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Aizen smirked on his way over the stairs.

"I've never had such an experience. To think that there where more worlds other than the world of the living, Hueco Mundo, and the Soul Society. If I had known this sooner..." the former Shinigami felt intrigued, his curiosity showed itself under the curtain of the evil manipulator.

Behind him Majin Buu kept flying by short distance.

"Mmmhhh...Zeref might have told him to keep an eye on me. Smart man. But he's just as naive as the god he follows. No one can put me in a cage" he stared back at the demon that smiled as a response.

-Stop right there!- a powerful voice echoed in front of them, while the two arrived at the temple.

"Like hell. If you want to fight the pink guy is here for you..." Aizen thought speeding up and ignoring the warning.

Then a giant man appeared in front of him, his hands crossed on his chest.

He wore a Gold Cloth.

-Great Horn!- the man screamed, and as if he was hit by a hurricane, the former Shinigami went flying backwards.

The pain took rapidly over all the senses, leaving him in the dark.

He couldn't see, he couldn't hear, he couldn't even sneeze.

Only pain, in every bone, in every muscle, insides or outsides.

He remained like that, surrounded by darkness, fighting to take a little breath.

"Damn... monster...".

Majin Buu's body got sliced in two by the big man.

One half fell down, the other went flying back... a lot.

-UUUHHH! Majin Buu is angry! Big Man made me angry!

The pink demon screamed, charging back towards the temple.

The man was still in the position it left him with.

-Fool, you don't what you're up against!- the Gold Saint said, but Majin Buu didn't care: it only wanted to punch the Big Man.

Once again the enemy repelled him, turning its superior half to nothing, but his lover half regenerated just fine, reforming him.

The pink demon steamed from his holes, getting even more angered.

-Ah! You can regenerate! I have never seen such a power!- the Big Man exclaimed, pumped up -This is going to be a fight to remember!

-BUUUUHHH!- Majin Buu charged to attack, its fists raised.

The enemy went forward the same way, clashing by entangling each others hands, before starting a struggle of physical power.

The man smiled, amused, giving it all; as an answer, Majin Buu's rage started to dissipate, leaving space to its own fun.

Madara grabbed Aizen by the wrists, getting him back up.

-Can you walk?- the ninja asked.

-I...don't... think...- the former Shinigami answered, trying to focus.

-GUYYYYSSSS! DON'T LEAVE ME ALOONEEEEHHHAUGH!- Black Beard came running as if the Devil was trying to catch him, and he got kicked in the face by the ninja.

-I need you to focus! Both of you!- Madara ordered, turning towards the Aries temple.

-Right now we're on our own. Zeref decided that we should battle our own way alone, but that fool is forcing us to commit suicide. Each and single one of those men is able to hold off all of us. We need to cooperate to win this battle.

-I... must agree... -Aizen said, starting to get control once again.

The attack of the Saint took him by surprise: unforgivable.

-We... shall take... our lead...- the former Shinigami managed to force out the words with great effort.

Madara got a better grip on him, while Black Beard got back on his feet, whimpering about his nose.

-So- the ninja started -What are we up against?

-I don't... know exactly. I just saw a giant and then I ended up...- Aizen interrupted himself, staring at the stairs around him -...Here- he finished, genuinely surprised.

-Where is the demon?- Madara asked, turning around.


-Up there, I see- the ninja replied, while the energies of the two fighters' clash reached them.

-Wow, that sounds a lot dangerous. Well boys I'm sorry, you're on your own...- Black Beard said, turning back to escape again, but he found Madara in front of him.

The ninja handed the Gunbai on the head of the pirate without a second thought -You're not going anywhere.

-How? How did you get in front of me!?- Black Beard turned again just to find Madara and Aizen back in their position.

He turned around his head for another couple of times, before screaming -ARE YOU EVERYWHERE, NINJA FREAK!?

-Who're you calling a freak?- Madara said, while a red tick-mark appeared on his head.

-Easy now- said Aizen, who almost recovered from the Gold Saint's attack -What you did just now... what was it?

-Shadow Clone Jutsu.

