quickly, practically smashing her face against the window, trying to get a better look. Sure enough, the blonde was crying, her face glistened in the early morning sunlight.

Naomi was about to head up to her house, but then she looked up and caught her standing there, staring down, and she could almost hear the blonde sob loudly.

She had no control over her feet, as they led her down the stairs, out the side door and they didn't stop until she was right in front of the blonde.

"Naoms, what happened? What's wrong?" She had asked, but instead of an answer, she got an armful of her dream girl. She couldn't do anything except wrap her own arms around the crying girl.

Naomi just cried, so she led them into the back garden and she sat the blonde down, keeping hold of her. And even though Naomi was in a fair amount of emotional pain, she couldn't help but sink into the hug, and maybe once or twice sniff the cherry and almond scent that seemed to belong to the blonde. She was only human after all, so she took what she could get.

They both sat there for a little bit, until Naomi's tears dried, but even then she didn't ask the questions racing through her head. She knew Naomi had heard her, so she would answer when she was ready.

It took three fags and almost an hour before Naomi finally opened up.

"Sophia cheated on me." Naomi sounded so broken, so unloved that it broke her heart. "She told me last night."

"I', Naomi, I'm so sorry." She replied, shock and rage warring inside of her. "Why?" She asked, confusion evident in her voice. "Is she stupid or mental?" Anger ran through her like a wildfire. Anger at Sophia for breaking Naomi's heart.

Naomi teared up again, but she wiped them away, lighting up another fag. "That's just it! I don't know why, she wouldn't tell me!" Naomi said as she cuddled back into the other girl's arms.

She was gonna tell her then, as they sat there. She let Naomi get everything out into the open, the whole relationship, how hard Naomi tried to make it work, but Sophia had a wandering eye, and Naomi couldn't help the jealousy that would creep in. But what really topped it off was when Sophia kept cancelling their plans, and she had stopped coming around every day.

Naomi had gone to an open day at Goldsmiths in London the day before, where she had met a girl by the name of Lucy. Strangely enough, Lucy attended the same school as Naomi, but they didn't run in the same circles, so they knew nothing about each other, or so Naomi thought.

Lucy had a secret that she was dying to share with Naomi, and on the train ride home that evening, Lucy sang like a canary.

When Naomi got off the train she headed straight for Sophia's house, already dreading the confrontation. Lucy had told Naomi how her and Sophia had been sleeping together for about five months, but Sophia was afraid to break it off with the blonde for fear that she wouldn't take it well and do something drastic. Naomi laughed at the girl, calling her a liar, but when she stood in front of Sophia and asked her about Lucy, the brunette didn't even have the decency to look ashamed, and that's when Naomi knew. Everything Lucy had said was true. Naomi could feel her heart shatter in to tiny little pieces.

"Never again, yeah?" Naomi stated, pulling the girl from her thoughts of telling Naomi how she felt. "Never again will I give my heart to someone else to break it!"

The conviction in Naomi's voice slammed the lid shut tight on the girl's declaration as it died in her throat.

As she stood in the window, thinking about that day four years ago, she sighed again. "Looks like she's found someone to break through her walls." She said out loud to herself, feeling her own heart break at the thought.

She was about to turn and go back to her desk, when she caught a movement in Naomi's kitchen window, and when she looked down, she saw Gina, Naomi's mum standing there looking up at her, with a sad wistful look on her face, but then the older woman smiled at her and waved.

She waved back, sadly, and then turned around, leaving Gina staring at a blackened empty window.

"Alright kiddo, this is the last of it, I think." Rob Fitch brought the last box out to the kerb, as Emily stood at the boot of the SUV, where she was trying to get everything packed in.

"Thanks, Dad. Where's Katie?" She looked between her mum and dad.

"I think she went to say goodbye to Danny." Her mum, Jenna, stated in disgust. "Do me a favour, love...try and get your sister to meet a nice boy."

"Mum, you know as well as I do, that Katie does what Katie wants to do." Emily said, laughing. "Besides, why would she listen to me about guys?"

Jenna chuckled along with her, and grabbed her into a big hug. "A mother's gotta try, right? Besides, you know what to look for, just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean you don't know a decent guy when you see one."

