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The corridors were silent, and dark.

"How long has it been, since I last saw the light?" the man wondered, while walking.

That was the Underworld, the pit of every world, universe, or hell.

No mercy, only death, sorrow, pain, and suffering.

He never enjoyed his forced permanence in that realm.

"It's amusing, the contradiction" he thought the first time he realized it.

That the was the Underworld, and he was walking in its palace, Judeca.

Just like everything of that realm it showed nothing more than its dark aura, and promises of pain and suffering.

Just like the Lord.

The man kept walking in silence, in that oppressing atmosphere.

-We're almost there- a voice suddenly broke through, making him stop.

Behind the corner, a red vicious and evil light shined, showing a dimensional portal, and before it a man in a white armour, with a cape and a hood.

They knew each other pretty well.

The first man began walking again.

-I hope so. If something goes wrong with your plan, I'm not going to be there watching- he replied, without even giving a glance to his listener.

The white knight had a handsome face, with dark brown eyes, black short straight hair, red sinuous lips and a skin so white that he resembled a vampire.

He wasn't too tall, he was around 1,80 m, just a little shorter.

-Don't worry about it, everything is going accord to what I planned on. Do your part and all shall be fine- the white knight answered, staring at the back of the other.

-I don't like that- was the plain answer.

The white knight smiled, a dreadful and wicked smile.

"I don't like being toyed with" the man thought, trying to get as much space as possible between him and that...creature.

It didn't took long before the echo of his words disappeared in the silence that reigned over the palace.

After another turn, he finally reached the doors of the Throne room, and its guardian.

-Stop- the woman in black declared, pointing his trident towards him.

-It's me, lady Pandora- he replied, getting on his knees -I've been summoned by Lord Hades.

He bow his head too, waiting in silence.

Then the doors opened on their own.

-Rise. Lord Hades doesn't have time to wait- she ordered, and he executed immediately, walking inside first.

She followed him by short distance.

"Her loyalty to her master was something to be proud of" the man thought.

The tends, that usually stood close, in order to conceal the illusion of Lord Hades' body, were hanging open, showing the God in all his magnificence, with a long black and golden cape, covering almost everything of him except hands and face.

He had a guest.

A blue-haired young man, with an orange armour, a red cape, and a trident.

The Trident.

Poseidon and his brother turned together towards the newcomer.

-Lord Hades- the man bowed a little -Have you called for me?

For a few seconds nobody dared to speak.

-So this is him?- Poseidon asked, walking towards the man -The human you are so obliged with?

-Lord Hades isn't oblige to anyone- Pandora replied, outraged.

-Enough- Hades stopped the two, calmly -Brother, I hope you're satisfied with our deal. Now if you can excuse me, I have other matters to take care of. Pandora will escort you back- the God dismissed them with a nod of the right hand, before bringing it back on the armrest of his throne.

Poseidon nodded with his head, before proudly walk away with Pandora.

The man remained a little surprised of how easily the woman accepted to retire, but then he felt the Cosmo of the other guardian, hiding behind his master.

-Is everything proceeding my lord?- the man asked, once the doors closed behind the two.

-Yes, indeed. All preparation are set, the army is ready to move and even my brother accepted to help us- the God replied with a genuinely pleased tone.

-Good- the man nodded, satisfied -What about him?

-Him...- Hades' voice tuned down -Yes, him.

-My Lord, even if he's just a human, he can still stop us...- the man tried to insist.

-I know. Don't be haunted by his shadow. He's my problem: every human that gets in my way shall die by my hands- Hades interrupted him, raising from his throne and walking down the stair -There's another reason for which I called you.

-Anything my Lord- the man replied.

-Stop calling me that, is not like you're one of my proud warriors. You are an ally, just like my brother- the God walked around him, slowly, to get his attention.

-And yet, we both interact like master and knight- the man answered, keeping his gaze in front of him.

-True. I usually don't treat allies in such a way, but if you insist- Hades returned in front of his listener, facing him directly -I want your help on a certain matter, before moving on with the plan.

-Is what I think it is?- the man asked.

-There's a little score I have to settle, and I would like you to take care of it for me- Hades turned, walking back to the throne -I have called those that you should bring with you.

-Are you sure?- the man asked, uncertain -Isn't it an...irrational move?

-Don't be afraid, my friend- the word "friend" resonated wickedly in the air -I'm not going to sacrifice you or any of our special "allies" in impossible missions. I need your loyalty to the cause, and a trustful man to command such an important task- the God seated, relaxed, before the doors opened.

Three shadow figures entered: the first one dressed in white, with brown air and a sword at his side, a wicked smile and a calculative stare; the second was a warrior dressed in a red ancient armour, with a great weapon on his back, long black hair, and two strange eyes, the right of concentric violet circles, and the second with a red and black symbol in place of his eye pupil; the third and last man was a tall and large human, with a fat body, few and poor dresses, long and unkempt hair and bear, and he reeked.

-You sure want to settle things for good- the man said, turning to the God.

-There's still one missing- Hades commented, talking to his guardian.

-I'm deeply sorry- he murmured.

-That pink demon is undisciplined, more than I initially thought- the God spoke with himself -Doesn't matter, I will take care of it.

-Shall we follow you?- the man asked.

-Of course, a team works only if every member knows his role- Hades replied, walking past him.

Rhadamanthys walked out of the shadows immediately, following his master.

The man and the other three stared at the deity in silence.

The brown haired white-dressed man had an interested look, while the big man glared with hostility.

-May I know your names, before something else happens?- the man asked, taking his way behind the God.

-It's Sosuke Aizen- the brown haired man answered, smiling.

-Madara Uchiha- the middle man stared at him, without showing emotions or any other recognizable reaction.

