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Chapter 2: coping with life's twist and turns.


(In a car heading to an undisclosed location)

So it's been four years since my "rebirth" and I basically spent that time trying to act my age while at the the same time trying to gather as much info as I could on this world as I could.

I learned quite a bit actually. the first and foremost would be that this is most definitely not a hallucination. From reading the newspaper when my parents weren't looking I managed to learn that this world is basically the exact same except for a few key differences. the first and most noticeable is that the league consisted of a lot more heroes but the downside to this is that the villains also seem to have increased in number and strength.

The most prominent of the new addition to the league would be a female named Power Girl, she just so happens to be the only other kryptonian on the planet. And she is apparently also dating Superman. It actually was quite the scandal since a lot of the people thought they were related, but in reality it was just a rumor that they forgot forgot to clear up. When I read this I actually felt a little happy for big blue because back in earth one he might as well have been a monk with all the friendships he had that actually went past friendship.

I spent quite a bit of time looking into dimensional breaches and travel theories but I only found one lead that looked like it held and water. That lead would be a company called Starrware Labs which is owned and also created by a woman named Karen Starr. They're actually a surprisingly successful company even though they work mostly on theories and have very little in terms of actual working models it manages to rack up a couple million dollars a year.

Another little thing that was different were my parents or more specifically my mom while my mom was still the kind and sweet woman she was in earth one she was also a lot more strict and easier to anger and she no longer works for a pharmacy instead she now works as police officer. My dad for some strange reason didn't seem to change at all, he was till the calm, patient, and rational man he was before even his job stayed the same which is a lawyer. I managed to get my parents buy me a PDA which I absolutely just love since I can add to my journal (I refuse to call my journal a diary) and access the internet. I even managed to mod it and add in a bunch of hand built security programs, at this point it's almost as secure as the president's phone. I'm probably going to be using this to write my journal entries for the foreseeable future. Well anyway let's move onto the more interesting topics such as my life as a baby girl.

You would think that learning to walk would be easy since you already know how, right?

Well if you thought so then you would be dead wrong. Since this a new body and since it's a lot weaker and smaller than the body i'm used to, it also has completely different nervous system than my old one and add in the fact that the anatomy of a female is a bit different when it comes to muscle and bone placement and also their density, you basically get the equivalent of trying to write an english essay blindfolded but using a keyboard with a different language on the keys...yeah its pretty damn hard. I literally have to rewire the way my brain tries to send signals to my body, i'm just glad that things like breathing and swallowing are automatic reflexes or relearning how to walk would be the least of my worries.

So everything is basically new for me. Which in a way I guess is a blessing in disguise since it would look pretty weird for a two month old baby to be walking around and talking in complete sentences. Even trying to speak english is a new experience, since that requires the use of my tongue and throat muscles to move in a specific way to form the correct sounds. This part is especially bad since I knew how to speak 4 different languages fluidly in earth one, but now I can't speak any only understand and write them. . .And yes before you start thinking i'm some spoiled brat for complaining about only being able to write, read, and understand four languages you need to consider the fact that I still need to learn how to move my finger in the correct way to write and I also need to learn how to speakā€¦.In four different languages with each one taking at least a year. So excuse me if i'm feeling a little mad.

Its honestly kind of sad really I had 12 years of martial arts training under my belt. But all of it is useless since I can't get my body to replicate any of the moves unless I train like I did in my first life which would mean another 12 years of training and even then it would still be useless since those types of moves require a male body to be used effectively. So not only will I need to learn a completely new style I'll also need to stop instinctively trying to use my old style whenever I am in combat...seriously my life couldn't get any worse. Well on that positive note I gotta go we just stopped in front of a big building with a the walls painted a sky blue with little white clouds on it.

(In front of Sunny Dayz Daycare)

Now that I am four years old my mom thought it would be a great idea to start pre-school. Under normal circumstances it would in fact be a wonderful idea. But since I still have the intelligence of a first year college student it's the equivalent of child abuse, I doubt even the villains would subject anyone to this kind of torture. Am I being overly dramatic? Probably. But I really don't give a damn.

All things considered my first day went surprisingly well, I even managed to make a friend. "Now Katie, honey you'll like it here I promise." my mom said while trying to pull me off her leg.

