Hello amigos and welcome back to another entry in Velkan's Journal: Burning Cold. You know, I almost lost all motivation to keep this story up... or to write at all. I don't know why; maybe I haven't received any reviews since chapter three, and I think my story sucks so much that anybody want to leave a review... I don't really know. But then I thought to my self 'Why on earth should I care about that?'. I believe it was Stephen King who said "The stories that writers make are not meant to please the public, but to the writers themselves".

So here I am, and after that melodramatic pause here is Chapter 7. Enjoy!. And don't worry, I'll finish Velkan's story till the very end, which trust me, you still haven't heard anything ;)

"Two powerful entities had tasked me to protect these group of students and in order to do so I had to hide them my intentions. "Ignorance will keep them alive" Lord Death said. "If they find out, they will never accomplish their fate" Lady Destiny said. Perhaps hide them the truth for a while was a good idea after all... Sorry about that, but I had to write that down... Anyway, werewolves... I can't say that I get along with them, especially after I burned down the lair of one of their clans a few years ago. Clan that, as Time would tell, turned out to be the one from which the current Alpha of the werewolves was chosen. Yeah, I know, even if it's hard to believe I do have accidents from time to time ok?!. I seriously doubt that until now they have forgiven me for that little incident.

Anyways, now that I mentioned them maybe it's time for me to tell the differences between Alphas and Dark Lords. You see, in the monster realm each kind chooses a leader that rules over every member of that species; and the Dark Lords are chosen among the High Councils of every kind to rule over the whole monster realm. In this case, the werewolf Alpha, Lady Selina Gardner, is currently one of them. For better or worse, one of her nephews was in Yokai Academy at the same time that Tsukune and the others. Speaking of them, when I saw them again they surprised me, as they would continue to do so in several occasions in the future. They surprised me because of the fast that Kurumu integrated in their group, considering what happened a few days before.

Oh, and now at last I know what the hell was Joseph's kind. I must say I didn't expect to see one of them so far from their territory, but I suppose he has his reasons"

-Class 1-C Homeroom, Noon-

Miss Nekonome's class could become interesting if you pay enough attention. Of course, that was if the fish and the different ways of preparing food with them were your greatest passion, as was the case with the young teacher in charge of both Class 1-C and the Newspaper Club. By the third day, all students in the class learned that it was better to pretend to pay attention and pray that class over soon. And certain group of friends was no different, each of them deep in thought. Tsukune still couldn't believe that monsters were real and the fact he was in a school for monsters only didn't help, but was grateful for learning that they were not as scary or wild as legends say. Behind the human boy, Moka thought about the enormous change that she was going through, because in the time she spend in human schools was ignored by her classmates because they saw it as a weird, and here she was treated as one more and even admired for being the daughter of a Dark Lord. Sitting next to Tsukune, Joseph pondered about the fact of having a human by friend and regretted not being able to see his sister and tell her that, in the end, she was always right. Behind the blond, Kurumu focused her thoughts on a new way to attract and know the identity of her Destined One, but these last days that goal was going to a second place, because she also wanted to spend some time with her new friends.

"And that's why golden fish has better taste that tuna" Miss Nekonome explained, getting everybody's attention. "If you had any questions you-" she said before being interrupted by the ring bell. "Oh, well. Don't forget to read chapter 5 for next class. Meow!"

"That'll be helpful if I ever cook fish, although personally I prefer the steaks" Joseph said casually.

"You cook?!" Kurumu asked a bit surprised.

"I didn't knew you can cook, Joseph" Moka said.

"Yeah... my mom insisted on that if I was to live on my own here" the blond replied.

"My mother tried to teach me too, but I think I'm not that good" Tsukune said and chuckled a bit. As they talked and were about to head to the school cafeteria, Miss Nekonome approached them with a smile.

"Before you go I need to take you to the clubroom so you know the rest of the members" she said cheerfully. The four students nodded and began to follow her through the hallways of Yokai until they reached their destination. The classroom was in the second floor and it had a big plastic table in it's center, probably used to work on the newspaper. When they entered they were surprised to find it empty.

"Excuse me, are we the only ones in this club?" Tsukune asked, afraid to know the answer. The teacher chuckled a bit.

"Of course no. There is still one more member" she answered. A moment later someone knocked on the door of the clubroom and a student slightly higher than Tsukune entered; he had the uniform of the Yokai Academy, but he used it in a more casual way without the tie and the top button of his shirt unbuttoned. He wore a red band that held his black hair and wore a silver necklace with a crescent moon. But its most distinctive feature was the two red roses in his hand.