"I keep telling her to date Cook, but she says he's not good enough for her." Emily said with a shrug.

"Well sure, he's rough around the edges, but he has manners and he would do anything for you girls." Rob added, earning an agreement from Jenna.

"Yeah, but you know how she is."

"Listen, I want the both of you to concentrate on your studies, do hear me?" Jenna stated firmly, a sudden feeling of sadness washing over her.

"I can't guarantee Katie will focus on her schoolwork, but you can count on me, mum." Emily said quietly as she wrapped her arms around her mum.

"I'm really gonna miss you, you know that?" Jenna said in a watery voice.

"I'm gonna miss you too, mum." Emily kissed her on the cheek.

She pulled away, and grabbed the box her dad brought out, preparing to put it in the SUV, when she heard her name being called out.

"Emily Fitch! Don't you think you're going to get out of here without saying goodbye!" Gina hollered out, as she came out of her front door.

Emily smiled a wide smile, as she watched the older woman walk across her yard. "Never in a million years, Gina." She rushed to meet her halfway, and was wrapped up into a warm, big hug, the only kind that Gina Campbell knew how to give. When Emily was younger, and was left behind on occasion by Naomi, Gina was the one who would come out and sit with her, bringing her cookies and milk, treating her as if she was important. "I'm gonna miss you so much."

"I'm really gonna miss you too." She whispered to Gina.

"Oh, my beautiful girl. You're gonna shine at Uni, you know that, right?"

"I doubt that, but thank you."

"Nonsense! Don't argue with me, young lady!" Gina wagged her finger in Emily's face, causing the girl to laugh.

"Hello, Gina! I've got the kettle on, fancy a cuppa?" Jenna said, stepping over to her and Emily.

"Oh, don't you guys have to get going?" Gina asked.

"Not for a while yet, we're waiting on Katie to get back. And besides, Cook is driving them to London." Jenna said, casually. "James is at Gordon's house, so it'll just be me and Rob at home for the night!" She explained with a wink, causing Gina to laugh and Emily to fight holding her breakfast down.

"Mum! TMI!" Emily said, blushing at the thought of her parents getting it on.

Jenna and Gina just laughed at the younger twin's embarrassment.

"Sure, I'd love a cup, but could you give me a moment with Emily?" Gina asked, smiling at Jenna.

"Of course. Come in when you're ready." She said heading into the house, leaving Emily and Gina alone.

"I meant it, Emily, I'm really gonna miss you."

"It's only Uni, Gina. It's not like I'm going to another planet." Emily replied, but she felt really good about Gina's words. She had grown up with the older woman, and she was just as much of a mother to her as Jenna was.

When Emily was sixteen, she was having a rough time, holding in her feelings for Naomi and trying to really come to terms with her sexuality, that she was at the end of her rope.

She had raided her dad's liquor cabinet and her mother's sleeping pills and went out to the garden, deciding that she was sick of being alone. She had knocked back half a bottle of vodka, and was about to swallow a handful of the pills, when Gina had rushed out.

"EMILY FITCH! What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Gina screamed at her in a way she had never screamed at her before.

Emily's hand froze halfway to her mouth, six little white pills clutched there, as she started shaking in fear.

Gina grabbed her hand and pried open her fingers, then flipped her hand over, and Emily watched the pills fall to the ground. "You march your little bum into the house, right this minute!" She pointed to Naomi's house, and Emily shook her head. "Don't you dare argue with me, young lady!"

"I don't want Naomi to see me." Emily said, quietly, as tears streamed down her face.

"She's not home, you silly cow. Now get moving!"

Gina pulled her into the house, sat her down at the worn kitchen table, and poured two cups of tea. "You need to sober up this instant and tell me what that was all about." She said, as she sat down across from her.

"What does it matter? No one cares!" Emily cried out. "No one cares."

"That's the biggest load of shite I've ever heard! Did you stop to think about anyone else before you made your grand plan?" Gina scoffed at her.


"Oh, so not only are you inconsiderate, you're also a selfish twat!"

"You don't understand!" Emily yelled back at her.

"So what do you think happened? I went from a babe to an adult, without any of the years in between? Like I've never been a confused, scared sixteen year old?" Gina levelled her gaze, locking eyes with Emily's.

