Between secret meetings every couple of months and Mal's holiday vacation most of the year went faster than they had initially thought it was possible, both of them continue to be true to their promise of making the best out the situation they were living now. The best part of the year was when Anastasia's parent invited Ben to spent an entire week checking the progress of the treaty they had signed a couple of months ago with other kingdoms. As soon as the invitation came, Ben knew that Alexandra had something to do something with it, there was no way her parents had decided to organize this weekend on his and Mal´s anniversary.

He wasn't the only invited, so he decided to take some members of the council with him so that there were no rumors about the reason he was making the trip although people were obviously suspicious. That night on his daily called to Mal he told her about his trip and was rewarded by the excitement scream of his girlfriend, she started making plans for them, but he stopped her making it clear that was going to be busy most of the mornings and afternoons. Mal gave her own version of his pout making him laughed and promised her to try to make some time for them during those times too.

Before that though Ben was supposed to go to the Royals week with the rest of his friends, and from there he was going to meet the members of his council in Alexandra's city. When he arrived at the Royals week, he found Azis, who had decided to study with Evie and Mal, the boys shared a long hugged and Ben asked about Ryder. Soon the boy appeared walking hand in hand with Alexandra giving no chance to Azis to say anything about it. Although Ryder had decided to stay that year in Auradon with his sister Ben knew that he was constantly traveling, at first he thought it was because he was going back to his kingdom, but now Ben realized that he must have been traveling to see Alexandra. Those two were going to be a great couple and Ben could see them making some amazing changes in the future for their people. The week was full of good moments and talks about plans for the gang, most of them were going to return next year to their kingdoms to study in an environment that would let them learn more about their unique necessities.

By the time the weekend started Ben had made arrangements to leave early this time without telling anyone about his plans, although he knew that most of his friends were wondering when he was going to sneak out to see Mal. Friday night after dinner he joined one of the monarchs that were making their way back to their kingdoms, and with him, he traveled for the next day. It was an unusual situation for him to go anywhere outside Auradon without security, well except when he sneak out, so the security team of the other royal was making sure that he was being taken care of. Even though they offered to take him to his final destination Ben assure everyone that he only needed to get to the nearest train station. The reason he had chosen Nick to asked him to help him get close to Mal was that even though he was a King for many years, he was just a couple of years older than Ben. If anyone was going to let something like this happened was Nick, and with that hope, Ben looked at the older Royal who agreed to let him go alone. "I swear Ben if somethings happens to you I'll find you just to yell at you for putting me in this situation."

From there the trip was smooth nobody gave a second thought to see a boy traveling alone, it was nice for him to see that people didn't tend to recognize him. He fell asleep on the trip and only woke up when one of the passengers shook him telling him that they had arrived at the last stop. Ben took his duffel bag and started making his way outside the station ready to see Mal; he had sent her a quick text before falling asleep asking her to picked him up but never checked to see if she had answered. Just as he was about to take his cell phone out to see, he found himself being tackled down; when he opened his eyes, Ben saw Mal on top of him hugging him and telling him how excited she was to see him.

Some bystanders that had witnessed the scene were laughing at the couple and Ben joined them, he hugged Mal back and asked if they could stand up. Mal stood and helped him up just for Ben to use the hand she was giving him to bring her closer to him so they could kiss. Ben asked about Evie and Mal told him that she was waiting for them back at her dorm he nodded and put his arm around her the couple started their way back to her place. Ben told her about his week with the Royals, and how he had discovered that Ryder was dating Alexandra which wasn't a surprise for Mal. It wasn't like Alexandra had told her anything, but she had seen Ryder a couple of times there, and she knew Alex was traveling on some weekends, she wasn't sure why they weren't telling people, but it wasn't her business to know so she never asked. A couple of blocks away from her house Ben noticed that Mal was no longer paying him any attention and when he asked her what was going on she told him what she knew about Ryder and Alexandra. "Well, I guess they rather keep it to themselves until they are ready to share it with the rest of us. They were open with everyone at the Royal week, but nobody asked them any details, not even me."