"I'm sorry to be late. It's just that I couldn't find flowers that matched with your beauty" he said as he gave one rose to Moka and the other to Kurumu, whom didn't knew what to say.

"Gin, I'm glad you made it. I need to attend a staff meeting now" the teacher said as she leave the clubroom. "Can you take it from here?"

"Of course Miss Nekonome. I'll tell them the basics of the newspaper club" he said. When the teacher was gone the student introduced himself. "My name is Ginei Morioka, but you can call me Gin. Now listen, the Newspaper Club has the mission of investigate the most relevant news that happen on the school during the week, work hard on it's edition to make it easy to read, adjusting it in a format I have prepared to print it and deliver the newspaper to every student in the school gates every Tuesday. To achieve that you'll need to work hard and put all your effort in this, which may include stay up late to finish an article or go out to make some interviews. So if you don't have the guts to be in this club, now it's the time to leave".

"This guy seems to take his job seriously" Joseph whispered to Tsukune.

"It seems that this club ran out members by this guy push them too hard" the human boy answered.

After a few moments in silence Gin began to laugh. "Come on, I was joking. Mostly we'll just be hanging out here after class and see what we can add to the newspaper, but you'll have fun here"

"So are we really the only members in this club?" Moka asked.

"That's right. Now, the first thing we're going to-" Gin said before being interrupted by a redheaded boy that wear a dark trench coat. A silver chain hanged out of one of it's pockets and Kurumu seemed to recognize him.

"Excuse me, is this Newspaper Club?" he asked. "Well, well. It seems that you two DO got along the past few days". he said a bit surprised after seeing the vampire and the succubus in the same room.

-Somewhere in the Academy Forest, A few moments ago-

"Damn portals!" Velkan yelled in frustration. "It seems that I still have to dominate this magic". The portal that brought him had appeared in the forest surrounding Yokai Academy and unfortunately he was already late for the first "class". Still he couldn't believe that the headmaster had made him reenter as a student, but he was willing to play along just to be close to Moka and the others.

"I'd better go to the principal. I'll let him know that I'll be staying a few days" he told himself as he began walking, but then stopped. 'Now that I think about it, I could just fly to his office. After all I'm just another freshman that didn't knew that showing my true form was forbidden in school grounds, right?' he thought as he spread his orange wings and took flight over the forest. Some students looked amazed when they saw in the sky an orange glow fly over them, they did not know what kind of monster could be doing that. Velkan grinned seeing some of the expressions on their faces. 'They're too young. Probably none of them has seen anyone like me before'. He landed on the balcony of the headmaster's office, who was sitting at his desk going through some papers.

"So, are you done with your business in the human world?" he asked without looking up. The phoenix came in and retracted his wings which, like Kurumu's wings, could pass right through the clothes without tearing it.

"Not yet, I'm still waiting a few things to set up" Velkan answered as he remembered his conversation with Nick. "But I have some time to spare and decided to pay you and the guys a visit" he said regaining his mood. A smirk formed beneath the headmaster's glowing eyes.

"Of course you do. Well, you came just in time to join a school club" Mikogami said.

"Oh come on! I only agreed to be a student again. Join a club was not part of our deal, and you know it" Velkan snapped.

"You agreed to be a student again, which implies perform all activities that are expected of a student, including being part of a club. Now, I understand that there are some clubs that are at risk of disappearing due to lack of members such as the Photography Club, Kendo Club... Newspaper Club" the headmaster replied. The phoenix remained silent, partly because he was still unconvinced about the idea of joining a club and partly for not being able to believe that the headmaster beat him in his own pact. The phoenix usually got the best part of its deals and Velkan was not used to losing.

"Fine, I guess I'll join one. But that doesn't mean I'll be attending every meeting, is that clear?" he finally said.

"That will be entirely you choice, my friend" Mikogami replied. Velkan nodded and left the office.

As he walked through the hallways he went through his options. 'I can't avoid it so let's see... I never been good with cameras, and doesn't make much sense to join the kendo club if we're going to pretend fights with wooden swords... I'm not too interested in Newspaper Club neither, but it seems it's the one where I won't have to work that hard' he thought. After he asked the location of the newspaper clubroom to some students he went to second floor. Before he reached the room, he heard a few girls by chance.

"Are you two sure that someone saw you while you got changed?" one asked to her friends.

"I couldn't saw him, it was dark when we left the gymnasium. But I felt like I was being watched" another replied.

"I saw him! He was really fast, but I know I saw a silver shine in his neck. Maybe he was using a necklace or something" the third one talked. Velkan couldn't help but roll his eyes and snickered hearing the conversation. 'I guess boys will always be boys. Some things never change I guess'. When he reached the clubroom he found a student with long hair held up by a red headband wearing the school uniform.

