7 months had passed since the coronation of King Ben and 6 months since Mal and Ben broke up. At first they tried to make it work between them with everything in the open but Mals confession about the real reason she gave him the magic cookie made Ben doubtful. He tried to stay positive because Mal choose him over her mom, but this little doubt grew stronger with the rumors of some students that didn't accept the ex-villains until it finally won over him. So at the end he decided it was best for them to be apart. Once they broke up Mal wasn't sure what her place in Auradon was. She saw her friends bloom around her and she felt lost; going back to the island wasn't an option, but staying was too painful.

With time though and the help of the other three and some new friends she moved on. Mal didn't forget Ben and how much she care for him, but she also realize that if she and Ben were meant to be they would find their way to each other. After Ben's coronation, there was a big celebration a new year started in the Auradon Prep and with it new kids arrived from other kingdoms to enroll and be part of the change. For this semester though no new villain kids would come to Auradon. Ben continue to believe in giving the kids of the island a chance, but his advisors decided that it was best to study a little more about the chosen ones before agreeing to welcome them to the kingdom. So next semester a new group would arrive.

Mal and her friends spend the month-long celebration of the new king visiting Doug's family. It was awkward at first specially with Evie being the daughter of the Evil Queen, but Doug's family was as kind and forgiving as he so after the first-day things got better. Now to say that Grumpy was unhappy about visitors was an understatement but he end up warming up to them, especially to Mal because of her sarcastic comments. The week before the begin of the semester found the five friends going back to Auradon Prep at their arrival they notice that the place was mostly deserted. Once they got out of the car and walk towards the statue of the morphing beast, Mal felt nostalgic thinking about Ben greeting them when they came to study for the first time.

"You really like the statue don't you?" said an unfamiliar voice behind her. Mal turned slowly and saw a guy with the build of Jay with black short hair big brown eyes and a smirk on his lips.

"Why would you think that?" She cross her arms and watch the guy with interest. She didn't remember seeing him before or any of the other three that were walking towards him. She felt someone behind her and from the corner of her eyes she saw Jay and the rest of her friends standing with her in case she needed back up. She like the feeling of having people that actually care for her, that feeling alone made choosing good over evil worth it. Just then she saw Doug walking towards the guy with a smiled.

"Aziz? when did you get here?" The other guy hugs Doug. They talked for a while almost forgetting the rest of the people around them, it seems they knew each other from kindergarten.

A boy with brown hair and green eyes clear his throat evidently trying to break the conversation with no luck, suddenly a petite blonde girl with brown eyes took a step forward and slap Aziz on the head. Aziz turned around and laugh saying he was sorry. Mal turned to see Jay looking flirty at the girl when a boy that look very much like a male version of Lonnie gave him the evil eye while taking the girl's hand.

"Sorry Doug, let me introduce some of my friends. This two are Ryder and Cora they are the son and daughter of Queen Rapunzel and King Eugene. And he is Zhou the son of Mulan and Lonnie's brother" Doug shook the hands of everyone then he turned around and introduce Mal and her friends. The gang stood tall ready for any harsh comment or action that would come their way after their heritage was known. None of the kids seemed face for the information and they even shook hands with them. Realizing the reaction the gang was having Ryder explain that the story of what happened on the coronation was well known around all the kingdoms due to the tv. He then said that none of them had a problem with them.

"We are kids of rule breakers so our parents have thought us to be open minded and the importance to know the person before deciding what we think of them." They couldn't help the smile at this statement it was a relieve to see that not all the children of goodies were so judgmental as the ones they met.

Although Jay wasn't sure about one thing "Zhou if Lonnie is your sister how come we haven't met already?". Before Zhou could open his mouth to explain anything Cora did it for him. "He was taking a semester abroad" she turned and give him a dreamy look "he is trying to be in the guard of the emperor." They all nodded and Jay took the hint that Cora was definitely not available for any kind of flirting, it was a shame he like the way she slap Aziz.

The rest of the week pass really fast all of them decided to hang out and get to know each other. Although Azis, Cora, and Ryder were new in Auradon Prep, they knew people that went there so the gang was a little skeptical if after everyone had come back they would still be as close as they were now. Two days before the semester started Mal found herself alone walking the grounds of the school reliving little moments she shared with Ben. Just as the memory of their first kiss end up playing in her mind, she felt someone touching her shoulder she jump scare and turned to find Cora.

"I'm sorry Mal. I didn't want to scare you, but I saw you crying and I was concerned…" Mal ignores the rest of what she was saying. Crying? What was she talking about? She notices then that her face was wet with tears and her vision was blurred for all of them. She turned to Cora not knowing how to explain what was happening to her, she couldn't think what to say and suddenly she realized she was sobbing. Cora hugs her for what felt an eternity and after she calmed down they walk in silence going further away from the entrance and deep into the forest. "I'm not used to crying, I never did it before I came here." Cora nods at the statement. "Mal you are a very strong girl , trust me it gets one to know one" that make Mal chuckle in the short time she known Cora she notices she was a strong-minded girl but at the same time she held a rare kind of kindness.

"We never mention anything to you, but we know what happened with Ben." Mal wasn't shocked she was aware of the gossips that their short live romance created, but she also knew that not all of what was said there was true. "I'm sure I don't know the entire story, but I do know that you two were in love, did you ever cry about the breakup?" Mal nod once but then she felt like she needed to say more. "Evie, Jay, and Carlos have been great about it, but I feel like I'm spoiling their happiness. So after a couple of days I just kept it inside, we talk about sometimes but I usually try to avoid it.". Cora told Mal about her ex-boyfriend Gerard and how in love she was with him. She open up to Mal about how to destroy she felt about their breakup and how she move on eventually when she met Zhou.

"I'm not saying that you should forget about Ben, but maybe you should grieve a little not just ignore your feelings. Maybe your destiny is to be with him or maybe not but you will be able to remember those amazing moments you both lived without feeling bad about it." They walked back to the dorms and Mal hug Cora "Thanks, I needed that". Cora smile and told her to come to her if she ever felt weird talking with her other friends about Ben. That night Mal rest peacefully with hopes of a tomorrow where she would be able to relieve her history with Ben without feeling bad. When classes started the gang was happily surprise to see that although their friends talk to the people they used to know they would always sit next to them and hang out just like they did a week before.

Ben was gone the first two months of the semester and that was enough time for Mal to get center. They had parted amicably and he promised that they will always be friends now she felt like that was a real possibility. One afternoon while Mal, Cora and Evie went to see the guys practice they passed near the entrance when Ben's limo arrived. Mal felt excited to finally see Ben after all this time. When the door of the limo open he appear looking as handsome as ever, but her excitement was destroyed when he turned to help a beautiful girl get out of the car and then lean in to kiss her.