-Interesting- then the former Shinigami turned to Black Beard -And what can you do?

-Me? I can... uh... I can cause earthquakes with just one punch!- and by saying so, the pirate slammed his fist in the air causing most of the stairs under him to crumble -And I can open black holes! They can even suck light itself in! I'm the MIGHTY BLACK BEARD, AND I WILL BECOME THE PIRATE KING, THE STRONGEST PIRATE OF ALL!

-And you run off from every fight to achieve it- Madara commented, causing the pirate to scream enraged -Shut it! You're a dead guy, so you already lost to me!

-Want to find out?- the ninja prepared to strike again with the Gunbai, while the other one clenched his fists in front of him, smiling.

-Hey, do you remember what Zeref told us? No quarrels- Aizen said with a smirk, putting himself between the two -And any way, why should we bicker with each other while we could pass that big guy up there?

-Why, do you have a plan already?- the ninja asked, without taking his eyes off the pirate.

-But of course. After all, I'm your triumph card- Aizen answered, closing his eyes for a second -Shall we go?

-After I beat the crap out of this punk here!- Black Beard exclaimed.

-Who's a punk?- Madara replied, unleashing waves of killer intent.

-Fine, Black Beard. Then, after you finished off our friend here, you can face the remaining Gold Saints all by yourself- Aizen said, earning a dark glare from Madara, about the fact of him being defeated.

-Hell no!- the pirate suddenly paled.

-Then help us- Aizen explained, smiling wickedly.

"This guy is up to something" the ninja thought, but still he carefully lowered his weapon.

-So... who wants to kick some gold ass!?- the pirate slammed his fists together, grinning with anticipation.

-At one condition, though...- Aizen said, starting to move towards the temple.

"I knew it..."

-I want to be the one that lands the finish blow.

Madara eyes widened a little by the surprise.

-Uh? Sure, fine by me- Black Beard replied.

He couldn't understand why Aizen wanted it, but he was fine as long as he had to fight the Saint the less possible.

-Then, let's go.


-Yah!- Aldebaran punched the pink demon in the face, causing it to shrunk inside its shoulders, before popping out of them unscathed.

-Ah! Then try this one!- the Gold Saint slammed another punch in the enemies' stomach, opening a hole in it and forcing the pink demon back.

-YAIIIHHHH! Take this Big Man!- Majin Buu started shooting several Ki blows.

Aldebaran crossed his arms in front of his chest, receiving all the blows without faltering.

Soon he ended up covered by the smoke, but Majin Buu kept firing -Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

-You call this an attack?- Aldebaran asked, causing the demon to stop, shocked -Let me show you the true power of a Gold Saint. GREAT HORN!

Aldebaran remained locked his in position, while the sudden outburst of energy slammed Majin Buu away, up in the sky.

-That's a good shot!- the Saint exclaimed, staring at the point in which the pink demon disappeared.

-Then how about this?- someone said, from the shadows -Katon Fire no Jutsu.

Two fire balls appeared from the entrance of the temple, colliding right before the Saint covering his field of vision.

-This won't hurt me- Aldebaran commented, staining still while the fire clashed against his body.

-Then try this, giant freak!

BlackBeard slammed his fist against the fire, causing a massive rumble: the temple started to crumble, from the inside.

Madara came out of the fog of fire, unscathed, and grabbed the pirate -Let's get the hall out of here.

-Stop holding me! Get off you damn punk!

-Stop calling me "punk"!- Madara smacked the Gunbai on the head of Black Beard, momentarily silencing him, while they reached the stairs to the Third Temple untouched.

-Umpf- an annoyed grumble came from the dust cloud -I didn't even feel that.

When the air cleared, Aldebaran was still standing in his position; not even the dust touched him.

"Oh well, I suppose Aioria can take those two on his own. Let's wait for the pink funny creature to come back. At least he's fun to fight with..." the thoughts of the Saint were interrupted when two Madara's showed up the debris, moving in front of him.

-Not satisfied yet?- the Taurus asked -Fine let's finish this!

-Katon Fire no Jutsu- the two clones fired, but this time the flames splitted in two, without even getting near the Saint.