"No, but-,"

"No buts, Emily." Gina said firmly, but her voice had softened. "Why don't you tell me what's going on, love."

Emily didn't say anything for the longest time, afraid of what Gina's reaction would be, not that she though Gina would disapprove, because her own daughter was gay, after all, but it was hard to admit it out loud to anyone.

Gina didn't push. She knew that it had to be on Emily's terms.

Finally, Emily took a breath, holding it for a few seconds before letting it out, along with the words that were floating around her head. "I'm like Naomi." She said, closing her eyes, to avoid looking at Gina.

"Oh, so you're an emotionally retarded fuckwit too?" Gina asked, straight-faced.

The response was not what Emily expected. "What? No! I'm gay!"


"And...I'm gay?" Emily repeated, suddenly confused.

"That's what that was in the garden? You're gay, so you're going to kill yourself?" Gina scoffed, disgusted at Emily's thought pattern. "Well, that's mature!" She said as she got up to get more tea.

"It's not like I can tell anyone, is it? My parents won't understand, Katie will go ballistic and Na-," she threw her hand over her mouth, cutting herself off from saying anything more embarrassing.

"It's not about Katie, your parents," Gina glanced back at her, "or Naomi, it's about you and the fact that you feel you have no one that cares for you."

"What does it matter?"

"It matters because people love you, you stupid girl!" Gina didn't lose her temper often, and because she didn't, it was all the more effective when she did. "No matter what you think, you do have people that love you and would be very heartbroken if you weren't here."

"My family, sure, but they have to love me." Emily sipped her tea, waiting for Gina to get sick of the conversation and chuck her out.

"How do you think I would feel if you weren't here?" Gina sat next to Emily, taking the girl's hands in her own. "Or better yet, how do you think Naomi would feel?"

Emily rolled her eyes at the last question. "Like she cares."

"Of course she does, Emily. You're her best friend!"

"No I'm not. She doesn't even come to the window anymore." Emily said, as a few tears slipped out.

Gina brushed them aside, and held Emily's chin up. "Now you listen to me, and you listen to me good, Emily Jane Fitch! You are her best friend, and you have been since she was twelve. You think I don't know that it was you she first came out to? And I know for a fact that you were the one to offer her comfort when she found out about Sophia! So don't you sit there and belittle my baby's feelings! Just because she doesn't show 'em anymore, doesn't mean that they aren't there." Gina's eyes softened, as Emily stare at her. "So how many people is that?"

Emily blinked, confusion on her face, in fact, this whole conversation felt surreal and she was beginning to wonder if maybe she did swallow those pills after all. "I'm sorry...what? How many people what?

"How many people would miss you if you were gone?" Gina asked slowly, as if she was dealing with a small child with special needs. "Go on, name them off."

Emily sighed. She could tell Gina wasn't about to let it go, so she sat up in her chair and started naming everyone in her family, along with Gina herself.

"And Naomi." Gina added. "So that's seven people, oh, and let's not forget about your friend Cook. So eight people would miss you terribly."

"But I'll never be able to tell them." Emily looked down at the table, shame filling her. "It'll always be my dirty little secret."

Gina was shocked by the words. "What makes you think you can't tell your family?"

"I don't think they'd understand, Gina. I think they'd be disappointed in me."

Gina hugged her again. "Silly, silly girl. You're not even giving them a chance, and that's not fair. You're parents help out kids everyday for this same reason." Gina paused, pulling away slightly, to look at her again. "Do you think your mum sits in that office all day long, passing judgement on the youth of this city? She deals with this stuff all the time, kids that leave home or that are forced to leave home, because their parents won't love a gay child! How many young kids, like yourself, have walked through her doors? Hundreds! So why not talk to them first before you judge them?"

"I'm afraid to." Emily said quietly, trying hard to hold back her tears.

"I'll tell you what, when your mum and dad get home, we'll go over and talk to them. I'll be right beside you the whole time, yeah?"

"Really? You'll stay with me?"

Gina smiled at her, placing a kiss on her forehead, and said, "Of course I'll stay with you."

"And can you promise me one thing?" Emily asked, shyly.

"Anything within reason."

"Can you not tell Naomi? I just don't want her to know, okay?"

