Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Bill Weasley/Hyacinthe Potter, Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley, Viktor Krum/Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley, and mentions of Katie Bell/Original Male Character
Warnings: alternate universe; female!Harry (Hyacinthe); het; soulmate; identifying soulmarks; age difference of eight years; underage marriage; bashing of Ron Weasley; bashing of Draco Malfoy; Hogwarts students are like sheep; lawsuits

Summary: During a trip to Gringotts, Hyacinthe Potter discovered she met her soulmate, William Weasley.

Love on Her Arm
I: Love's Message

Turning her attention to the textbook, Hyacinthe Potter turned the Divination professor out. This lady was little more than a fraud. She was no more a seer than Hyacinthe was. Once this class was over, Hyacinthe was so dropping it.

One of the reasons Hyacinthe took this class was to gain understanding about soulmates. There were rumors Professor Trelawney allowed students to scry for their soulmates. According to rumor, it was some kind exercise that involved a crystal ball and a lot of time. Everyone was born with the first words their soulmate would say to them. Like a number of people, Hyacinthe's Words was rather generic. "See ya around."

For all she knew Hyacinthe could have already met her soulmate. She couldn't think of someone who said that to her, but she really couldn't be sure. By taking Divinations, Hyacinth hoped she could see who her soulmate was. Then she would know if she had already met them or not.

As Trelawney went on about something or another, Hyacinthe skimmed the textbook. Hopefully there was something about the soulmate scrying in here. For Hyacinthe, class passed rather slowly. She ignored the professor and she didn't bother to complete the tea exercise with the excuse of her inner eye being clouded. Trelawney bought the excuse.

When class was over, Hyacinthe sprint to Transfigurations. The sooner she talked to Professor McGonagall about dropping Divinations the better. She knew she should have taken Ancient Runes instead.


While Hyacinthe was able to drop Divinations and pick up Ancient Runes, she continued to search for a way to see her soulmate. Every moment that wasn't spent on homework or Quidditch, Hyacinthe was in the library. By the end of the winter holidays, Hyacinthe read every book on Divinations available. There was no answer to be found.

Disheartened, Hyacinthe started to search for other ways to find out if she had met her soulmate. In May, she found her answer. There was a test available at Gringotts. For a fee, the goblins could perform some kind of test to find out if someone met their soulmate, and if they had, the name would be recorded.

With a plan in mind, Hyacinthe wrote the Dursleys'. There was no need for them to pick her up from King's Cross. After getting to the station, Hyacinthe was headed for The Leaky Caldron via muggle taxi. She would prefer to take the Knight Bus, but there was a chance someone could track her. Hyacinthe had no interest in returning to the Dursleys for the summer.


A few weeks later, found Hyacinthe's plans changed. Sirius Black was declared innocent and granted full custody of Hyacinthe Dorea Potter. Instead of taking a muggle taxi, Sirius was happy to apparate to Diagon Alley directly, after dropping Hyacinthe's things off at his new apartment. While Hyacinthe had her test to take, Sirius had some busy to take care of. Hyacinthe entered the bank a few steps ahead of Sirius and quickly located an available teller.

"How can Gringotts be of service, young witch?" the goblin asked, his lips twisted into a sneer.

"I'd like to take an Anima test," Hyacinthe answered, politely. It wouldn't do her well to be rude to the goblin.

"That'll be ten galleons," the goblin said.

Without a word, Hyacinthe sat the coins down on the counter.

"Somegoblin will be along to collect soon," the teller said, dismissing Hyacinthe. He collected the money and made notes on his parchment.

Since she had to wait, Hyacinthe headed over to the small lounge off to the side of the bank. She took a seat and she stared off at the nearest wall. Her thoughts drifted to this summer. Sirius was talking about taking to the Quidditch World Cup Final, which England was hosting. Due to his settlement from the Ministry of Magic, Sirius had plenty of money to spoil Hyacinthe with.

Several minutes later, a goblin came to collect Hyacinthe. The goblin didn't bother to introduce himself as he led Hyacinthe to a small office off of the side of the bank. Another goblin was seated behind the desk with a phial and parchment in front of him.

Hyacinthe took a seat and waited for the goblin to talk to her.

"Drink the potion," the seated goblin ordered with a sneer.

Picking up the phial, she removed the stopper before downing the potion. Like most potions, this one tasted horrible. It took a lot for Hyacinthe not to gag at the taste. Once she finished drinking the potion, Hyacinthe felt warm. She glanced at her right hand and her eyes widened. It was glowing gold.

"Congratulations, Miss Potter, you've met your soulmate," the goblin declared.