"But (sniffle) I Don't want (Sniffle) to stay here!" Yes im crying, but can you really blame me for not wanting to spend my day playing with dolls? Also it really doesn't help that i'm still trying to get a handle on the new mix of hormones that are in the female body so my emotional reactions can be kind of...intense.

My mom knelt down in front of me and pulled me into a tight hug and whispered into my ear "If you stop crying and go to school without any more complaints today. I promise to take you to that new star labs science museum." She pushed me away until she was holding me at arm's length while looking me straight in the eyes.

"Promise (Sniffle)?" I know it's pretty odd but I SERIOUSLY enjoy all things science and being given the opportunity to see all the new breakthroughs as they come up..especially since I already know what most of them will lead too in the future is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My mother gave me a reassuring smile and held up her pinky and said "Of course sillyl."

I wrapped my small pinky around hers and shook it up and down a little. "Well I have to go. BYE MOM!" I beamed, the smile on my face was so large that it practically split my face in half. Like I said earlier intense is my middle name when it comes to emotions at least until I get used to the influx of hormones.

I ran through the front entrance and ended up colliding into another kid making us both bounce back and slam into the ground. "ow ow ow" I said while rubbing my sore butt and the bump that was forming on my forehead as I got up. I looked down to confirm the identify of the person that I knocked down, and what I saw surprised me.

It was a girl around my age. She had pale white skin as if she hardly stepped outside. And her hair was. . .purple? I will admit it was a bit odd but that wasn't what surprised me. No what surprised me was the fact that she wasn't moving.

So I did the most logical thing I hormone addled brain could think of, I screamed.

Not even five seconds later I was surrounded by two worried caretakers asking me what was wrong.

I pointed at the girl. 'Wow how the heck did they miss the unconscious girl. I mean seriously they ran right past her as if they didn't even ca-' I was brought out of my mental rant when the caretaker to my right said "oh she will be fine dear now why don't we go get you a snack?"

I was then ushered out of the room. But before I was completely out I managed to catch one last glimpse of the girl being picked by the other caretaker. What made me narrow my eyes a bit was the way she picked the girl up. Instead of gently lifting her, she yanked her up and slung her over her shoulder.

"What's wrong dear?" Said the caretaker with name tag that read Sam. I looked up at Sam with a questioning look. She chuckled and said "you were making an angry face when we left the room. So I was wondering why."

"Oh...the other lady wasn't nice"

"The other lady?. . . Oh you must mean Carla, what do you mean she wasn't nice?"

"I meant she wasn't nice to the other girl" as soon as I said that Sam's face shifted from a happy smile to an angry snarl and back to all smiles. The shift lasted barely a second but I know what I saw.

"Oh don't worry about that dear. Carla knows what she's doing, I mean after all we are all trained in basic first aid." That smile somehow managed to stay plastered on her face even while talking.

Now that makes perfect sense I mean seriously who would question a person that knows first aid. The answer to that is actually surprisingly simple, a person who also knows first aid. And it just so happens In earth one the league forces all of its members to read the first two years of college level medical school textbooks. (Although I read them in less than 2 days using my powers.) My eyes instantly narrowed at her response. "Ah that makes sense." On the inside my mind was practically overheating with all the things going through my head, but on the outside I was grinning like the gullible four year old I was supposed to be. But just to test out a theory I took on a guilty facade complete with crocodile tears and said "I'm sorry."

Sam gave me an odd look "What for? You didnt do anything wrong."

"Well I (sniffle) ran into her (sniffle) and made her sleep." You wouldn't believe how easy it is to fake crying when you aren't used to your own bodies chemicals.

Chuckling sam said "Oh it's will be fine, she heals pretty fast. . . She always does" She sounded pretty sincere so I dropped my theory as just that a theory. Although I did find it a little odd the way she worded that last part, almost as if it was an afterthought and not meant to be said aloud.

I have officially been here for more than four hours and in that time frame I have learned three things.

1. Sunny Dayz is also an orphanage.

caretakers are always smiling.

3. Kids love to pick on kids with strange features a good example actually is happening right now.

"Hey freak get over here!" Yelled this fat brown haired boy who was probably around 5 years old. and the so called freak that he mentioned was non other than the girl from before.

I watched as the girl meekly walked over to the boy and timidly said "w-what is i-it Max?" Why the hell aren't the caretakers doing anything. Speaking of caretakers where are they? I just saw them not even a minute ago!

