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Chapter 5: Inner demons

We all arrived at the hospital emergency room via ambulance, but in my opinion it was a waste for me and Raven since we were released after about an hour of being poked and prodded by the doctors checking for injuries. But Mom on the other hand had to go into surgery to get the bullet hole sealed up, the doctors say that the bullet damaged the arm socket in such a way that it will limit her range of motion for the next 6 months.

Mom had to stay in a hospital room for about a week after the surgery, and in that time me and Raven stayed by her side nearly 24/7. Even Dad took the week off of work to stay with us. The first day could only be described as awkward since Ravens shy side came back with the introduction of her new dad, and dad didn't exactly help since he kept trying to break the ice with the lamest jokes i've ever heard. By the second day Raven was able to talk in complete sentences without having to stutter, and by the third she was even laughing with him when he told a joke. After the week was finally over you could hardly tell she was adopted by the way she interacted with our Dad.

Through the orphanages records we found out that Raven isn't her real name, it's just the name the caretakers came up with when they first discovered she had powers, and since she was never called by her real name she ended up thinking Raven was her name. Her real name is Rebecca, she has no last name since her parents were unknown. But ever since my...no our parents signed the adoption papers she has gone with the name Rebecca West.

When we finally went home Rebecca was given a tour of the house, which is two story building which includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a basement, and an attic. Since we had two guest bedrooms she was given the choice of which room she wanted.

The biggest room had a small window that you couldn't really see anything out of since the house next door was blocking it. But the second one on the other hand was much smaller and had really wide windows that nearly covered the entire wall giving a nice view of the backyard. Surprisingly Rebecca chose the smaller one. She never told us the reason but we knew why thanks to the Diary that Sam kept which had a pretty detailed description of Rebecca's "care" under them.

To say my dad was pissed when he read the report would be like saying the Joker is only a little crazy. It turns out that Rebecca was treated like some sort of animal. She was given only one meal a day, and wasn't allowed to go outside...ever. Her "bedroom" if it could even be called that was actually an empty cellar with a pile of hay in the corner as a mattress. She was beaten at least once a week, in some cases more than once a day. It got so bad sometimes that a bone would break and she would be given a crude splint to help heal it. The only reason she survived was because she apparently heals around three times faster than a normal person.

I only knew this because when my dad fell asleep in the hospital I pickpocketed him for the document and read it before I put it back. This would probably be the first time I have ever wanted to kill someone, and hopefully the last.

After she chose the room we celebrated the new addition to our family with a large home cooked meal and some of mom's famous brownies. The meal consisted of rice, barbeque flavored beef, and steamed veggies. The happy mood immediately died when we realized that Rebecca didn't know how to eat with a fork, or even what beef was. Mom ended up teaching her how to do it, and after only four attempts she got the hang of it, which is quite the feat all things considered.

When Rebecca was done she sat there quietly watching us eat. I noticed her looking at me as I put more beef on my plate, and I nearly dropped my fork when I remembered what the file said about getting only one meal a day. "Hey Becky do you want more?" Her eyes widened in shock as if that was the last thing she was expecting me to say.

Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment "umm...can I?"

Mom noticed our conversation and decided to cut in "Of course you can sweetie! Whenever you're hungry just let me know and i'll make whatever ya like"

"In this house you will never have to be hungry. That's a promise!" Dad said adding in his two cents.

The smile she wore on her face at that moment would have been heart warming if the reason behind it wasn't so dark.

Mom refilled Becky's plate and her cup of orange Juice. Which promptly disappeared into her stomach in less than five minute. Mom gave her a refill again which once again was consumed with almost inhuman speed. And so the pattern repeated until she had consumed twelve plates worth of food.

The whole families jaw was lying on the table after seeing the small girl consume more than all of us put together that entire day. A cracking sound could be heard coming from my left, we all looked only to see Dad's coffee mug was crushed to shards and some blood and coffee was dripping from his clenched fist.

'He's Angry? For what All she did was eat!' I was staring at him trying to figure out what was making him angry when I heard Becky say "I'm sorry." in a sad tone.

Dads head snapped in her direction "What?...oh...OH! No! NO! NO! That's not what I was mad about! Becky we promised you could eat as much as you wanted, and West's don't break promises!" he was saying while frantically waving his arms about. "I was thinking about something from work! Don't worry about it. Okay?" He said that last part with a pleading tone.

"Really?" Came her hopeful voice.

Honestly it's a miracle I didn't have a breakdown right then and there and start hugging the life out of my new little sister in an attempt to comfort her. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention she's three weeks younger than me.

