The Dragon Demon Fairy

Chapter 2

Our names are…

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(Lucifer Castle)

"Grayfia, what on Earth is this?"

One of the leaders of the Devil Faction, Sirzechs Lucifer, a crimson haired handsome man in his mid twenties as well as The Crimson Satan, said in amazement as his [Queen] Grayfia put a large crystal which held an attractive and beautiful young women with horns down on the ground.

"I found this inside the Great Wall" Grayfia said as she landed on the ground and stood in front of Sirzechs, glancing at the crystal beside her.

"Great Wall? What were you doing in China?"

Grayfia told her master everything, including her discovery of the magical artifacts inside Lucifer Library as well as the E.N.D book.

Sirzechs listened to Grayfia's words very carefully, knowing his [Queen] he was sure Grayfia was telling the truth and it wasn't just some story she made up.

"...Then I found this crystal with them inside."

"Them?" Sirzechs raised an eyebrow.

"She's holding a baby in her hands" Grayfia said "maybe her son, or her brother or something, I'm not sure."

"Well, whoever they are, based on what you said and where you found them, these two have to be at least a thousand year old." Sirzechs said "I will call MacGregor over to take a look at this crystal."

Line Break

"This is unbreakable." MacGregor said blankly after the magic circle on the crystal's surface disappeared, removing his hand from it, the strongest wizard turned around and looked at his [King] and [Queen].

"What do you mean unbreakable?"

"This is the most powerful magical crystal barrier I have ever seen in my life, it was strong enough to last for a thousand years in the harshest environment and withstand my attacks. Harder than diamond I suppose." he said making the two widen their eyes in surprise "and the crystal is also able to cancel any attempts to break it."

"What about my power?" Sirzechs asked

"Your power will make the crystal, the women and her boy disappear at the same time." MacGregor shook his head "the only one who could release them unharmed is the one who created this crystal."

"So, there is nothing we can do about it?"

"Lucky for us, the one who created this is right here." he pointed his finger back towards the crystal "The women.", making both the [King] and [Queen] widened their eyes once again "she's the one who created this crystal to lock herself and the boy inside, if I can manage to communicate with her then maybe I will be able to make her release herself and the boy."

Soon, MacGregor started to work with his own magic, creating a multi-magic communication magic circle around the crystal while wondering just how powerful the women could be to be able to create such a powerful barrier like this. He was also wondering about the reason she had to create a barrier, most likely to protect herself and the child.

As MacGregor worked on his magic, Grayfia and Sirzechs were soon joined by some of the other members of their peerage, who stood and watched with interest eyes.

While waiting,Grayfia had to hit Surtur the Second on his head for asking if he could hit on the women when she got out.

"There, done." MacGregor took several steps back from the crystal, which was now surrounded by a lot of crimson magic circles and turned to Grayfia "You do it Miss Grayfia."

"Really? I'm not sure if…"

"You're the one who found them Grayfia," Sirzechs smiled as he looked at his [Queen] "you should be the one to do it."

Grayfia looked at her [King] for a moment before nodding her head. Walking to the crystal, Grayfia took a look at the ones who were inside before putting her hand on the front magic seal and started talking.

"Hello? Do you hear me?" she said in a calm, yet soft tone. The last thing Grayfia wanted to do was make the women freak out.

Nothing happened.

"This magic is directly connected to her mind so if her mind is closed or if the crystal managed to block the communication then…"

"Who's there?" a soft and feminine voice stopped MacGregor from finishing his speech, the voice didn't belong to Grayfia, the only other woman standing in the room which meant... "Lord Zeref is that you?"

"Now why does that name sound familiar?" the strongest wizard scratched his chin in interest.

"Miss, I'm not the one you're asking for." Grayfia said, looking at the women. "My name is Grayfia Lucifuge and I am currently trying to communicate with you through a communication spell."

"What do you want?" The women asked with a stronger tone "There is no way I'm going to hand my master to you."

"Please listen to me, I do not wish to take that the boy from you." Grayfia said quickly "Can you please tell me your name?"

There was a long moment of silence, as if the girl was trying to detect any lies in Grayfia's previous statement.


"Sayla..." Grayfia nodded her head with a small smile "Can you tell me the reason you created this crystal?"

"There were many who were after my master." The women said in a small and dark tone. "So I killed all of them, anyone who tried to come and take my creator's brother away from him."

Creator? All of the devils there were wondering the same thing.

"Are you…"

"I'm a demon," everyone widened their eyes "create solely to serve my master as well as to protect him, if you want to take him I won't hesitate to kill you."

" Miss Sayla, like I said, I have no intentions to do that." Grayfia said quickly trying to calm the women down. "I promise that."

"I don't trust you," Sayla said "or any of you humans."

"I am not a human Miss Sayla, I am a devil. You are currently in the Underworld, the Devil Faction's territory."

There was another long moment of silence, it seemed like Sayla didn't believe Grayfia's words but was considering what the maid had said.