-Nothing can hurt me! I'm the Taurus Saint, and the strength of my body surpasses all those of the other Gold Saint!

-What a speech. I'm impressed- a sudden voice said, while Aizen appeared through the flames.

-You again? That is something unexpected- Aldebaran smiled -You're tough. Ready for another round?

-Any time, big boy. Test the might of my sword- the former Shinigami raised his weapon in front of his eyes, making sure that the enemy took notice of it.

-Then come at me!

The Saint's Cosmo burned with intensity, making his Cloth shine even in the flames.

-Here I come- Aizen flash-stepped but before he could reach the enemy the Great Horn wiped everything away: Aizen's form disappeared, the clones turned in a cloud of smoke, and the fire got extinguished.

-Again? What a disappointment- Aldebaran said once the dust cloud disappeared -Uh, not so tough after all. This means I did my part in this.

The giant was about to yawn loudly when a sudden tingling caused him to move left.

There was nothing there, yet he definitely felt a sword coming down at him.

It happened a second time, just a few moments later, but still he could get a vision of who was attacking him.

"What's going on? I can't see it" he kept staring around him, abandoning his usual position.

"Dammit, I need to catch this guy before..." a third attack came towards his back, and Aldebaran immediately stopped it it with his hand.

After a few blurrings in the air Aien's from appeared in front of him, held by the left wrists.

-How could you see through my illusion?- the former Shinigami said, in disbelief.

-I don't know, but I don't like funny games- the Saint punched his opponent in the face, sending him flying for a few feet back, towards the Third Temple -If you think you can take me out with some magic trick, you can't be more wrong!

"Dammit. I couldn't expect this. My illusion was supposed to deceive all the senses..."

That's because your illusion works until the sixth sense, but to become a Gold Saint, you have to achieve the Seventh Sense, that allows you to move at the speed of light, or even superior.

-Who...?- Aizen tried to turn around, but his vision blurred.

I'm inside your head. You can never find me out there.

"Hades... is that you?"

Sharp as always. I see you're having problems.

"I'm not in the mood for games..." Aizen coughed blood, spitting it on the debris next to him, losing his grip on the sword.

Of course, I'm here to help. If you want, I can grant you the power to defeat him.

"And why is that?" Aizen asked, suspicious.

Oh well, if you were to die in here, that wouldn't be in my favour.

-You're already worn out? That is disappointing!

"Fine. Lend me your powers so that I can shut that damn mouth"

Your wish is granted.

Immediately the power came back into Aizen's limbs, allowing the former Shinigami to get back on his feet, staring at an astonished Aldebaran.

-That... that Cosmo...

-Surprised, damn cow?- Aizen replied, wickedly -Now, prepare to meet my blade.

-Curse you fiend! You won't dare to reach Athena under my watch!- replied Aldebaran, preparing to strike with his hands crossed.

Take a hint of his blood to allow your Zanpaktou to pierce his Cloth.

"Thank you" the former Shinigami flash-stepped, so fast that the enemy couldn't even see him.

"This power is amazing" Aizen thought, while he stared at the blood on the sword.

-Damn you!- Aldebaran turned, a slash on his left cheek, opening his arms towards the enemy, but Aizen pierced his heart before he could do anything, taking his life.

-So, what now tough guy? Ah, still disappointed by me?- Aizen asked, mocking his enemy, that stood still in the position he died -You lost soul...

Suddenly a burst of energy erupted from the Saint's body, sending him flying.

-Damn you Aldebaran!

Zeref stared at the next temple, following the fight until the last moments.

-Seems like the Taurus Saint has fallen too. But still, he managed to attack his enemy after his heart stopped beating. Majin Buu- the wizard called the demon, that stood silently next to him -Fly towards the Third Temple, Gemini. I feel that there is a great power waiting for us in there. If we're too reckless, they'll wipe us out. I will take care of Aizen.

Majin Buu immediately fled, while Zeref calmly walked towards the stairs, until Aizen landed at his feet, with a scream of pain.

-That's what you get from being prideful.

A\N: And that's how Taurus fell. Two Gold Saints down.

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