The Dragon Demon Fairy

Chapter 3

Natsu Dragneel…

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(Lucifer Castle)

[Time-skip: Five Years Later]

The former demon of Tartaros, Sayla, sighed as she closed down yet another book and put it back in the bookcase before pulling out the next episode of the series of book she was reading.

It'd been five years since she woke up in this new world with her master at her side, Sayla clearly remembered what had happened during her five years living in the Lucifer Castle and it more or less always revolved around the growth of her master.

She didn't know much about Natsu Dragneel before Fairy Tail attacked her Guild, but it was clear that no matter how much she tried, the boy was slowly growing up into his old self happy and weak.

Three years old and her master was clearly a troublemaker. Even with the help of her magic, Sayla barely be able to keep him at one place, as the boy loves to run around and cause as much chaos as possible, as least for a child.

She knew better than to doubt her master's strength, as he was the one who was destined to be Zeref's ultimate E.N.D Demise, but she couldn't believe the energetic boy she had to chase after all day was the same boy who had enough power to defeat Mard Geer.

Sayla was born with the only purpose of serving her master, Etherious Natsu Dragneel, taking care of him and protect him until he fulfilled his mission and yet...

She knew nothing about how to take care of a child, which, she believed was the reason she couldn't change the way he was.

As Sayla was reminiscing, she didn't have to turn around to see her master slowly approaching behind her.

"Got ya!" Sayla heard his childish roar and stepped to the side, making the five year old pink haired boy fly past her and fall face first into the ground.

"Natsu!" A small girl with long crimson hair cried out in panic as she rushed to her fallen friend.

"Almost..." The boy groaned and stood up on his knees, using his hand to scratch the back of his head.

"Natsu, are you alright?" The girl asked as she looked at him with her big blue-eyes filled with concern.

"I'm good" the boy grinned and gave her a thumb up before turning around and pointing his finger at Sayla "I will get you next time Sayla" he shouted.

"Master, how many times do I have to tell you?" Sayla asked with a calm tone "It's too soon for you to try doing something like sneaking and trying to grab me from behind, maybe you will be able to do it in the near future but for now you should stop since you always get yourself hurt." After she finished her speech a trail of blood slowly making its way down Natsu's forehead.

"GAH!" Natsu and Rias cried out in shock when they finally realized he was bleeding.

"Sigh, please be careful next time, master." Sayla kneeled down to the ground and used the sleeves of her kimono to wipe the blood away, using a small healing magic she learned to heal her master.

"Sure!" the upbeat expression soon returned to his face.

"There you are." the door of the library busted opened as a creature resembling a chinese dragon rushed toward them with a panicked expression.

"Enku" Sayla greeted the [Pawn] of Sirzechs Lucifer, which was a legendary beast, Kirin.

"Lady Sayla, so sorry for disturbing you." Enku bowed his head and said apologetically before turning to the two children in the room "Mister Natsu, Lady rias, please don't run away like that again."

"Okay" Rias chirped happily as she helped her best friend get on his feet.

"Aye!" smiled the pink haired boy.

"Cut them some slack will you" Beowulf, another Pawn of Sirzechs walked into the library with a charming smile on his face, looking at the boy and girl "but, it is really bad of you to disturb Sayla while she's reading." he said sagely.

But the two just stared at him with half lifted eyes.

"Your are Lame." they both said, making the brown haired devil sweat drop.

"I thank you for your concern." Sayla nodded her head politely.

"Everything for you sexy." he smiled flirtingly at her.

However, as soon as he said that Beowulf suddenly rushed towards the window and threw himself outside much to the shock of Rias and Enku as well as to Natsu's amusement and entertainment.

"Haha, nice one Sayla." Natsu laughed as he stood at the window, poking his head outside to see Beowulf falling from the highest floor of the Lucifer Castle "bye bye!" he waved at the screaming man, who was trying to bring his wings out.

"Let's go you two." Enku said while his large jaw formed a forced smile "we shouldn't disturb Lady Sayla any longer, let's go and play at another place."

"Aye" the both of them shouted, as Rias copied Natsu's trademark word.

"Let's go Rias!" Rias nearly cried out in surprise when Natsu reached his hand out with his body crouched a little, grabbing the young girl's thighs and pulled her upto his back before running outside while laughing.

"Mister Natsu, please wait!" Enku shouted after them and ran outside as well.

Sayla sighed, so much for changing her master.

Line Break

"Ummm, Natsu, what are you up to?" Rias asked as she walked behind the pink haired boy, with Enku following closely behind them to make sure the two wouldn't cause trouble, especially Natsu since he was the definition of trouble.

