Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Bill Weasley/Hyacinthe Potter, Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley, Viktor Krum/Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley, and mentions of Katie Bell/Original Male Character
Warnings: alternate universe; female!Harry (Hyacinthe); het; soulmate; identifying soulmarks; age difference of eight years; underage marriage; bashing of Ron Weasley; bashing of Draco Malfoy; Hogwarts students are like sheep; lawsuits

Summary: Hyacinthe and Bill focus on the rest of their lives together.

Love on Her Arm

Fifth year found Hyacinthe thinking about her future – both her future career and her future family. Bill was happy to talk about it. He wanted a family, but he only wanted two to five children. He was open to adopting, and he wanted one biological child.

Personally, Bill wanted children as soon as possible, but he understood the reality of waiting. Hyacinthe was only fifteen. She was too young to have a child. Bill was happy to wait until Hyacinthe started her career, and he was thinking about being the parent to stay home and raise their children. Being a curse break was amazing, but finding and having a family with his soulmate was Bill's dream.

Hyacinthe was thinking about being a librarian. With her Parseltongue abilities and her interest in Warding, she could build an amazing library, filled with rare books. It was likely people would give her books and pay her to translate them. Thanks to Bill, she had a number of leads on books.

Despite it being her fifth year, Hyacinthe found the school year went by rather quickly. It passed in a blur of homework, schoolwork, studying, and reading. It was a busy year with OWLs. Every spare moment Hyacinthe had, she spent it studying. There was a lot to learn and so much more to review.

Outside of studying, Hyacinthe spent time with her friends and family, and she continued to serve as the Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Quidditch kept her busy since Professor McGonagall and Angelina Johnson were determined to keep the Quidditch Cup. After holding try out, Angelina selected Scarlet Monroe, a second year muggle-born, as the new Keeper.

These trying out included Ron Weasley, who boasted about his superior skills and his connections on the team, to his brothers and Hyacinthe. According to Ron, the spot was as good as his. Unfortunately, he tried out on a school broom and he wasn't able to block a single shot. In comparison, Scarlet blocked three of the five shots and she was close to a fourth. Scarlet boasted about being a goalie in soccer games.

When he failed to make the Quidditch team, Ron was enraged. He blamed everyone – his brothers for being jealous, Hyacinthe for being a back-stabber, his parents for refusing to purchase him a broom, his older brothers for not providing him with a broom, Ginny for getting the new things he was denied, and McGonagall for appointing Dean Thomas a Prefect instead of him.


Hyacinthe continued to attend private Potions lessons, and she had opened her private lessons up to her fellow Gryffindors and a few other students. With Professor Snape still employed, a lot of fifth years were eager to switch professors. Unfortunately, Hyacinthe controlled access to other class. There were several students that weren't allowed to talk to her. Most of the lawsuits were still impending with the defendants and Sirius unwilling to settle. Lucky, Sirius had plenty of money to pay his legal team and the defendants would be responsible for reimbursing him, if he won the case. It was only a matter of time before Sirius won each and every case.

Outside of classes and Quidditch, Hyacinthe continued to hang out with Hermione, Ginny, Katie, and Luna. It was during a study session in the library when Ginny confessed to meeting her soulmate.

"How did you meet?" Hyacinthe asked, having a feeling she knew the identity of Ginny's soulmate. She knew her sister-in-law would tell her when she ready, which might be today or another day. There was no rush.

"Last year," Ginny confessed, a blush covering her cheeks as her fingers of her left hand danced on top of her right wrist, above her Words. "I was out passed curfew when I ran into Miss Norris. I wasn't the only one hiding in a broom closet."

Hyacinthe nodded, smiling at her friend. Ginny shared a lot mischief with those twin brothers of hers. "Which prank was this?"

With a smirk, Ginny answered, "The blue one."

Laughing a little, Hyacinthe shook her head. She wasn't in the castle for that particular prank since it happened on a Saturday morning, but she heard all about the following week. During breakfast that particular Saturday, several students started turning blue after consuming bacon. The select students remained blue until lunch on Sunday.

"So, what happened next?" Hyacinthe asked, curious about Ginny's first meeting and her Words.

"De–He was already in the broom closet," Ginny explained, slipping a little. "When I bopped into him he said 'Sorry, this spot is taken. I'll share, but it's mine.'"

Hyacinthe nodded, noting Ginny's slip. That confirmed her suspicious, but she wouldn't comment. "What did you say?" she asked.