Gina was confused about the request, unable to figure out why she would make it. "If that's what you want, although that's not being fair to Naomi, but I won't say anything." Emily smiled then, as she hugged Gina.

It was about an hour later, when Gina had seen Rob and Jenna come home, so she gathered up Emily and they made the walk to the Fitch home.

Thinking back on it now, standing with Gina, Emily realised that she had never said thank you, all those years ago.

"Thank you, Gina." Emily hugged her tight. "For everything you've ever done for me, thank you."

Gina was surprised for a split second, before relaxing into the hug. "I don't like her either." She whispered to Emily.

"What?" Emily asked as she pulled away from the older blonde.

Gina smiled at her. "I saw you last night, in your window? If looks could kill, Lisa'd be dead right now." She smirked, as Emily turned red. "But don't worry, like I said, I don't like her either, and mark my words, she won't be around much longer."

Just then, the blue door on the yellow house next door flew open, and Naomi came flying outside.

"Ems! Oh, thank Christ you haven't left yet." She said, looking flushed and beautiful. "I thought I had missed you." She smiled, and Emily had to hold on to Gina to stay standing.

", no, not for another hour or so. We're waiting for Katie to get back." Emily stuttered out.

"Right...let me guess, she went to say goodbye to Danny?" She said with a smirk.

"You got it. Also, Cook hasn't shown up yet, so...," Emily trailed off, feeling odd talking about about Cook with Naomi.

Naomi didn't like Cook, but Emily couldn't understand why. "Oh, your boyfriend's going with you? How sweet."

"I'm gonna go in for tea." Gina said, but neither girl was listening. She shook her head as she walked away, leaving the two of them alone.

Emily cocked her head, listening to Naomi's words. They sounded sincere, but underneath the sincerity was a layer of disgust. You had to being fluent in Naomi-speak to hear it, and Emily was very fluent in Naomi-speak.

She knew she should have corrected Naomi all those years ago, when Emily first introduced Cook to her, when she got the impression that Cook was her boyfriend, but she didn't and as more time went on, she found that she couldn't. Cook was her shield against Naomi. He knew it too, because everyone knew that she was in love with Naomi. Everyone except Naomi.

"He', just driving us. Mum and dad are letting us use the SUV, and he'll bring it back Sunday." Emily explained.

Naomi didn't say anything right away, seeming to be in thought, but then she smiled again. "So, are you getting nervous?"

Emily sighed, happy to be off the Cook subject, and then rolled her eyes. "Naomi, you've been asking me that ever since I got my acceptance letter!"

Naomi nudged Emily with her shoulder, causing the younger girl to laugh. "I know, but I was really bricking it my first semester, and I just wanna make sure I'm not the only one. C'mon, you can tell me! I promise I won't tell anyone."

"Not at all, I'm more excited than I thought I'd be, actually." Emily said, and while it wasn't necessarily a lie, it wasn't the whole truth either.

Naomi's grin morphed into a full fledged smile, as Emily looked at her.

Emily had been accepted into Naomi's alma mater, Goldsmiths', which had pleased the blonde when she found out. They had spent the last couple of months together, with Naomi giving her tips and pointers, telling her about the best places to eat and study, which classes she'd be taking, which teachers were cool and which ones were wankers.

It had been the best time of Emily's life. How she wished she had gotten to spend everyday of her life with Naomi. Emily wanted it so badly, that it almost hurt. But she knew that Naomi had Lisa now, so she didn't need her.

"Hey, I've got a great idea! How about I ride with you guys?" Naomi said quickly.

"What? You wanna drive to London with us?" Emily asked, unsure of how she felt about that.

Naomi shrugged. "Yeah, why not? I think it'd be cool. We could get you both sorted and then I'll take you all out to dinner, whatdya say?"

"Don't you have a date with Lisa tonight?"

Naomi shook her head, but Emily saw her eyes cloud over at the mention of the redhead. "Nope! I told her that today was a no girlfriend day because I had to spend it with my best mate." She smiled at Emily, making the younger girl feel a fluttering in her stomach.

Emily was very conflicted about Naomi's suggestion, but in the end, her need to be around Naomi would always win out, so she agreed, telling Cook and Katie about the new arrangement when they finally showed up.

"Alright, but you're sitting in the back seat with Campbell, Emsy! I don't want her lesbianism to rub off on me."