"Excuse me, is this the Newspaper Club?" he asked. However, when he came in the clubroom he grinned lightly. 'Mikogami, you have a strange sense of humor you knew that?' he thought. "Well, well. It seems that you two DO got along the past few days" he asked referring to Moka and Kurumu.

-Newspaper Club's classroom, Present Time-

After a moment of silence, Velkan spoke again. "Oh, right. Where are my manners, perhaps it'll be better if I introduce myself, formally this time. My name is Velkan Santino"

"I'm Kurumu Kurono" the succubus said. A few days ago, despite the fact that she was crying because of Moka's threat of ripping her wings and tail, she thought she recognized his voice. 'I need her... alive' she remembered the words of the stranger. Velkan's voice was pretty much the same, but she wasn't sure.

"My name is Tsukune Aono. Nice to meet you" the human said a little nervous. "You're the one that stopped Inner Moka, right?". Tsukune clearly remembered him, and so the fact that even the other Moka was a little afraid of him.

"Well, I couldn't let two girls fight with each other you know? the phoenix asked. "Especially when one of them was going to rip off her wings and tail" he said pointing at Kurumu. Then he turned to see Joseph. "By the way, I'm glad that you recovered consciousness"

"The name is Joseph. Joseph Hawk" the blond said, not knowing who was this guy that seemed to know everyone else. "Who are yo again?"

"I told you there was someone else that day" the succubus replied. Velkan laughed a bit.

"She'd threw you to the tree line and you must hit one. That's why you don't remember me" he reasoned. Kurumu glanced at him questioningly.

"How'd you know that?" she asked. "Were you spying on us?"

"Wh- No! I saw your little rampage and went to see what was happening. By the time I came he was already knocked out" the phoenix replied. 'That was close. I should be more careful. These kids seem smart enough' he thought. Velkan turned to see the only member who hadn't greeted yet but he found Moka's mind in other place. And the gem in her rosario was blinking. "That's a pretty gem" he said getting the vampire's attention.

"Oh, i-it's nothing. Umm, my name is Moka Akashiya. I hope you like this place" she said with a smile. The phoenix couldn't help but think that something was off with her but decided to pay it no mind for now. Then he turned to the student in front of them.

"And I'm guessing you are the club leader, right?" he asked.

"That's right, I'm Ginei Morioka, but everyone here calls me Gin" he said. "Did they told you to join this club?" he asked

"Yeah, the headmaster said I could join here since they were low on members" Velkan replied.

"Well, if he approves it... Then we can start working" Gin announced and the group sat in front of the table.

"We're going to need a story to publish by next Tuesday, so if anyone have something don't forget to make some interviews and we'll check it out in a few days" he explained. "But before that, we're going to set this place up to work properly". And so their activities began, as everyone was thinking in what would be cool or interesting enough to write it down.

-Newspaper Club's classroom, Evening-

Most of those activities were about accommodate some boxes, which the boys were taking care of; put some posters on the wall, which the girls were taking care of; and the most complicated job on the clubroom, consisting on making sure that everyone else were doing their jobs the right way... which Gin was doing perfectly fine, monitoring Kurumu and Moka with special interest.

"What is he doing?" Tsukune told to himself when he saw Gin tilt his head and went to see what's going on.

"What was that?" Joseph asked. Velkan listened and turned to see the club leader. It was obvious that he was trying to catch a glimpse of the girls' underwear. 'Well, it's not like their lives are at risk. I'll let this one pass' he thought and went back to the boxes in front of him. Joseph was about to follow his friend before a hand on his shoulder stopped.

"Wait a sec Joseph. I think this may get interesting" the phoenix said, making the blonde look at him confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Just wait and look" Velkan answered as he pointed the other club members. Tsukune was next to the club leader and tilted his head the same way. The human was speechless.

"WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING GIN?!" the human yelled, getting everyone's attention. Gin chuckled and glanced at Tsukune.

"What are you talking about?" he asked casually.

"You're totally looking their underwear!" Tsukune said. The girls heard their friend yell but didn't understood a word.

"Is everything alright?" Moka asked.

"Yeah, what's with you Tsukune?" Kurumu asked. Gin grinned as an idea came to his mind.

"Well, I think that Tsukune here was peeping on you two" he said pointing the human.

"WHAT?!" the girls yelled in unison.