"I'm about to ask you that you know" he turned around and said to Rias, making her frown.

"How about watching anime with me?" Rias asked with a super happy tone. For some reason, when Shouji Okita brought Rias a brand new series of an Anime, a 2D animated film from his homeland for her fourth birthday, the crimson haired girl took great pleasure in watching it before becoming completely addicted to anime.

A month later, she became an otaku with one of the biggest collection of manga and anime, action figures, cosplay costumes in the entire world.

The bad thing was, while Natsu paid no interest as he find boring when is related to those kind of things, Rias always dragged him into her room to watch anime with her all night whenever he came to the Gremory Residence to pay Rias a visit.

"Not interested." was Natsu's reply, the last thing he needed was sitting in one place for hours.

"Eh? But I thought you liked it." surprised was planted on Rias' face.

"Hey, how about I show you a cool trick I just figured out with the help of Sayla?" He then took a deep breath and spit out a small fireball towards a bunch of flowers on the table, bursting them into fire before Beowulf could stop him "See?"

"Ew~" Rias whined but was really amazed by Natsu's magic.

However, before he could talk back to Rias, a creepy and cold aura, so cold that the fire on the flowers stopped burning and engulfed both Natsu and Rias in a tight grip, making both children shiver in fear while Enku sighed, knowing what would come next.

Grayfia wasn't pleased at what she was seeing. Walking to stand directly behind the sweating boy, Grayfia kept her expression as calm as possible, which, was quite frightening for the children to say the least.

"Natsu Dragneel." she said in a calm yet dangerous tone.

"YY-Yes Mam'm" he said fearfully and slowly turning around to come face to face with the person he feared and liked as much as Sayla the most in the world.

"Didn't Sayla tell you not to use magic outside of training?"

"I-I guess..."

As soon as Natsu got to learn how to control his magic from Sayla, the boy took every opportunity he got to test it out. It wasn't helpful that his fire magic was one of the most destructive kind of magic, making the pink haired boy very dangerous when he got over excited at what he could do.

But, the frightening part was that, based on Sayla's words, what he could do right now was just a very small part of his true abilities. Natsu was still too young to fully understand the magic he held, but unlike anything Grayfia had seen so far, Natsu didn't need to learn how to use them.

The only thing Sayla taught him was how to control the flow of his magic and the next thing that happened was Natsu lighting his hands on fire, like he already knew how to do that.

The Fire which reminded her greatly to the Fire of Dragons.

What he just did, was clearly something that made him look more like a Fire Dragon. As far as she knew there were no original magic's that allowed the user to spit out fire like that, no matter the degree of how powerful it was.

But still, it was years too soon for an uncontrollable boy like Natsu to use his magic outside of training.

"Then, do you have anything to say for what you just did?" She asked again, this time with a slight edge in her voice.

"I'm very sorry" Natsu said automatically "and won't do it again."

"Good." the creepy aura disappeared as Grayfia turned her head towards the flowers "Sigh, it was about time I changed the flowers anyways." reaching for the flowers Grayfia began to change them with brand new ones.

"D-damn, she's super scary." Natsu whispered to Rias while trying to sneak away unnoticed by Enku and of course the super scary maid.

However, what Natsu didn't know, or better yet not able to remember, was that Grayfia was the one who took care of him while he was an infant.

Since Sayla had no experience in taking care of a newborn boy, Grayfia spent most of her time during the first two years to take care of Natsu, becoming more or less a surrogate mother to him but he did not see her in that way.

She played with him, fed him, playfully taught him how to speak the first few simple words, holding his hands when Natsu took the first steps of his life... She was there for him whenever he needed help.

In terms of a close relationship, other than Sayla, Grayfia was the one who had the closest relationship with Natsu.

Line Break

"Natsu, where are you going?" Rias asked as she watched her friend sneak out of the Lucifer Castle through the window at the second floor, in the middle of the night no less.

"I'm out of here to find something fun." other than the training he received from Sayla every day, Natsu found the life of wandering around Lucifer Castle very boring even when he had Rias around to play with.

"Hey wait Natsu-kun!" but the boy already attached his limbs to the wall and slowly climbed down, which the pink haired boy made look very easy.

Rias bit the bottom of her lip as she stared at her best friend. For as long as she could remember Natsu and her had been always beside each other, from the day they were just a few days old to now. She might sometimes had to return to her home to study, but Rias spent the majority of her time around Lucifer Castle, as Natsu was one of the only real friends she had.