A smile crossed Ginny's face as she thought. "I said 'I didn't know anyone was here. I need to hide from Filch'," she replied.

"Are you happy?" Hyacinthe asked, a serious tone in her voice.

Ginny nodded with a smile. "Very happy," she replied. "We're not ready to announce, but I wanted to tell someone."

The pair shared a smile before a panicked look crossed Ginny's face.

"Don't tell Bill!" she hissed.

Hyacinthe nodded, agreed to keep the secret until summer. While Hyacinthe didn't want to hide anything from her husband, this wasn't her secret to share.


Following Ginny's secret confession, Hyacinthe learned Luna and Neville were soulmates. The young couple was happy to inform their closest friends, wanting to keep the knowledge private. Neither of them were overly popular in school and they liked their privacy. Once word got out, they're privacy would be gone – and they would have several new friends, all varying for their attention.

Knowing that some of her closest friends were in relationships with their soulmates got Hyacinthe thinking. This was an unusual occurrences among pure-bloods and in the wizarding world. While she was thrilled for her friends, Hyacinthe was curious if this was the start of a trend.


Before Hyacinthe knew, she was sitting down for her OWLs. Some OWLs were simple and straight forward, like Potions and Charms, while others were complex, like Transfigurations. There was only one Hyacinthe found easy, which was Defense Against the Dark Arts. By showing off her corporeal Patronus. All of the examiners had turned to watch Prongs as he pranced around.

When scheduling her OWLs, Hyacinthe had opted to take the Muggle Studies exam at Hermione's urging. That exam was so ridiculously easy it wasn't worth thinking about. Hyacinthe had finished the exam in twenty minutes, tying with Hermione in their rush to finish.

In the end, Hyacinthe passed all of her OWLs, some with Outstanding and others with Acceptable.


The summer passed quickly, between traveling with her family and visiting her friends. Hyacinthe knew Bill and Sirius were up together. There were several days one or both of them were out of the apartment. While both were busy, Bill with his job at Gringotts and Sirius being Lord Black, there was something else going on. Hyacinthe saw their secret looks and the shared smiles. For the time being, she was willing to let them have their secret.

Hyacinthe, Bill, and Sirius went to France with Hermione, her parents, and Viktor for two weeks. Bill and Sirius were eager to show Hyacinthe around. They visited Paris, and they saw all of the muggle sights before going to the magical section.

The magical section of Paris was called Ruelle de Voie. It was located a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower. Ruelle de Voie was similar to Diagon Alley with the magical window displays and the large crowd of people. After an afternoon of window shopping Ruelle de Voie, Bill took Hyacinthe to dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower.

When Hyacinthe, Bill, and Sirius left France, they returned to London. Sirius had several matters in court to oversee while Bill returned to work. Hyacinthe spent her days with her friends and visiting her in-laws.

In July, she helped Fred and George move into their new store in Diagon Alley. Thanks to vestments from Hyacinthe and Sirius, the twins had enough money to open Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes with fully stocked shelves and a small staff, ran by Remus Lupin, allowing Fred and George to dedicate their time to inventing.

August found Bill and Hyacinthe returning to Cairo, Egypt, for a week before traveling to Italy with Arthur and Molly. Since Arthur and Molly never took a honeymoon after their wedding, Bill and Charlie worked hard to earn the money to spend their parents on a small vacation. It was Ginny's idea for Bill and Hyacinthe to "invite" Arthur and Molly on vacation since the older couple would be unwilling to go themselves. With their parents out of the country, Charlie and Remus had the responsibility of taking care of Ron and Ginny.


Like fifth year before it, sixth year went by quickly. One day, Hyacinthe was sitting down at the Gryffindor table with Katie and Hermione, deep in conversation about classes. The next, Hyacinthe was hugging Katie goodbye as her friend made plans to leave the country to play Quidditch in Iceland.

Since she passed her OWLs, Hyacinthe was taking a full schedule with Transfiguration, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. With her career ideas, Hyacinthe didn't see the point in taking Astronomy, History of Magic, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Overall, the year had been a little boring, which Hyacinthe found to be a welcome change. She spent the year acting like a normal student: doing her homework, worrying about her grades, thinking about her future, hanging out with her friends, and playing Quidditch.

Unfortunately, not everything went well that year. Hyacinthe was forced to end her relationship with Ron. Sirius and Bill had been supportive in the decision and the process. Arthur and Molly understood the reasoning, and they tried to be supportive while maintaining a relationship with Ron.