"T-that's not true! I mean, I did look, but that was only after-"


Both girls slapped him before he could speak any further. Gin couldn't help a small laugh, Joseph noticed it and seemed weird to him. Tsukune tried to apologize but it was in vain and they stormed out of the clubroom. Moka went to her dorm a little sad by knowing that Tsukune was a perv, and Kurumu, who was a bit upset, went to the cafeteria to get some lunch. The human went after Moka to explain what really happened and disappeared from the remaining members' sight.

"Well guys, I guess that's the end of this meeting. I'll see you tomorrow" he said goodbye with a sigh. Velkan was about to leave, for he wasn't interested in stay and move some boxes around, when he saw the blond and a smirk formed in his face.

"Didn't I told you that this would be interesting?" he said amusingly.

"It's not that. I think we have our story for the newspaper" Joseph replied catching Velkan's curiosity.

"Oh, and what may that be?" the phoenix asked.

"You saw what I saw right?"

"You mean Gin peeping on the girls and tricking Tsukune to make it look like he did it?" Velkan asked. "Yeah, I think I notice that"

"Exactly. We need to get Kurumu for this one" the blond said.

"Kurumu? You think she'll help us?" the phoenix asked.

"Once we tell her what really happened, yeah of course she will... maybe... I hope so" Joseph said, less and less excited each time. With that, the duo went to the cafeteria to try and convince the succubus into Joseph's plan.

-School Cafeteria; Evening-

By that time of the day the school cafeteria was almost reaching its full capacity. The students that weren't in their dorms, exploring the Academy Forest or stuck with club activities were having lunch and when Velkan and Joseph arrived they found a big commotion caused by a group of students around a table near a window.

"What's with that?" the phoenix asked pointing the table. Joseph took a look at it and when he noticed everyone in that group were male students he sighed.

"Yeah, I found her" he said in a dull way. They tried to get through the rest of the boys but it was in vain.

"I don't think this is working" Velkan said.

"Kurumu! Get out of there, we need to talk!" Joseph yelled.

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute!" Kurumu yelled back.

"We'll be in the next table" Velkan said out loud and went to sit. The succubus was trying really hard to find her Destined One but she had no luck so far.

"Alright boys, I need to go. See you all in a while" she said in a seductive way. The horde of guys let out a "Aww" in response but in the end they stepped aside to let their idol pass, grunting and sending death stares to the boys who make Kurumu left them. Velkan and Joseph didn't seem to mind them and the guys left the cafeteria. Kurumu meet with them at the next table, sitting next to the blond.

"No luck with you Destined One?" Joseph asked.

"No... this batch of boys was worthless too..." she sighed.

"You know, I meet a few succubi before and I don't believe this is the right way to find your mate of fate" Velkan said casually getting Kurumu's attention.

"Then... what should I do?" she asked intrigued.

"I don't know. Be creative I guess" the phoenix replied. She hadn't thought that before. Could it be that seduce random guys wasn't enough?. Her mother had told her that this was the fastest way to meet with her Destined One but she never talked about her father, so maybe it was the fastest but not the safest way. Seeing the girl lost in thought, Velkan keep talking. "But don't listen to me, it was just an idea. We're here to discuss another matter with you"

"That's right, I think we have a story for the newspaper" Joseph announced and leaned to make sure nobody else was listening to them. "We believe Gin is the perv. He was the one who peeped on you two and make it look like Tsukune did it"

"WHAT?! I'M GONNA KILL THAT GUY!" Kurumu yelled, getting the attention of nearly students. "If you knew it why didn't you said anything?"

"Not so loud!" Joseph said trying to calm her. "And don't look at me, he was the one who stopped me" he said pointing the phoenix, making the girl look at Velkan waiting for an answer.

"That's not important right now. What matters is what we can do with that information, my friends" the redhead explained. "When I got here this morning I heard a few girls saying that someone saw them while they were in the changing room after gym class. Have you heard anything about that?"

"Well, there is a rumor going on the Swimming Club" she said after thinking for a while. "They say there is some perv around the pool because they hear a camera click every now and then". Joseph glanced at her.

"Do you still talk to the Swimming Club girls?" he asked curiously.

"What? Maybe my Destined One would like me in swimsuit when he finds me" she replied. "Besides, it's not like I was the one that beaten her the most" she said referring to Moka, but also remembered the strange cold wave that came from the blond. 'Oh yeah, I should ask him about that'

"Maybe you're right" Joseph said lost in thought, taking Kurumu by surprise. 'Maybe later' she thought with a smile.

"What? About my swimsuit?" she asked seductively, teasing her friend.

"Yeah-No! Not that... I just remembered a few girls on our homeroom whining about a peeper" he explained.

