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Euphemia held the mask in her hands. She looked at the purple one-way glass.

"I've decided, I'm going to take his place." CC smiled.

"I knew you would." Nunnally looked up in shock.

"Euphie, you're going to become Zero?" She asked sadly. Euphie frowned.

"Yes, someone has to finish what he started and he asked me to." CC then realized something.

"You're going to need some help. He was a tactical genius. We're going to need to find someone to help you." CC had just the person in mind when she said this.

"But who could help with something like that?" Euphie asked. CC pulled out a cell phone.

"Zero's knight."

"Wait a second, how are we going to explain this?" Nunnally asked. CC looked at her.

"Explain what?"

"Lelouch's death. People will notice that he's missing soon enough." She said. CC smirked.

"We can use his gambling habit to our advantage. We can say that he was crossing the street to play games with some noble and got caught up in the chaos at the Special Zone." Euphie frowned at the mentioned chaos.

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen." She said quietly. "I just wanted us all to be together and happy again." A single tear fell down her face. CC hugged her.

"It's alright, but you can't change the past. You can only affect the future." She said. Euphie nodded. CC was about to leave the room before she realized the one missing piece. "Euphemia, come outside with me for a minute, there's something you should know." Nunnally nodded.

"Go with her, I'll wait." She said. Euphie went with CC. The two sat at a table next to the clubhouse. CC looked at her.

"There's one more thing that no one knows about Zero besides me." She said, brushing away her bangs. Euphie stared at the strange bird-like tattoo on her forehead.

"What is it?"

"The power of the king, Geass." Before Euphie could react, CC grabbed her hand. The tattoo began glowing and Euphie's vision faded to white. She saw a swirl of colors and then white, with an image of CC, but it was completely black and white. Euphie looked down and saw that she looked the same. She saw explosions and images of war in the background.

"What is this? Where are we?" CC shushed her.

"Don't worry, this is a dream world. You'll find out more about it another time." She turned away. "Now, I'm here to offer you the power of the king. I can give you what remains of Lelouch's power. I've never done anything like this before, so I don't know what all the side-effects are-"Euphie cut her off.

"I'll do it!" She said. CC smiled.

"Then, this is our contract. You will live like no other, you won't live as yourself anymore. You will live to avenge Zero and save Japan. Do you accept your new life?"

"Yes, I do." Then, a red glow emanated from CC's forehead.

"The contract is complete!" Everything faded to white. Euphie opened her eyes and saw CC looking at her.

"Did it work?" Euphie asked. CC looked into Euphie's eyes. Her right eye was the same, but her left eye was now a violet color. It then flooded with a pink-red color and the mark of Geass appeared. She blinked and it disappeared, leaving her eye violet.

"Yes, it did." There was a moment of silence before CC opened up her phone. Euphie watched her select a number and put the phone up to her ear.


Kallen was running through the stadium, destroying Sutherlands. Her phone began to right, so she set it to speaker phone and answered it.


"Hello Kallen." It was CC's voice.

"Is what you said about Zero true?" She asked.

"It's complicated, how fast can you get to Ashford Academy without being seen in a Knightmare?" CC asked.

"A few minutes probably."

"Good, come here as fast as you can, we're at the clubhouse." A small bit of static showed that she hung up. Kallen sighed before looking at the destruction around her. The stadium was burning and most Britannian Knightmares had already retreated. She turned around and left for Ashford.


Euphie was sitting on Lelouch's bed, waiting for the person that CC called. She changed into a uniform that Nunnally let her borrow a minute ago. She looked at a mirror. The tips of her hair had been singed by the flames earlier. She grabbed a pair of scissors from the bathroom and held them up to her bubblegum pink hair. She quickly slid the scissors through her hair, cutting to neck length. She looked at the piles of hair surrounding her on the ground. before pulling her buns out. She pulled her hair back into the buns, tying all of it. She didn't even look like herself anymore. There was a faint knock at the door. She left the bathroom and watched CC open the door. It was a student of Ashford, she had red hair and blue eyes. She walked in and sat at the table. CC gestured for Euphie to join them at the table, so she did, leaving a confused look on the girl's face. CC sighed.

"Kallen, this is going to be more than a bit complicated, are you ready to know the truth about Zero?" CC asked. Kallen's eyes widened.

"You know who Zero is?" She asked before turning to Euphie. "Also, who's the girl?" Euphie held her hand out for Kallen to shake.