When the new issue of Wizardry Gentlemen was released on Halloween, the cover featured a smiling and winking Ron Weasley. The magazine had the exclusive interview with Ron about his relationship with Hyacinthe.

In the article, Ron boasted about his sexual relationship with Hyacinthe. He called her bonding with Bill a cover because Hyacinthe was his. They were secret soulmates. It was so secret that no one else knew. It was dangerous. When Bill discovered their secret, he blackmailed Hyacinthe into claiming him as her soulmate and bonding with me. In fact, Sirius Black knew the truth, and he forced Hyacinthe to be with Bill because he hated Ron and he was jealous of their status as soulmates. He wanted Hyacinthe to be unhappy and miserable.

The article shared the truth of their love story – complete with Bill as the villain, Sirius as the disproving guardian, Hyacinthe as the gullible and selfless girl, and Ron as the dashing hero.


The first of November found Sirius filing a large lawsuit against Wizardry Gentlemen and filing for a restraining order on Ron Weasley. Arthur and Molly happily complied, even going as far as to suggest a gag order that would prevent Ron from talking and writing about Hyacinthe. They knew Ron had an unhealthy obsession with Hyacinthe.


Summer vacation passed quickly. Sirius decided to move from his London apartment to Griffin's Landing Manor, a house he had built on an abandoned piece of Black property. Griffin's Landing was the new Black Manor. The original Black Manor had been destroyed in the Axis Powers' bombing off England during the Second World War, and Sirius' relatives hadn't bothered to rebuild.

Thinking about the future, Sirius wanted a large manor house built before Hyacinthe graduated from Hogwarts. With enough gold, the goblins of Gringotts were happy to get to work with Bill and Sirius overseeing the project. It took over two years to finish building and warding before Sirius felt it was ready to move into. The moving date was scheduled for the summer so Hyacinthe would be there.

For the time being, Hyacinthe and Bill kept separate quarters. Hyacinthe was living in the Heir Suit while Bill inhabited one of the guest suits. In fact, Bill was rarely allowed in Hyacinthe's rooms. Sirius had several wards and alarms cast on the door to alert Nala if Bill was within three feet of the door.

Giving their relationship, Hyacinthe didn't mind and Bill didn't complain, too much. There were times he wanted to make out with his wife. Their physical relationship hadn't processed much in the last six months. It went unsaid that the topic of sex would be discussed after Hyacinthe graduated form Hogwarts. Despite being married for over a year and a half, they were no near ready to have sex.


Seventh year was filled with studying. From the moment classes began in September, Hyacinthe found herself spending a majority of her time studying. Between classes and meals, she would join Hermione at a table in the library. Ever the organizer, Hermione created a studying schedule, starting with a review of first year material and moving onward.

Since Hermione was an excellent student and she was seventh year, she was permitted to leave the castle on weekends, as long as she returned in time for classes on Monday and her grades remained stellar. Hermione spent the weekends divided with Hyacinthe at Griffin's Landing, her parents at home, and seeing Viktor well he was on the road.

Outside of classes and Quidditch, Hyacinthe tried to spend as much time as possible with Bill and Sirius. Hyacinthe came to the realization that she loved her husband, and she couldn't imagine her life without him – and she had Sirius to thank for it.

Overall, the school year went quickly. Before Hyacinthe knew it, she was sitting down for her NEWTs exams with the other seventh years before being called back for her practicals. In the end, she passed her exams.


After graduating Hogwarts, Hyacinthe turned her attention to her future – specifically, her career and her family. After receiving her NEWTs results, Hyacinthe had decided to apply for a few Masteries in Warning, Charms, and Defense. These were all areas that would benefit her in creating and protecting her book collection.

After a long conversation, Hyacinthe and Bill decided to start trying for children after her twentieth birthday in three years.

"I'll take some time off," Hyacinthe offered with a small smile. While she was eager to start her career, having a family was equally important. "Maybe a year or two."

"You should focus on your career," Bill declared. "I'll take some time off." He shrugged with a smile. "Curse Breaking's rather dangerous."

Hyacinthe stared at her husband.

Bill blushed as his smile reduced in size. "My dream's to have a large family with my soulmate," he confessed, his voice quiet and his tone sheepish. "My family with you is the most important thing."

Hyacinthe turned her husband's smile as she threw her arms around. "Would you mind being Lord Potter then?"

Laughing, Bill pulled her close. "If that's what you want," he promised before pulling her in for a kiss.

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