With her voice caught in her throat, Hyacinthe wasn't sure how to react. She was overjoyed that she had met her soulmate, but at the same time she was crushed. She met her soulmate, but she didn't know who he was. There was a chance they would never properly meet.

The goblin pushed the parchment towards Hyacinthe. "Pick this up," he ordered.

Grabbing the parchment, Hyacinthe stared at it as writing started to appear before her eyes.

Heiress Hyacinthe Dorea Potter met her soulmate, William Arthur Weasley, on June 19, 1993, at King's Cross Station in London, England. Heiress Potter was twelve and Mister Weasley was twenty on the day they met.

William Weasley.

Off the top of her head, Hyacinthe couldn't think of a William Weasley. He was probably one of Ron's older brothers. Ron said his brothers were Bill and Charlie. Was William actually Bill?

Hyacinthe remembered Ron mentioning Bill was waiting at King's Cross with Mrs. Weasley. She couldn't remember meeting Bill. Hyacinthe remembered Mrs. Weasley's tears and hugs as she babbled about Ginny and the Chamber of Secrets.

It looked like Hyacinthe would be writing Ron soon. Hopefully he could tell her where Bill was.

Placing the parchment on the desk, Hyacinthe began to mentally compose the letter to Ron. There was no way she was going to mention Bill was her soulmate because she was sure would tell someone and that someone would tell Bill before she could.

The goblin picked up the parchment and looked over it. He muttered something as he made a few notes.

"Wait here," the goblin ordered as he stood up and exited the room.

Hyacinthe watched him. What was going on?

With a sigh, Hyacinthe focused her attention back on Ron and his family. She couldn't remember much about Bill expect he was Prefect and Head Boy, and he played Quidditch. To be honest, Ron didn't talk to much about his oldest brothers. He mentioned Bill and Charlie in passing, but he never really talked about them.

The first person she would be telling would be Sirius. Hopefully he would be happy. There was a time or two when Sirius got misty eyed and looked ready to cry when Hyacinthe's age came up. He, probably, wasn't ready for her to be a teenager.

Awhile later the goblin came back into the room with Sirius following close behind. Sirius' eyes were looking a little misty. Hyacinthe hoped he wasn't actually going to cry. She wasn't sure if she was ready for that.

Before taking a seat, Sirius picked up the piece of parchment and stared at it for a few seconds. He collapsed into the chair next to Hyacinthe, muttering to himself.

"You Potters have all the luck!" Sirius declared, setting the parchment down. "James met Lily on the boats." He smiled. "Lily's mark said 'Can I call you Lily-flower?' and James' said 'You can call me Miss Evans. We've only just met.'"

"I didn't know that," Hyacinthe whispered. She didn't know a lot about her parents. The Dursleys rarely mentioned them, and when they had it was all lies. People at Hogwarts made passing comments about her parents, but mostly comparing Hyacinthe to her parents. The professors didn't think she was living up to their legacy.

Sirius smiled fondly. "James was in love from that moment," he told her, "and Lily wasn't so easily convinced."

"I have sent word to Curse Breaker Weasley," the goblin announced, "and he should be here within the week." He quickly dismissed the pair from his office.

"What does that mean?" Hyacinthe asked as they walked out of the office.

"Bill Weasley is a Curse Breaker," Sirius explained. "He'll be moving back to London within the week."

"But why?"

Sirius sighed. "It's in the treaty with the goblins," he explained. "In event Gringotts discovers one of their employees has met their soulmate, the employee is transferred to be near the soulmate."

"That makes no sense," Hyacinthe shook her head.

"In our world, soulmate pairings are rare and honored."

Deciding not to say anything, Hyacinthe led her godfather to Flourish and Blotts. She had a lot of books to buy. There was a lot to learn about soulmates in the Wizarding World.


The following Tuesday, Sirius made dinner arrangements at The Magic Lamp. According to Sirius' new house-elf Nala, The Magic Lamp was a high-class restaurant in Diagon Alley. The restaurant had a dress code, and Nala spent the afternoon getting Hyacinthe ready.

Under the house-elf's care, Hyacinthe was dressed in a set of emerald dress robes with long sleeves and gold trim along the neckline, sleeves, and bottom. Her hair was neatly styled a braided up-do. Before allowing Hyacinthe to escape, Nala gave her a golden bracelet and matching earrings. It was a jewelry set that belonged to Lily. In pure-blood customs, a witch only wore certain rings: her promise ring, her betrothal ring, her engagement, her wedding ring, her heiress ring, and her lady ring.

At the moment, Hyacinthe was too young for the lady ring and she doesn't have her heiress ring. The Potter Heiress Ring was missing, and a witch could not wear the heir ring.