"Is that alright, Cook?" Naomi asked, in sweet voice, smiling at him.

Emily smiled to herself, as she translated what Naomi really meant, while Cook said he didn't mind. He merely smiled and winked at Emily, then they all piled into the large Range Rover, and made they're way to London.

For awhile they played I Spy, but Katie quickly grew bored of that and started waffling on about her school. She had gotten into SFD London, while taking some journalism classes as well, at another smaller school. Katie had never said it, but Emily knew deep down, she didn't feel she was good enough to get into Goldsmiths'.

Naomi had set them up with the lady who owned a block of flats, and had actually called the woman and arranged for the twins to let her old flat. Emily thought it was one of the sweetest things Naomi had ever done for her, Katie just thought it was well cool to have their own place.

"Trust me, Ems, you're gonna thank me when you see the size of the dorm rooms." Naomi had told her, when Emily went to protest.

"So Campbell, how come you're not working today?" Katie asked from the front seat. "Aren't you usually a slave to the grind during the week?"

"Aww, Katie, I didn't know you cared." Naomi responded, earning a giggle from Emily.

"I don't! I was just wondering is all. Don't get any fucking ideas, got it lezza?" Katie snapped back. She never understood Emily's fascination with the blonde. Naomi was a moody, sarcastic cow.

When her and Emily were younger, she made sure that Emily was stuck to her like glue because Katie thought they were the same, but the more she started hanging around Naomi, Emily's real personality came out. It honestly scared Katie. But then Emily came home one night with Gina, and everything changed.

Emily had begged all of them not to say anything to Naomi, so they promised that it was Emily's place to tell her, not theirs, but that was a couple years ago, and Katie was getting sick and tired of keeping her secret. She was actually about to burst holding it in, but in the end, Katie didn't want Emily mad at her so she never said a thing.

They finally arrived in London, following Naomi's directions to the flat. Once they pulled up out front, and got out of the car, Katie about died. She gushed over the beautiful old brick building that was going to be her home.

"So I take it you approve?" Naomi asked the older twin, smirking.

"Of course I approve, this is gorgeous!" She exclaimed, taking in the beauty of the tree lined street, it was quiet, but not so far out of the city that you couldn't go clubbing whenever you felt like.

Naomi watched as Emily looked around with a smile on her face. "Alright, let's get you guys sorted, yeah?" She said, walking up the path leading to the front door.

Emily waited with her, as Naomi knocked on the door. After a few minutes, the door was flung open and an older blonde stood there, smiling at Naomi.

"Oh my god, Naomi Campbell, where the fuck have you been?" She screamed, flinging her arms around the girl. "I thought I was never gonna see your face again!"

Naomi was laughing and smiling with the woman, as they hugged each other. "Calm down, Anthea! It's only been a few months, yeah?"

"Alright, I'll let you off lightly for now, but don't stay gone so fucking long, either of you!" The older woman said, wagging a finger in Naomi's face. She glanced past Naomi, spotting Emily. "And you! You promised you'd draw my portrait!" She stepped out, grabbing Emily into a tight embrace. "Damn, girl! You make me feel old." She exclaimed with a chuckle.

"Sorry, Anthea. My mum and dad kept me busy at the center." Emily explained.

Emily had met Anthea and her daughter when Naomi was at Uni. She would come visit at least once a month, basking in the glory of Naomi's undivided attention. Naomi and her flatmate, Effy, would take her out and sneak her into some of the clubs around town.

"Oh, don't mind me, I just really missed our Sunday morning tea. So, you must be Katie." She addressed the older twin.

"Yes, ma'am." Katie blushed under Anthea gaze, feeling like the older woman was trying to read her soul.

"Good, lovely!" Anthea exclaimed suddenly. "Let's get your man candy over there to bring your bags in, and I'll show you the flat."

Emily, Naomi and Katie chuckled, while Cook grumbled good-naturedly, but went to the boot and started unloading.

Anthea led the twins up, but Naomi opted to help Cook, drawing a speculative look from Emily, but she didn't say anything.