When they finally arrived at Mal's place, Evie had prepared a little table with food for the three of them to share, and Ben couldn't help but smile at the girl that always seemed to know what they needed even before they knew themselves. The three of them spent the night talking nonstop until they couldn't help but fall asleep, Mal and Evie went to their room while Ben make himself comfortable on the couch with a huge smile on his face because he was with Mal again. The next morning he woke up and notice that he had a sticky note on his forehead and some around him, it took him a couple of minutes to understand that there were messages and instructions for him to followed once he woke up. The girls had plans with some friends early this morning, and they had to leave before he was awake, in the notes they gave him instructions, they had left some food made for him, he could use their shower and Mal had his favorite shampoo for him ready in there. His phone had died the night before, but he saw that now it was in the corner charging and also Evie had put some clothes out for him to tried on and gave her some constructive criticism about the fit. There was a small part of him that was sad to see that he was left behind. Ben would have loved to join the girls on their outing, but the rest of him understood that this was exactly what he had been begging Mal to do when they parted ways almost ten months ago. Ben took the opportunity to look around, and he found himself lost in the walls that were cover with photos and sketches from different cities that he had listened Mal talked about over the last couple of months, and huge smile appeared on his face, she had really embraced her adventure side and he was so happy for her.

After looking around and having a fantastic breakfast, he missed his girlfriends cooking; Ben decided that it was time to take a shower and start putting some of the clothes Evie had left for him on. When he got out of the shower and was standing in front of the mirror of the bathroom, he noticed a hidden message from his favorite fairy telling him how much she loved him and that Evie had made her go out, but she would try to sneak back to him as soon as possible. He laughed at that because one of the sticky notes was a message from Evie telling him that she wasn't forcing Mal to go but more like making her keep her promised to join her today. Ben loved those two more than words can express, and he was glad to see that their relationship hadn't changed at all. After trying a couple of suits Evie left for him, Ben took off his shirt, and before putting on the next one, he decided that it was time for a quick snack. The boy was looking around for an apple when he heard the door opening behind him and turned to find himself face to face with a red hair girl that seemed to be trying to memorize him, by the way, her eyes focused on his body, especially his chest area that was naked at the moment. Clearing his throat, Ben said hello to the girl and asked who she was, a sly smile appeared on her face, but before she was able to answer him Mal and Evie appeared behind her talking among themselves until they saw the situation that was unfolding before them. Mal went to stand in front of him while asking the red hair girl, Jackie she called her, what exactly she was doing there?.

The girl told Mal to chill that she was only coming to visit, but her eyes kept going towards Ben like she was trying to will Mal to move so she could continue to check him out. Evie was the one to take charge of the conversation now, and with ease, she convinced the girl that she needed to leave and then closed the door behind her. Once Jackie was gone Ben told the girls what had happened and Mal calmed down a little, but she made it clear that the girl was no longer welcome there while Ben was visiting which was ok by Ben and Evie, both of them were thankful that Mal had remain calm. Aside from that incident the rest of the weekend was lovely, Ben and Mal went out to have a dinner on Sunday in preparation for the arrival of the members of the council the next day.

With a little helped he managed to keep it a secret that he had arrived earlier than expected to the city and for the rest of the week he only saw Mal at nights after the activities of the day ended. His delegation was very impressed with his commitment to the task at hand, and they didn't say anything when he informed them that Mal was going to join them at the state dinner that was going to happen on Saturday night. When Mal asked him how exactly he had managed to convinced everyone that it was ok for her to attend Ben looked at her surprised and told her that it was only logical for everyone that she would be his date. "Mal everyone knows that you are the future Queen of Auradon, so is evident that you need to start attending this types of events, so you familiarize yourself with them. You know this, remember you were the one that suggested something like this a couple of months ago."

The fairy tried to keep her cool, but it filled her with warm to think that Ben was already taking steps to prove that they were going to be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend in the future. Everything went according to plan that night, and after everyone had gone on their way, Ben walked Mal to a little garden than resemble the one they had visited the night they professed their love for one another a year ago. He had hoped that they were able to make the trip back to there, but this place would do for now. Ben was already planning a trip back to that garden for when he proposed to Mal, and he was hoping it wouldn't take them more than a year to do it.

The rest of the time Mal spent on the program Ben wasn't able to visit her again or even arrange a little get away for them to see each other. That took a toll on the couple, but they remain confident knowing that there were only a few months for them to be back together in Auradon. However, a month before the end of the program Mal was offered an internship in one of the most prestigious museums of the land. It would not only make her stay a least six more months, but it would mean that she had the chance to assist with the tour of famous paintings that were supposed to get loan to other kingdoms.