Once Nala deemed Hyacinthe ready, the house-elf escorted her to the fireplace and instructed Hyacinthe on how to floo.

Taking a deep breath, Hyacinthe threw down the floo powder and said, "The Magic Lamp."

All too soon, Hyacinthe was spinning. Feeling dizzy, she closed her eyes. When she arrived, Hyacinthe found herself falling out of the fireplace. Instead of meeting the ground, she was caught.

With her cheeks burning, Hyacinthe glanced up at her savior. Her savior was a handsome wizard. She could feel his muscles. He was tall with tan skin. His red hair was pulled back in ponytail and he had blue eyes. He was dressed black dress robes with dragonhide boots and a fang earring.

"You already, miss?" he asked.

"Y-yes, thank you," Hyacinthe said, pushing herself away from his body. "When it comes to flooing, I'm a klutz."

Straightening out her dress robes, Hyacinthe turned and started to walk away. She was forced to stop when the wizard grabbed hold of her arm. Turning to look at him, Hyacinthe noticed he was little pale.

"Are you alright?" she asked. It was rude of him to grab her, but Hyacinthe didn't feel the need to be mean since he saved her from a face-plant.

The wizard opened his mouth to say something, but quickly closed it. Instead, he rolled up his left sleeve, showing his soulmark. "Y-yes, thank you. When it comes to flooing, I'm a klutz."

Shaking her head, Hyacinthe said, "It's not me. I've already met mine." To be kind, she rolled up her left sleeve and showed the stranger her soulmark. 'See ya around.'

A sad look passed over the wizard's face. "He's lucky," he whispered.

Hyacinthe offered a weak smile before she headed over to the maitre d'hotel.

"The reservations are under Black," she said.

The man nodded and escorted Hyacinthe back to a private corner. The table was sat for three people, and there was a fruit tray on the table. While she waited, Hyacinthe ate the fruit. Where was Sirius?

Several minutes passed, and Sirius had yet to arrive. Hyacinthe was starting to grow impatient.

Nearly thirty minutes later, Sirius arrived to the table. He wore gray dress robes and a serious expression. He took a seat and waved the maitre d'hotel off.

"Sorry, I got held up," Sirius said. "Anything interesting happen before I arrive?"

"Not really," Hyacinthe replied. "I fell out of the floo and someone caught me. He thought I was his soulmate."

That caught Sirius' interest. "Really?"

Hyacinthe nodded.

"Red hair, blue eyes, fang earring?"

Blushing, Hyacinthe nodded. "Why?"

"I'll be right back," Sirius declared, leaping up from the table.

Hyacinthe watched him quickly leave the room. What was going on? With a sigh, Hyacinthe shook her head. If it was important, Sirius would tell her later. Instead she turned her attention to the menu. What sounded good?

A bit later, Sirius returned. He wore a large grin and he had a mischievous look in his eyes. Hyacinthe eyed him, but she didn't say anything.

"I have someone I want you to meet," Sirius announced, breaking the silence.

Hyacinthe turned her attention to her godfather.

Sirius motioned someone over. "Hyacinthe, I want you to meet William Weasley," he said as Hyacinthe's savior appeared.

Her face quickly turned red as Hyacinthe looked between her grinning godfather and her soulmate, who offered her a kind smile.

"I prefer Bill," the redhead announced as he took a seat.

"H-hi," Hyacinthe stuttered. "Sorry about earlier."

Bill smiled, placing his hand on hers. "I'm just glad I found you," he whispered. "Do remember when we met – before?"

"Kinda," Hyacinthe answered. "Your mum was thanking for saving Ginny, again, and Percy wanted to leave."

Shaking his head, Bill said, "At your Words are memorable." He glanced at his arm where his Words were.


After officially meeting Bill, the pair spent hours getting to know each other. Bill was a Curse Breaker for Gringotts. He worked in Egypt, but he was happy to relocate to London for Hyacinthe. His career was on hold, and his job was boring, but it was worth to get to know Hyacinthe. Besides, he could return to Egypt in September, if he wanted.

Bill helped Hyacinthe with her summer homework and he recommended numerous books – mostly on Ancient Runes – and he helped Hyacinthe look into future careers. While being a Curse Breaker sounded like fun, Hyacinthe was thinking of teaching or writing. But there was no need to decide now. OWLs were next year.

Whenever they met, Sirius or Nala was present as Bill and Hyacinthe were in the "courting" phase of their relationship. While Mr. Weasley or Mrs. Weasley could work as chaperones, Bill hadn't informed his parents about Hyacinthe. No one outside of Sirius and Nala – and select goblins at Gringotts – knew Bill and Hyacinthe were soulmates.


