I KNOW I'M REALLY LATE BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE ELIZABETH PARKER! This story popped into my head in English class today and I thought I'd write it down! I'm also working on more TSoB&C, but like.. In-between stories, if you catch my drift… I hope you do.. Anyways, on with the story!

It was a hot, dry morning in the middle of Oklahoma, and Clyde yawned softly, gazing over at the calendar on the wall. October first. He grinned widely, rolling onto his side and gazed lovingly at the beautiful redhead that was curled up against his chest.

"Bonnie…" He sang softly, stroking her hair. "Wake up, Bonnie…" Bonnie murmured, her eyebrows furrowing.

"Mmm.. Whaddya want..?" She mumbled, stretching.
"Guess what day it is…"

"Umm.." She was still half asleep, but blinked her tired blue eyes up at him. "I dunno."

"Your birthday.." He beamed, gently brushing the hair from her face. She smiled softly, leaning up to kiss his cheek tenderly.
"Thank you, baby…"

"And what does the queen of my heart want to do today?" He asked quietly, kissing her nose. She tapped her chin for a moment, and as soon as she opened her mouth to speak, sirens could be heard coming their direction. Clyde shot up, throwing Bonnie's dress at her. "Get dressed, babe!" Bonnie pulled on her dress, putting on her shoes. The two ran out to the car, their clothes already in said car. they jumped into the car, Clyde speeding down the road as fast as he could. he squeezed her hand tightly the entire time. "How're you doing, babe?"

"I'm alright.." She said quietly, smiling over at him.

"Sugar, I'm sorry about your birthday being ruined.."

"Aw, baby.. It's alright.. Don't hurt me none.. I'm with you, that's all that really matters…" Clyde grinned, that big, dopey grin of his that made Bonnie's insides melt.

"I love you…"
"I love you too, baby…"

The day passed by, and by sundown, they were both exhausted. So, Clyde found a completely abandoned field, no houses for miles.

"Bon, I'm sorry we didn't get to do anything today.."

"Clyde, hush. And besides… There's one thing no damned cop can stop me from doing tonight…" She murmured, kissing down his neck softly. He chuckled huskily.

"Baby.. Let's get outta the car first, okay?"

"Sounds good, honey.." She said, getting out of the car, grabbing blankets from the backseat. She stripped down to her slip, and began kissing him.

After all was said and done, Bonnie giggled. "Well, that was one hell of a birthday…"
Clyde chuckled, once again brushing the hair out of Bonnie's face. "I'm glad you enjoyed it.. I love you. God, baby girl… I love you so much.."

"I love you too.." She smiled and kissed him gently.

TADA! Happy birthday, Bonnie! It's been a pleasure writing about you for over two years now!

Bonnie: Aw, thanks, baby girl.. That's a little creepy, though…

Me: No, it's not… How old are you, exactly?
Bonnie: Uh uh, kiddo.. No way in hell are you getting my age outta me.

Clyde: *whispers* 105.

Bonnie: CLYDE! *slaps his shoulder* Why?!

Clyde: *giggles* Because Kat is adorable and she deserves to know…

Bonnie: Aw… She is pretty cute… *cuddles Kat*

Me: D'awwww….