"Well before you two get more 'friendly' here" Velkan said making Joseph face-palm and Kurumu chuckle a bit. "I suggest we split up and see what we can find out. We can meet in the clubroom tomorrow night"

"Alright" Joseph replied. Besides avoiding any awkward moment with Kurumu, he was very excited about making research for the Newspaper Club for some reason. He was about going to talk to the girls he spoke of when he recall a small detail. "Umm... should we tell Moka or Tsukune about this?"

"Of course we should. Moka needs to know Tsukune isn't the perv!" Kurumu said. Now that she had someone to call "real friends" she didn't want to see any problems among them.

"No..." Velkan said getting strange looks from the other two. "It may sound cruel and I know I have no right because you just meet me, but we could take advantage of Tsukune's bad luck to prove that Gin is the perv" the phoenix explained. "We just need to follow him and sooner or later he'll make a mistake"

"I don't feel comfortable with this" Kurumu replied.

"Me neither, but the sooner we expose Gin the sooner Moka will forgive Tsukune" the blond reasoned trying to convince his friend. After a while she give them an answer.

"Fine, let's get this over with" she said. Velkan smiled seeing them. Although he didn't knew them that well it remained him a similar situation that took place in that same spot, many years ago. Back in the day, the phoenix was in the Academy for a few weeks and had make some friends. Their names? Issa Shuzen, Ageha Kurono, Kenji Morioka and Rose Hawk. 'Some things never change indeed. They're just like his parents' he mused.

-School Warehouse; The Next Day, Noon-

The small investigation team had been busy; Joseph went to interview the girls he spoke of while Velkan was nowhere to be seen when their meeting was over. Kurumu was the only one who didn't know what to add to the investigation. 'How am I supposed to find something? The only thing I knew of was what those mermaid girls told me' she thought. It was lunch break and she decided to wander around school. As she was trying to think something she could work on she saw Gin going around the corner of the main building, moving some trash cans towards the rear of the school. 'What are you doing?' she thought. Despite the fact that she wanted to beat the crap out of him she decided it was better to follow him and see what he was up to. The succubus hid behind the corner and got surprised when she saw Gin leaving the trash cans and walk towards Tsukune, who was heading to the cafeteria to eat something. 'Tsukune? What do you want with him?'

"Tsukune! You think you can help me out with something?" Gin asked gently. Tsukune wasn't in the mood for helping anyone. In fact, he wasn't in the mood for anything, for since the day before Moka didn't talk to him at all and he was sad about that. 'Maybe this is what I need to distract my mind a bit' the human thought.

"Sure, what do you need?" he asked.

"I just want to make sure of something" Gin replied as they headed to where he moved the trash cans, followed closely by Kurumu. "Are you okay? You look like a zombie" Gin asked curiously.

"It's Moka. She hasn't speak to me since yesterday" he replied.

"Really? But you still have Kurumu right?"

"What do you mean?

"Oh don't play innocent with me Tsukune. You have two hot girls to pick from and you're telling me that you're interested in the one who's not talking to you? You are strange my friend" Gin mused.

"It's not like that. Kurumu is my friend and all, but..." Tsukune said.

"But?" Gin asked curiously. From a near corner, Kurumu was expecting an answer as well. 'Yeah, but?!' she thought.

"Well, you didn't hear it from me but I think she and Joseph..." the human said much to Gin's surprise. 'That's so not true! He's definitely not my Destined One. Oh no... if he's talking about it, maybe all school will start talking and... We need to get what we can on the peeper fast so I may dismiss this rumors on the newspaper next Tuesday! I'm a genius!' the succubus thought much to her relief.

"The blond guy?" Gin snickered. "I never thought she could fell for an american!". They kept talking for a while until they reached to what it seemed the rear of some storehouse. There wasn't any doors but there was a small window and a few trash cans by the wall. "I don't mean to take up too much time from you so I'll be quick. I'm gonna move some of the boxes left on the clubroom. I just need you to take a look inside and tell me if there is enough space for the boxes."

"Why don't we go in by the door?" the human asked. Gin was ready for that question.

"You see I forgot the keys and I wouldn't want to bother a teacher for that. Besides, if the boxes don't fit in it would be a waste of time for all of us" he replied.

"Well, that makes sense" Tsukune said and began to climb the trash cans.

"You know, Moka and I would make a nice couple, like Kurumu and Joseph" Gin said as Tsukune took a look inside the room. "And I'll do everything I can to see that happen"

"What do you-" Tsukune said before hearing a few laughs coming from the inside. He blushed when he saw the girls from the gym class as they were getting changed to their regular classes. "T-this is the changing room!"


"Nobody like pervs, you know?" Gin said seeing the picture he just took, which showed the human peeping the girls inside. "I wonder what Moka would think if she see this picture" he said as he chuckled and walked away.