More or less, Natsu and Rias did everything together, so seeing the usual energetic boy sneaking out of the castle without telling the adults, Rias had no choice but to bring out her wings and follow him.

Rias might be a young girl, but she knew she was more responsible than Natsu and decided to follow him to make sure that her pink haired friend wouldn't get into trouble.

Especially when he just got to learn magic and loved to use it.

Natsu Dragneel grinned toothily as he walked down the street of Lilith with a large smile on his face.

It wasn't like he hadn't gone to the city before, but wherever he went, Sayla always followed behind him to keep him safe. This was the first time the boy was out of the castle alone and he couldn't help but take in everything he saw from the capital of Underworld at the night.

"Hey kid, want to have some candy?" A candy shopkeeper asked as he looked at Natsu, holding a large lollipop in his hand.

"Oh, su..." Natsu nodded his head rapidly before stopping himself when he finally realized he didn't have any money with him, as Sayla was the one who kept all of it "Sorry Old man, I don't have money."

"Two lollipops please." Natsu turned his head to the side and saw Rias standing with a black cap on her head, covering her crimson hair "here is the money" she brought her hand above her hair, showing the shopkeeper the exact money she needed to get a pair of lollipops.

"Here you go." The shopkeeper nodded his head before taking the money, giving Rias what she wanted in exchange.

"Here you go." Rias said with a large smile and handed Natsu one of them.

"Thanks!" the boy grinned and gave the lollipop a lick, which Rias also did the same "Rias, why do you need to wear that hat?"

"To hide my hair, everyone will recognize me from my hair color." Rias said as the two continued to walk down the streets of Lilith.

"I guess it is troublesome sometimes right?" Natsu knew his best friend as well as her status, though he might not be able to understand it as deep as Rias.

"Uhm hm" Rias nodded her head "My Mother and Father are very strict to me when it comes to it, but I guess they only want the best for me."

For the rest of the journey, Natsu and Rias came to candy shop after candy shop, buying all the delicious looking candies that caught their eyes with Rias' money and eating all of them, more than a child should before bedtime.

It was a very fun experience for the both of them, as Natsu and Rias enjoyed every bit of it, going around freely playing without the watchful eyes of the adults.

"Let's go home Natsu-kun." Rias turned to Natsu as they both finished the last ice-cream "It's late and I'm sleepy." she yawned.

"Alright." the boy stood up from the bench they were sitting on and started to walk home with Rias, while holding hands. Most of the shops they went to were now closed and the streets didn't have many devils like before.

It was very dangerous for the people of Lilith City to walk alone in the middle of the night, even for a mature devil let alone two five years old children. But with the innocent smile of a child, Rias and Natsu didn't see the dangers slowly approaching them while walking on the road that lead to their home.

"What do we have here?" A creepy whisper made both Rias and Natsu flinch, turning around they saw a devil walking toward them with a smirk on his face "Two children walking alone in the middle of the night."

"Who are you?" Natsu asked loudly while glaring at the man. Rias hid behind her friend with her body shaking a little, with fear in her eyes.

Instead of answering him, the man looked around before saying.

"Guys, look what I found!" he shouted, making more men appear from the shadows around them.

Natsu gulped, they all looked really bad and bigger than most adults he had seen, some of them had bigger muscles than Surtur the Second.

"Natsu, I'm scared." Rias said with a shaky tone behind him, clutching to his shirt with her small hands.

"Hey hey, it's alright!" he smiled and said couragely "Everything is going to be fine, I promise okay." He said with a grin, making Rias smile a little and nod her head.

"Ha! Big words, at least for a kid." the men around the two laughed "Now, why don't you two be kids and come with us, that girl's face is pretty enough to make us some really good money."

"Hey! We're not going anywhere!" he shouted.

"Guys." the leader said and some men slowly started approaching the two.

Natsu lit his hands on fire surprising the men and swung his hands around making the men take a few steps back in nervousness.

"So you can use magic." The leader smirked "Big deal, I can do it better." He said and casted a simple spell, as his engulfed in fire as well, but they looked bigger and more powerful than Natsu's.

"I'm not scared of you!" Natsu shouted and blindlessly charged forward forgetting that Rias was standing behind him.

Her scream fell into deaf ear as Natsu tried to punch the man with his flaming hand, only for his fist to be caught. Soon after, he got kneed in the gut.

Coughing painfully Natsu stumped back while holding his stomach, his eyes wide in shock.