"I'm Euphemia. You probably know who I am, though. Just not what I look like." Kallen blinked in confusion. "You'd probably know me by the name Euphemia Li Britannia." Kallen looked like she was going to have a heart attack.

"You can't be serious, what do you have to do with Zero?" Euphie sighed.

"Zero was not only in your class, but was also her brother." CC said.

"Hold on a second, Zero was royalty? And in my class?"

"Maybe you're familiar with the missing prince, Lelouch Vi Britannia. Although, you know him as Lelouch Lamperouge." Kallen was silent, trying to process the information.

So I was right...Lelouch was Zero...but a prince?!

She thought.

"So, what does this have to do with her?" She asked, pointing at Euphie.

"Because, someone has to take Zero's place, don't they?"

"But you?! You're a princess, you just tried to doom the Black Knights, and you just shot your own brother!" Euphie frowned at the mention of that. She had gotten everything left from Lelouch's Geass, including his memories of using it. All the people that had been killed by it...all the people she almost killed because of it…

Before Euphie could reply, CC joined in.

"She is going to become Zero, and you're going to help." She said.

"And why the hell should I?!"

"Because it was Lelouch's final request." Kallen was silent for a second.

"So, that arrogant bastard was Zero all along, huh?" She laughed. "Somehow, I never doubted the idea." She looked at Euphie. "Fine, I'm up for it if you promise that you really are fighting for Japan and not just to hand us all into Cornelia at the earliest convenience." Euphie nodded.

"Fair enough." She paused. "I just watched my brother die for this cause, I'm not backing out now." Kallen sighed.

"You seem pretty serious about this, so I hold up my end, but there's a bit of stuff we should do before bailing from Ashford."

"What do you have to do?"

"Well, first we need to hold some sort of

funeral, there's also a couple of people that just might help us with the right push, and then there's Lelouch's little sister." A door opened behind CC.

"I heard a lot of that." Nunnally said, coming into the room. "I want to help too. I know that I can't do much, but I want to try, for brother." CC nodded.

"Alright Nunnally, I'm sure that we can find some way for you to help." Kallen then got an idea.

"When we leave, let's make it look like a kidnapping. Although, about those people that can help, we can have an actual kidnapping..." Kallen smirked. Nunnally frowned.

"You're talking about the student council, aren't you?" She asked.

"Only some of them, Nina would never help the Black Knights and Suzaku is in the Britannian military." Euphie gasped.

"I forgot about Suzaku!" She said. "He probably thinks I was kidnapped...or worse..." CC then placed Lelouch's body, now in an Ashford Academy uniform, in front of Kallen. She looked at him.

"So he really is gone..." She mumbled and sighed. "Well, someone has to report the corpse." The others looked around and back at Kallen.

"I think that mean you." CC said.

"Why me?"

"I don't attend school here and don't want authorities knowing where I am." CC said.

"I'd get sent to Cornelia if I tried anything too soon." Euphie said.

"I can't exactly go places unsupervised." Nunnally said.

"You'd be the only one that doesn't cause suspicion, hope you know how to act." Kallen sighed as they prepared a cover story.


Kallen was waiting outside of the school's main office. The cover story was made, all she had to do was play her part, just like a scene in a play. She ran into the office with faked tears running down her face. There were a few teachers in the room, conversing. They watched her run in with his bloody body. Some gasped, while others fainted.

"What the hell happened?!" One asked.

"H-he was crossing the street...near the SAZ ceremony...he was just going to do some stupid gambling when the Black Knights stormed the stadium. A fight broke out and he...oh God..." Kallen mumbled. The teachers were buying every last word. She handed the body to someone. "I have to tell his little sister!" She ran out of the office and towards the clubhouse. She saw the student council having its regular meeting.

Right on schedule...

She saw Nina and Suzaku both gone, leaving Millie, Shirley, and Rivalz in the room with Nunnally. CC and Kallen both barged in, Kallen from a window and CC from a door. CC gagged Millie and Shirley while Kallen gagged Rivalz. Euphie walked in, holding a big duffle bag. She looked at a clock to see that it was just before four. She turned to see the confused faces of the student council members.

"I'm quite sorry about this, but there are some things that we'll need you for." Euphie said as the trio were being tied up. Nunnally frowned.

"We'll explain everything soon, just trust us for now." She said. CC then proceeded to knock them out.

Why do I get the feeling that my life is only going to become more chaotic from now on?

Euphie thought as they dragged their prisoners away.

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