"Of course! And remember you never have to apologize to us." Mom finally decided to join the conversation.

After that dinner went on as usual...at least as usual as a four year old girl eating more dinner and desert than the whole family combined can get.

I was tucked into my bed thinking about the events of the past week when I heard my parents muffled voices through the wall. Wanting to see what they were talking about

I pressed my ear against the wall.

"Those Fucking bastards! They deserve a lot worse than going to prison for a few years!"

"John?" She was in uncharted waters since John was always the one to reel in her temper.

As if she hadn't spoke he continued his rant "They gave her one goddamn meal a day! One! And to make it worse she was beat on a regular basis which forces her to use her healing factor, now I may not have majored in biology but I know enough to know that the more active your body the more fuel you need. And healing is one of the most nutritionally demanding function of the human body. She should have been getting around nine meals a day to fill her up but those those fucking demons gave her only one meal! It's a fucking miracle she didn't die of starvation!"

I backed away from the wall in shocked silence as tears ran down my face as the full implications of Rebecca's mistreatment hit me. I sat there crying for nearly half an hour before I fell asleep.

I woke up in middle of the night still feeling exhausted from my earlier breakdown. My throat was parched so I went downstairs to get some water, but on my way back to my room I heard a noise come from down the hall.

Now the logical thing to do would be to pretend I didn't hear anything and try to fall back asleep but I believe we have already established that i'm not normal. Slowly but surely

i made my way down the hall opening doors as I went. Finally I was at the last door which now that i'm closer I could definitely hear something moving in there. With a bit of panic I realized it was Rebecca's room.

I opened the door slowly as to not wake her, tiptoeing into the room while scanning the room my eyes immediately stopped on the dark figure looking down on the bed with its back to the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief "Becky! You scared me for a second! What's wrong you can't sleep?" She just stood there, as still as a statue as if never spoke. ". . .Becky?" now I was a little worried.

I reached out and flipped on the lights to get a better look. Honestly I kind of wish I didn't

With the lights on in the room I could now get a clear look at Rebecca. . . Only issue was that she wasn't where I thought she was. Rebecca was tucked into her bed with her face scrunched up as if she was in a nightmare. And that figure from before was still there but now that the lights were on I could see that it was a little girl and it looked like she was made of pure darkness.

I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping to get my mom's attention knowing that she usually sleeps with a pistol on her nightstand. The scream only lasted for about two seconds before I was slammed into the wall with an near bruising grip on my neck keeping me pinned to it.

Blinking the stars out of my eyes I looked at what had grabbed me and almost fainted. The girl was standing in front of me with a smile on her face. It looked like a facsimile of Rebecca except its body and hair was pitch black and seemed to reflect zero light, but the most disturbing thing were its eyes, it had four of them two on each side of its face and to top it all off they were glowing a deep shade of red almost the color of blood. When I locked eyes with it my body froze, and I felt like was looking into hell itself.

The creature's mouth opened allowing me to see what appeared to be a vortex of malevolent black and red energy. Pain shot through my entire being as a tendril of red and yellow smoke started pouring from my mouth snaking its way towards the creature gaping maw, and with every inch that came out of my mouth I could feel myself getting weaker and the pain increasing.

When the tendril got within inches of its mouth the creature dropped me as if it got burned. I looked up to see my mom standing over me with what appeared to be a necklace dangling in her outstretched hand, the necklace was glowing an intense purple, it was almost as bright as lit magnesium.

With her free hand she made a pushing gesture which released a pulse of purple energy that slammed the creature into the closet door. She kept her hand in that position effectively keeping the creature pinned. With it immobilized she threw the necklace towards it, and the necklace stuck to the creature's chest as if magnetized. "ecno ta nialp siht evael ot uoy dnammoc I nomed ylohnu!"

The necklaces purple glow started to increase in intensity until I actually had to look away for fear of burning my retinas. When the glow died down all that was left was a slightly smoking necklace.

My eyes widened in disbelief, my mom had just used magic! So many different question were trying make there way to the surface it felt like my brain would explode.

Seeing my shocked look she gave me a half hearted grin and kneeled in front of me. "Surprise! I'm a wizard!" She chuckled nervously.

All the emotions of the past couple of minutes plus nearly getting my soul eaten proved to be too much for my four year old body, since my eyes rolled back and a fell unconscious.

I just want you guys to know that i'm using the show teen titans (NOT TEEN TITANS GO *Shudder*) as my character model for child and teen raven, also if you saw the show you should know what the creature was. But I took out the weird forehead diamond mark thingy. PS if you didn't understand what the spell said. Read it backwards.