Mal never thought she was good enough even to be considered for that internship so she never thought about what would she do if she won it. Now only a month before going home to Ben part of her was tempted to take it and see where this chance would lead her, but another part of her told her that it was time to go home. Evie found out about the internship and told Mal to be serious about the possibility of accepting it; she also suggested to her to talk to Ben about it.

That's how with only two weeks to be ready to go home Mal told Ben about the opportunity she was presented only for him to say to her that he knew about it. "You should take it. I was hoping you were going to tell me that you had already accepted it, it is a great opportunity Mal and six months is nothing compared to a lifetime of wondering about what would have happened if you took it."

Both of them knew that they wouldn't be able to see each other at all over this six months and that the reality was that Mal was probably going to be offered another six months extension because of the tour. Mal tried to tell Ben all of this but he just stared at the screen, and before she even said anything he insisted that she needed to take it. "I know is not going to be just six months but let's just take it six months at the time, ok? That way is going to be easier to deal with it."

They started tearing up a little, and Mal told him that she was not going to do it. "I don't want to be away from you for another year Ben, is not worth it."

The boy hated to be the strong one in this situation but he knew this was the best decision and so he told her to take it. "Is only one more year Mal. I promised will find a way to see each other at some point."

Ben and Mal stayed in the called for the rest of the night trying to convince the other that they were going to be okay no matter how much time they spent apart. Just as they had foreseen the first six months they didn't get to see each other; even their calls were less frequent due to the amount of work they both had. However, Mal would try to send Ben a care package with mementos of her life every month. They usually included some pics of her on her job and some with Evie, the girl had also found an internship and had decided to stay with the fairy. Ben love to receive the packages, and he would make a point to take an hour of his day when they arrived so he could go through them.

On the eighth month of their separation, Ben had to take some trips, sadly none of them close to where the tour had Mal. The fairy took this chance though to take a leave of absence which wasn't exactly giving to apprentice, but her outstanding work gave her some perks. Traveling an entire day she managed to arrive at the city Ben was. Standing on the street with the rest of the people that were gathering to welcome the King to their town Mal wondered how much time would take Ben to spot here. Mal wasn't disappointed when it took Ben less than a minute to find her in the crowd and just a couple of minutes more to ignore all the security to come to her.

That was the least productive visit Ben had ever made to a place because the second he saw Mal he told everyone that he was not going to attend any meetings for the duration of the fairy's stay in town. In another time Mal would have objected to this, but she had missed him so much that she couldn't care less if the entire town hated her for taking Ben away from his responsibilities. Two days later when she had to leave Ben promised to stay longer in town to make up for the time he had spent locked in his room with Mal, but everyone could see that he would do the same in a heartbeat without feeling guilty about it. The only reason he had managed to get away with it was due to Nick, The King of the land and also the one that had helped Ben get to Mal before, who told the press that Ben and he were having close door meetings for the first couple days.

Three months later Mal's tour, to her joy, was close to the end, and her last stop was going to bring her into Mrs. Kirk's town. The fairy was excited to see her friends again and to visit the places where her story with Ben had a new beginning. After this she would only have one more month of her internship and even though they had asked her if she wanted to stay Mal had already told them no.

Mal didn't even care that this was going to be the biggest exhibition of the tour and that she was going to have to undergo the challenge alone. On her way there Mal was gladly surprised that she got to spent the majority of the trip talking to Ben who was once again on the road checking up on some projects he had being overseen for a couple of years now. He was always secretive about them but that never bother Mal she knew that some things needed to be kept in secret. The announcement that the trip was about to end came hours later making the couple realized that Mal needed to put her things ready to get off the train, the next two weeks were going to be hard, but she was ready for the challenge.

Mrs. Kirk was waiting for Mal outside the train station, and the girl couldn't contain her excitement when she saw the older woman that had helped her shape the last two years of her life. The first week there Mal spent it arranging the place the exhibit was going to be in with the support of Mrs. Kirk and some volunteers she had managed to gather for her. When the paints arrived the next week, Mal was happy to put everything together and gave Mrs. Kirk and the volunteers a private viewing of the paintings telling them interesting stories about their origin and history.

