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1) this fic is supposed to be a continuation of where the manga left off (since the anime pulled an FMA on us) but even if you've only seen the show, I think it should be okay to follow. If you wanna check it out, the anime/manga diverge at chapter 37 or around the middle of S3 E8.

2) I try to refer to Chrona in a gender neutral way, but otherwise use the male pronoun cuz...English. Yeah.

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Chapter 1: A New Morning

Soul "Eater" Evans jolted awake and sat up in bed, the comforter falling to his naked waist. "Man, this is so not cool," he grumbled, clutching his head. A headache was brewing, suggesting he'd had a bit too much to drink at last night's annual party (the only night students were allowed a small bit of alcohol), but at least it wasn't nearly as bad as the one he'd gotten after he and Black*Star had snuck into the Academy's wine cellar. Yawning a little, Soul looked blearily around the room, with its alphabetized books and tidy desk, and clutched his head again. It was hard to see in the dim light of the pre-dawn, but he knew immediately where he was. Crap. What am I doing in Maka's room of all places? I don't remember. This is so not cool. Waking up to this much girly-ness. Ugh. But why can't I…huh? A small movement from beside him interrupted his train of thought.

Glancing down, Soul froze and broke out in a nervous sweat. A girl's bare shoulder and tousled, mousy hair had been revealed when the cover slipped in her sleep. WHY AM I IN BED WITH MAKA?! And why, GAH! Is she…Is that…Is she.…NAKED?! Maka pulled at the cover in her sleep and Soul realized something perhaps even more disturbing: he DEFINITELY wasn't wearing pajamas either. Or anything at all, for that matter. Gggh! I am going to be in sooo much trouble when she wakes up! And I don't even remember how we got into this mess! If I sneak away now, maybe all of this will go away… oh man. But what if…what if THAT happened. She would probably KNOW and then I would STILL be in trouble. Especially if I try to hide it. I mean, I don't THINK we did, but…damn. DAMN! Not cool!

"mhhpff...Soul…" Maka's quiet, dreamy mumble halted the crashing stream in Soul's mind. Soul's face heated and he glanced away briefly, rubbing his nose. "Huh," Unable to keep his eyes away, Soul turned back to watch his Meister, sleeping so peacefully beside him on the cramped twin bed. I rarely get to see her like this lately. She looks so relaxed and…happy. No, not happy, content. Its… nice. Huh. Well. Maybe this isn't so bad after all... The death scythe pondered a little as he watched the girl; the partner whose face he had come to know almost better than his own. Running away at this point would definitely not be cool. I'm not that kind of guy. And she doesn't seem like she'll wake up any time soon. There's no way I'm waking her up now, and risk getting the "Maka Chop" this early in the morning. A decidedly lascivious grin broke across his face, all pointy teeth and devilment. I'm still tired, after all. And it's not even daylight yet. Might as well live it up while I can and face the music later.

Having decided to push his luck, Soul slowly, carefully lay down again and crept his way back beneath the covers. Okay Soul, now just be cool. Be. Cool. Sweating slightly, biting his lip, Soul tentatively snuck his arm toward where he presumed Maka's side to be. Ages seemed to tick by while he tried to nonchalantly make his way to his goal without waking the dreaming time-bomb. Ngh! Berating himself, the scythe almost blew his cover as his fingers brushed something soft, warm and smooth. Something almost like electricity, their soul wavelengths arking, sent a small spark of energy between them. Crap! You are way cooler than this, man! To freak out over touching a girl's skin?! Pathetic! Besides, it's not like you haven't touched her before, right? Soul tried to reason with himself...Like her hand, or over her clothes...or… Refocused by the temptation of so much bare skin, hidden by the sheet, Soul grabbed hold of his composure and gently draped his arm over his Meister's waist.

See. He carefully let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. I can do this. Easy. The Weapon conveniently ignored the throbbing in his chest as his heart raced and heat began to radiate throughout his body from the bare skin connecting them. So…warm. Definitely not cool. But…I…yeah… As Soul's heartbeat slowed he drifted back to sleep, unconsciously inching closer to his partner and her warmth, his memory hazily returning, as if in a dream. Or was it a nightmare? Only morning would tell.