"Can you unseal yourself Miss Sayla?" Grayfia asked carefully and slowly before quickly adding "so I can take care of you and your master." so that she didn't get the wrong idea.

"Yes I can." Miss Sayla said "But if you try something I promise there'll be no mercy for you." as she said that, a deep crack appeared on the crystal's surface and slowly lengthen itself across the front.

Grayfia quickly stepped backwards and used both of her hands to shield her face when the crystal suddenly released a powerful light before exploding, sending thousands of broken pieces of crystal all around the room.

When everything finally calmed down, the devils removed their arms and saw the horned women standing on her own feet, with the crystal around her body completely broken and now scattered on the floor. Sayla was looking at them with piercing dark eyes, her arms wrapped around the infant in her arms protectively as if she was ready for the ones in front her to attack her and try to take her master from her.

"Miss Sayla." Grayfia called as she stepped forward.

"You're...Grayfia, right?" Sayla asked "Who are they?" Sayla looked at the other devils present suspiciously.

"They, like me, are devils." Grayfia said as Sirzechs stepped forward, choosing his movements very carefully so that he does not surprise Sayla.

"I'm Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the leaders of the Devil's Faction," He then offered her his hand "it's a pleasure to meet you."

However, the on-guard young woman took his actions the wrong way and jumped back with her arms wrapped tightly around the pink haired boy and glared at them.

"Stay away." she said darkly.

"My apologies Miss Sayla, I..." However before Sirzechs could say that, his head was punched hard from the back, catching the Crimson Satan off guard as he was sent flying across the room and slam into a wall like a bullet.

And the one who did that was...

"Beowulf, what the hell are you doing?" MacGregor cried as he looked at their Crimson [King], who was slowly getting up despite getting hit by a punch that could've knocked out most people.

"Hey hey!, my body moved on its own!?" the man in question defended himself "someone is controlling me!" soon after, his body suddenly shot forward on it's own much to his shock "Someone help me out here!"

"Sayla, it's her" MacGregor realized as he dodged Beowulf's punch, which was then followed by a series of kicks.

"Miss Sayla," Grayfia quickly turned around and looked at the dark haired women "we mean you no harm."


Sirzechs and Surtur rushed in and held Beowulf down to the ground but before anyone could continue, a loud cry of an infant stopped them and they all turned their heads towards him.

"M-master, please calm down" Sayla said nervously as she reached her other hand for him, trying to calm the crying boy but it only made him cry even harder, waving his hands around wildly. "Master, please, I..."

It was clear to all of them that Sayla had no experience in taking care of a small boy like that.

"Miss Sayla, I can help you." Grayfia said quickly as she looked at the black haired women, who was getting nervous "but you need to let me hold him."

Sayla looked unsure as she looked at Grayfia, unlike the others she could find a small amount of trust in the silver haired woman but it wasn't like she had to believe her.

But her master was crying and she had no idea why, she couldn't just let him cry like this while she had no idea of how to make him stop crying.

Unsure to herself, Sayla gave her master to Grayfia, who gently took him in her arms.

"Hello little guy." the maid smiled slightly, rocking the boy gently around while looking into his eyes, which were black in color "Please calm down okay, your protector is worrying for you."

Surprisingly, the pink haired boy stopped crying and looked at Grayfia with a cute confused expression, reaching his hands out, he patted Grayfia's cheeks gently before laughing happily.

"hahaha" the baby laughed as he clapped his hands together.

"You're such a cute little boy." Grayfia couldn't help but smile at the happy child, turning to Sayla she asked "Miss Sayla, what is his name?"

The black haired beauty looked at Grayfia for a moment before saying.

"Eth...Natsu Dragneel" Grayfia couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at what Sayla was about to say but stopped herself and shook it off.

"Natsu then." Grayfia smiled and gently rocked the child "Are you hungry Natsu?"

"Enough of this." Sayla suddenly took Natsu from Grayfia's arms much to the maid's surprise "I thank you all," she turned to the men in the room "for waking me up but we can't stay here."

"From the beginning, she didn't trust us at all did she?" Surtur whispered in a very low tone.

"You can stay here until you can finally settle down yourself if you want." Sirzechs offered with a kind tone, standing next to his maid. "I guess you have been sleeping for a very long time now, the world is very new for someone like you Sayla. You are more than welcomed to stay here."

"Why?" Sayla asked as Natsu reached his hand out for Grayfia "Why are you being so kind to someone you have never met before?"

"I guess it's just in our blood." Sirzechs nodded his head with a smile.

The girl looked thoughtful for a while, turning her head around to look at the face of the devils, as if she was trying to detect any ill intentions from them, but once again she found none.

Sirzechs was right, she was completely unfamiliar with this new world and if she was right then Sayla and Natsu had been sleeping for more than a thousand years now.

Getting thrown into a new world without any knowledge would be the end for her and her master, especially when she was standing in front of a race of devils Sayla had never seen before.

