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CC immediately started up the Gawain and flew up.

Our connection was suddenly broken, he couldn't...could he?

She activated a thermal imaging camera to see where Euphemia ran off to. She saw two bodies in the woods, one warm and one cold. She flew over to them and quickly landed. Before she even left her knightmare, she knew that Lelouch was dead. A single tear fell down her face. She flew up so fast that the knightmare almost broke underneath the force of gravity. While flying, she opened up a communication channel to all nearby Black Knight knightmares.

"Attention all nearby Black Knights." She said into the microphone. She quietly sighed as another tear fell. "This is CC, I'm here to answer one question you all probably have." She sighed again. "Zero is dead." Before anyone could reply, she cut off the communication. Another tear fell. "I'm sorry…" She whispered, about to fly off, before noticing the Guren and Lancelot quickly approaching.


Kallen quickly searched through the forest, looking for Zero and Euphemia.

"Dammit! Where'd he go?" She said as she finally saw heat in the Guren's thermal imaging camera. She saw what looked like two people, but one of them was colder than they should've been. She was closing in on them when something slammed into the side of her knightmare. She straightened herself out and looked up to see the Lancelot. He didn't get the chance to touch the ground because she lept up and gripped the float unit. Before he could react, she crushed part of it and he fell to the ground.

"Kallen, what are you doing?" Suzaku shouted.

"I'm here to protect Zero, your little 'peaceful' princess decided to shoot him!" She said. Suzaku charged, aiming a gun at her. She fired her slash harken, breaking the gun in two. The two stopped drawing weapons and then fought hand to hand. Swipe after swipe, kick after kick, just trying to knock the other over and give them the killing blow. Little did either of them know, CC watched from above, waiting for the perfect shot. Finally, Suzaku stopped for a second, leaving him open. She fired the hadron cannon at him. He quickly dodged the shot, which exploded when it hit the ground setting nearby trees on fire. Kallen looked up when she saw the shot fired.

"Kallen, fall back. I'll protect Zero." CC said. Kallen looked at the small wreak before her and silently drove off.


Euphemia sat with Lelouch for a while, just staring at him.

He's gone...how is this even possible?

With all of his miracles, it was easy to forget that he was just as mortal as anyone else. Suddenly, a crashing sound rang out through the forest. She looked up to see two knightmares, Suzaku's and one of the black knight's, fighting. The pilots clearly knew each other. She watched as another knightmare get a bit closer to the two, it was the one Zero rode to the stadium on earlier, and it fired at Suzaku. The shots exploded when they hit their target.

"Suzaku!" She cried, but no one heard her. Fire spread all around her. She slipped on Zero's helmet and cape quickly, in case anyone could see her, and she picked up Lelouch's body and tried to run away from the fight. She felt like something was tugging on her, so she looked down and saw the bottom of her extravagant, and ruined, dress. She yanked on it until the entire bottom of it ripped off. Then, the black knightmare landed in front of her and opened up. She watched as the pilot lowered the entrance rope, gesturing for Euphemia to come in, so she did. When Euphie got into the knightmare she saw a green haired woman sitting in the front seat. The woman didn't even turn around before speaking.

"I felt our connection break and hoped it wasn't true, but he's dead, isn't he?" She asked before turning around, revealing tears falling down her face. Euphie pulled off the mask and slowly nodded, handing her Lelouch's body. She looked at it, before hugging it closely. She didn't stay that way for long, though. She set him down in the seat and went back to the controls. Euphie turned to leave the knightmare when the hatch shut. She turned around to see that they were flying. "I'm CC, and I believe you are Euphemia, correct?" Euphemia just looked at her. CC glanced at her. "What? If we're going to be accomplices then you deserve to at least know my name." Euphie sat in the seat behind her with Lelouch's body on her lap.

"What makes you say we're accomplices?" She asked.

"You're wearing the costume of Zero and someone has to take his place. I can help you along the way, but this is going to be something you decide to do on your own, so will you do it? Will you avenge Lelouch and become Zero?"


Ohgi sat in his knightmare. Kallen charged around the stadium in the distance. Static rang out in the unit's speakers, showing that someone was contacting him.

"This is CC. I'm here to answer the question you all probably have." She paused. "Zero is dead." The communication was cut off at that. Ohgi watched as the knightmares around him all charged the stadium. He watched as thousands of Japanese ran away from what could've become a death trap. Britannian soldiers began going after the Black Knights and engaging in combat. The stadium was soon wreaked, filled with smashed chairs and burning flags of both Japan and Britannia. Ohgi was only grateful for the fact that the potential genocide of the Japanese was avoided, but at what cost?


Nunnally sat in her room, listening to the broadcast on the radio. It had been cut off a while ago, but she kept thinking about what happened.

Did Euphie shoot Zero?

She thought. What else could've happened? It was a while before she heard anything again. When she finally did, it sounded like a window opening. She turned to where the sound came from and moved closer towards it.

"Hello, who's there? Is that you, Sayoko?" She asked. Crying echoed throughout the room. Someone threw themselves onto Nunnally.

"I-I'm...so so-sorry..." She sobbed. Nunnally hugged her.

"Euphie..? What's going on?" CC looked at the blind girl.

She deserves to know...


"Yes, CC?" CC paused.

"There's something you should know." Euphie got off her.

"It's about Lelouch." Euphie said.

"Did he do something dangerous again?" Nunnally asked.

"Yes, he did something very dangerous." CC paused. "You see, he's been doing risky things for quite a while now."

"What exactly did he do?" Euphie placed Lelouch's body in Nunnally's arms. At first she didn't know what to think, but after a few seconds she realized what was going on.

"No...it can't be..." She mumbled. "But how? How did this happen?!" She demanded. Euphemia held Nunnally's shaking hands.

"This may be hard to accept, but Lelouch was Zero...and something terrible happened today because of it..." She said. Nunnally gasped.

"That can't be true! Zero is a murderer! I know my brother! He would never kill someone!" She said. CC gently hugged her.

"I'm sorry, but it's true. He always said he did it to make a better world where you could be happy." Nunnally hugged his body even tighter.

"Please come back, I'll never be truly happy without you..." She sobbed. "Please..." Euphie watched her silently. She then looked at the helmet in her hands.

I can never go back now...this is my destiny...I first accepted Zero and now I shall become Zero.

"CC." She said, startling the immortal girl. "I've made up my mind." CC smirked.



Suzaku ran through the burning forest.

"Euphie! Euphie, where are you?!" He shouted. He noticed something pink catch his eye. He looked down and saw a large puddle of blood and a big section of pink (blood and dirt stained) cloth. It was torn, but it looked like it had been torn straight from Euphie's dress. He picked it up.

"No...she could've..." He mumbled. "NO!" He screamed as the flames tore through the area around him.


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