Opening night came with everything going according to plan; Mal couldn't believe how many people were coming to see the paintings and how enthusiastic everyone was with the exhibition. Mrs. Kirk thank Mal for everything, and with that being her last night in town she had arranged with the museum for Mal to come back and get the paintings in three weeks, just a week before the end of her internship so she could celebrate with them before moving back to Auradon. At first, Mal didn't know how to react to the news, she had been planning to run to Auradon as soon as the internship was over but she would love to see her friends and helped with the closing ceremony too.

That night there was a big celebration dinner at the Kirks house, and for the first time, Mal found herself face to face with the annoying brothers that had tried to mess with her and Ben a couple of years ago. The urge to laugh out loud was almost impossible to control when they realized who she was and made a run for it surely not wanting to stay and see if Ben was around. Time flew by for Mal when she went back to her place; she wanted to put her things away, but she spent most of the time enjoying her time with Evie. The princess had decided to stay and accept the job that had been offered to her "Is not permanent but for now, I think is best for me to stayed and be part of something bigger before I go on my own."

Mal was sad but understood that Evie wanted to know more about the business of fashion so that later on when she decided to launch her brand, she would know what to do. Life without Evie was going to be hard for Mal, but her heart was telling her to go back to Ben, and she was more than ready to obey it. When it was finally time to go back for the closing ceremony of the exhibition Evie told Mal that she was going with her so that they could have that last trip together. With that in mind, they prepared everything and as usual time flew by and both girls found themselves in Mrs. Kirk town organizing the end of the exhibition.

However, every day they would set aside time to walked around town and each day Mal would tell Evie about the different places he went with Ben they even came across the famous brothers, and this time they had the audacity to try to talk to Eve when Mal wasn't looking but the princess scare them enough for them to run again.

With only one day left for the show, Mal found herself dreading the end of her time with Evie but also couldn't stop thinking about finally being reunited with Ben. Mrs. Kirk took both girls to several places Mal had visited with Ben the first time she came to town; there was only one place Mrs. Kirk seemed reluctant to take them. Finally, Mal told her that she was going to go alone with Evie and the woman sighed and told her that she would drive them. Mal had painted that beautiful place years ago while Ben slept. The memory of how when he came looking for her he had promised her that he would do his best to bring more opportunities for the kids in the island had now a more powerful meaning. In front of her now were three tall buildings that resemble Auradon Prep and Mrs. Kirk told her how Ben had built the same type of buildings, schools, in different locations in the kingdom so they could finally give more Islanders the chance to move away from their parents and be free.

This was part of the secret projects Ben wouldn't discuss with her and even though Mal didn't understand why the fact that he had kept his promise made her heart burst of love for this boy that didn't stop to amaze her with his kindness. When she turned, Mal could see Evie tearing up a little. "That boy of yours is really amazing."

The girls hugged and took a tour of the place, Mal facetime Ben and show him where they were. At first, Ben seemed sad because he wanted to be the one showing the place to them but seeing how happy the girls look he mirror their happiness. The three of them talk for over an hour until Mal's phone started to alert them that the battery was going to die, Evie excuse herself so the couple could have a couple of minutes alone before the phone die.

"Where are you right now?" Mal sat in a little corner of one of the towers, and she felt the sunbathing her. From Ben´s perspective, she looked like an angel in that lighting she continuously took his breath away.

"Have I tell you how beautiful you are? I miss you so much Mal I can´t way for you to move back home." She smiled at the comment. Ben was right, Auradon was her home because it was the place where he was. Mal smiled but before she could say something to him her phone died and he was gone.

Finally, the day of the presentation came, and it was unbelievable, every authority of the city and places near came to have a look at the paintings. Mal noticed that things were fancier that in the opening, everyone in attendance was dressed in elegant clothes and there were more guards that in the inauguration. At first, she thought nothing of it, but as the night continue, she started to feel that something was going on that she didn't know about. Evie and Mrs. Kirk were talking in the corner but the second she walked towards them they stopped talking and gave her a nervous smile, and that was it for Mal.

"Ok, what is going on? Something is going on, and I want to know what it is?" Part of her hope that her suspicious that things were more elegant meant that someone important was coming. Maybe someone as important as the King of Auradon, after all this tour of masterpieces was a big deal and even the heads of the museum suddenly show up which they only did for the inauguration of the tour.