"Hey, I think I heard something. Like the sound of a camera" a voice inside said.

"Let's check outside" another replied. 'Oh no!' he thought and began to climb down from the trash cans quickly.

"There it is! Let's get him!" a girl said when they saw Tsukune ran away from there. Unfortunately for him, this was one of those situations where being a human in a school full of monsters was more of an disadvantage and the girls catch him soon enough. They began to beat him and as they did it Moka was passing by.

"Take that! How do you like that you perv?!" one of the girls said.

"Perv?" Moka asked a bit sad. "Tsukune is the peeper?". The human saw she was there but before he could get her attention the vampire ran away from there with tears in her eyes.

"Moka..." Tsukune sighed.

"Stop! He's not the perv!" a familiar voice spoke.

"Kurumu?" Tsukune said confused but relieved to hear that.

"What are you talking about? We saw him!" one of the girls said.

"No, you didn't. He was tricked by the real peeper" Kurumu replied. "We are with the Newspaper Club and we'll discover the real perv" she promised the girls, who now looked ashamed by beating Tsukune.

"Well, we're sorry. I hope we didn't hurt you too much" the girl from before said apologetically.

"Don't worry. We'll catch that guy" Tsukune said smiling, still a bit hurt by the beating he got from them. Once he recovered a bit, Kurumu leaded him to their homeroom and when they got there, Moka was not there.

"It's ok, we have a plan" Kurumu reassured him as she went to her seat.

"Yeah, we'll explain it to you later" Joseph said and so the class continued for the rest of the day.

-Newspaper Clubroom, Nighttime-

The night came and just as they agreed, the growing investigation team meet in the clubroom to, in Velkan's words, make good use of it. Joseph woke Tsukune in the middle of the night and leaded to the second floor of Yokai Academy.

"Why did you bring me here?" Tsukune asked, still half awake. "And why did we stopped at the cafeteria at this hour?"

"We told you, we have a plan" Joseph said as he put a small plastic bag in a rear pocket in his pants and opened the door of the clubroom. Inside were Velkan reading a magazine in the teacher's desk and Kurumu, who was going through the interviews Joseph make to some girls in school in front of the redhead. "And we're here!" he announced getting the other's attention.

"Ah, just in time" Velkan said closing his magazine. "Alright, what do we got? Joseph?"

"Well, the girls didn't really said anything we don't already know" the blond replied as he sat next to Kurumu. "What about you? Where've you been all day?"

"I'll answer that in a minute. Kurumu? Did you find something?" the phoenix asked.

"Well, honestly I didn't found anything. But I saw Gin trick Tsukune into peeping at the changing room of the gym class early today" the succubus replied, making the phoenix smirk.

"What are you talking about? What is all this?" the human asked, not sure of what everyone was talking about.

"Isn't it obvious?" Joseph said and grinned. "We are getting the Newspaper Club the first big news in the school year! And in the process, helping you out with Moka by catching the real peeper. You're welcome, by the way". Tsukune thought for a while before his answer and sat in a near desk.

"Is there any chance that Gin is the perv?"

"I'm glad you asked that, my friend" Velkan said. "Turns out that our good leader Gin was busy last night"

"And how do you know that?" Joseph asked. The phoenix pulled out some pictures from his trench coat and tossed it in front of Joseph. A few of them showed Gin hiding in the bushes near the girl's dorm building; others focused on Gin's camera, which was hanging around his neck. And the last one depicted Gin on a tree taking pictures to one specific room, which belonged to someone who everyone present in the clubroom knew.

"Moka?!" everyone but Velkan said surprised.

"Yup. Apparently he has a little crush on her" the phoenix stated. "By the way, where is she?"

"She wasn't at her room. I looked for her but I didn't want to get caught in the girl's dorms" Joseph replied, making Velkan frown.

"That's not good. Any idea where she may be?"

"You know, there is one place she told me it was her favorite place in school" Kurumu said remembering something. "We should go there and see if she's there"

"What are we waiting for then?" Tsukune said. And so they left the clubroom leaded by the succubus, who had a pretty good guess as to where to find their missing friend.

-Main Building's Roof, Meanwhile-

It was a beautiful night, silent and peaceful, with a bright red full moon shining in the sky. And seated in a cornice of the rooftop was Moka, having another conversation with her inner self. 'He's hiding a large part of his power somehow. I don't trust him' was the warning she gave the outer Moka when they meet Velkan. She didn't wanted to believe that he was a bad guy. But most of her thoughts were focused on another boy she knew.

'Tsukune can't be the the peeper!'

