The Dragon Demon Fairy

Chapter 1

The Woman and Child in the Crystal…

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(At Lucifer Castle)

Grayfia Lucifuge sighed as she began to dry the wet rag used for cleaning the library of Lucifer Castle...for who knew how many times.

Everything inside said castle was massive, and the library was no exception. Grayfia did not have to work as a maid but she like this better than sitting around doing nothing.

But since her master was too irresponsible and childish in these kinds of matter, Grayfia always had to clean up his mess.

Her master was none other than Sirzechs Lucifer, the Crimson Satan of the Devil Faction.

Grayfia was not just his personal maid but also the [Queen] of his peerage...

...and that is the end of it, she held no other relationship with Sirzechs other than that of master and servant.

Grayfia came from a devil clan, which was born to serve Lucifer, one of the leaders of the Devils after the Great War. Sirzechs became the New Lucifer Satan so it was only natural for her to do these kinds of things, even though she could just quit this job as his personal maid and return to the life of a Ultimate-class devil.

If she had won the fight against Serafall, the current Leviathan Satan, ten years ago, she might have been able to have a more decent job to do since Leviathan was the Satan of Foreign Affairs.

Standing up with the rag in hand, Grayfia walked to the large terrestrial globe in the middle of the room and began to clean it as carefully as she could.

No matter how many times she tidied up the library, which she had been doing it since the day she was young, of the Original Lucifer which was now owned by the Crimson Satan, the way it was built and the way everything was arranged as well as the construction of Lucifer's library never stopped to amaze her.

Everything around was perfect and very orderly, which was almost to the point of being ridiculous.

When she was young and naive, Grayfia always wondered if there was a secret passage hidden inside of this library. Lucifer Castle held many mysteries, even for someone who had served at this place for more than two centuries like her.

"Come to think of it..." Grayfia muttered as she looked around the terrestrial globe. For as long as she could remember the bookcases and the artifacts on the wall near the globe had never been changed or moved while the rest of the library became more and more different with every year.

The books in the bookcases looked pretty old and unusable. 'That's pretty odd though.' Grayfia mused.

Shaking her head, the maid returned to her work after brushing away all those thought from her head. Sirzechs probably already snuck away from his paperwork and went to his old home, the Gremory Castle to visit his newborn sister so she had to hurry and finish the job so she could go find him.

"There, done." Grayfia checked the globe for the last time before nodding her head, it was cleaned very carefully, and she was sure there was no dust left on it.

Taking the the small broom in her hand, Grayfia walked to the nearest bookcase and began to wipe away the dust that covered the wooden surface.

Slowly moving to the left, Grayfia suddenly stopped and went back a single step to the right. She saw a book hidden deep inside the bookcase she was cleaning.

Reaching her hand inside Grayfia pulled out the book and used her hand to wipe the dust away from the book before reading the title out loud.

"E.N.D?" She read "What a strange title for such an old book."

Curious, Grayfia opened the book and her eyes widened slightly when the silver haired beauty found the pages to be completely blank.

Flipping through the pages rapidly, Grayfia found the rest of the book to be completely blank as well, not a single words was written on the pages.

"What is this book doing here anyway." Every single book inside Lucifer Library was very useful for the owners, chosen very carefully by the best librarians of the Old Satan Faction. It was such a surprise to find a completely blank book like this here.

Returning the book to the bookcase, Grayfia returned to her cleaning duty.

But that was when she found the next abnormal thing about this bookcase.

It was the books, a hundred and twenty four of them were all of the same series of books, which was 'The History of the One Magic', all were sorted into this bookcase only.

But the strange thing was that the episodes weren't sorted orderly like the other bookcases.

The Original Lucifer used to be the only one who was able to access this section of the library, however he was as careful as her mother when it came to the arrangement the books he read.

It was strange, very strange.

Slowly, Grayfia pulled the first volume out and replaced it with the fifth volume on the top of the bookcase, then she moved the twenty fifth episode next to it away before filling the gap with episode number two.

It took Grayfia a few minutes to finish arranging the books, with the number increasing from left to right and top to bottom, with only the E.N.D book in her hand as she didn't know where to place it.

Taking a step back, the silver eyes of the Strongest Queen of Underworld widened, the usual blank expression on her face was replaced with a look of total shock.

"What is this?" Grayfia asked herself.

The books, when sorted this way, with the words and colors on the back of each book made a perfect formation for a picture of the Five Basic Elements.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth; each word was written in a language she had never seen before but thanks to the abilities of a devil, she was able to read it right away.