"Alright, I will stay." Sayla said making Sirzechs smile and Grayfia sighed in relief "but if I see any bad intentions toward my master, I won't hesitate to make you devils slaughter each other."

Line Break

"Here, eat some more Miss Sayla" Grayfia said as she put another dish down on the table in front of Sayla, who was eating gracefully like a true lady.

"Thank you." The girl thanked the maid "Please feed my master as well."

"I will Miss Sayla, do not worry." Grayfia smiled as she turned around and walked to the cradle behind Sayla with a milk bottle and picked Natsu up, making the boy smile happily when he saw his favorite silver hair lady.

Grayfia gave the boy his milk with a gentle smile, which made him laugh happily before taking the milk bottle with both hands, taking the pacifier into his mouth and suck on the warm milk inside.

"How can you do that?" Sayla asked.

"I took care of my little brother when I was young," Grayfia said as she was holding the milk for Natsu "this really brings back memories."

"hmm, is that so." Sayla nodded her head " Lady Grayfia, do you have a library around here?"

"Yes we do Miss Sayla" Grayfia nodded her head "but first, you and Little Natsu need to eat properly before planning to do anything else." the maid said sternly to the black hair girl, making Sayla turn back to her meal and finish it as quickly as she could.

Grayfia was surprised with how well Natsu acted around her while Sayla went to the library to do some research about the era the two were in.

Of course, not before telling Grayfia to be careful with her master and saying that she was keeping a close eye on the maid.

This wasn't the first time Grayfia took care of a child, like she said before she had experience taking care of her late brother, but Natsu appeared to be a strong and happy child.

The only time she heard him cry was when he woke up in Sayla's arms, other than that, the boy didn't cry once.

If she ever had a child, Grayfia wished he could be just like the little pink haired boy.

Lying on the soft and comfort cradle Natsu went into his dream land very soon, letting Grayfia return to her duty as the maid of Lucifer Castle. Sayla had also returned with a lot of books in her hands, reading them while sitting on the chair beside the cradle.

The black haired beauty paused and looked at her master.

Natsu Dragneel, the one she used to think of as her enemy, was her master from the beginning all along.

She was the only demon created with the purpose of taking care of him, protecting him from any harm, unlike her fellow demons who were also born from the Book of Zeref.

"Rest your eyes for now master." She said with a small voice.

For now, she would let her master rest and be a child as he is now. But when the time comes, Sayla would make sure he had enough power to do it, the only reason her creator brought him back to this world of living...

The thing no other demon could ever archive before...

[Time Skip: A Week Later]

"Sayla, these are my parents, Lord Gremory and Venelana Gremory" Sirzechs introduced as he stood next to a man with the same crimson, shoulder-length hair as him and a beautiful woman whose face resembled Sirzechs greatly.

Also, the brown haired woman was holding a small baby who was sleeping. The child had short crimson hair on her head and appeared to be a few weeks older than Natsu.

Closing the book Sayla stood up from her usual seat and greets them.

"It is nice to meet you." in the past week living inside the Lucifer Castle, Sayla had come to trust the owner more, especially Grayfia and Sirzechs.

As long as they weren't going to do something bad to her master, they will remain in her good book. Sayla was no longer a demon of Tartarus, she was now Natsu Dragneel's most loyal servant, his safety and well-being were put above all other.

"So this is the girl you told us about." Lord Gremory said with a smile.

"Hello Miss Sayla." Venelana said as she looked at the horned girl "It is nice to finally meet you in person."

"Me too." Sayla nodded her head with a small, almost unnoticeable smile.

"So, I guess the boy who's sleeping is Little Natsu, right?"

"Yes he is." Sayla nodded her head, turning her eyes to the small baby in Venelana's hands "And..."

"Oh, this is my newborn daughter, Rias Gremory." Venelana smiled as she looked at her daughter "Would you mind if I let her sleep in the cradle with Little Natsu as well?" She asked.

"No, I don't mind." Sayla shook her head. Venalana let Grayfia gently take her daughter from her hands and she gently put Rias down onto the comfortable bed inside the cradle, gently pulling the blanket to keep both the boy and the girl warm.

"Aww, they look so cute together." Lady Gremory smiled as she looked at the two sleeping children, whose heads then turned towards each other.

Lord Gremory pulled out a camera and took a picture of the small babies with a small smile.

Sayla kept her eyes on the two of them, more on her master as she believed if she wasn't careful Natsu would turn out to be the same person he was before being regressing into the state if an infant.

Sayla didn't want him to be someone who only fought to protect his family, it would only make him just like before, weak.

For now, Sayla would stay silent. These devils around her were no doubt extremely powerful, taking them on by herself or doing something reckless would be the last thing Sayla wanted to do is put her Master in harms ways.

No...she would use them...use them for her master's growth in the future as she can feel their greed behind their kind smiles.

She lived only to serve him and help him grow stronger and powerful as he once was.

So that he could kill Zeref before he destroys this world.

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