-It's Captain Black Beard for you!- the big man replied, showing his mouth full of broken and missing teeth, spitting his saliva around.

Madara got hold of his weapon and handed it on the head of the other one -Don't speak so loudly, scum.

Black Beard was about to reply, angered, but the man anticipated the two -I won't tolerate any quarrel.

He stared Madara directly, before moving to Black Beard, giving him a fast glance before proceeding out of the room.

-You won't tell us yours?- Aizen caled him back.

The man turned, neutral.

He sighed a little before answering -You can call me Lord Zeref.

-As you wish, your majesty- Aizen said bowing, faking a respectful voice, probably to mock him and force a reaction.

Like if he was the kind of man to fall for that.

-Move it, Lord Hades is waiting- Zeref ordered, leaving the room.

"Dammit, this wasn't in the plans" he thought "I'm a pawn to both Hades and that white knight. How could I be fooled to this point?".

-Is the plan proceeding fine?- a calm voice in the dark asked.

-Of course, everything is perfectly in motion- the white knight answered, staring in the mirror.

Zeref was the perfect puppet to manipulate.

The images in the mirror showed him while he walked after the God.

-Are you sure he won't betray us?- another voice, more ancient and dark, made way to his ears.

-Positive. Don't doubt my judgement, I picked him well. And now is cornered. His only choice is to follow the events we set in motion- he replied, smiling wickedly.

The silence reigned in the dark world, leaving him alone with that window for the world of the living.

His Behelith suddenly shined, and just after that he felt the body of a woman closing upon his back.

-This is a delicate moment- she murmured in his ear, the snakes roaming free in his hair -If something goes wrong...

-Well, nothing works one hundred per cent, am I right?- he replied, leaning back to allow his lips to make contact with the woman's ones, her wings closing upon them.

-There's still him- the first voice in the dark said, sounding slightly uncertain.

-If it comes to that, I'll face him- the white knight replied between a kiss and the other -Let's hope for the best. After all, he is my sworn enemy.

"This is getting out of hand" I thought, when a flying Rasenshuriken nearly hit me.

Then a Kame-Hame-Ha eat away another portion of the gym, making me sigh loudly.

"Well, at least this is a good chance to upgrade around here. Better late than never" I thought leaning against a wall, but I had to jump away, when a gigantic hand came smashing against it.

-Guys seriously! Are you even trying to control yourself!?- I asked outraged, stopping mid air, hoping that at least that could give me some peace.

Natsu was sent flying, and came down with a huge burst of flames, forcing me to move out of the way again.

"Damn it! This is the time I go berserk on them" I thought, biting my lips to hold my rage.

A Getsuga Tensho opened the space in two, putting another huge burden on my patience.

But the breaking point came when Seiya jumped in the air and came down with a Ryu Sen-Ken, erasing the rest of the floor.

I passed a hand on my face, taking my black hood down, and rubbing a little my dark hair, with resignation to what was about to come.

Then I prepared to beat the crap out of those six cataclysms when something...unexpected reached me.

It wasn't a physical attack, neither a mental one.

Just a sensation, something abstract.

Usually my instinct has some kind of alarm to warn me when something malicious is about to happen, in the past saved me and my companions several times.

But why?

I turned to the ceiling, wondering for an answer.

Something was off.


Something big was moving.

I had to take action fast.

I teleported behind Goku, hitting him in the stomach with a punch, before kicking Naruto's jaw.

I jumped forward crashing over Natsu, trapping him in the floor, then locked Seiya's left arm behind his back, and after that I punched Luffy's face so hard it closed upon itself.

At last, I blocked Ichigo's Zanpaktou with two fingers, locking the blade between them.

-Have you come back to you senses?- I asked, when the silence returned in the gym.

-Was that...really necessary?- Ichigo wondered, taking his sword back on his back.

-Sometimes- I replied freeing Seiya from my hold, before turning to help Luffy's face to get back in his place.

-I'm sorry- I had to say, feeling a little guilty...maybe.

Really deep inside.

-It's fine, that was a good punch- Goku replied, smiling while holding his stomach, while Naruto gave me an unsatisfied look.

-AAARRGH!- Natsu exclaimed, getting up after freeing himself from the floor (or whatever remained of it) -I'm all fired up!- his flames burst out of his body like a roaming volcano -Come on fight me! I'm all f...!- I didn't allowed him to finish: since he charged at me, I had to sent him flying away with a punch on the jaw.

-This is really irritating of you guys- I said, a little annoyed.

Finally Luffy's face came back with a snap, leaving him a little dizzy.

-Next time we shall be more careful. We shall restrain our fighting spirit and make of it a fine training. I swear it!- Seiya exclaimed, showing his determination by posing his hand on the heart.

"If only I could believe that" I thought, with resignation, making a fake smile to the Saint.

-However, I didn't stop you only because you were exaggerating- I replied, assuming back my usual composure, the black coat covering my black armour, and the hood up again to hide my face -There's something important that...- I was interrupted by a loud groowl.

-Sorry. Can talk about it after eating? These trainings puts a great strain on our bodies- Goku asked, a little embarrassed.

-MEEEEAAATT!- Luffy exclaimed, charging up towards the kitchen.

-Don't you dare!- Natsu dashed behind him, and Naruto after them -Nobody touch my Ramen!

Goku immediately teleported in the kitchen, while Ichigo and Seiya had no other choice that to follow their colleagues, protesting.

I remained alone in the gym, with a tick mark on my head pulsing widely.

My anger was so wide that I started releasing my energies, tuning the debris around me in dust.

-This. Is. Making. Me. Crazy.- I said trying to keep hold of my powers, or just because the base would've been eradicated if I don't keep my powers in check.

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