Even the colors around them was right for the color of each elements like red for fire and blue for water.

Gulping nervously Grayfia looked at the blank book in her hand.

There must be a trick behind this, there's a blank book in her hand while there were the five basic elements in front of her.

But it didn't take Grayfia long it figure it out.

Blank...for Void, nothingness.

With the last book in her hand, Grayfia slowly counted the number of the book to make sure she could put it in the right place. Using her hands to move two books in middle of the bookcase slightly apart, Grayfia put the 'E.N.D' book in the space between them.

At first, nothing happened.

Then much to her shock, the symbol of fire glowed followed by the symbol of water, each and every single word shone brightly before the blank book shot out a ray of light.

Straight into the mirror behind her.

Grayfia followed the light with her eyes, which was reflected to a set of golden armor before once again back to another mirror.

The light finally arrived at the terrestrial globe, which slowly began to turn around on itself.

Slowly, Grayfia walked to the globe with unsure footstep. Even in her wildest dreams, the maid would never have imagined for something like this to be hidden inside the Library of Lucifer.

The globe finally stopped and the light became smaller and smaller, trying to guide her to a certain place."The...the Great Wall."

Line Break

"Beowulf, when Lord Sirzechs returns, tell him I had somewhere to go to." Grayfia said out loudly to the [Pawn] of Sirzechs Lucifer as she was walked towards the magic circle while fixing her clothes.

"Where are you going Grayfia?" The man asked as he looked at Grayfia with a face of surprise since the strongest Queen wasn't wearing her usual maid outfit but a more casual attire.

"Business." Grayfia said swiftly as she stepped into the circle, which then glowed brightly and transported her to the place she wanted to go.

The Great Wall, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

She came here to do some investigations but there was very small chance for her to be able to find anything from thirteen thousand, one hundred and seventy one miles of rocks and earth at this place.

Just to increase her chances, Grayfia brought the E.N.D book with her, but she wasn't sure if it could show her the way like it did back at the library

"Well, it worth a try." Grayfia opened the book again.

When she opened the book, a dark colored magic circle with strange pattern of ancient letters she had never seen before suddenly appeared underneath her feet.

"What now?!" muttered Grayfia as she looked around the area.

The letters started to glow with dark aura, then they shot out from the book and began to circle around Grayfia. The magic circle then became extremely big at a very fast rate before more words appeared.

Then much to her shock, they soon parted away from the magic circle and latched onto her leg.

Summoning her blade of ice, Grayfia stabbed her blade down at the stream of letter in hopes of cutting herself free, but much to her surprise, the ice blade just faded through it as if it was intangible.

Grayfia had no idea what was going on, but she could feel the letters latching onto her body.

The magic words finally crawled up to her face and in a horrifying scream, Grayfia was pulled into the Great Wall of China and disappeared without a trace.

Line Break

'W-Where am I?' gulped Grayfia as she looked around.

Much to the strongest Queen's shock, she was standing inside of some kind of gigantic room, which looked about a thousand years old and there were a lot of craters in the walls and ceilings.

With her powerful eyesight, Grayfia could see that the walls of the hallway had the same weird letters as before.

There were lots of massive crystal pillars supporting the room and each of them were pulsing with power. At the center of the large room was a single, diamond shaped crystal which was emitting a faint and soft light.

Walking closer, Grayfia could see that there was something inside the crystal...

Or to make it more clear, someone.

"Dear Satan"

Was what she said when she finally had a clearer look at the being locked inside.

It was a woman, with her most noticeable feature being the two large golden horns protruding from the sides of her head and pointing upwards. Upon her head was a white band which separated her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band. Worn upon her forehead was a small circular symbol with a small dot on the inside and surrounded by several dots around the top. Also tied around her neck was a small white-colored strap.

Her attire consisted of a very revealing beige-colored leopard-printed kimono, bearing the decorative marks on her shoulders. The kimono was wrapped around her torso with a thick, decorative yellow ribbon that tied behind her back, and her outfit was complemented by thigh-high socks that reveal her heels and toes.

Her eyes were closed, as if she was sleeping but her hands were holding something close to her ample chest. At this position Grayfia couldn't see what it was, but she had the basic idea of the thing the horned woman was holding.

Flaring out her wings Grayfia took off the ground and got a bit higher in the air to have a better view of the inside of the crystal and finally saw what the women was holding.

It was a child with light pink hair and he also seemed to be sleeping.

Wrapped carefully and lovingly by a blanket, Grayfia could see a small smile on his face while he was sleeping soundly inside the women's arms.

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