And then she felt him, everything went quiet, and his guards started entering the place. Mal turned just in time to see him outside the door greeting the museum authorities and Mr. Kirk. Everything happened fast from that point on, Ben was announced and everyone bow to him including her. Protocol mandated that he had to be introduced to the rest of the authorities first and then the head of the museum was the one in charge of showing him the jewels of the art collection they were presenting. Mal didn´t move from her spot afraid to look up and realized that she was just dreaming everything that was going on right now, why would he not tell her yesterday that he was coming into town?"

Mal heard everyone moving, and she assumed they were making some type of line towards him, but she only dare to move when she felt Evie´s hand on her shoulder. "Are you ok? I thought the second you saw him you were going to run towards him."

The fairy took the princess' hand and pulled her toward a secondary exit in a hurry, the second they were outside she practically shout to her friend "Ben is here!"

Evie look at Mal like she had grown an extra head. "Yes, I know he is here. Everybody knows he just walked into the gallery. Why didn't you go to say hi to him?"

"So that's him, right?" Now Evie looked concerned, what exactly was the fairy thinking.

"Yes, what did you think was going on? This isn't an elaborated prank where we find a lookalike. Mal what is going on?" Mal looked at Evie, and she started laughing hysterically to the point tears were coming out of her eyes.

Evie was about to shook her to make her make some sense, but the fairy calmed down enough to tell her that she was just shocked. "After all this time we are finally in the same place, and everything seems so unreal."

"He is here; I'm here. We are in the same location at the same time, and we don't have to leave each other side again. This is it Evie; we are finally going to be together from this point on." The smile that took over Mal´s face was filled with such peace and love that Evie was speechless.

Both girls hug each other and Evie finally realized what had happened to her friend. Without realizing Evie had been fortunate enough to witness every big reunion of the couple, from the moment they met each other to now when they were starting a new life together.

They stayed like that for what seemed seconds but in reality was closer to half and hour. "We should go in Mal. I don't want Ben to think that we run away."

"Ben would never believe that we know how much we love one another. Still, you are right; we should clean up first though. I don't want him to see me all puffy." Evie rolled her eyes at Mal.

"Yeah because he would care about that." Both girls laugh knowing full well that Mal could be completely covered in mud and the boy wouldn't care at all.

When they were in the bathroom reapplying their makeup, Mrs. Kirk came in and told Mal that her bosses were looking for her. With one last look at the mirror, she walked out of the room to go looking for them. Mal found Mrs. Tyler next to one of her favorite paintings and the woman smiled fondly at her. Congratulating her about what an excellent work she had done she tried once again to persuade Mal to stay with the Museum for the next couple of months and even though Mal was honor she declined again.

Without meaning to Mal's eyes wander across the room while listening to Mrs. Tyler speak and she found herself searching for Ben without luck. It was a weird feeling that invaded her when even though she couldn't find him she could still feel his presence near. Suddenly a man stood next to her, and she recognized him as one of Ben's bodyguards.

He gave Mal a piece of paper and then excuse himself, the fairy said goodbye to Mrs. Tyler and move to a more secluded space where she opened the note. With a big smile on her face, she went to say goodbye to Evie and Mrs. Kirk telling them that she needed to see Ben.

The walked to their garden was done in half the amount of time that would usually take her but she couldn't help herself. Mal started walking, but then she started walking faster until she couldn't take it anymore, so she took her shoes off and ran the rest of the way there. Entering the garden, she was surrounded by the same scene Mal had lived with Ben a couple of years ago. The only difference was a small table in the middle of the garden that had a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

"Do you like it?" Ben's voice came from behind startling her, Mal was about to turn, but suddenly he was hugging her from behind and kissing her head. The fairy relaxed her body against him and nodded not being able to talk with so many emotions invading her at once.

"I´m sorry we didn't get to talk at the gallery, but I thought it would be better if I followed protocol, so nobody had anything to complained about. You did an amazing work Mal, it was the best exhibition I've seen in a long time, and everyone was talking about how fantastic the entire tour was. I'm proud of you." He wasn't able to see the smile that his words had caused to appear on her face, she was so happy that he felt like that.

They stayed quiet for a couple of minutes until Mal felt like she could trust her words again. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

After giving her bare shoulder a kiss, he sighed. "At first, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it, and I didn't want you to get excited about the possibility just for it to fail. Then when I did know for sure that I was going to be able to be here, I wanted to surprise you. When you call me yesterday I was afraid that you had figure out what was going to happened."

