At fens

"aye" Mac said

"aid ask" ginger said

"never so I farted" Rocky added

"no one likes wolfs" ginger said

"please help me" babs said

"hang on" bunty said

she dreamed yah



"whoa" ginger said

she's too scary at her

"noooooo!" Ginger shouted

"help" ginger screamed

ginger slips the foot into a Rock she splashed into river

"oh no aaaaah" ginger yelled "help me please no"

"Hang on ginger" Mac shouted and running around her

"aaauh no,Mac" ginger shouted in river

splashed face into a water keep alone

"help!" Ginger cried

the waterfall comes out as she gasped and she tried swim "Mac!" Ginger Sobbed

"ginger swim swim hard please" Mac yelled

"please help" ginger cried

she going over the waterfall as she screaming "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" ginger screamed

She splashed into a waterfall she's lost & gone

mac cries "oh no!" Mac sobbed