The final two days that Emily spent with Naomi, were easily the best two days of her life to date. True to her word, Naomi helped them settle into their new flat, then took them to Katie's school, and showed her around there. She took them all to dinner at her favourite diner, introducing the twins to the owner, a very lovely man by the name of Francis. After dinner, they hit a couple of clubs, Naomi bypassing all the gay ones, thinking that neither Katie or Cook would have fun. They crawled into the flat around two in the morning, Naomi and Cook each dragging a twin on their arm.

Emily remembered slightly waking up to Cook telling Naomi to just sleep in her bed, he'd take the couch. She thought she had dreamt that part, feeling sure that Cook would never put her in that kind of awkward situation. But sure enough, when she cracked her eyes open the next morning, blonde hair was spread out on the pillow next to her.

She scrunched her eyes shut tight and prayed she hadn't done anything stupid, like tell Naomi how she felt or kissed her or worse. Gently she lifted the covers up and glanced underneath, breathing out a sigh of relief after finding them both fully clothed.

Naomi woke up at the sound, looking over and smiling at her.

"Sorry, Naoms. I didn't mean to wake you." She said, feeling her stomach flutter at the absolutely beautiful look on Naomi's face.

"S'no problem, Ems." Naomi replied sleepily as she yawned and stretched, letting out a small moan, causing heat to pool between Emily's thighs, and she knew she had to get up. "How long have you been up?"

Emily threw back the covers and almost jumped out of bed, causing a throbbing in her head to start.

"Fuck!" Emily moaned as she put her head in her hands, making Naomi chuckle behind her.

The blonde climbed over to where she sat on the edge of the bed, placing her hands on Emily's shoulders and started massaging, trying to help relieve the pain. "Gonna have to learn to run with the big girls, Ems! University is a whole different game."

Emily stiffened up at Naomi's touch, but quickly relaxed as her hands loosened her muscles. "God, Naoms, that feels really good." Emily's voice was huskier than normal, sounding weird in her own ears.

"Maybe I should change jobs, yeah?" Naomi quipped, causing Emily to jump when the words came as an almost whisper, close to her ear.

She had to swallow a couple of times before she could say anything, as her heart started pounding harder. "Um, yeah, you could do." Emily thanked every deity she could think of that she didn't stutter. "But you'd probably get pretty bored."

"I don't think so, Ems, think of all the hot girls I'd be able to get my hands on." Naomi pointed out with a laugh, making Emily grimace.

"Yeah, I guess." Quietly, Emily replied, hoping Naomi didn't notice the difference.

Naomi stopped her ministrations, and jumped off the bed. "Hey, how 'bout we hit a couple of my favourite clubs tonight?" She proposed, a look of mischief in her eyes. "That is if Katie don't mind it."

Emily instantly remembered Naomi bringing her to a couple of gay clubs while she was here. Suddenly her face lit up, as she forgot about her fading headache.

"Alright, but you've got to promise not to say anything to her, got it?" Emily told her, giggling at the thought of Katie's face when she found out.

Naomi stuck out her pinky finger, holding up until Emily linked her own with it. "Pinky swear."

Emily felt her heart melt at the old habit that they used to do when they were younger. "Pinky swear."

"C'mon, I'm taking you to breakfast." Naomi said, slipping her worn out Vans on. "Wanna wake up the terrible twosome?"

Emily thought about it for a minute. "Nah, let 'em sleep. Besides, I wanna spend some alone time with my best friend." She said, earning a wide smile and a hug from Naomi.

"Let's go then."

Naomi took her to a small dive, about a block from the university, where they sat and ordered breakfast, meat for Emily and veggie for Naomi. They sat and reminisced about when they were younger, Naomi teasing Emily often and Emily in turn pointed out all of Naomi flaws, causing the blonde to blush, a lot.

After they devoured their food, Naomi took Emily for a full tour of Goldsmiths'. Emily was amazed at everything she learned. She had a feeling that, while she was going to miss Naomi something fierce, Emily would enjoy her time here.

Later that night, Naomi and Emily escorted Katie and Cook to small club, buried deep in the heart of London, where Naomi used to go a lot, and the blonde stayed true to her word and didn't say anything to Katie.

Cook noticed straight away, but after a quick word with Emily, he merely went to the bar and got the drinks in. As they waited for his return, a tall, curvy woman came over to the table.