"Evie knew didn't she?." Mal shook her head lightly chuckling about why Evie had been so insistent that they wore those elegant dresses that night.

"Yeah, just don't be mad at her. I beg her not to tell you. I know that you are not into surprises, but some are necessary." After saying that he let go of her and took a couple of steps back, the sudden coldness that the absence of his body press with her made Mal chilled. She turned looking up towards where his face was supposed to be, and at first, she didn't saw him. Ben clear his throat and Mal looked down and saw that Ben was kneeling in front of her with a ring in his hand.

Ben opened his mouth to talk, but Mal didn't let him she went to hug him, but in the position he was they fell together. His first instinct was to embrace and protect her from the fall, so they ended up on the floor Ben laying with Mal over him and the ring long gone.

"Ok guys, first that was funny but the worst proposal ever. Maybe we should have recorded just for laughs." Carlos´s voice made Mal looked up and her smile if possible got bigger. In front of her were Jay, Carlos, and Evie laughing at the scene she just caused.

She stood up and run toward her family, all of them hugged one another and congratulated Mal on her engagement. Mal turned a little embarrassed to have ruined what she was sure was going to be a beautiful speech from Ben, but the boy seemed to be fine with it. After picking something from the floor, the King walked towards her and asked his friends to please turned a moment and after they did he put the ring on her finger looking deeply in her eyes. "I´m taking that hug as a yes."

"Of course it was, you know that for sure. I love you Ben" He took her face in his hands, and without missing a second he kissed her deeply, everything he felt at that moment and how much he had missed her over this years was in that kiss.

For a second he regretted inviting her family because the way she was kissing him back made him want to take her to a place where they could be alone. Still, he knew that from that moment on they would have the rest of their lives to be together and he was going to make up for lost time. After hearing their friends clearing their throats the newly engaged couple separate and now it was the turned of Ben to receive all the congratulations. They talked for a couple of minutes and then decided that it was time for all of them to celebrate.

Walking out of the garden Ben remember the flowers and run in to get them, he got them and when he turned he found himself face to face with Mal. She smiled at him before getting on her toes and kiss him.

A couple of minutes later she took a step back. "I wanted to thank you for bringing my family here. I know that you had some great speech, and I'm sorry I ruined it, but I just want to be with you, and I didn't want you to have to say anymore. Years ago you promised me that you were going to show me what love was and you kept that promise. I know love because of you, I understand what is being loved and care for like never before in my life. Thank you for being you, thank you for giving me the best years of my life, and I promise you now that I'm going to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you."

His eyes seemed to fill with tears, and he smiled that special way Ben only did with her. "Mal, you are everything to me. Years ago when I made you that promise I could have never imagined that I was talking to my future Queen I just knew that I needed to protect you. I've known I wanted us to be like now for the longest time and even though I was afraid you might not want my life for you, I knew that because I love you, I needed to let you go. After this two years away from you, I'm more certain than ever that I need to be with you and I'm glad that you accept me and my life as yours. You make me so happy Mal, just knowing that we are going to be together for the rest of our lives fills me with such hope that I feel I could face anything that comes my way. Thank you for taking a chance with me, for accepting me, for encouraging me to be better. I promise I'll never let you down and I'm going to be everything you deserve and more. I love you so much."

Staring into each other's eyes, they both saw how much love they had for each other, and they smiled knowing that their love was stronger that anything that could come up in their future. No matter what happened tomorrow, Ben and Mal were meant to be together.

"Hey, Guys are you done? We are hungry, and I know for a fact that Mrs. Kirk has food waiting for us" Jay´s voice broke the moment, but it made them smile how the boy was still the same after all these years. Evie's voice came after telling him how rude he was being and then all they could hear was their three friends bickering.

The couple laughed, Ben gave Mal her flowers and put his arm around her shoulder motioning her to the door. "Let´s remember that we need a lot of food for our wedding reception. I wouldn't want Jay and Carlos to fight over the food with the other Royals. Trust me those people lose their mind when food is involved."

Mal laughed at the comment but made a mental note to order extra food and also to make Carlos and Jay eat before the wedding. To think that this was her biggest worry made her smile, life had changed so much for everyone after getting to Auradon. She look at Ben that was laughing at how their friends were arguing about food and Mal smiled, her life was good and her future look amazing.


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