"Do you think you are able to fight me, little brat?" The man smirked and used his hand to hit Natsu's back, hard enough to make the boy fall to the ground in his front while crying out in pain.

The men laughed at the defeated form of Natsu Dragneel, with their leader laughing as well.

He then used his leg to turn Natsu onto his back.

"Now, be a goo- Aahhh!" He screamed out in shock and pain when Natsu turned around and spew a large fire ball from his mouth, straight at the man's face burning his flesh.

Taking this chance, Natsu got to his feet and once again lit his hand on fire, punching the man's stomach as hard as he could while crying out, using all of the strength he could muster to send the man flying.

"I did it." he breathed in and out heavily, his fist shaking and his body aching in pain.

"Natsu help me!" His blood turned cold when he heard that scream, turning around the boy widened his eyes in shock when Rias was in the arm of a man, struggling to get out of his grip.

"Let go of her!" Natsu shouted. How could he be so careless? Rias was standing behind him, under his protection. He promised to protect her and yet he rushed into a fight without remembering about his friend.

"Come and save her brat."

They taunted him and Natsu did just that.

But he received a hard blow to the face by the leader of the gang of devil, the same man whose face was now a bloody mess. It was lucky for him that Natsu's attack wasn't strong, or else he would have had his head separated from his body.

"You damn brat!" he kicked Natsu, this time in his face. Some of the devils soon joined in the fun of beating a child mercilessly, who couldn't do anything than try to protect his head and face with his arms.

"Stop, you're hurting him!" Rias shouted with her eyes filled with tears, the cap on her head fell down while she was trying to struggle against the man, making her long crimson haired fall down freely.

"Oh shit, it's Rias Gremory" one of the member of the mob cried out as he instantly recognized the girl with unique crimson haired "Lucifer's sister."

"He's going to kill us." another shouted with a panicked tone.

"Yes, that right." Rias shouted "My Big brother is going to arrest all of you, now let Natsu go!" Her eyes were on her best friend, whose body was covered in bruises and blood, his blood.

"Boss, I think we should do it"

"Idiot, she saw our faces!" The boss shouted "If we don't do something, she will tell her brother about us and we're doomed."

"N-No, I w..." Rias tried to reason, of course she was thinking about it, but Natsu's safety came first.

"Let's silence her." those words drained the color out of Rias's face as she stared at the gang with wide eyes.

"R-R-Rias..." Natsu muttered as he looked up, his vision blurry, his body unable to move due to the extreme pain he was feeling.

The boy tried to reach his hand out for her, crawling on the ground with the men slowly approaching the princess of Gremory Household with the intent to kill her.

At that moment, Natsu could only hear four words, coming from the deepest part of his head as magic was building up in his body at an unimaginable rate.

Protect her...

Kill them!

Line Break

In the Lucifer Castle, while trying to search for her little master, Sayla felt a massive wave of power hit her like a wave of tsunami.

"This feeling..." The former demon of Tartaros whispered "Master." Sayla ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

"Miss Sayla, did you find..." Grayfia asked when Sayla suddenly ran past her, but the girl with horns didn't reply as she kept on running out of the castle.

A column of flames shot up to the sky as yet another wave of power hit Sayla. This time it was no longer the feeling of magic. Being a demon herself, Sayla knew very well what the source of this feeling was.


"Miss Sayla, wait!" Grayfia called as she caught up to the black haired girl with Sirzechs and his peerage following not too far behind. They all realized that Rias and Natsu were missing and began to search for the kids a few minutes ago.

"This is bad, very bad." Sayla muttered to herself, making Grayfia raise an eyebrow at that. Did Sayla know something they don't know about? The girl and her master were always a mystery to everyone.

It didn't take them long to get to the area where Natsu and Rias were at. Sayla stood there with an unreadable expression while the others had their eyes widened in shock at what they were seeing.

The entire street was on fire, there wasn't a thing that wasn't burning or had been completely burned by the powerful fire.

About ten bodies, were lying on the ground dead with fire slowly burning them away.

"Rias!" Sirzechs cried.

In the middle of the nightmarish scene, Natsu and Rias were lying on the ground. Natsu laid on his stomach seemingly unconscious while Riad was on her back sobbing while holding her arm in pain.

"Big...Bro..Ther" Rias cried when she heard her brother's voice.

"It's me, Rias, it's me." Sirzechs got to his sister's side while his peerage put out the fire, Sayla was at Natsu's side and was checking Natsu's pulse. His body was covered in injuries, which worried the demon.