"Well hello, Angel." She smiled at Katie, who looked confused. "Can I invite you for a dance? Or a drink? At my place maybe?" The woman was cheeky, and Emily couldn't hold it in anymore, and burst out laughing at the look that now covered her sister's face.

"What the actual fuck?" Katie glared at her, before turning to look at Emily and Naomi.

"I think she'll take a rain check." Naomi was the one to reply, smirking at the woman, who finally noticed the others sitting at the table.

When she clocked on to Emily, her eyes widened at the sight of twins, and Naomi, Emily and Cook could all see the thoughts running through her head.

"Well, how 'bout you?" The woman said as sexily as possible, as she turned her gaze to Emily, oblivious to the glares from both Katie and Naomi. "You wanna join me for a little fun?"

"Back off!" Naomi practically growled at the stranger, as Katie bristled, preparing to kick the shit out of the woman.

Emily couldn't be sure, but it almost felt as if Naomi looked jealous, and that made her ridiculously happy.

"I'm not talking to you, Barbie!" The stranger snapped, glaring at Naomi.

Emily saw the warning signs that Naomi was about to lose it, so she placed her hand on Naomi's thigh, squeezing gently, then turned to the woman.

"Maybe another time, yeah? I'm just having a night with my mates." Emily explained, hoping to defuse the situation before Naomi or Katie exploded. "We'd really like to be alone, but thanks."

The stranger finally got the hint, unable to ignore the looks from Naomi and Katie anymore, smiled at Emily and then turned and went back to the dance floor, leaving the four of them alone.

Once the woman was gone, Katie turned to Emily and Naomi. "What the fuck? Did you bring me to a gay bar?" She screamed over the music.

"It's one of the best clubs in London, Katie." Naomi stated, eyes smiling, as Emily giggled beside her.

Katie sputtered in indignation at the thought of getting hit on. "Fuck you, Campbell! Let's get out of here."

"Listen, Katie, just have a drink, watch the crowd and if any big bad lesbian comes over, snog the face off of Cook!" Emily explained, drawing a glance from Naomi. "They won't leave you alone, but at least they'll think you're with someone and won't be as pushy."

"Great idea, Emily!" Katie snapped at her, as she scooted out of the booth they were sitting in, turning to Cook. "Come dance with me." It was a command, not a request, but Cook jumped at the chance, and scrambled after her.

Naomi watched the whole exchange, before turning to stare at Emily.

"What?" The redhead asked.

"You just told your sister to snog your boyfriend." Naomi said in shock and disbelief, shaking her head.

"Yeah well, it'll never happen, so I've got nothing to worry about, do I?" Emily sipped her drink, posing the question. "You know Katie can't stand him, so...,"

"Really? Cause it looks like she's standing him now." Naomi pointed toward the dance floor where Katie had Cook in a lip lock already.

Emily merely looked on with interest, knowing that she should at least pretend to be jealous, but she couldn't drum up the energy to pretend. She shrugged her shoulder, then turned back to face Naomi, picking up her pint and taking another drink. "Well, I did tell her to."

Naomi laughed at her logic, taking a drink from her own pint. After a few minutes, Emily stood up, holding out her hand toward the blonde. "Dance with me?" She asked politely.

Naomi smiled at her, took her hand and allowed Emily to pull her out to the floor.

The night ended almost like the night before. The four of them drinking and having a good time. Katie got over being pissed about the gay bar, and shouted a "hell yeah!" when Naomi suggested another one across town.

They all staggered back to the flat in the early hours of the morning, with Naomi once again falling into bed with Emily.

When Cook and Naomi left that afternoon, to head back to Bristol, Emily cried as she goodbye to her two best friends and watched them head down the street.

"C'mon, Emsy." Katie placed her arm around her sister, pulling her into the flat. "It'll be alright, I've got a feeling I won't be able to get rid of Campbell that easy."

Emily laughed at that, knowing that Katie thought she was stupid for not telling Naomi about herself, and she really couldn't explain why she still kept it a secret. But deep down she felt Naomi would pity her if she knew, so Emily didn't say anything at all.

When she closed her eyes that night, sleep didn't come easy as thoughts of Naomi swirled in her head along with thoughts of three years of freedom, where she didn't have to hide herself from the one person she loved with all her heart.

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