Chapter Two: Close Call...

As Bridgette was singing along to a taylor swift song. I couldn't stop feeling uneasy for some reason, and the weird thing was it started when we meet them. who are they exactly….OMG what's wrong with me! Why am I thinking about them. I can't stop think about that guy.. What was his name?; oh right Duncan. That guys creeps me out. Thinking about him sent me shivers through my spin, and Not in that type of way, ugh! But one thing that I know is that he's probably a totalpervert. I start laughing as I thought what bridge had said ''you have to agree that they are hot!…'' As if!

''Courtney?…COURT''I come back to reality as bridge called me. "umm..Yes?'' I say. " I was just wondering if you were okay, cuz you seem to be happy at something?'' asked while having a curious smile. " ohh I was just remembering what you said earlier about those guys we meet.'' I said while still laughing. "About what part was funny?…" said bridge with one eyebrow raised up. "Ooh the part you said that those guys were hot.'' "what! they were HOT!Those guys could probably be models!''I burst out laughing while bridge gave me a glare. "What? I can't believe you don't agree. I mean come on that guy with the blonde was…ugh so hot.." said bridge while turning a shade red.

" Someone seems to have a crush, wow now that's interesting .'' I said in a teasing way. " Ooh shut up!, Look who's talking." "What are you talking about?'' "Don't play with me, I saw how you look at that guy with the jet black hair. What was his name.. oh right!Duncan. You were all lovey-dovey eyes as he helped you stand up and ALSO.. when we were waiting for our orders, HA GOT YA NOW!'' said bridge while having a bright smirk. Omg I'm so embarrassed ! she saw when I was staring at him!… well to be honest; I was just curious. That's the only reason! Then why do I feel my cheeks warm..? " Ooh, Someone's blushing. That means I'm right after all!" " What! No!" I said. " I don't know what you're talking about, but I will inform you that is a misunderstanding." " Then why were you blushing? hmm..'' asked bridge now interested in this topic. " Because you are misunderstanding this situation . Why would I think that guy Duncan is hot? I mean serious did you see how he looked. He's probably one of those guys that fucks any girl that has boobs or butt." I said with a disgusted tone. Bridgette just laughed hard as she parked the car at our usual spot. Ooh wow we're early. I guess I got so distracted with the conversation we were talking about. That I didn't notice we arrive at school. "I'm serious!, I mean don't you agree?'' I asked as we got out the car. " Well.. yea true he totally does and looks like one of those." said bridge as she handed me my coffee. "Thanks, anyways you know I don't talk to those kind of people. He's probably a punk or some goth, eww! Plus He so not my type. I prefer a guy who's hot,smart, loyal,caring and has a future successful career. He's probably into dumb bimbos like Lindsay or maybe a girl that has a big ass and boobs." I said laughing."Plus Didn't you notice something I don't know, strange about them?'' I said now in a serious tone. " Well, not really why do you ask? replied Bridgette now curious too. " Well it's I don't know, but I feel as if there's something off about them. I have never seen them here before" I said. " Well maybe they're new here to the Capital or maybe we just haven't seen them here 't worry about it." she has a point. I think to myself. "Yea, You're probably right, bridge." I said with a half smile. " Of course I am! Anyways we have to go to class, You don't want to be late on the first day of the semester. Now do you Courtney?'' "Omg! You're right, gotta go see you later, Bridge!'' I said while running to my first class.

ring….ring.. " Hello?" " It seemed like we had a close call with them again during a cafe near by.." "Yes it seemed so; when did they return" " It seemed like last night, we were informed by the association this morning." "Well thank you for informing me, but I prefer if you have do it earlier!" "I'm truly sorry captain. It won't happen again." "It's fine, anyways I'll deal with them later today." " Understood, Captain." "I gotta go, bye." "Ugh;That was a close one. I swear, I'm going to have a serious talk with those later..OOh! Crap I only have a few minutes left before the bell ring!''God she already suspecting something. those people ALWAY like dragging will definitely be an interesting school year, great.