'I don't even know what do you see in him. But something is odd about that' her inner self replied. 'He doesn't seem that kind of guy'

'I know that, but then... when I saw him early today' she thought remembering Tsukune being attacked by the girls from the Gym class. 'Those girls were sure that he was the one peeping on them. Maybe-'

'Someone's coming' Inner Moka warned. When the vampire turned around she hoped to see Tsukune and give him a chance to explain, but it turned out to be Gin. And he had a smirk on his face.

"Hi there. Why are you all alone up here?" he asked.

"I just came to think" she replied. "Do you think Tsukune is the peeper?". The question make Gin a bit upset, for he was aiming to get close to Moka and she mentioning another boy wasn't what he was expecting. Luckily for him he had a plan.

"I'm sorry, but it's true" he replied and pulled out a picture from his pockets. "Here, take a look for yourself". It was the picture he took early that day.

"No... this can't be right!" Moka said, still not believing it. And Gin saw his chance.

"Now now Moka, I know this is difficult to accept" he said and put an arm around her rather forcefully. "I'll make it go away"

"No! Stop it!" the vampire yelled. Suddenly, the door that leaded to the roof opened and the investigation team burst in.

"Ah Gin" Joseph said casually. "Just the perv we were looking for"

"Moka!" Tsukune yelled and went towards the vampire, who managed to release herself from Gin's grip. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, but he showed me a picture of you peeping on some girls" Moka replied.

"Right, the "picture". You know I saw the whole thing, right?" Kurumu said to Gin, who was starting to get nervous.

"O-Oh yeah? What did exactly did you saw?"

"I saw you tricking Tsukune to make it look like he was the perv" the succubus said.

"You see, we did some investigation work. And after a few interviews, as you suggested, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that..." Velkan said pointing at Gin. "You, our good leader, are the peeper". Gin couldn't believe it. His master plan to get Moka to himself had utterly failed. There was nothing else he could do... Unless...

"Well, I tried the easy way" he said while smirking. "It a beautiful moon, don't you think?"

"What the heck are you talking about?" Joseph asked. Gin began to laugh louder and louder. 'He has a strong aura around him. He's an S-Class too' Inner Moka warned. The vampire turned to look at the human boy.

"Tsukune, take my rosario off!" she yelled.

"Why?" he asked. As if on cue, Gin's body began to transform; his skin turned gray and started to get furry, from his hands and feet grew claws and his eyes were bright yellow. By the end of it, it was obvious that Gin was a werewolf.

"Alright, she wins. Just pull the damn thing man!" the blond said. Tsukune nodded and remove the rosario. Moka was enveloped in a bright purple light and her usual pink hair changed into a silver tone.

"So you are the enemy of all women in school" Inner Moka said. "Disgusting"

"I guess I'll help her" the blond sighed. He didn't like the idea of revealing the kind of monster he was, but wasn't about to let his friends down. And so his transformation began. His skin went pale, his hands spread the claws he used against the mermaid girls a few days ago, from the top of his head two large deer antlers grew. Unfortunately his green shirt was torn apart, revealing that he was so slender that his rib cage was noticed by all the presents. By the time his transformation ended, his face was more like a deer with sharp fangs and a fierce look. "Time to beating the little puppy!" he taunted. Kurumu and Tsukune were confused and a bit afraid of him, but the succubus thought that she could help them against Gin. That was until a hand on her shoulder stopped.

"I don't believe that'll be a wise choice, my dear" Velkan said smiling. Kurumu glanced at him.

"But... I got to help them!" she replied.

"A vampire and a wendigo against a werewolf. Trust me, they got this" the phoenix explained.

"A what?" Tsukune asked cautiously. He knew that everyone in this school was a monster, including his friends, but had no idea what type of monster Joseph was or what a wendigo was for that matter. And despite Kurumu never saw one, she heard awful things about them. Velkan just watched the fight develop before his eyes.

"Wendigos are known for they agility" he began explaining and as he talked Joseph dodged a hit from the werewolf while Moka kicked him in the guts, sending Gin flying to the near wall. "They have an ability called "Famine", which allows them to starve and in that state gain a bit more strength and some kind of healing factor" the phoenix continued. Gin recovered and sent a blow to the Joseph's stomach, who dodge most of it and managed to send a wave of cold air.

"What was that?" Kurumu asked.

"They also posses certain control over cold and wind. It's more like random waves of cold but with some experience and training they are a force to be reckoned with" Velkan replied. Inner Moka decided it was enough time wasted in a perv and sent a kick right at Gin's jaw, taking advantage that he was distracted by the sudden cold, knocking the werewolf and ending the fight.