When she got his pulse, Sayla sighed in relief but she wasn't less worried because his pulse was very weak.

"Natsu...Big Brother help Natsu." She said while tears escaping her eyes. Blood was flowing out of the part of her arm where she was holding.

"I will Rias, I will." he said and turned to Sayla "Bring him to the castle Sayla, we must heal both of them."

Looking around, the devils couldn't help but wonder what had happened in this place.

Line Break

After bringing the children back to the castle, Sirzechs contacted the best medics in the Underworld and had him come over immediately to check both Rias and Natsu, with the adults waited patiently outside.

Sayla looked at her hands, which were balling into two fists.

The demon couldn't believe that she had failed, failed at reason she was brought to this world. Her master was hurt and she wasn't there to protect him. Sayla had thought she could let her master play with the sister of Lucifer and be safe in the castle that belonged to the one who took them in.

She failed master Zeref, but more important she failed Natsu.

"I must have gone soft during all these years." the horned girl muttered with her head low.

"Shh, it's okay." Grayfia, who was standing next to the demon girl kneeling down next to Sayla and took the black haired young woman's hand into her own "They're going to be alright, Natsu is going to be alright he is a strong boy."

Sayla didn't reply back to Grayfia, but she did squeeze the maid's hand a little. Grayfia was the only one Sayla felt comfortable around with, since the maid helped her a lot in taking care of Natsu when he was an infant and helped her adapt to this world.

The door then opened and the doctor stepped out of the room with his assistance following behind.

"How are they doctor?" Lord Gremory asked worriedly, with his wife feeling very much the same.

"They're going to be fine Lord Gremory." The doctor said making everyone sigh in relief "but..."

"What but?" Sirzechs asked.

"I'm afraid that Lady Rias with have to carry a scar on her upper right hand forever in her life." The doctor said "She was burnt very badly at that place. I did my best to close the wound, but I can't make it disappear completely."

"But at least...she's fine." he added quickly "Because the scar wasn't too big, we can cover it up using the magic"

"It looks like the devil who attacked those two was a Stray along with his gang who specialized in fire magic." MacGregor said as he scanned the information from a magic circle.

"What about Natsu?" Grayfia asked before Sayla could get any more worried, the girl looked like she was about to burst into the room to get to her master's side.

" Mister Natsu suffered more injuries than Lady Rias, most of the bones in his body were broken. But luckily none of them were fatal." Sayla sighed in relief "but he will need to rest for some time so his injures could fully heal and recover."

"Thank you." Sayla bowed her head a little, showing her gratitude to the doctor.

"Let them rest for now." Venelana said as she nodded her head to the doctor "Thank you for your help."

"It's my pleasure Lady Gremory."

While the others were chatting to the each other about the situation, Sayla couldn't help but think about her master. She was too naive and definitely growing soft over the years, she should have taught her master how to fight properly.

Before sealing herself and Natsu, Sayla with the help of Zeref learnt how to work on magic so that she could teach her master how to use the magic he was so famous for during his past life. The power of Fire Dragon Slayer Lost Magic was unquestionable, even with the drawback of the user turning into a Dragon and Unknown to everyone except Sayla, Natsu is already in the Process of Draconification but she already told him that and Natsu was more than happy to be a Dragon Like his Dad the only memories from his past life that he had been Raised by The King of Fire Dragons Igneel but at Sayla orders he was not to tell anyone as she didn't know how they were to react at that news of him turning into a Dragon also she cast a illusion spell on him to hide the small red scales that are appearing in his body, that bring her to his other powers, His own personal in his days as E.N.D The Fire Demon Slayer Curse Magic The Power to Slay Devils or Demons alike, and Sayla had no problem letting Natsu use and have it for protection since she didn't trust the devils much, only Grayfia as she was the one that helped her raise Natsu.

However, she had thought it was too soon for him to learn how to use his powers, especially when Natsu tended to use his magic for his own fun and is in the Process of Draconification.

She would have to rethink the way she was taking care of her master. If it kept going on like this, he would definitely not be able to kill the Lord Zeref.

"Uh...My King" MacGregor whispered as he poked Sirzechs on the shoulder. All eyes turned to the strongest wizard while the man was looking at a communication magic circle.

"What is it the matter MacGregor?"

"We have trouble, the higher ups already know about what happened, they're asking for your presence but they want that you bring Little Natsu as well."

"I knew it they are going to Punish Natsu or something worse, I am not going to let that Happen, I won't fail to protect him again it seen our time here is close to a E.N.D ." Though Sayla at the current events.

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