Chapter Three: DUNCAN'S POV


"AY!D'' "What?'' I said. "What do you think we should do once we get back to captain?" " Ohh I can't wait to have a taste of humans again.'' " Well you shut up Geoff!''I said aggravated. " What your deal, Duncan?'' asked gwen. " Nothing just that WHOLE CLAN IS GOING TO HEAR THIS DUMBASS! Didn't I told you it was going to be a secret between us." I swear when it comes to secrets geoff can never shut his fuckin mouth.. "Oh my bad dude" said geoff quitely. "Anyways how are we going to feed by not getting caught?''gwen asked. " We'll feed by day since most of the clan sleeps during day and hunts by night." I said. "What about the Hunter Association?'' asked geoff. " Go to an abandoned place or someplace where no one's around." replied gwen.

As we keep taking, the vehicle stops. It seems we finally arrive, I can't wait how exciting.. I think to myself while smirking. " SIR DUNCAN!" scream lady Lindsay as she can running to us. "Well hello lindsay, It seems like you been doing well." I said while checking her out. Damn she got hot this time, she look so good.. I thought hungerly. "Aww I missed you master Duncan! ; Omg you came just in time for halloween!" said lindsay happily. " Great." mumbled gwen. "Ohh well hello miss gwen. Anyways ooh I'm so happy we'll get to dress up! Ooh you'll see me in my sexy bunny costume!'' said lindsay seductively. " I'll look forward to it." I replied sending a wink at her. " Well well well look who it is?" said a tall figure as it was walking towards me. I could tell that by the short long brown hair. Light brown skin and latin voice. It was Alejandro Burromuerto. It seems like he hasn't changed a bit. " How's it been?long time no see." said alejandro. " Well you know.. what can I say; I'm a busy man." I replied with a devilish smirk. "Still the cocky bastard uhm?" said alejandro laughing. "Looks who talking!" I replied. " Anyways it's great that you're back, It seems as there"s going to be a vampire ball tomorrow night." said alejandro. "Really, Well I'll see you there then." I replied. "Till then" he said while winking. what the fuck? seriously is that guy gay or straight?

"Duncan...dude..DUNCAN!" "uhmm..yea what?" "I was trying to tell you that the limo is here ." geoff said with an annoyed look. " Seriously dude what's up? you been dazzling up this whole alright?'' I have ?... "Nah man, I'm just tired I guess." "yea same here dude, hey I know wanna get something to eat? Some coffee sounds good since I still have a hangover from the party last night! That party was lit, bruh!''geoff said with a fist raised up. "Right!, those chicks last night were fuckin hot!" I said with a devilish smirk while laughing. Man i really needed that last night. Stupid fuckin vampire court. I didn't wanted to be here , the only reason we came back was because some dumb agreement with the hunter association. seems like they agreed to make peace with us, but I don't believe that bullshit; can't trust them.

Eventually we decide to stop by a nearby cafe. As we got off the limo, I could already smell the scent of humans mixed with other type of creatures. "Hey dude, check it out. Seems like we already have some little birds checking us out" said geoff with hunger in his eyes. these girls look so goddamn good. These girls are so easy to get; just with one look they're under our control. I thought to myself while laughing. I could tell that Geoff was thinking the same thing. "Yea, sad that we have to control ourselves. Since our kind have an agreement, but don't worry we'll come back later to have a taste." I said while licking my lips smiling. As we enter the cafe, I could hear girls heart beat fast as we walked by them. Interesting.. let's see. While we were waiting for our order, I could already see many girls staring at us so deeply. I smiled seductively and gave a nod at geoff. " Why don't we play a little game, while we're waiting?'' I said. "Sure, what's the game?'' "We'll see who can make the most girls get wet. How about it , you in?" "You're on.'' said geoff now with a game face. Every time I looked at a girl I would give them a wink or a smile. Man I totally going to winning this thing. I could tell how they bit their lip or as they wrap their legs together, they were moist! " So how many you gotten so far?" I asked geoff with a confident smirk. He probably only has gotten 20 or 35. I mean come on, girls now a days love bad boys like myself. " 69,you?" replied Geoff. " Not bad Geoff, I have gotten 69 as well " I said with a proud smile. "Okay next one who get the girl moist the fastest wins." "Fine"

As I look around I spotted two girls nearby. One with blonde hair, the other one had mocha brown hair. The blonde one seemed boring to me, but the other look interesting. Let's see.. As they got their drinks and were walking to the exit. I pretend as I was going the opposite bumped into each other and I played the sweet guy by helping her up. As we meet eyes, I gave my signature smirk while introducing myself. Every chicks fall for me one way or another, even this one will easily. "Nice to meet you, I'm Courtney and this is my friend Brigette." she said with no emotion. what? it didn't affect her? She didn't even blush or try to look away. That's never happened before. I try again by staring at her but she just seemed not interested. As I turn around I could see that that blonde was all over geoff. Fuck! I fuckin lost damn it.. " Well it was nice meeting you and all, but we must be going. Come on bridge." she told her friend. I looked at her and I could see that she was happy to leave. "Beat yea, asshole" geoff said behind me as he handed me my drink. " We got to get going loser." " shut up man" I said angrily. Man that was a first. That girl is different than the other girls I have meet. She a challenge. I thought while smiling evilly.