"Know your place, you filthy wolf" she said began walking towards Tsukune.

"Come on, that was fun. We should do this more- ARGHH!" Joseph said before a sharp pain went through his stomach. Inner Moka turned and saw Joseph trying to attack her.

"What are you doing?! Snap out of it!" she yelled as she dodged the attacks from her friend.

"What's happening to him?" Tsukune asked.

"Well, that's the downside of the Famine. He'll feel too much hungry to stand and try to devour anything he founds to appease the pain. Including other living beings such as, let's say, a vampire" the phoenix explained, getting ready a small set of ashes in his hands just in case.

"And what we can do?!" the human asked desperately. Suddenly Joseph fell to the ground, much to Inner Moka's surprise.

"What is with him?" she asked. The body of the blond regained his human form and when the others approached him, Joseph stood up and smiled at the others.

"I'm glad you're all ok. That was a close call uh?" he joked about. He had a small plastic bag in his left hand and what it seemed like a burrito on his right. "This is why we took the detour to the cafeteria before going to the clubroom Tsukune. After that little rampage I need to eat something quickly before I do something bad" he explained with a sad look in his eyes.

"Is that... a burrito?" Kurumu asked confused, making Joseph regain his mood and frown as the phoenix dismissed the ashes in the area which went unnoticed by the others.

"Is not just a burrito... It's "The" chicken burrito that just save you all" Joseph smirked. "I got this as a preventive measure in case I went too far, which I apologize for"

"Personally I would just kill you for doing something like that. But you are friends with the other me, so know this: If you ever hurt us, I will put you down" she warned, making Joseph gulped nervously.

"Got it. See you... umm... next time we get in trouble I guess?" he replied with a weak smile. In the end, after Moka recovered from getting her rosario back, the group decided to take Gin to the entrance of the dorms so he could get to his room by himself. The girls had planned to leave him on the rooftop but Velkan convinced them otherwise.

-School Entrance; A few days after, Before Class-

The investigation team managed to get the newspaper by next Tuesday and on the main news was the identity of the peeper that had been terrorizing the girls these past days. Most of the Newspaper Club members were at the front gate delivering the newspaper to every student passing by.

"Get the most relevant news of the week!" Joseph announced as he gave a pair of them to a few students.

"The identity of the peeper is here!" Moka said next to Tsukune, who was bringing another box from the clubroom.

"This is the last one" he said. "We did it pretty good actually"

"Know the last love rumors on campus!" Kurumu announced and turned to see her friends and remembering something. "You bet! We finished faster that I thought. You guys wait here, I'll be here in a moment". With that she spread her wings and took flight towards the dorms.

"Umm, ok?" Joseph said. "By the way, where is Gin? Isn't he supposed to be here helping us?"

"I think he's a little busy right now" Velkan replied when he turned towards the main building.

"What do you mean?" Moka asked. The phoenix just pointed and they followed his sight line. Gin was being chased by a group of girls, the same girls that beat Tsukune.

"See Moka? I wasn't the peep-" he said just before seeing the vampire lean before him, allowing the human get a fine view of Moka's underwear.

"Don't push your luck pal" Joseph whispered to him, getting his attention just before Moka glanced at him with a smile.

"I knew you weren't the peeper. You just couldn't be" the vampire said not knowing what just happened.

"Oh Moka..."

"Oh Tsukune...



"What are they doing?" Velkan asked curiously.

"I'm not quite sure either..." Joseph replied before hearing a near flutter.

"I'm back!" Kurumu said, bringing a small lunch box with her.

"What's that?" Moka said, after snapping out form her trance.

"I made some cookies to celebrate!" she answered.

"And what exactly are we celebrating?" the blond asked as he took one cookie.

"Our first newspaper published!" the succubus replied cheerfully.

"By the way, what kind of monster are you Velkan?" Tsukune asked curiously. "We know Kurumu is a succubus, Moka is a vampire, Joseph is a wendigo. How about you?"

"Yeah, that's right" Kurumu replied. "It's not like anyone is taking that rule seriously anymore right?". Velkan grinned before talking.

"Tell you what" he replied. "If you can guess what I am, then I will owe a favor to each one of you. But if I happen to reveal myself before you do it, each one of you will owe me a favor".

"Sounds fair" Joseph said after a while. "You're a devil"

"What?! Why does everyone thinks I'm a devil?" the phoenix sighed in defeat.

"Well, it was you who convinced me to start the investigation on Gin and somehow managed to drag Kurumu into that as well" the blond replied.

As they were eating and talking, the phoenix was amused by them. 'They're good kids. So like their parents were'

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