"Did I say you could talk? Huh freak?" He snarled

"N-no I'm sor-" SMACK! Max's big hands collided with the left side of the girls face.

"I never told you to speak you filthy piece of-" He never got to finish his sentence because I planted my fist into my jaw sending him into the chair behind him and making him hit his head on the floor effectively knocking him out.

I turned around to see the girl curled into a ball with her shoulders shaking slightly from the sobs racking her body. My face which was filled with anger from Max's previous action softened and I walked over to the girl and knelt in front of her. I couldn't think of what to do so I followed my instincts and wrapped her in a big hug while stroking the back of her head softly.

I could feel her flinch at the initial contact and stiffen at the prolonged contact. But eventually she relaxed into the hug and wrapped her arms around me. Her face buried into my shoulder and I could feel her sobbing increasing in consistency and force. My shirt was becoming quickly soaked from all the tears and snot but honestly at that moment I could have cared less because the only thing going through my head was what in the world happened to this little girl that could make her cry this hard or for so long.

I could hear shuffling behind me so I shifted a little bit so I could see what it was. Max was starting to get up and when he saw us he opened his mouth to probably insult the girl but immediately closed it when he noticed the glare I was sending his way promising a slow and painful death if he said anything. Deciding that he valued his life more than his pride he quickly ran from the room.

After almost 5 minutes of pure crying and sobbing she finally stopped and was only sobbing every few minutes. Her grip around my waist though didn't diminish in the slightest if anything it increased.

Still stroking her hair I asked in the softest tone I could manage "What your name?"

"r-r-Raven" came the girl now labeled Ravens muffled response.

"Raven?" I could feel her stiffen in my arms. My eyes widened when I realizing that in her current mental state it could easily have been taken in a negative way I quickly added "That's a beautiful name"

Her sobs increased yet again and her eyes leaked more tears. Fearing that I did something wrong I stroked her hair with new vigor while saying "i'm sorry" over and over again.

I could feel her pushing me away and I almost started crying because I knew that it was my fault this time for causing the girl more pain. But when I looked down into her face I almost gasped because she was beaming with joy even as her tears ran down her cheeks.

"I'm (Sniffle) so (Sniffle) happy! (sniffle) You dont have (sniffle) to apologise" she said while still maintaining that happy smile.

Even though it was indeed a great thing that she was happy I just couldn't stop the tears that started running down my face when I realized that she must have a hell of a life if just that simple compliment made her so happy.

Mistaking herself to be the cause of my tears Raven started to apologize. I put a stop to that by hugging her tightly to me.

It was this heart warming scene that the caretakers saw when they walked into the room. or to more accurately barged in on considering the fact that the practically flew off its hinges with the force behind the push.

"What is going on here?!" Carla screamed. When she noticed us on the floor hugging, her face contorted with fury and the main target seemed to be the sobbing girl in my arms. "You are coming with me! Right now!" she practically roared while pointing at Ravens quivering form.

I hugged her even tighter not letting her get up and walk over to them. I looked at Carla and yelled back at her "She didn't do anything wrong so leave her alone!"

"Didnt do anything wrong? She attacked Max earlier!" Sam who was standing behind Carla yelled with as much anger in voice as her partners.

"I was the one that attacked Max not her! And besides Max attacked her first!" I screamed at them in frustration

"It obviously has you under its control. because there is no way that Max would ever hurt anything unprovoked. I should know since he is my son" said a still angry Carla

Sam walked over to us and tried to manually separate us so they could take Raven.

That when something clicked in my head. During this whole argument they kept referring to Raven as It rather than her name as if she is less than human.

Almost immediately after I thought this the doors once again where thrown open but this time it actually did fall of its hinges. Sam and Carla both looked up ready to yell at whoever would dare break there door. But what ever they were about to say was immediately cut off when they realized who was at the door. They paled slightly and started to back away from the us stuttering words that sounded kind of vaguely like apologies while trying to get as far away from the new comer.

I was a little scared to turn around since only something truly terrifying could scare these two into the quivering masses of stuttering flesh. I turned my head slowly fearing the worst and different scenarios going through my head. But what I saw in the door was something that would make even the most hardcore criminals cower in fear.

Because standing in the doorway with a sidearm drawn was my extremely pissed off mother.

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