The pirates at Marineford were so happy that they could have burst into song and dance. Ace had just been rescued off of the execution platform by his crazy brother, Monkey D. Luffy. Now Ace joined in on the battle to get everyone out of Marineford and take out as many marines as he could while doing so.

Everything was going perfectly fine until Whitebeard commanded his sons to leave while he sacrificed his life.
His crew and sons all became extremely upset about this order, but they knew that they had to carry it out. As they retreated, Akainu began cruelly mocking the Whitebeard Pirates by calling them cowards and failures. This set off Ace and other volatile members of the crew. Ace turned around to show Akainu his mind, and, as they continued to retreat, the pirates blasted off many rounds of bullets in random directions hoping to do some kind of damage.

It was one of these random shots that changed the outcome of this battle. One of the bullets shot straight into the sky.

Akiko, spaced out with her eyes closed and enjoying her flight, was paying absolutely no attention to her surroundings. As she realized she was near her destination, she started to come out of her daze to focus but was stopped short. Blinding pain rippled through her left wing causing her to give a shout and start pinwheeling through the air. She had just been shot in one of her extremely sensitive wings. The immense pain and sudden loss of equilibrium in her balance caused Akiko to rapidly descend from the sky and start on a collision course to the ground.

Directly below, Luffy, having reached his limit, collapsed to the ground after attempting to rush to Ace's aid. Akainu, seeing this vulnerableness, attempted to capitalize on this open chance to rid the world of pirate scum. Ace could see Akainu's train of thought and decided to jump in front of his brother as Akainu pulled his arm back to swing. Then, in a completely unexpected and unintended twist of fate, Akiko crash landed right on to Admiral Akainu.

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