(Oliver; dark!fic)

The Creation of a Villain

People learn of criminals by their crimes. Who each criminal is as a person does not seem to matter to them. All that is taken away is the destruction left behind. So few ever think of the past. So few wonder about the creation of a criminal, the creation of a villain.

Justice takes priority and overrules all else. Even in police enforcement, there's little patience to find out a criminal's back story. Only what is needed to arrest the bad guy is learned. And so, the creation stories are left buried in the minds of the criminals themselves, stories that will keep them out there, committing crimes for as long as they can keep their freedom.

Oliver wonders which story he will have and which moment he will remember and feed off, when he has become the villain. Which moment will tip him over?

He smiles - it doesn't matter, not really - and then he lets an arrow fly into his first innocent victim.