In August, Hyacinthe picked up her school supplies with Sirius and Katie Bell before rushing off to the Quidditch World Cup. Hyacinthe and Sirius were invited to join Minister Fudge in the Top Box. Hyacinthe managed to secure an extra ticket for Katie. While she wanted to invite Bill, she wasn't ready for everyone to know about their relationship. So, after discussing it with Sirius, Hyacinthe invited her friend from the Quidditch Team.

Hyacinthe didn't play much attention to the game. She was too busy looking over at Bill. She didn't know he was going to in the Top Box. He was seated a few seats away, between Charlie and Ginny.

The Irish Team won the game, and Hyacinthe left the Top Box with Katie and Sirius. There wasn't much to stay and celebrate. It was a good game. Since they weren't staying the night, Sirius took the girls back to the London apartment.

The next morning The Daily Prophet's front page had an image of the Dark Mark in the sky and a story about the Death Eater attack after the Quidditch Match.

After the Quidditch World Cup, Bill spent as much time as possible with Hyacinthe. She was returning to Hogwarts soon. There was some kind of tension in apartment. Hyacinthe knew there was something both Bill and Sirius were keeping from her.


On the thirty-first of August, Sirius and Bill sat Hyacinthe down. Sirius looked uneasy and Bill was concerned.

"There's something special happening at Hogwarts this year," Sirius began awkwardly. "It's the Triwizard Tournament."

Between Sirius and Bill, they explained Hogwarts was hosting the Tournament and the rules.

"Why are you telling me this?" Hyacinthe asked. None of the students were supposed to know about the Tournament, yet Sirius and Bill were telling her all about it.

Sirius shook his head and sighed. "I think you'll be competing," he answered.

"Why would I do that?" Hyacinthe demanded. "I have eternal fame and glory, and I'm plenty rich."

"We think someone else will enter you," Bill explained.

Hyacinthe's blood ran cold at the announcement. That made perfect sense. With her luck at Hogwarts, it made sense she would be forced to compete in a deadly tournament.

"We have a plan," Sirius announced.


"If you are entered into the Tournament," Sirius began, "then you and Bill are bonding. As a newly wed witch, you'll be excused."

Hyacinthe bit her lip. Their solution was marriage? She was too young to get married, and she was too young for sex. Her face flushed at the thought. She hadn't even kissed Bill yet, and here Sirius was discussing marriage.

"Cin," Bill whispered, drawing Hyacinthe's attention, "it's the only solution." He shook his head. "I'm not willing to risk your safety. While I'm sure you can compete and do fine, I can't loose you." He took a deep breath. "I do want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Her face heated at his words and Hyacinthe smiled. "Okay," she whispered, leaning into Bill's side.


The next day, Hyacinthe boarded the Hogwarts Express. She shared a compartment with Ron, Hermione, and Katie. Sure enough, none of them knew about the Tournament. Hyacinthe said nothing about it.

Time at Hogwarts passed quickly. Hyacinthe focused on her classes. In the evening she could call Sirius and Bill on her mirror. She usually spoke to Sirius. When she had the time, Hyacinthe wrote letters to Bill, telling him things about her day.

Before she knew it, October came. On the thirtieth, the students of Beauxbatons and the students of Durmstrang arrived.

Then Halloween came.


When Hyacinthe entered the Gryffindor Tower, she rushed passed everyone in the common room and took the steps two at a time. The dorm room was empty. Hyacinthe dove onto her bed and pulled the mirror out from under her pillow.

"Sirius!" she called at the mirror.

A moment later, her godfather's face appeared in the mirror.

"It happened!" Hyacinthe told Sirius before he could even open his mouth. "I'm the fourth Champion."

Sirius' face hardened. "We'll be there within the hour," he announced before disappearing.

With shaking hands, Hyacinthe dropped the mirror. It was happening. She was bonding with Bill tonight. As Hyacinthe took a few deep breaths, the door opened and Hermione entered the dorm.

"Ron's mad," Hermione said, taking a seat next to Hyacinthe.

"It'll just get worse," Hyacinthe said, shaking her head. Once he found out she was his eldest brother's soulmate, his head was going to explode.

Hermione looked at her friend.

"I met my soulmate," Hyacinthe announced as she hopped off of her bed. She pulled out her wand. A few charms later, her belongings were packing themselves into her .

"Congratulations!" Hermione said.

"Thanks," Hyacinthe said with a tight smile. "We're bonding. Tonight."

Hermione's eyes widened.

Hyacinthe's shook her head. "It's the only way to get me out of the Tournament."

"Am I invited?" Hermione asked.

A gentle smile crossed Hyacinthe face. "Of course," she replied.

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