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Chapter One

I could see him standing on the floor above me, outside the motel room with his arms wrapped around the dark haired bimbo, kissing her with way too much enthusiasm. Watching them was making me want to heave, but instead I snapped a few photos. I zoomed in and, not really needing a close up shot of the white lace curtain in front of my window, focused my camera again so that their faces became sharp. I snapped several more pictures of their disgusting tongue dance and grimaced. As far as field work went, this was pretty standard and not especially hard, but it was rewarding catching the cheating bastards in the act. The guy grabbed the door and I continued shooting them as they entered the room.

"Shit." I swore to myself. "Shit shit shit!" I cursed again and once more in the amount of time it took for me to rush around the room collecting all the crap that had spread out in the last few hours and shove it all into my bag before running out the door. I managed to close it soundlessly but stumbled a bit trying to rush up the stairs. My bag landed on the stair in front of me and I picked it up as I continued to force myself forward. And of course I ran smack bang into the wall at the top of the stairs, unable to slow myself in my hurry. I pushed myself off just as quickly, launching down the corridor toward the door where they'd disappeared. I stood for a second, catching my breath and placed an ear to the door. I could hear muffled voices, but not much else. I had to catch them in the act and, if possible, naked. I pulled a rolled up leather pouch out from my bag and selected two long metal picks. As I fitted them into the lock, I could hear moaning from inside the room and smirked.
That's right, you cheating bastard, I thought to myself. Have your fun while you can, it's about to end. The lock clicked and I turned the knob slowly as I listened again, noticing no change in the sounds. I pulled my camera up, ready, in position, and pushed the door open with my foot, snapping pictures as it swung.
Ah! My eyes! I grimaced at the sight in front of me of the forty-something overweight man, with his ugly naked ass in the air, grinding himself into the backside of the bimbo beneath him, her legs over his shoulders.

"Smile." I said with a cheeky grin, clicking the button on my camera. They scrambled to cover themselves up and I just kept taking photos. "Your wife thanks you for this impromptu photo shoot," I quipped. "Your divorce papers will be in the mail. Have a nice day!" Ending with a wave, I slammed the door behind me. I quickly stashed my camera back into my bag, making sure to zip it closed, before I dashed back the way I came, seconds before the angry husband came roaring out of the room behind me. I grabbed the railing of the staircase and swung myself around, managing to avoid throwing myself into the wall again. A low humming sounded in my ear and I felt something vibrate in my bag.

"Wait, come back-please!" I could hear the voice of the guy calling me as I hurried down the stairs.

"I'll pay you double what she paid?!" I hit the button in my ear and rolled my eyes.

"Now's really not a good time." I said quickly, then swore loudly as I tripped, as predicted, on the last step and landed face down on the cement. Not having time to check for scrapes, I picked myself up and continued moving, just as a hand grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me back around.

"Amy? Is everything alright?" The voice in my ear asked as I twisted my shoulder in an attempt to escape the old guys grip. How he even moved so fast down those stairs I will never know!

"Give me that camera you little bitch!" He roared at me.

"Oh I'm fine," I said in a breath, ignoring what the old guy had said and grabbed the fat wrist that was wrapped around my arm. At the same time that I brought my knee up to my chest, I dug my nails into his flesh. I shoved my foot forward, striking him in the chest and launching myself backwards. I fell on my butt less than a foot away from him. It wasn't the most spectacular stunt, but it got the job done. The old guy just stumbled slightly, stunned a bit, and I stood up as quickly as I could, making a mad dash for my car. "Just doing a little photography. You know," I said with a smirk. "For fun." I slammed my car door and hit the gas in one movement. As I drove away I let out a sigh. It had gotten a little more violent than intended, and I was still having trouble tripping over my own feet when I was hurrying, but I had the shots I'd needed and it was always more interesting when their true colours came out.

"Uh huh, sure you were." The voice in my ear said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes.

"What can I do for you, Riles? You know I'm on the clock."

"Yeah I know." He said with a laugh. "There was a call for you a little while ago, a personal call." I frowned and slowed my speed.

"Personal? Who's calling me at work?"

"It was your sister. She didn't say what it was about, but she sounded a bit upset. I think you might want to call her back." Lauren? She never called me at work. This couldn't be good news.

"Thanks Riley." I told him thoughtfully. "Hey, since I have you, can you put a note on the Mallory file for me: photo evidence obtained."

"Sure thing. Hey, was he…"


"And she was…"

"Uh huh."

"Damn. I don't know how he does it. Anyway, I'll see you when you get back." I ended the call, removed the earpiece and tossed it into my bag before fishing around for my personal cell phone. I glanced at it quickly and swerved the car as I saw the multiple calls flashing on my screen.

"Shit!" I swore and pulled the car onto the side of the road, deciding it wasn't worth risking my life. I took another look and saw missed calls galore. I speed dialled the number and hit the speaker button.

"Amy! Thank god! Where the fuck have you been all day?! Why the fuck haven't you answered my calls?!" The shrill voice called into my car.

"Shit, calm down Lauren!" I yelled back. "I was working! You know I don't answer when I'm on a job."

"Fuck Amy, this is an emergency! I fucking needed you!"

"Lauren. Calm. The. Fuck. Down." I placated her. "What's going on? What happened?" I asked slowly, calmly, trying to get her to talk like a person and not yell at me like a psycho. I heard her take a breath.

"It-it's my friend." She said with a slight quiver in her voice. "I think she's…dead." I felt the stunned silence in the air.


Authors Note: Still not entirely happy with this but it's been sitting on my laptop for so long that I needed to do something with it. Plus, I've read it way too many times to edit it properly. So I would love some constructive criticism.

I'm also not sure whether this will stay a fanfic. I may end up turning it into general fiction since the characters are so different to the show… It is au though, so we'll see how we go.

Not sure how often it'll get updated, but I'll be continuing it for NaNoWriMo this year, so we should have a decent amount done by the end of the year.

Hope you enjoy it!